Summary: Gary always loves to tease Ash; but what if the tables turn over, with Ash doing the teasing. And the bad thing, she doesn't even know it!

Pairing: GaryxFem!Ash

Rating: T (perverted things)

Word Count: 649


Everywhere was tight, so I yanked the fabric to loosen it. It didn't help; I just got more and more uncomfortable. "Argh!" I exclaimed at outfit that pulled on my skin. My boobs bounced as I pulled the shirt down to cover my stomach. Nothing worked! The shirt went back up, exposing more skin; which was showing quite a lot on my body.

I heard laughing; I knew who it was. My cheeks were aflame since he had to be here out of all days. 'Thanks a lot, Missy,' I thought to myself. She was the reason for me even wearing this outfit in the first place; right in front of him. Now he was going to insult me all day about this; I just know it!

"It look good on you," Gary stated after laughing. He still had his cheeky smile that makes me want to puke. He couldn't even look at me, so he was turned to the other outfits. This was the worst!

"Leave." I said with a calm tone.

He looked at me and turned away. "No," he said.

"Why are you here in the first place?!"

He sucked his lips, "So there's a problem seeing my old friend, Ashy-girl?"

My cheeks became redder; I hated that name! "Don't call me that!"

His smile grew wider as he patted my shoulder. He still wasn't looking at me. "What? So I can't call you my old friend?"

I stuck my tongue out at him and left the store. I went ahead of him, leaving him behind to look like a pervert since he was in girl's store. Maybe that was why he came, to check out all of girls! That made sense! He probably looking for another cheerleader for his car; not like he needed another one. But he was a boy, so of course he wanted to check out some girls in there. He just used me so he didn't look like a total pervert.

A hand gripped on my shoulder, it tighten till I stopped in the sidewalk. It was Gray, he caught up to me. His cheeks were flustered; maybe from being left alone in a girls' store, deserves him right!

"Did you find any more cheerleaders?" I asked.

"I did, she's right in front of me."

When he said that, I looked where we were standing. All I seen was a Nurse Joy and some bystanders. None of them were the same age as Gray, so he must like older women like Nurse Joy. "Older women, huh?" I questioned with a smirk.

"I don't see how you're older than me."


"I'm talking about you." He said the sentence plainly, giving no hint that it was a lie. Plus he was blushing, something that Gary Oak doesn't do often.

"PIKA!" screamed a yellow mouse. I turned my attention from Gary, who was being a playboy, to my yellow mouse pokemon. He ran wards me and pulled on my skirt, causing it to slide down on my bottom; I quickly pulled it up but Gary moved away. Guess he wanted to give me and Pikachu some space. "Pikapi!'

"What's wrong, Pikachu?" I asked. I leaned down, which was hard with the tight clothes on, to look at the yellow mouse.

His stomach grumbled. He rubbed his stomach and looked at me, "Pika..."

I smiled sweetly at him, "I was getting hungry too!" He hopped on my shoulder and I stood up with more weight. "Come on," I said to Gary as I started to run. When I looked back, he had a bloody nose. I smirked, he must have been picking his nose or got flashed by that Nurse Joy. I wish I could take a picture of him since this is a once in a lifetime chance.