Hey guys I know I should update my other stories but i just have to get those Ideas out of my head so that I can finally update my others. I will publish a Naruto/Bleach X-over and an Digimon/Naruto X-over and this story before I settle down and begin to update .

So this story is an Timetravel+Dimension travel so everything takes place in an AU

This story contains an GODLIKE Naruto with the eye of the Yuubi( Rinnengan+Sharingan)

So Let the show begin!

" Bijuu speaking"

`Bijuu thinking´

One man sat down on a lonely rock. He wore an black coat , black steeled combat boots, tight black trousers, a mesh undershirt, above all this the person wore an Armour in Midnight-black, like the armor in the old days of the clan wars. The person had a giant scroll strapped on his back. His long, silver colored and spiky hair, which went to his waist, just like Uchiha Madaras. The person stood 6"" feet high ( 1,80m high)he seemed to be in his late twenty's.

The man couldn´t even walk straight anymore so it was safe to assume that he drunk... a lot. The man in black(no Pun intended) unstrapped his scroll and unsealed a smaller one. "Supplies" was written on it. The man sighed and unsealed it´s content. Dozens of sake bottles poofed in existence. The man drunk the first 2 bottles in silence and had a wide a way look in his eyes. They seemed to be clouded, unfocussed.

"Hey guys. It´s been a longtime since I was here isn´t it?" The man let out a hollow laugh. "Ten years have passed guys and I still don´t know if it was worth your sacrifize. I mean ,yeah, sure the Juubi and me are good buddies after this Century" The man stopped and took a big swig from the bottle before throwing it away. He shook his head and looked down on the ground, somehow unable to look anywhere else.

" But there is nothing to do for me here. All beings which used Chakra were killed as a result of sealing the Juubi. Even now with my new eyes I couldn´t do anything to rescue you." The man sighed and his once ocean blue eyes started to shift into a metallic-red. 5 rings sorrounded his dot of a pupil and on each ring, 3 tomeos like the ones from the sharingan where on each ring and swirled lazy

"You know guys I wish there would be a way to turn back time so that I wouldn´t be the only one, sitting here, drowning myself with selfmade sake." His eyes shifted back again to his blue ones and silence answered him. "Well guys" he said " I hope we will see each other soon." The man stood up and sealed the flasks again. "Naruto" A booming voice called to him from inside his mind, "Naruto... Come we have much to discuss."

Naruto sighed and nodded to the voice. He closed his eyes and arrived in his mindscape. It was the same place where Kurama once used to be, his partner, his comrade... his friend, who was inside of him since the day of his birth. But now the beast inside of him that lived at the same place his partner was, was nothing like Kurama. In the giant-sewerlike room inside of the Cage was the Juubi, a being without a name a fact that Naruto changed immediately and gave him one : Daichi. This was also a reminder of Kurama. Nearly all of his live he called him just Kyuubi and never by his name so he didn´t want to make the same mistake again.

The Juubi watches his jailor with his big and lonely eye. "Naruto" spoke the beast in a low, demonic voice. "Whats up, Daichi?" The Beast eyed his host unsure how to approach his idea. "What would you do, if I told you that there is a possibility to travel back in time sort of?" The man leveled a glare at his companion,his eyes shifted into his evolved Rinnengan. A snarl came over his lips " Don´t you even dare!" he screamed. A low growl was his answer. "Don´t you even dare to mock me! Me and the sacrifices I had to do, the sacrifices my friends had to do!" Daichi, aka the Juubi, stood up his eye leveling a glare at his host. "You forgot who you are talking to ningen! I am the Juubi! The first being that lived on this planet! I am by far older than your human race older than even you could imagine! I wouldn´t say that if there wouldn´t be the possibility to do so you fool."

The Juubi calmed down and took a deep breath. "This Jutsu is extremely complex and when we combine our chakra like you did with Kurama there could be the possibility that it works. But before you want to do it I still have something to say." Naruto stood silent and nodded with his head." While I do know that the Jutsu is working I wouldn´t be able to pinpoint where and when we will arrive. You get that?" Naruto nodded " So let me get that right. We have the possibility to travel back into the past. We have the opportunity to save everyone and the only downside is that we don´t know when or where? Fuck that Daichi! Of course we will do that coem on we have the possibility to save all of our brothers and sisters! We can destroy Akatsuki and rip Madara a new one again!" Naruto fist bumped with the Juubi and both nodded their heads.

Naruto opened the cage and Daichi walked out both shared the same crazy grin as they started to mix their chakra. On the outside you could see a voilet tower of energy shooting in the sky. The earth started to rumble, wind picked up and twisters appeared, clouds appeared from nowhere and the sky turned black. Thunder and rain crashed onto the surface of the earth and Vulcans erupted but to our 2 heroes didn´t give a fuck. As both had finally finished the seal-sequence they shouted " Eternal sage arts: Time reversal Jutsu!"

Nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared them for the pain that crashed down upon them. They screamed and roared but nothing happened they seemed to be sucked into a black void both praying to whatever deity reigned, that it worked. And then there was finally nothing. No pain, no light everything was dark...


Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze had originally a good day. Today was his 5th birthday and the birth of his little sister. He was anything but dumb and so even he knew what stress the birth of his sister had to be for his parents. And when the Kyuubi suddenly appeared outside of the village, he knew something had gone definitely wrong. He wanted to wait with Hiruzen-jiji but after the fox appeared hell broke loose.

His father suddenly appeared with his mother and baby sister in a yellow flash and took him and his family at a secluded area outside of Konoha. He heared that his parents discussed something but he couldn´t understand what it was.

"Kushina I have to reseal him into our daughter Natsumi! You are too weak to handle him again and Naruto is to old pls we have to do it " said Minato in vain to convince his wife.

"No! I won´t let you seal him into our daughter! She shouldn´t have to bear this burden! She will be hated from this village please Minato reconsider it." Kushina said to him still and she had still a har time to breath normaly.

"I will use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, to seal him!" Minato nearly shouted at his wife, took the baby and his wife to the Kyuubi. The Bijuu was free from the control of the Uchiha but it still hadn´t all of the hate and rage out of his system to think clearly. The Ninja forces of Konoha cheered at the sight of their savior. Hiruzen managed to confront Minato and took him out and instead of him he did the sealing of the fox. Unknown to Hiruzen. The shinigami also looked at the direction of Naruto and a chuckle escaped his lips `SO the Child of the Prohecy is entering this realm soon´ he took Hiruzens soul as the payment for his service and sealed the complete Kyuubi into Natsumi.

Naruto didn´t know what happened after his dad left with his mom and his little sister. He was alone but something was strange. A ghostly figure appeared infront of him (Shinigami) and chuckled."Yeah I can see it now." the figure said and before Naruto could do anything darkness claimed him.


"Ne Daichi do you think it was a success?" Naruto asked his tenant only to get a snore. "Hmm well I think it did in fact took a lot out of him to use that Jutsu." Naruto looked into the darkness and something changed. A new person appeared in fron of the floating sage. A young boy with spiky blond hair and blue eyes appeared in front of him. He seemed to be around 5 years old. The other Naruto looked at the floating person in front of him. He had silver colored hair a necklace with six red magatamas he wore an impressive armor and a cloak above it. He seemed to be in his late twenty's.

Both Naruto´s looked at each other unsure how to begin a conversation. The older Naruto broke the ice first. " So young one. Care to tell me how you managed to get here?"the man said and gestured around them. The little one had confusion written all over his face.

"Where are we?" the boy said. The older Naruto shook his head

"To be honest I don´t know. But how did you get here little one?"

"I have a name!" the young boy exclaimed with a pout and crossed his arms " My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze! And a strange ghost thing appeared in front of me that was the last thing I remembered." The boy ended with a frown on his young face.

The sage inhaled sharply as the boy told him his name. "You never said that we would hop dimensions!" "Well sorry even I don´t know everything. But you should take his place in his world or all of this will be our life for eternity." The sage nodded and bowed to the young boy and showed his evolved Rinnengan to him.

"Boy we will fuse and so we will be able to leave this place. Take my hand so that we can begin the process." The younger Naruto just looked at him and shrugged with his shoulders. When the boy took the older ones hand, light seemed to appear from nowhere and both vanished.


The boy opened his eyes again and chuckled than his chuckle evolved into laughing at the moment Naruto didn´t care that he was in the body of a five year old. His eyes shifted into his evolved Rinnengan and roared his chlange thanks to his tenant in the world.

Naruto Uzumaki the Nidaime Rikudo Sennin was here and was ready to do everything in his might to change the destiny of the world and to kick some ass.

So this was the Intro of an different Naruto story from myself.^^ I hope the grammer didn´t suck that much and so ^^ Thank you for reading :)