*that one episode where Misty, Jesse, and James entered a beauty contest, and James really did have boobs (blown up).

Gary POV

I could see everything. She was leaning over in the booth, showing those things that she shouldn't have. Ash shouldn't have boobs! She should just have a board figure, like she did when we were younger, but now she had those! If James, a stalker of Ash's, had boobs, then hers were bigger than his*. This was bad! Very freakin' bad! She was Ash for Mew's sake! She isn't suppose to be a girl! Yet...she has two large bumps on her chest, and another pair on her bottom; and the outfit showed it all.

I already had a look at both pairs. When she was running away from me, and when her Pikachu decided to pull down her skirt; that's when I seen the bottom pair of bumps. The second time I had a nosebleed, and that isn't something I do. I muttered curses at that red-haired, sending me into that clothing store and having Ash in this..getup. Of course, I tried to confess to her, the time seemed like it wouldn't happened again so I confessed. That yellow mouse ruined it.

To total it all up, I, Gary Oak, wasn't having a good day. Everything seemed to put me in a disadvantage, even the confession! So much for keeping up my cool image; just in one day, the thing thing was ruined.

Plus I was staring right in Ash's cleavage. I only noticed when that damn mouse glared at me and shock me. "What was that for?!" I exclaimed at that wild thing.

Ash started laughing from my fizzled hair and clothing. Pikachu just snorted, crossing it's arms, and looked the other way. Remind me to torture that thing in our next battle. "He's blushing~!" teased Ash as she pointed to my cheeks.

I looked away from the two demons, onto the street that was filled with women. Each one of them were different and unique in their own way, but not as so as Ash. She was different from these girly girls, ones who could join my fan club, but Ash was different. She wasn't in for looks, just adventure, fun, and battles. She has has changed from the girl I once knew, the one that I grew up with in Pallet Town, but she still has the same personally. So what if she has two huge bumps on her chest, as well as her bottom, ones that could caused major bleeding from the nose when looked at. She was Ash, my Ash.

"Ash," I said her real name. I wasn't using her nickname since I wasn't teasing her. "I like you."


"Even from when he were children," I quickly continued as Ash didn't response. She was too busy being stunned to speak, yet alone, move.

Was this rejection? Was I that bad she couldn't speak?

"It's okay, it's not like I loved you or anything, so forget about i-"

A small yellow hand impacted my cheek. The force actually caused me to hit my head on the booth. When I opened my eyes, I seen a angrily Pikachu. He was glaring me down as if he was a ex-boyfriend. "What's your problem?"

"Pika pika pikchu! Pikka Pi Ka!" he growled at me.


"Enough Pikachu," Ash said as she tried to stop her inhuman Pokemon. After awhile he calmed down when she brought some ketchup. "Sorry about that, he..."

"Yeah..." I replied.

"..But I like you..too..." she mumbled. It was so low, and she was looking away, that I barley caught it. Pikachu just tsk at me and went back to his treat. The whole world seemed to be slowing just for this moment.

"You do?!" I exclaimed, losing my calm appearance.

"Yes..." she was a bit iffy when she say that.

"Pi..." added the mouse.

The end...

Ugh...here's my whining corner. I'm sick (my throat feels like sandpaper and I got a stuffy nose), as is my mother, she has it worst though. My sis gets home, she only knows of my mother being sick, and lestures me as if she's the older sister (which I'm the oldest (This is why we don't get along)). So I'm resting on the couch feeling like I will throw up any mintue and I got this annoying brat whining about everything that I haven't done. Plus I got my two baby siblings, being as loud as ever. Yes, and I have to watch them while keeping my food down. This is the worst.. Sorry I'm typing this, I just felt like bitching for a little.