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Sense 1: Sight (Beastboy's Perspective)

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It all began as a routine mission.

A bank robbery. Somewhat cliché when you think about it.

But then again, they were Titans. Cliché mixed with the unexpected was all part of the job description.

So when the alert came sharp and clear, bathing all the rooms of the Tower in red, 5 Titans congregated in the common room coming for five different locations.

Cyborg was the first to arrive in the common room. Wiping the grease off his face, he brought up the details of the robbery. Immediately the large bay windows darkened as a holographic image covered the ocean view. Robin came in next, his hair messy and his mask askew from hastiness. Beastboy and Starfire came in next and waited for their leader to fill them in on the details.

Amid all the sounds and quick discussion between the other team members, Beastboy's ears flicked as it picked up the sound of light footsteps hurrying towards them. He looked over his shoulder as the last team member walked in. He took a deep breath without meaning to. And smiled without meaning to. And perhaps purred without meaning to.

Unfortunately she heard that purr.

Amethyst eyes looked and saw the school boy grin on his face. He quickly composed himself and said in a voice made to sound deep and in greeting, "Raven."

She ignored the greeting. One exquisite eyebrow rose. "What's with the Cheshire grin?"

"Nothing…just haven't seen you all day. It's a pity that it takes an alert to-"

"Titans," Robin's words interrupted Beastboy's. "We have a robbery on….."

Over the next few minutes Robin quickly outlined a plan of action. Beastboy's ears focused on the instructions of their leader, but his eyes….

Well. That was a different story.

He didn't blatantly stare at her. No…that was far too obvious. And stalkerish. But that didn't mean he couldn't glimpse at her furtively. Watch her as a slight frown crease her beautiful features. Observe her push back a strand of purple hair behind her delicate ear.

He couldn't help the sudden prick of annoyance as she leaned what he deemed as far too close to Robin as she watched him point something out on the computer screen.

"Beastboy!" Starfire called sharply.

The changeling's head quickly snapped in Starfire's direction. He mumbled an apology, "Sorry Starfire, could you repeat that?" He mentally chided himself. They had a bank robbery to deal with and here he was being distracted by the way Raven's cloak slipped a little to reveal her womanly figure. Sweet Jesus, if Mento had been here, he would have ripped him a new one. Starfire's head eyes followed his previous line of vision, and the smallest of smiles played briefly across her full lips.

"I see that we both seem to share an interest in birds."

Beastboy blushed at the insinuation of her words. He humphed and grumbled, neither of which helped his cause. He focused his attention back to her and cleared his throat before saying, "Just…uh…..just tell me what Robin needs us to do."

Starfire's attitude shifted entirely into warrior princess mode and she quickly repeated Robin's orders.

They arrived within minutes and taken their respective positions in even less. As soon as they were within a 50 yard distance from the bank, Raven's eyes glowed with power and the shadows engulfed both her and Robin. Cyborg, Starfire, and Beastboy took a second before getting ready for an offensive attack. A distraction really, since Robin and Raven's purpose was to free the hostages.

Cyborg's arm flipped on its sonic cannon and Starfire lit twin starbolts. Beastboy's fangs sharpened, and claws popped out from his fingers.

"Titans!" Cyborg said as his cannon hummed into full power. "GO!"


Once inside it didn't take long for them to get all the attention. As a team they blasted, punched, clawed, and kicked their way into a flurry of armed robbers. Dodging blows and disarming the bad guys in a synchronized fashion was second nature to them. Like a play they acted in over and over again. If Cyborg blasted with his cannon, Beastboy would leap into action. When Starfire kicked one man, his momentum would propel three more into the way of Cyborg's left hook. And when Beastboy rammed one man in the gut, Starfire picked him up with one arm and promptly threw him out a window to the police waiting outside.

It was all going to according to plan. That was until Starfire turned her back to one particular robber. Who pulled out a gun and aimed it right at her spine.

He didn't think twice about his next course of action.

Luckily he knocked her out of the way just in time.

Unluckily his body got in the way.

The force of the bullets caused his body to skid across the floor and collide painfully with a wall. His vision blurred for a second, but adrenaline dulled the pain. He was bleeding. He was wounded. And unfortunately, he found 2 more robbers aimed their weapons at him. Cyborg and Starfire cries only faintly reached his ears.

There was no way he could dodge anymore gunshots, and morphing was out of the question in his severely injured state. In him mind, a million different thoughts tumbled around, but in the end only one stood out.


He swallowed. Closed his eyes and prepared himself for the world of pain he was about to endure.

A screech of power and suddenly Raven's form materialized from the floor in front of him. Just as the robbers pulled their triggers, a solid black shield of Raven's power sprang up, separating her and the changeling from them.

Even in his state, Beastboy could only watch in awe at the sight in front of him. Her cloak billowed around without the presence of any wind, her now longer hair fanned out…the edges cracking with ancient energy. Feet planted firmly, both arms raised and glowing with the power of untold dimensions.

She was a vision.

She was fury. She was vengeance. She was power uninhibited…an unstoppable force.

When the gunshots finally stopped as the robbers ran out of bullets, she dropped the shield. Her eyes had long ago separated into 4. She smiled a smirk that could have made the dead turn in their graves.

"My turn."

With inhuman speed, she swept across the distance, her knee slamming into the stomach of one. As he doubled over, her power lashed out and knocked one more across the bank floor. The third she round house kicked, dropping him instantly. As the one who doubled over wheezed, she lifted his chin almost delicately, and his eyes widened in shock.

Beastboy watched as she swivilled her hips, putting all her weight in a punch that caused blood to spray from the robber's mouth. He collapsed, his eyes having rolled to the back of his head. Beastboy would have attempted to make a quip about NOT punching like a girl, but all that came out was a pained groan.

That got her attention.

She quickly ran to his side, and knelt down, cradling his head in her lap. It was completely unlike her to do this, but he didn't mind. It made bearing the pain a lot easier. He looked at her worried face, reached up, without thinking to touch her face. She quickly grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. With the other she placed on his chest, and let her healing powers flow into his injured body.

"I've got you Gar…"


Hours later Beastboy lay resting in the medical wing of the Tower. Starfire had been fraught with guilt. With unshed tears shining in her eyes, she babbled apology after apology. He had smiled wearily at her and reassured her. They were Titans. This was their job. He hadn't done anything she wouldn't have done either. She could make it up by giving him extra cat belly rubs. That had got her to finally smile. Robin had been surprisingly supportive. No lectures…no nothing. And Cyborg had patched him up as efficiently as any doctor. He hadn't let Raven heal him all the way knowing she had already sacrificed a tremendous amount of energy as it is. She had protested, but he insisted.


He sat up a little as he heard the doors slide open and Raven walked into the room. He watched as she came over. She slowed her quick pace as she reached his bedside. She gently perch on the side of his bed. The look of worry on her face didn't make him feel at ease.

"You should have let me heal you," she said quietly.

He smiled. So that's what was bothering her.

"It's nothing much. My animal genes will have me up and ready to go in no time."

She shook her head in frustration. "You're a stubborn green ass, you know that?" she deadpanned.

"Yeah," he said before continuing slyly, "but I'm your green ass."

She rolled her eyes in true Raven fashion at that, but Beastboy was pleased to see the blush that stained her pale cheeks a beautiful red. They had kept their relationship a secret from their friends so far since Raven was still quite shy about intimacy and expressing her emotions. She tried to busy herself by checking on his bandages. She mumbled something softly under her breath, but his sensitive ears caught her words.

"I'm sorry I had you worried there. But you know I couldn't have stood by. Besides, if I hadn't I would not have seen you do what you did." He lifted her chin so he could look at her directly. "I have never seen you do that before. That was something else. If I hadn't witnessed you like that…I would never have believed it myself."

He cupped her face affectionately. "You were beautiful. And scary." Raven mouth opened to say something, but he continued. "Hauntingly beautiful, I think is the best way to describe you at that moment. You were…you are amazing Rae."

She enveloped his warm hand in with her slender one. "I felt your emotion…felt your pain. And I knew…just knew…I would do anything. I had to get to you." She looked at him directly and said in a voice that lost all its flatness. "You were the only one I was thinking of at that moment."

He could feel his heart flutter at her words. His fingers stroked her hand, and they were both silent for a second. He leaned back to lie on the bed.

"Do you need anything?" she asked.

"Well…" he said, stroking his chin as if deep in thought. "You know they say when it comes to dealing with pain, sex is benef-"

Raven's hand involuntarily moved in a flash to smack his head.

"OW!" he cried out. "Jesus! Can't you spare a man in pain?"

She got up from the bed. "I'll let Cyborg know you won't need your second dose of morphine."

"Now that's just being petty."

"Oh Gar…you have no idea." With a swirl of her cloak, she turned to leave.

Before she moved too far, Beastboy called out. "Rae….one more thing!"

She paused and turned around, one hand on a curvaceously cocked hip. "What is it?"

"I think Starfire's on to us."