Chapter One: Poolish Love

Word Count: 830

Note: This was written by both Caitlyn & Skylar. Flashbacks are italicized. All word counts do not include author notes.

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Haru felt guilty. He was having a rocky relationship with the ocean. Then immediately after breaking up, he went and had sex with the rain. Even though he and the ocean had established an open relationship, he went had sex with the rain just to spite the ocean. He felt worse for the rain. It always turned him on yet he could not return the feelings. It was all just too much for him, so he decided to go to his guidance counselor, the outside pool. He always went to the pool when he emotional issues, just sitting down or swimming always calmed him down. Today was the first day he actually wanted to talk.

"Pool, I know we do not talk much, but I need your help, okay?"

Haru took the pools silence as a yes.

"I am having issues with the ocean. Can you listen and advise?"

Haru took the pools silence as a yes.

"I tried to talk to the ocean but it never answers me. Then I got mad and dumped it. Was that wrong of me?"

Haru took the pools silence as a yes.

"Do you think I hurt the ocean by sleeping with the rain?"

Haru took the pools silence as a yes.

"How can I make it up to it?"

Haru took the pools silence as- wait a second. That was not a question that could be answered with a yes. The pool did not care about his problems. After all the times they spent together. Maybe the pool was still upset about Haru dumping it in the past.

"Ohh pool," Haru said, moaning out its name.

The pool was quiet. As always. Haru arched his back.

"How are you so good at this?" He said, his last coherent thought.

Five minutes later, Haru was relaxing by the pool in the afterglow of orgasm. His relationship with the pool was not doing very well. Which was why he was cheating on it with the ocean.

"Pool, we have to break up."

The pool did not answer. Haru assumed it had been shocked to silence.

"I am sorry, but I am in a more committed relationship with the ocean."

No response. Haru started to feel guilty.

"I am not the only unfaithful one in this relationship!"

The pool did not answer.

"I know about the hose."

The pool did not answer. Obviously it was surprised at being caught.

"I know the hose comes once a week and fills you up."

The pool did not answer. Obviously it was ashamed.

"I also know about the rain. But I do not know if that is willing or not. I have gotten use to that. I accept that. Even I get turned on by the rain, it is okay."

The pool did not answer. Obviously it was lost for words.

"It is just... you are too shallow for me."

The pool did not answer. Obviously it was offended.

"Not only that, but you always seem to want to get cleaned up immediately after."

The pool did not answer.

"Always using that filter right away, do you know how that makes me feel?"

The pool did not answer.

"Obviously you do not care."

The pool did not answer.

"I am done with this relationship! I hope we can still be friends but I do not want to be intimate with you anymore. I love the ocean."

"Pool, do you still love me?"

Haru took the pools silence as a yes, he had not learned his lesson. Then again, if he did, he would realize he was slightly crazy.

"I see. Well, I guess I cannot swim in you for a little. You know where all the right places are and that just makes it embarrassing..."

The pool did not answer. Haru took it as an okay.

"I am glad we had this talk."

Haru sighed. He would have to talk to tub now, which he had not done, ever.

"I need to be more vocal in my relationships," he thought out loud.

Since his relationship with the ocean was an open one, he had still maintained a relationship with tub. But it was just sex. Nothing deep and meaningful like he had had with the ocean. Honestly, the sex was not all that good. The tub was shallower than the pool, did not hit him everywhere all at once and the water never stayed the same temperature. But... still. He did not mind having sex with water every morning. Especially since he was cut off otherwise, he did not want to use the rain again.

Haru sighed, hoping the tub would respond to him. Maybe. Then again, at least he was great at interpreting what they wanted to say. Completely accurate. No doubt in his mind. Haru entered his house and headed towards the bathroom determined to solve all his problem with the ocean. As well as what the rain had just done to him outside...

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