Hey guys sorry for the delay with my new chapter but I´m waiting for a clear result of my polll about Naruto´s summoning contract because that will decide my 3rd chapter so please vote on it so that i get a clear result on it

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about Female Avengers and I kinda did get a crazy idea about a Naruto/Avengers X-Over so I will have a poll upen until weekend if I should write it. And I want to give you some details about the storie first:

Naruto is the same on from my current second coming of the sage. He is immortal and godlike but he won´t appear so. He will be what people would tell as a legend a forgotten hero. He is "sleeping" since the 4th Shinobi world war inside of the bermuda triange (spelled right?) but is still connected to all elements meaning he knows what happens on earth. What I don´t know is where he should appear. Should he appear in the presequels of Avengers like Thor Ironman(woman)1+2 or should he interfere there only lightly which would appear in Flaschbacks and he would appear at the awakening of the thesorac. The thrid chapter should be up at weekend ^^

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