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A/N: Please don't read if you haven't read the original story this is not a prequel to the 4 parts this story takes place in the time of all the parts, some stories aren't going to be in order, I will write the years Edward and Roy are at the top to keep you guys from getting confused.


Roy hated the color black, he hated it so much. Everyone was crying, even Roy. Tears streamed down his face as he watched the procession or people say their final goodbyes and gave their respects to him. Alphonse and Winry were the last ones in the line, Al hugged his brother-in-law and Winry did the same. Winry kissed Roy's cheek, wanting him to know that she was so sorry for his loss. Roy walked over to the casket and all eyes were on him. He looked down into the casket to see Edward. Tears fell down his cheeks. "I love you." He whispered.

Edward looked like he was sleeping; he wore a black suit with a red tie, his golden hair in a ponytail. His skin was so pale.

Roy set a small bouquet of red roses in Edward's folded hands. "I love you so much. He whispered and kissed his cold cheek. Roy stepped back and watched as they laid Edward to rest.


Roy just wanted to be alone; he was tired of hearing everyone's sympathies.

Roy threw his coat onto the couch when he got home, still remembering how Edward nagged him about hanging it. He looked at it, as if waiting for it to suddenly move to the coat rack, but it just laid there. Roy picked it up and hanged it himself. He walked into the kitchen and started the coffee maker before walking upstairs to change out of his suit. Roy pulled on some jeans and a black t-shirt. He sat on his bed and laid down. It felt so big and empty. Roy looked at his nightstand and picked up a turned down picture. It was Roy holding Edward in a hug. He set the picture down and stood, walking downstairs. He opened a cabinet and pulled out a scrapbook or pictures. He sat on the loveseat and opened the book, going through each page and each memory.

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