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He waits outside, silently watching the darkening clouds float by. Umbrella in one hand, briefcase in the other, he hums silently to himself. It seems Kobato's constant singing has started influencing him.

"Sorry I'm late!" he hears behind him, coupled with a few short pants. "The professor drew on the lecture for a bit, and-"

She rambles on for a bit longer and he nods his head, taking in her every word. Somewhat. Although he'll admit that, rather than the words she form, he's slightly more attracted to the shape of her lips as she forms those words.

"-then I tripped and Ioryogi got mad at me and nearly burnt my hair but I finally made it!" She pauses to take a deep breath. "Um..." She blushes, finally noticing how close in proximity she and Fujimoto are.

But he just smiles, sidling even closer to the flushed girl. "Shall we get going?" he asks. She nods, rushing to take his hand in hers.

Ever since she began university two springs ago, Fujimoto and Kobato began living together in the same apartment (with her parents' consent, of course). And ever since, he's made it a daily habit to walk her home right after work.

"Today in class we were lectured about-" As she recounts her day to him, she skips along to his brisk steps. And he smiles, lightly squeezing her hand every now and then whenever he finds a detail particularly interesting.

"Oh?" She suddenly stops mid-skip, pulling him back. He turns around to her in confusion, fearing for the worst. Instead, he finds himself mesmerized.

Kobato stands in a halo of light, palms raised to the heavens. Her eyelashes are lowered ever so slightly, a blissful smile lighting up her face. "It's raining," she murmurs.

Just then, something wet plops on his forehead, followed by something else on his fingertip. He raises his eyes to the skies, watching the tears of angels fall to the earth. His gaze, too, falls back to the earth below, as he looks around for Kobato.

Already, she's skipping around in the puddles, giving no heed to her new, white shoes. Knowing her, she probably enjoys the iciness of the water curling around her toes.

He has to smile a little as he opens his umbrella. "Kobato." He reaches his hand out, taking her hand back in his. "Would you like to share an umbrella?"

She twirls around, and smiles at him. And it's lucky the sun is hidden behind the clouds, because, surely, it would have been outshone by her radiant glow.

"Of course!" She loops her arm in his, pressing closely against his side. And they continue their walk back home in this fashion.

Their first few steps together, they spend watching in fascination as the raindrops flow down the curve of the umbrella, clinging to the tips, before dropping to embrace the concrete beneath.

"You know," Kobato begins, snapping both from their shared reverie. "Your shoulders seem more broad than they were before." She leans into his shoulder. "And your hair is shorter than it used to be."

He chuckles. "Well, keeping my long hair wouldn't have been as professional."

She hides her face in his sleeves, quietly whispering, "...It feels like I've missed so much of your life."

Fujimoto has to tell himself to keep walking. To not think about that too much.

Ever since they reunited once again, it became an unspoken agreement not to speak of those sixteen years spent without each other. Neither wanted to acknowledge the gap they left in the other's life in that time. And neither wanted to acknowledge the suffering they felt in longing for the other in that time.

"After being born again, I don't think I've ever spent a moment not thinking about you." Kobato looks up at him.

He gulps. After those sixteen years, he's been hesitant to dig back the memories of those sixteen years. He's spent many days during that time feeling such crushing loneliness, seemingly without reason, that he'd find tears falling before even realizing he was crying. And he thinks of those rainy days like this day, where he would stand alone under his umbrella, longing for someone to share it with.

"I...wish I could say the same," he says, as the rain cascades down, a thrumming crescendo. "But I've always known I was missing something, although I never knew what it was." He returns her gaze, looking into her amber eyes. "Unconsciously, I've always been searching for you. Longing for your presence."

"I'm..." She looks down, now avoiding the puddles, rather than reveling in them. "I'm sorry..."

"It's nothing you have to be sorry about-"

"I..." She turns towards him again, and with newfound resolve, takes both of his hands in hers. And the rain subsides a little, allowing her words to ring clear in the air. "I promise you, that in this life, and the next, and the next, and the next...and all my lives onwards, I will only ever love you. And I will always find you, whoever or whatever you may be in your next life, and the next, and the next. I...Fujimoto-san, I love you."

And the clouds clear, revealing the sun. "Fujimoto-san?"

He leans down, looking again at her lips. "Kobato." He looks up one more time, drinking in her loving gaze. "I love you too." And they kiss under the umbrella, a rainbow spreading on the sky overhead.

The last few drops of rain plit-pat to the beat of their hearts.

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