Demys Diary

By: The Mystery Writer

Day one

Dear Diary,

I have decided to write a diary! Since my sister wouldn't let me read hers' I figured I just make my own. Okay so I guess for starters I should say something about myself.

I am Demyx. I have an older sister who can be a real bitch! Her name is Larxene. My mom is a doctor and my dad is a lawyer so they work a lot and can't be home, but I love them anyway. My sister takes care of me and yeah. I moved here to Twilight town about two weeks ago and I'm starting school tomorrow. I actually can't wait.

I haven't really met anyone in town except when I went to the store to buy this book there was a really weird dude with pink hair. Like really pink hair. I wonder if it taste like cotton candy? If I see him again I'll have to ask him. But anyway he was at the register and he was like staring at me it was really creepy.

So anyway I'm writing this not only to spite my bitchy sister, but so that the day I become a rock legend I can publish this and make so much money and people will know how I got started. Because I would hate to go on talk shows and have to explain it every time. That's a lot of talking and think and effort which are thing I find hard to do.

Well I'm going to go out and explore the town maybe I'll find something interesting to write about or maybe I'll find some cotton candy. After seeing that dudes hair I really want some cotton candy. Either way it'll be a good day.

~Demyx from the well

Day one; afternoon.

Oh my god! I just got back from my adventures of Twilight town and might I just say It was very, very, very bad. Like car crash cause by a fire-breathing Godzilla who is kidnapping all the puppies of the world, so he can brainwash them to do his bidding bad... Ok maybe not that bad, but still pretty bad.

I was minding my own business walking down some random street when my phone rings. It plays my favorite song. Barbie girl! I sing along with it for a verse or two before answering it. Of course who else would it be but my sister. Larxene. She then begins yelling my ear off.

"Demyx where are you?! Why aren't you at home?! Did you clean your room?!"

I simply sigh at this. She's always bugging me I can't get any peace. I just want to live! Spread my wing and fly! Leave the nest to roam the world! I want to do all that jazz.

"Larxy, I will be home soon I went out to look around town. Kay?" I tell her calmly.

"Fine but if you're not here by dinner I'm hunting you down and stuffing you like a turkey!" She then hangs up the phone.

She has a very bad temper if you ask me.

But that's not the bad part the bad part is when I was about to continue my walk I found myself pushed to the ground I mean come on!

"Dude what the fuck was that for!?" I scream not actually looking to see who had just pushed me down.

"For being a fag! Now get out of my territory!" Some voice said to me then I actually looked at him standing up from the ground.

He was teenager about my age and a little shorter than me with a beanie covering his blond hair. He kinda look like he was trying to be a gangster, but it came off as more of a hillbilly to me.

"I'm sorry dude, but you don't own anything. This is a free country and I have my rights." I said looking down at him.

"Oh you have the right... The right to have your ass beaten. Rai!" He yelled then like out of the blue some big dude with muscle popes out. "Get him!"

At the shorter blonde guys orders this Rai guy or whatever started barreling towards me at which point I decided to book it out of there. Lucky for me I use to run track so I was pretty fast. I ran and ran till I didn't see the big muscled guy behind me any more, then I finally sat down.

I found myself in a park. It was big and very beautiful. After catching my breath I looked at my phone to see not only was I late for dinner, but Larx had called me twice and texted me. I was in for it then.

I got up and walked back home remembering the way so I could come back to the park soon. I really enjoy trees and nature and that stuff.

When I got home I quietly walked in trying to avoid Larxene as much as I possibly could. I had taken my shoes off and was about to go up the stairs when a knife zipped past my head sticking itself in the wall right in front of my nose.

"Ah! Don't kill me! I'm sorry!" I yelp ducking to the floor.

"Oh! Shut up ya' big baby. Where have you been." She said walking over to me and pulling the knife out the wall. I will never know how she does that.

"I was just walking around." I shrugged. " What's for dinner?"


"Again" I whined very upset that we were having pizza for the fourth night. Don't get me wrong I love pizza but I can't take it for four nights in a row. it's like death by pizza.

"Yep. I don't feel like cooking." She said flopping on the couch.

"Uggh! Fine." I went in the kitchen grabbed a plate of pizza and went to my room.

I love my room. It's like a safe haven. I could stay in my room for ever. If I did not require food every so often.

So yeah most of my day consumed of me almost being killed. Why does the world hate me! Or maybe it loves me to the point where it wants me to be killed. Either way I'm too young to die!

Well i'm going to bed now. I must awake in the morn so I can go to school. Hopefully no one murdered me. But if so let it be known I was a great man who could have done great thing and my favorite color was blue.

Well good night.

~Demyx with the ponies

So there is like a tiny bit of the new story I'm starting if you like it so far you'll love where it goes this story is really just kinda random it has a plot that I though off but it is really upside down pineapple cake kind of story. Let me know how it was.