The Perfect Gift

(after 7th year)

Edward hummed jingle bells as he cut out some cookies. The icing was stirring itself as Edward cut out gingerbread men.

An arm wrapped around his waist.

Edward looked up at his husband. "Hello dear."

"Hi. What are you making?" Roy asked, picking up a cookie.

Edward chuckled. "Gingerbread men."

Roy ate one. "They are good."

Edward laughed. "Did you doubt me?"


Edward rolled his eyes.

Roy looked around their apartment.

Edward had been busy on his day off. The place was decorated with red and blue decorations, while the lights gave a golden glow. Two stockings were hung on the mantel, the tree was light up and decorated, and the apartment smelled of cinnamon.

"It looks great." Roy said as he examined the living room.

"Thanks." Edward said from the kitchen.

Roy walked into the kitchen and took his coat off. "I got your Christmas gift."

"I got yours too."

"You know, I am going to try to find it, right?"

"I swear, Roy; you are like a giant toddler."

"I am not a giant; I am only 5'8"."

Edward rolled his eyes. "You are lucky that I love you."

Roy kissed Edward. "I think that every day."

"You are such a sap."

"But I am the sap that has had a lot of sex with you." Roy goosed Edward making him blush.

"I swear Roy…" Edward blushed, yet he was agitated.

Roy waved Edward off. "Don't come into our room. I am wrapping your gift."

Edward sighed.


Edward finished dinner as Roy walked in with a box wrapped in red and silver paper that Roy topped with a black bow. He set it under the tree and smiled.

"Ready for Dinner?"

"Yes, I'm starved."

Edward gave Roy his plate and they sat down at the table.

After dinner, Roy made a nice little cozy fired in their fireplace. He grabbed a blanket and nestled with his husband in front of the warm fire.

Edward laid his head on Roy's shoulder.

Roy smiled and wrapped an arm around Ed's waist. "Merry Christmas Edward." He whispered in his love's ear.

"Merry Christmas Eve." Edward corrected softly and kissed Roy, right on the lips.

A flash light up the room and Edward looked up at the self-taking camera. "That thing's spell has still not wore off."

"Apparently not." Roy smiled.

It took another picture of them together in the blanket.

Edward drew his wand and turned the stupid flash off on the thing. "Hey Roy…"


"Can we possibly have Christmas tonight?"

"Can't wait until tomorrow."

Edward nodded. "I'm sorry. I'm excited to see what you will think of yours."

Roy nodded. "Okay. Let's do it."

The two got up and grabbed their gifts.

They sat on the couch together.

Edward offered his gift to Roy.

Roy took it and opened the gift slowly, letting the suspense build. Roy opened the little black box to show a long silver chain. Roy's eyes widened. "What is this?"

Edward smiled and nodded. "You always say that sometimes you wish you can put your ring on a necklace when you have to wear gloves, and would like to show it off."

Roy smiled and hugged his husband. "Thank you."

Edward kissed Roy.

Roy handed over Ed's gift. "Mine is not emotionally perfect like yours. It is a bit more… for entertainment."

Edward opened the gift and looked at some red fabric. He took out the clothing and it was Santa- themed lingerie. Edward blushed.

Roy chuckled.

"I thought we could put you on the naughty list tonight." Roy whispered in Edward's ear and kissed him.

Edward shivered as Roy's fingers gently glided across the skin of Edward's neck, teasing him.

Edward put on the Santa hat. "Give me a second and I will come jingle your bells." He smirked.

Roy kissed Edward and slid his ring onto the necklace and ran upstairs to get ready as his husband got ready for him.

Edward put on the Santa lingerie. It consisted of a skirt and button up tube top with black fishnet stockings. Edward walked out to his lover.

Roy whistled. "Wow."

"Is it okay?" Edward asked, pulling the skirt down a little.

Roy nodded. "Oh yeah. Come here and deck my halls." Roy smirked.

Edward got in bed with Roy. "When are we going to drop these Christmas puns?"

Roy shrugged. "I consider it fun, now Santa, when are you going to come to town?"

Edward rolled his eyes. "I'm pretty sure you've been naughty this year."

Roy crawled on top of Edward and gently kissed him as the clock chimed midnight. "Merry Christmas." He whispered in his love's ear.

"Merry Christmas to you too Roy." Edward whispered as Roy kissed him.


Roy gently touched the picture of Edward in his lingerie, pulling the skirt down; Roy smiled as he coughed up a small laugh. He remembered the fight over this picture. Edward hated it and tried to destroy it, but Roy fixed it, he was glad he did too. It was such a beautiful memory.