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Justice or Vengeance?

"Naruto, we're going to need you to come with us." The stoic red-eyed man stated.

While Naruto had at first suspected Jiraiya to be at the door, having simply lost his keys to possibly a hooker, he definitely was not expecting Akatsuki to literally come knocking at his door. Jiraiya had given him a brief warning to look out for anyone wearing black robes with red clouds as they were highly dangerous people from an organization called Akatsuki.

Naruto merely raised an eyebrow before shrugging, "Sure. Lead the way."

While Itachi expertly hid his surprise, Kisame was openly gawking. "Th-The hell? Itachi! How the fuck did you do that? Is that the power of the sharingan?"

Itachi blinked and shook his head negatively, "No... I did not influence him."

Naruto sighed, "Listen guys, if we're going somewhere we should go now. Jiraiya is fucking around right now but knowing him he has some toads watching the place and I'm sorry to break it to you but a mass-murderer and a talking shark aren't exactly the most unassuming of people. We should leave before he shows up and does his stupid ass dance."

Kisame's eye twitched slightly, "Itachi... is the kid giving US tips on how to kidnap him?"

"I don't think it's kidnapping if he's willingly coming with us..." Itachi replied while Naruto tapped his foot is annoyance.

"Well? Are we going or not?" The blonde Jinchuuriki questioned and Kisame just shrugged before walking out of the hotel. He was just going to let this one go and chalk it up to one of those days.

The three shinobi had already left the city and were running through the trees when Itachi spoke, "Just out of curiosity Naruto... why did you agree to come with us?"

Naruto laughed slightly and looked towards the older teen, "Would you believe me if I said I had a death wish?"

Itachi just kept staring at him impassively making Naruto chuckle while Kisame was still confused but decided to listen out of sheer curiosity. "I suppose you could say I'm curious about why you're rounding up Jinchuuriki." Naruto answered making Kisame's eyebrow raise slightly while Itachi's face betrayed no emotion or surprise.

"How did you know about our goal?" Itachi asked after a few minutes of silence. He considered Jiraiya having told him but then if Naruto knew full well what would happen to him if he went with them then... did he truly have a death wish?

"I didn't, you just told me." That simple answer was enough to make Kisame burst out laughing after he had a second to think on the blonde's words, consequently falling about fifteen feet out of the tree he had just landed on. "Plus I was pretty sure that would be the reason seeing it's the one thing that I have that would make people want to hunt me down."

"OH! AH - AHAHAHAHA... HAHAHAHAH OH-OH... Oh sweet Kami Itachi... he fuckin' played you!" Kisame said through his laughs as he held his stomach, even his sword Samehada was chuckling away. "Ah... fuck... that was funny. I like you kid... it's a shame you're going to die from the extraction."

"I won't." Naruto stated as they had finally retaken to the trees.

"Eh... huh?" Was Kisame's confused reply.

"I won't did from Kyuubi's extraction. While it probably will be excruciating as all hell, I won't die from it." Naruto said once again confusing the shark man.

"...How do you figure?" Kisame questioned, and Itachi while looking ahead was keeping his ears open to the conversation.

"To answer how I know that I first have to take you to the past, if that's alright with you? I'm sure we're in for a trip so a story should help pass the time, no?" Naruto said and Kisame shrugged before grinning.

"Sure kid, a story sounds great. It'll be a nice change talkin' to someone instead of just myself all the damn time since the emo king over there speaks maybe fifteen words a day... if that." Kisame said while Itachi scowled slightly but chose to ignore the remark.

"Right... so it all started when I was nine right?"

Flashback 3 years ago.

"Hey old man... so if I'm an orphan, why is my last name Uzumaki?" Naruto asked the Hokage during his monthly visit to drop off his welfare money.

"Ah... well, your mother's name was Uzumaki. Sadly however, we don't know who she was. As I told you before the part of the hospital you were in was hit by one of Kyuubi's fireballs and a spark landed on your birth certificate, all we know was that under the section for the mother's name we could make you Uzumaki but not her first name. The section for your father was burned off sadly."

"I see... and that's when the Yondaime found me right?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi nodded, "That's right. Lord Fourth saw the fireball hit the hospital and immediately flashed over to see if anyone was hurt. He found you in the burning room and grabbed you before quickly leaving so the smoke wouldn't kill you." The Hokage replayed the same old story once again.

"I see... Uzumaki..." The gears were turning in Naruto's head as he bid goodbye to the Hokage. An unusual name, that's for sure.

Flashback End

"Sounds like a load of shit." Kisame commented.

"And it was, he'll even at nine years old that story sounded like a bunch of BS to me, although I'm sure most kids would have believed all of that to have been mere coincidence I am not like most kids. Now let's skip forward a year."

Flashback 2 years ago.

Naruto was crawling through the ventilation shafts of the hospital at two in the morning, making sure not to make any noise what so ever. He had a mask and hood on to protect him from the dust as well as to mask his appearance should he get caught.

It took his a while but he was finally able to secure one of the record room's keys and copy it before replacing it before anyone found out. He almost got caught but like the sly fox that he is, he was able to get away scot-free.

Naruto looked at the blueprints he copied from the library and quickly nodded to himself before sliding down the next opening and then unscrewing the grate from its place. The young ninja jumped down and walked a few feet before coming to a heavily locked door and grinning under his mask before taking out a replicated key that he had forged by a guy he knew in the lower city.

The blonde unlocked the door and walked inside, quickly rushing to the U section and going all the way to the end. Uzumaki...

There were only three files there. Uzumaki Mito, Uzumaki Kushina, and himself Uzumaki Naruto. Mito he could rule out and she had probably been dead since before Kushina was born but Kushina herself matched up perfectly. Didn't know who she was my ass! That lying piece of shit... seriously there is only three files, it doesn't take a fucking Uchiha to figure it out.

Naruto read all there was to know about Uzumaki Kushina's medical files and was shocked by what he found. He then read Uzumaki Mito's records and it slowly dawned on his how he wasn't dead yet. The Uzumaki seem to have some sort of kekkei genkai that makes them highly resistant to well... everything. Hell even time if reading that Uzumaki Mito was one hundred and twenty-six at the time of her death was correct.

Then another thing crossed his mind. Both Uzumaki women were classified at 'Jinchuuriki' the term was unfamiliar to him so he quickly pulled out his own file and saw that he was almost marked at as one. Jinchuuriki... is that the name of our Kekkei Genkai?

Flashback End.

"Heh, I suppose you could say that in a way the Kyuubi is a Kekkei Genkai to you since it was passed down in your family." Kisame said, now really getting into the story.

"I came to the same conclusion, though one thing did strike me as odd as I skimmed through the records again... more specifically the causes of death. Mito-sama died of old age, while my mother died of a fatal stabbing... well if you can call being pierced through the chest by one of Kyuubi's claws a mere 'stabbing' anyway." Naruto told the fishman who nodded and grinned in appreciation at the somewhat dark joke.

"Anyway what's next kid? It's starting to get good!" Kisame exclaimed cheerfully.

"Well anyway as I said I checked the causes of death. My mother was killed by the Kyuubi as was my father, that of course I didn't know at the time but back to my mother. Anyway a few months ago I went out on a mission to Taki right?" Naruto turned towards the shark who was nodding signifying that he was paying attention.

Four Months Ago

Naruto was resting next to a large tree in the middle of Taki after his team completed the mission. It was midnight as he was looking up at the night sky. "You can come out now..." He stated.

His demand only met silence before a curious green haired girl poked her head out from behind one of the trees. "Um... hi."

Naruto glanced at her and waved lazily, "Yo." He then returned to watching the moon.

"Y-You're one of the leaf ninja's that helped Shibuki-sama right?" The girl asked hesitantly.

"No I just like hanging out in Taki for no reason." He turned his impassive gaze back towards the girl, "So what does Taki's Jinchuuriki want with me?"

The green haired girl was shocked for a moment before laughing nervously, "So I was right... your chakra had a familiar dark tint to it. Similar to mine..."

"Difference is that you're terrible at hiding it. While I can't help that I subconsciously leak out some of the beast's chakra, you don't seem to have any control over it whatsoever." Naruto chided.

The girl looked affronted and tried to deny the claim but was unable to, "Sh-Shut up!"

Naruto shook his head then returned his eye to the moon, "So childish." He commented idly, just loudly enough for her to hear.

The girl balled her fists angrily and stomped over to the casual blonde before bending over so she could meet his gaze, "What's your problem, huh? I thought I could relate to someone like me but you're just a huge jerk! And another thing-"

"I can see down your shirt." Naruto interrupted her rant making the green haired girl blink.

"Huh?" She muttered before looking down and seeing that her white top was hanging down from her being bent over and he could indeed see down her shirt. The girl instantly turned red with anger/embarrassment and covered her chest, "Y-You P-P-PERVERT!" The greenette raised her foot to stomp down on the blonde but had only now noticed that he was gone. "Huh? Where'd that pervert run off to?"

"I didn't run anywhere." A voice whispered into her ear, making her involuntary shudder whether from fear or excitement, neither were sure. She whirled around and was about to start screaming again when he spoke once more. "Menma. Uzumaki Menma, at your service."

She was going to try yelling again but merely crossed her arms across her chest and looked away with a huff. "Fuu. Just Fuu."

"Well Just Fuu, it was a pleasure to meet you, cute mole by the way, but I fear I must go now. My team leaves in the morning and Kakashi will eventually notice I'm gone." As soon as he finished the sentence he was gone in a swirl of what looked like red wind.

The green haired Jinchuuriki was stunned for a moment, "Cute mole...? But I don't have a-" She quickly looked down her shirt, having forgotten about the mole on her left breast, her face lit up like a christmas tree with anger, "YOU DAMN PERVERT!" She shouted in rage.

Flashback End.

Kisame was grinning widely and patting Naruto on the back, "Nice! So you got to check out her rack... though I missed the point of that part of the story, still good on ya kid!"

"The point Kisame, is that Naruto knows the identity of one of his fellow Jinchuuriki." Itachi stated and Naruto nodded.

"Yep! Doom and gloom over there is right. Fuu holds the seven tails, but more importantly I learned something about female Jinchuuriki in particular the following morning. I had asked Shibuki about Fuu and after a while... I'm not entirely sure how we got to this point in the conversation but he ended up telling me that unfortunately for Fuu she wasn't allowed to date or marry any man as she couldn't risk getting pregnant and if she were ever raped then they would banish her from the village." Naruto told them.

"So... what does her getting pregnant have anything to do with you?" Kisame questioned.

Naruto glared at the larger man, "I'm getting to that Fishface."

Kisame glared back with a menacing smirk, "I dare you to call me that again, Foxboy."

"Tch whatever." Naruto said, unperturbed by the man's glare. "Anyway when I asked why they would do such a thing, he told me that when female Jinchuuriki give birth, their seals become extremely weak. Now while this piece of information didn't mean much to me at face value I did eventually think back to my mother. She, like Mito-sama and I, was a Jinchuuriki, but died by being stabbed by Kyuubi... now that just doesn't fucking add up right? That means that she was still alive somehow after having the demon removed from her or it escaping from the seal. I later learned that my mother wasn't given the Kyuubi at birth like I did but at around six or seven years old by a dying Mito. Now records say that Kushina arrived in Konoha three years before Mito's death when she was around that age. Therefore Mito-sama also survived Kyuubi's extraction. See the pattern here?" Naruto took a breath after his speech and slicked back his hair to get it out of his eyes.

"Now I could be horribly wrong and they survived through some other reason, but I think my chances of living through the extraction while slim are still there. Either way one of two things will happen. One I survive and hopefully you guys let me join your little club or two I die and then... well then there is no 'and then' for me. That would be it, end of the line." Naruto told the two S-class criminals.

"Huh... you know, you're pretty smart for a brat. Truthfully I'm kinda hoping you survive now, it'd be nice talking to someone once in a while, everyone in Akatsuki is all broody and emo like Itachi over there. It's a real mood killer." Kisame said as he thumbed at the Uchiha before grinning down at Naruto, "Tell ya what kid, if you survive, regardless of whether they let you into Akatsuki, how about I teach you Kenjutsu? I've always wanted to teach a little brat how to kill but no one wanted to be my apprentice for some reason?" The blue man wondered before shrugging.

"It's probably because you look like a shark. Not that I care really, hell I'm the embodiment of a demonic fox lord, fuck if I care if you're a talking shark. Hell Itachi over there could secretly be a goat and I wouldn't give a damn." Naruto said as he studied the Uchiha's head for any horns before shaking his head and smirking at the blue man, "But if you think you can handle me as a student, then I'll gladly learn the ways of the sword from you. After all I saw first hand what your former comrade Zabuza could do with a sword and if you're even stronger than him then you would no doubt be a great teacher."

Kisame raised an eyebrow in curiosity, "Oh? You came across little Zabu?"

"Aye. My team fought him during our first c-rank. Tough son of a bitch who didn't go down until he killed his target even looking like a damn pincushion will all those swords sticking out of him." Naruto told him. "Had a girl who followed him around too, took one of Kakashi's chidori through the chest for him. Personally I thought it was a waste since she was pretty cute but shit happens right? At least I got his sword in the end."

"You had the Kubikiribocho?" Kisame asked, thinking if it was worth risking a trip back to Konoha for one of the Legendary Seven Blades.

"Have. I have the Kubikiribocho." Naruto said as he unzipped his jacket and pulled out a small scroll. "See. Have."

Kisame grinned widely and nodded, "Awesome kid, that'll come in handy during your training."

"If I survive that is." Naruto responded with a dispassionate shrug, "If not then fuck it, haven't lived much of a life anyway and my only real talent lies in deception. I can fake, bluff, or lie my way out of a lot of things."

"And yet you're so forthcoming with information. Why?" Itachi asked, the accusation clear in his statement.

Naruto laughed at him however, "Why shouldn't I be? I can't fight you two off, I'm not got to put my money on that old buffoon Jiraiya to come and save me, I already cut off my link to the toad clan, and I've resigned to my life of hatred and misery as a Jinchuuriki long ago. So even if I'm running to my death all I can do at the end of the day is tell the world to go fuck itself and gamble my life on my ironically good luck hoping that I don't die an excruciating death."

Kisame joined in the laugh and nodded, "Fuckin' tell 'em kid."

From what I remember of my time in ANBU, Naruto was usually a happy kid... was all of that just a farce? Itachi wouldn't underestimate this kid. He personally knows that age matters little when it comes to ability seeing as he slaughtered most of the Uchiha clan at the age of thirteen.

"So how do you guys plan on loosing Jiraiya?" Naruto asked after a few minutes of silent running.

"Whaddya mean kid?" Kisame asked.

"What Naruto means is that Lord Jiraiya, for all of his eccentricities, is still Konoha's spy master and one of its best trackers." Itachi explained and Naruto nodded.

"Unless you have some plan on how to lose him, all you'll end up doing is leading him to one of your bases." Naruto further stated making Kisame nod in realization.

"Why are you so concerned about this? Shouldn't we be the ones worried about making a get-away rather than you?" Itachi questioned.

"Well I see it this way, there are only three ways this will go down. Option A, I die. Either when the Kyuubi is extracted from me or after. Option B, I join you guys if I survive and will finally be free of the leaf. And option C, if Jiraiya does catch up to us and 'rescues' me I can return to the leaf with no problems at all. Even if you guys mentioned that I planned on leaving either way, who's he going to believe? Me or you? It's a win-win-loose situation with the odds in my favour." Naruto answered with a smirk towards the Uchiha. "Option A and option B let me be free of the leaf while option C gives me another chance to leave it. So really I don't really care which situation happens as they would all eventually lead to the same conclusion."

Kisame grinned before bellowing out a laugh once more, "You tricky little bastard! That's fuckin' genius."

"We're almost there." Itachi notified the other two.

"Pay attention kid, this is how we'll make out getaway." Kisame told the blonde who nodded and followed Itachi as they jumped into a small clearing.

"I see you captured the Kyuubi. Why is he still conscious though? Maybe he went with them willingly? Hn." A weird black and white venus fly trap looking thing started talking to itself with different tones of voice.

"What the fuck is that thing?" Naruto asked Kisame as he pointed at Zetsu.

"That's our ride. Kid, meet Zetsu. Zetsu meet Naruto... he wants to join us." Kisame told the zombie plant.

"He wants... to join us?" The Zetsus asked in confusion.

"Chyea I didn't know what to see at first either but he's a good kid... I really hope he doesn't die during extraction." Kisame said with a shrug.

"Enough. Zetsu let's go. Jiraiya of the Sannin is undoubtedly noticed Naruto's absence by now and is most likely already on our trail." Itachi told the plant who nodded and made three white-half clones.

"Naruto right?" Said blonde nodded at the plant clone's question, "Close your first time is always disorienting." Naruto nodded once more and did as he was told before he felt the sensation of sinking through the ground then traveling at incredibly fast speeds.

After a few hours of travel with occasional breaks for the humans to come up for air they had made it to a cave with a large rock in front of it. "Could you have made your 'secret' base any more obvious?" Naruto asked Kisame as Itachi did a set of hand seals that deactivated the barrier seals on the rock and they walked in once it was open.

Zetsu, Itachi, and Kisame all channeled chakra into their rings and slowly rainbow shadowed figured began appearing in the cave. "Zetsu... why have you called?" A man with purple ringed eyes asked as a pair of hands rose out of the ground and all the members jumped on a finger.

"Hey boss, I know you said that we were only supposed to observe the Jinchuuriki and analyze their skills but..."

"I wish to join you instead." Naruto interrupted Kisame as he looked the leader in the eye without a shred of fear. "While I'm no S-rank ninja I do have the means to become one with a year or two's worth of training."

The leader raised an eyebrow. "This is certainly... unexpected. Why should I accept you into our ranks?" He asked.

Naruto just shrugged. "I don't really have an answer to that. The Kyuubi is my bargaining chip but seeing as I can't just walk out of here it's not like I can just leave if you don't let me join. Really I just need somewhere to hide out until I train myself to the point where I can achieve my revenge. Anything after that means little to me."

The leader looked at the boy for a few moments more, "What is your name?"

"Call me Menma. Uzumaki Menma" The blonde answered.

"Uzumaki? What the fuck, I thought they were extinct?" A figure with one visible blue eye shouted.

"Calm yourself Deidara. Tell me boy is the name a coincidence or are you related to an Uzumaki?" A hunched over figure with what looked like a scorpion tail asked.

"my mother Kushina Uzumaki." Naruto answered and the figure nodded.

Kushina Uzumaki... mother mentioned that she was her cousin who had fled to the Leaf after the fall of Uzushiogakure. It seems as though a distant cousin of mine has appeared. Nagato thought as Naruto talked with Sasori. "Enough. Menma, luckily for you we do not need the Kyuubi as of yet. The other eight Bijuu must be sealed before the Kyuubi."

"Oh cool. So does that mean that I can join you?" Naruto asked.

The body of Yahiko pointed at the left pinky. "As you can see a spot is open but you must earn it. That spot once belonged to Orochimaru of the Sannin. You will not be recognized as a full member of Akatsuki until you can retrieve his ring, either by killing the snake or stealing it." Pein told him of his conditions and Naruto hesitantly nodded.

"A sannin huh... is there a time limit?" Naruto asked.

Pein nodded, "We planned to begin capturing Jinchuuriki in three years time. You have until then to reclaim that ring."

Naruto grinned slyly, "A whole three years huh? And I even get to keep the Kyuubi for now as a chakra battery... yeah that should be more than enough time."

"For now we are gathering funds so you will be placed with an existing team since Zetsu doesn't need a teammate as he only does reconnaissance." Pein told the blonde who nodded.

"Leader-sama, I told the kid I'd teach him kenjutsu if he survived so why not throw him in with me and Itachi? The Kyuubi is Itachi's target after all so might as well keep him close right?" Kisame offered and Pein nodded in agreement.

"Very well, Menma go with Kisame and Itachi. Meeting over." Pein said as he and Konan's images flickered out of the cave.

"Great! Let's go kid, I promise to make the next three years of your life a living hell!" Kisame said with a sadistic grin that made Naruto take a small step back.

"Looking forward to it...?" Naruto replied with a weak smile, hopefully he survives the next three years. If not then oh well.


"Nagato... was that a good idea?" Konan asked, referring to the meeting.

"Yes. With the Kyuubi in our possession we can watch his progress and use him to help capture the other jinchuuriki. If he does somehow take Orochimaru's ring and survive the extraction then I will allow him to join." Pein responded and Konan nodded but she couldn't help but shake the small sense of weary she had towards the blonde.

Konan just shrugged it off a few seconds later. What could a boy do against an organization of S-Class ninja and a god anyway, what's the worst that could happen?

Itachi: Moo I'm a G.O.A.T

Naruto: Itachi did you just moo?

Itachi: No.

Kisame: Pretty sure you did... well whatever, NARUTO! TIME FOR MORE TRAINING!

Naruto: SHIT! *Blocks Samehada with Kubikiribocho* Dammit Kisame you almost killed me that time!

Kisame: *Grin* Let me fix that 'almost' part then.