So someone asked me why my story is missing some very important things. Well, The Dark Divine novel which is told from Graces point of view explains what she knows about the situation, we only got spots and bits of Daniels life because she was kept in the dark. Am writing Daniels fan fiction so we see things from his view but we don't know what happens when he goes wolf because he doesn't remember it himself. It's complicated you have to read the Dark Divine to understand some things.

The breeze rushed through me as I ran pumping my hands back and fort I shuddered

It's Time, the wolf threatened. I sped up leaving my problems behind, leaving Grace behind. I hoped over fences, jumped across yards taking any possible shortcut to get me away from her faster. It was the night of the full moon, the most dangerous night because I had little control over the wolf, and myself. I had to leave, I had to get away from here, go far away, go, go, go to…crap!

I stopped and turned around breaking into a sprint .TURN BACK, I had nowhere to go and the wolf knew it. Another shudder ripped through me.

You can't escape. Its voice came out sharper now harder and harsher.

I hated knowing that it was a part of me and I can never get away. I glared at the moon and dug my feet into the ground. My powers are definitely something it was like I was watching myself in slow motion, as if I wasn't really me. I looked at the faces of the unlucky people that saw a blur of me, as I raced past them leaving them thinking they were seeing things. To them I was just a story to check off their bucket list a tale for them to say they saw. I didn't want them to believe I wasn't real I really wanted to flash a wide grin, anything to get them to realize that the life they live in is filled with things they never dreamed would be real. I slowed to a jog and rounded the building, I hurried through the door and took the steps to my ratty apartment by two .I didn't even have the patience to pull out my keys, instead I kicked the door open with my foot leaving a hole through it. The tempting smoke filled the room and I held my nose, I staggered a bit just by the heavy smell even though it was a daily thing.

"What the fuck?"Zed slurred "You lost your fucking mind you're paying for that, mane"

I ignored him and continued stalking to my room. I felt another shudder that sent my teeth chattering. I locked the door then kicked my bed against it, sinking to the ground.

Fool, continue to deny who you are and it'll take you and the girl both down. A shudder shook me again I bit my lip tearing at the moon stone for dear life.

By now I'm thrashing the wolf was trying to escape from the inside out. There was only one other time I have ever felt like this only one time did it feel like it was physically hurting me. Jude, that night, Grace, Caleb, Mom it was all connected. I ruined everything….. No not me the wolf and my father- partners in the freaking crime they picked at my life till there was nothing left. Now the little that came together was about to come apart again.

GO TO HER. It snarled a vicious hungry wolf set on its prey.

My hand snapped out and clawed at the door leaving a deep mark on it. I watched myself frantically push and pull on the door. I rolled back against the corner crawling as far away from the door as I hoped to get. Gracie RUN my insides screamed . With a final heart wrenching shudder I lunged forward and blacked out.

Yeah its Really short but I don't have time to continue and the scene had to be written on its own. Are you ready for some action? Well cheycheybelikov and I are having a Dark Divine Showdown YES a showdown bottom line person with more reviews win. I get what writers mean by reviews get you depressed I mean seriously guys I feel like am talking to myself. :-( REVIEW PLEASE AM DESPERATE!