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Justice of Vengeance?

Ten Months Until Sanbi Reforms

Naruto chuckled as he continued to dodge the rapid lunges of his opponent. "I'm glad you live up to your reputation, Blood Knight."

"Let's see you dodge this one! Dual-Switch, Silfarion-Flight!" His enemy's spear changed form once again like many other times during this fight, this time it resembled a regular spear head connected to a golden swirl with a pearl in the middle. Her armor then changed to a bra with a cheetah print complete with ears, purple arm and leg warmers with steel boots. There were also random pieces of cheetah armor scattered throughout her body.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her challenge only for them to widen and for him to leap to the side suddenly to dodge a lunge that was at least twenty times faster than the earlier ones. "Damn, that's some sexy speed boost."

The woman in front of him smirked. "I'd suggest for you to surrender now, but I would just kill you either way."

Naruto grinned, "MMM, I like em feisty." The blonde swung his Kubikiribocho back in front of him and took a stance, "Well then beautiful, let's dance." Lifting gravity's hold over his body as well as using his freshly mastered wind nature to remove all wind resistance on top of sending chakra to his muscles allowed him to match her speed, surpass it even.

They clashed repeatedly, slashing and stabbing, hitting and running. If anyone were to stumble upon the battlefield, all they would see is two blurs colliding with each other and sparks flying before they separated and started their dance anew.

The woman was starting to get frustrated. It's only been ten minutes but he's either blocked, dodged, or parried everything she's done so far. 'DAMMIT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?' She mentally raged.

Naruto smiled at seeing the visible anger on her face, "What's the matter love? Getting angry?"

"GAH! TAKE THIS! Dual-Switch Mel-Wing!" Her spear turned into a blue tri-pronged tip separated from the pole by a floating spike-ball, while her armor turned black with two wings protruding from her back. She leaped into the air and extended her wings to glide towards Naruto at a fast speed while aiming her spear at him. "WAVE BLAST!"

Naruto noticed the build-up of wind chakra in her spear and smiled as he flew through a twenty hand-seals before holding his palms up towards the incoming tornado and muttering, "Futon: Air Lock." An invisible wall of highly pressurized wind formed in front of him and took the full brunt of the attack before dispelling itself along with the wave blast much to her shock and anger.

"How... HOW THE HELL DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT?!" She demanded. Naruto just smiled, "Join me and I'll answer any of your questions my dear Scarlet."

Scarlet sneered as she stared at the Akatsuki member in front of her. "Why on earth would I join up with a criminal? Your kind is the lowest of the low, I know all about you Akatsuki... a bunch of anarchistic S-rank criminals who go around doing anything for money."

Naruto laughed and shrugged, "You're not far off, but what do you have against anarchy? Isn't the world full of chaos by nature? Wouldn't our very existence be an act of chaos?"

Scarlet narrowed her eyes, "What are babbling on about now?"

Naruto grinned as he seemed to have caught her attention now, "Before I answer that question, I need you to answer one of mine. Do you believe in fate?"

"Fate? No, why would I?" Scarlet replied.

Naruto smirked, "Then you believe in chaos."

Scarlet growled as she readied her weapon once more, "NO! I believe in order and justice, I believe in punishing villains like you who harm the innocent."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Villains like me?" He then chuckled a bit, "Let me guess, you were the victim of some sort of attack by some missing-nin and now you have a personal vendetta against them?"

Scarlet frowned before glaring at him once more, "You monsters killed my family and enslaved me until I escaped when I was eleven."

"Monster? What do you mean? Hell when you were eleven I was still like seven." Naruto wondered.

A grim frown came across her face, "He wore your colors. That of Akatsuki... I'll never forget his disgustingly pale face and that slimy voice of his."

As she described the person a look of realization came upon him, "Orochimaru?"

She nodded, "Orochimaru."

Naruto then smiled brightly, "Well then you're in luck! I happen to be hunting the snake myself and if you want I'll be more than happy to share my information on him with you... as I'm sure you know he's an elusive bastard and now I have one more reason to crush him into a tiny bite sized ball."

A look of confusion adorned her face, "Why would you want to kill one of your own? And what do you mean another reason?"

Naruto shook his head, "He's not part of Akatsuki anymore. He betrayed us and left, so he's on our hit-list. Anyway the other reason is because I didn't know that he enslaved another Uzumaki. The son of a bitch was after us for some reason... probably to try and make more bloodlines using us that he could steal."

"Uzumaki?" Naruto nodded at her question, "You my dear Scarlet are an Uzumaki. I can sense the Uzumaki chakra inside of you."

Scarlet shook her head, "No, my name is Knightwalker... Scarlet Knightwalker." Naruto just smiled at her, "No your true name is Erza Uzumaki. Knightwalker and Scarlet were both names given to you by Orochimaru, scarlet for your hair and knightwalker for your ability to mold your chakra into physical armor and weapons."

Erza began to shake as she tried to deny his claims. "I have the notes right here, Erza, along with your birth certificate." He said while summoning a few pieces of paper from within one of his sealing scrolls. The girl hesitantly walked towards him and he laid down the papers before backing up to give her room.

Erza picked up the papers and looked at the top one first. It was Orochimaru's notes on every experiment or test he ever ran on her, his plans for her, and anything else he could think of. At the bottom of the pile was an old and slightly yellowed paper but what was on it made her frown as she bit her lip.

Name: Erza Uzumaki

Parents: Shin and Emi Uzumaki

Birthdate: 5-6-72 MSE (Modern Shinobi Era)

At the bottom there were a set of her footprints as well as her parents signatures. "But... But I remember my parents being called Knightwalker."

"You think you remember that, but in truth it never happened. I've seen it a few times before on the other Uzumaki I've rescued from his clutches. There's a very small seal on top of your skull hidden by your hair that locks away your memories and implements fake ones." Naruto explained while taking a few steps towards her cautiously, "I can remove the seal and restore your memories but you'll have to trust me."

Erza backed up slightly and re gripped her spear, Naruto just held up his hands placatingly. "How do I know you won't just do the same thing and make me see what you want me to see?"

Naruto stroked his chin in thought, "Huh... truthfully I hadn't even thought of that." He shrugged, "Like I said, you'll just have to trust me, but if you don't then find another seal master to try to remove it. It should be possible, if incredibly risky. Without the notes on the seal that I've gathered it would be rather hard for them to remove the seal correctly, and not fry your brain in the process."

Erza scowled, "I'll do it myself. I'm also a seal master... I've always been good at them."

Naruto grinned, "Told you that you were an Uzuamki. It comes naturally to you doesn't it? The intricate lines that would seem like a puzzle to most is like reading to book to us."

"Do you have the notes or no?" Erza asked with a glare. Naruto kept up his smile however, "Hai hai, I have them here." Pulling out another scroll he unsealed another scroll that had 'Fuinjutsu Notes' written on it, opening that one he found the modified Memory-Altering Seal that Orochimaru uses. Thankfully he could only use the one and didn't know how to code them specifically for only his chakra use or how to make minor changes to make each seal different.

Turns out that Tayuya and Karin both had these on them that made them loyal to Orochimaru, because they believed him to be their rescuer when in fact he killed their parents on both accounts and kidnapped them. Shana was somehow able to break through the false memories and Orochimaru was forced to contain her.

"It actually isn't that hard to remove the seal itself but more along the lines of the process of it. The more of the seal you remove, the more random memories flood your mind, that may cause you to become distracted and mess up but if you're insistent on doing it yourself then I will let you." Naruto said before tossing the bundle of notes towards her. "Then again it might be easier for you since you already know bits and pieces of the truth."

Erza said nothing as she studied the seal but Naruto could tell that she was also watching him. "Well while you study up, I'll continue explaining my theory of why you follow the ways of chaos and not order. As you've stated before you don't believe in fate. Fate would mean that every event, every action, every movement was pre-determined by someone or something. I think that's a load of crap. No I prefer the ways of chaos... if not for chaos we wouldn't exist." While not giving him her full attention Erza was still somewhat interested in what he had to say now that he revealed a few things to her.

"You see if not for chaos, evolution would not have happened. That one little itty-bitty change in some structure never would have changed because they would always follow the same linear path and never falter from that path. If not for that tiny organism being different from the rest, it would have never evolved. If it had never evolved we would never exist. Alternatively you could argue that- that one specific organism was always meant to be different before it ever even existed but then who decided that?"

"Anyway enough about that, the point is that one little random chaotic event changed the face of the world forever. How did chakra come about? Personally I have no clue but it is also a sign of evolution. Civilians have barely any chakra, only enough to survive yet some of their children can be born with large amount and grow to become extremely powerful. Take clans also, their bloodlines are evolutions, our clan especially. We evolve with each generation, taking the old and molding something new out of it, changing little things that make large impacts. Truly random events on a molecular level that make each Uzumaki genetically different from any other." That caught her attention.

"What do you mean? Surely Uzumaki children would be genetically similar to their parents." Erza questioned with a raised eyebrow only for Naruto to shake his head.

"You would think so but no. The Uzumaki bloodline alters a child so radically that the only genetic material they keep are their parents looks. Most Uzumaki receive combinations of chakra natures from their parents or completely new ones. There has never been a single case of identical siblings since the start of the Uzumaki clan. Even twins or triplets always looked different or had different abilities." Naruto continued, "The only real things that were always passed down were the Uzumaki red hair along with the Uzumaki Mutation Kekkei Genkai. Well up until me anyway... I'm the one exception I've ever seen so far. As you can tell my hair is blonde which I received from my father, I've had my best sensor look for other Uzumaki and they always turned up with red hair. So why was I different? Chaos. A random event that will cause a massive change to occur on the face of the earth."

Erza set the notes down for a moment and stared at him while trying to hold in a laugh. "So you think that you're the precursor to some massive event that will affect everyone alive? Just because you were born blonde?" She asked incredulously.

Naruto laughed, "No I'm not the start of an event... I am the event. The start was my birth, when my chakra nature was decided by the Uzumaki kekkei genkai, when the Kyuubi was sealed inside of me, when my mother was killed by the Uchiha... these events tie in with one another. As an Uzumaki only I can hold the Kyuubi. As the Kyuubi jinchuuriki, Akatsuki wants me. As an Akatsuki, I can get close to the Uchiha that killed my mother. When I end the Uchiha, I turn my sights towards the world." He explained.

Erza pursed her lips in thought, "But doesn't that contradict your whole little chaos theory? It sounds like these events were planned out already."

"EXACTLY! That's the beauty of it! I don't know if I'm wrong or not, maybe me waging war on the world was planned, maybe it wasn't. I however believe that was I'm doing is an act of my volition and not part of someone's plan but at the same time I may just be a puppet."

"Now you're just going around in circles!" The red-head shouted.

"I know, because I don't know. And I want to know... I need to know. Am I really me or am I just some created intelligence meant to destroy the world... am I simply a guy to went off the deep end and decided to make everyone as miserable and lonely as I am or was I always supposed to turn out like this? This is why I believe in chaos... that doesn't mean it's true but I believe it to be true and I want to believe that I am the product of my own choices and not someone elses. Your order dictates that everything and everyone be remotely the same, follow the same laws, live the same lives, dream the same dreams... nah not for me. I want something more, I want to do what no one else has done before, and in my sick and twisted mind that amount to mass murder on a global scale." Naruto noticed her frown but didn't comment on it.

"Is that you Erza? Are you just another one of those drones that continues on a husk of an existence? I can set you free... can't you see Erza? You're still a slave, just a slave to your own mind and ideals this time. I want to liberate you, to show you the other side, MY side. A world with no restrictions, no one telling you that you can't do something, no one saying that you can't be someone, I want to forge a perfect world from the dead one we live in now." Noticing he had her full attention now, he stepped forward and bent down in front of her. He kept eye contact the whole time as he gently cupped her cheek.

"I want you to be free Erza... in my new world you will never be restricted by morals or be cowed into following what the general populace feels is 'correct' you will never have anyone say you won't amount to anything. Everyone can make their own choices and create their own path, I will never limit someone as that would go against everything I believe in. Sure sometimes I offer choices with drastic positive and negative consequences but it's still a choice nonetheless." She just continued to gaze into his cerulean eyes, unknowingly enchanted by his words.

"F-Free...?" Her old fear of imprisonment squeaked out.

Naruto smiled as he leaned closer to her, "That's right Erza, I'll set you free. All it takes is one kiss and you'll know discover life from a whole new perspective."

She looked helpless at that moment, a huge contrast to the powerful and vicious Scarlet Knightwalker also known as the S-rank bounty hunter 'Blood Knight'. A lean forward and the closing of her eyes made Naruto's eyes flash red with excitement, if her eyes were open she would notice the menacing grin lined with sharp-pointed fangs as he looked upon his newest member.

"Be free... Erza-chan." With a kiss a flood of dark energy flowed into Erza's body, she could feel her heart became heavy and dependant on his but she didn't seem to mind it one bit. In fact Erza clung to it tighter, to continue that bond that held them closer than anything else she had ever felt. She could feel herself changing, becoming a new person. What's happening to me? I feel stronger... my mind seems clearer, more open. Perhaps... perhaps I should give a new perspective a try. With Menma-sama by my side, I'll never be alone again.

The irony of course being that she traded one prison for another, but she didn't seem to mind this one as much. Naruto smiled as she held on to him tighter even after they had broken the kiss. "Erza-chan?" He asked and she raise her head weakly from the nape of his neck.

"Yes, Menma-sama?" She asked, enjoying the comforting warmth of his body and the closeness to the wellspring that her new power came from.

"How about I remove that seal now and return to you your past?" Naruto asked and she nodded while bowing her head so he could take a look at it.

Naruto had quickly found the seal and removed it, while he now comforted Erza as she relieved her joyous childhood with her parents through her memories that came rushing by. She had a smile on her face as she cried happily at least being able to see her parents once again even if they were just memories. Naruto just continued to hold her like he did for both Tayuya and Karin, eventually Erza has fallen asleep in his arms from mental and probably physical exhaustion.

He chuckled softly so as not to wake her and picked her up bridal style before returning to the hotel he had stayed at, sending a shadow clone ahead to check in and open the window so he could jump in. Naruto laid the sleeping red-head on the bed and feeling rather tired himself he decided to lay down next to her.

Welcome to the family Erza-chan. Now with all of us together, the destruction of the world can begin in earnest.

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