Chapter 1 - Sona x Ezreal

Ezreal felt amazing. He was more than proud of himself for winning that match almost all alone. It had lasted for about one and a half hour and for most of the time his team was losing, both by kills and by turrets. The mid lane inhibitor was at its second respawn and the enemies had just gotten the Baron's buff and were ready to give one final push and win the game. But they were too full of themselves and fought under the nexus. With the assistance of the two structures and his terrible teammates, Ezreal managed to get a pentakill and push middle lane to victory.

Now he was in the summonig hall once again, surrounded by his cheerful teammates and astonished summoners. Nautilus and Renekton suddenly grabbed Ezreal and raised him above their heads for everyone's delight. At his side stood Kennen, even shorter now, and Sona, celebrating silently with a wide smile. She had supported him very well and they would've crushed bot lane if not for fed enemies ganking all the time. It was true, top and mid were playing awfully and the jungler abandoned his lane and gave kills to the others. But after the disaster of the early game, Ezreal managed to deal a lot of damage on the team fights reducing the difference. After plenty of farming and a little luck he became so strong that he turned the table.

But now all he could think of was the spotlight on him as he was carried to the bar. Ezreal bought everyone drinks and Gragas delivered to all the summoners and champions. More people joined them, probably they all watched the amazing match and went to the bar to congratulate the team. Soon the large pub was crowded with drunk people, songs and cheers.

"We can't let this boy remember his first drinking night! BRING THE BOOOOOOZE!" Graves yelled from somewhere in the pub, and he wasn't even in the match.

And so Gragas brought a barrell of beer from the back with a hose attached to it. "Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!" The bar yelled, and Ezreal swallowed the alcohol until he couldn't anymore and spilled it all on the floor and on his clothes. The explorer was only 18 and this was the first time he got drunk, it was too much for him. After a few blurry moments he rested his forehead on the counter and passed out. He couldn't understand what was going on but there was a stubborn voice in his head, waking him up.

"Ezreal? Wake up. Are you ok? Ezreal?" A beautiful voice echoed through his mind. The explorer rose slowly, still affected by the alcohol but not yet with a hangover. Still with his eyes closed he didn't resist and dropped his head sideways, expecting to meet a wall or something to rest on. But what he felt was much, much softer than a wall, and warm too. He reached it with his hands to know what it was and caught himself grabbing what appeared to be the biggest tit he ever touched. When he finally opened his eyes and looked up he was staring at the blushed face of his support, Sona.

After several seconds of idling she gently removed his hand from her and he blushed too. "Uh... are you fine, Ezreal?" She asked through a mental link.

"Yes yes. I'm just a little drunk, that's why I touched your... I mean, I wouldn't have done that even if I was drunk!" He began fumbling with his words in his nervousness. "It's just that you woke me up and... well, I didn't know... I didn't know it was you..."

"It's ok, really." She gave a nervous chuckle. "I just wanted to check on you. See if you needed to be taken home... and congratulate you for the victory." A smile finished the sentence.

Ezreal had shook off most of his sleep by now and sat up looking at her. "congratulate me? You supported me Sona! If I carried that game and did that pentakill... it was because of you."

"Thank you Ezreal, but you don't need to say that just to make me glad." She smiled warmly.

"But it's true! A good carry is nothing without a good support. People underestimate you guys so much."

Sona's only response to this was a shy giggle and a happy nod. "Thank you very much, but I still need to know if you're going to need help to get home."

"Oh, home already?" The boy looked around and saw that Gragas was cleaning up the bar and the only costumers left were passed out just like he was moments ago. He looked at the hextech clock on the wooden wall and realized he had slept for almost 4 hours! "Oh shit, it's almost 2 in the morning. But don't worry, I can get home by myself. After all, I am the Prodigal Explo... OOF!"

As he tried to stand up, the alcohol clouded his senses and he lost balance, tumbling to the floor. Sona laughed with her amazing telepathic voice and offered a hand to him. "Well... I guess I might need a little help.", he admitted.

As both of them walked out of the room, Sona slid one of his arms around her shoulder to support him as he stumbled across the way. During the walk home, Ezreal couldn't avoid resting his head on her shoulder and smelling the sweet scents of her blue locks. But when he did so, he also caught her cleavage in the corner of his eyes and looked down at them. From above he could see the enormity of the twins, two huge milky orbs that jiggled slightly when she took a step.

Sona noticed after a while that the drunk boy was hypnotized by her breasts when a tiny stream of saliva fell between them. Waking him up from his daze, she continued carrying him home. When they finally got there, she took his keys and opened the door to let him in. To her surprise though, Ezreal's first step into the house was followed by a loud thump as he fell again.

Concerned, she helped him to his feet. "You should take a shower and drink some water to clear your mind. Do you need any more help?"

Innocently he answered, "I don't think I'll be able to take a shower by myself... I'm feeling too dizzy."

Closing the door behind, she helped him into the bathroom. There, she turned on the shower, waiting for the hot water as Ezreal rested on the closed toilet. He felt helpless as his gaze trailed to the frame of the maven's ass, clinging to her blue dress. When she stood up the fabric got stuck under her buttocks and he could see the perfect shape of her behind through the cloth. With one hand, he reached for it, drunk from both the alcohol and lust. When he squeezed the fleshy orb Sona jumped up in surprise. Turning around she saw the boy almost falling again and held him before he reached the floor.

Holding him up she said. "Look Ezreal, the water is hot for you, I'll be going now. Bye!" She started nervously walking out the bathroom but Ezreal held her arm.

"I'm sorry for that, I'm really drunk... and you're so beautiful." He shook his head. "I mean, I shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry."

Sona's face blushed as she turned around and felt Ezreal caressing her arm. She needed to repay him for the match he won by himself. No, she wanted to repay him and hadn't felt this desire in a long time. Telepathically, she said, "It's fine, relax. Maybe I should stay and help you to the shower."

"No Sona, no need for that. I'll take care of myself now." But before he could react she approached.

The first thing she did was pulling his jacket down and throwing outside the door. Then she removed his gauntlet and his boots, also throwing them away. Ezreal tried his best but, drunk as he was and beautiful as she was, his penis began pulsing and was erect by the time she was unbuttoning his pants. When Sona pulled them down, she pretended not to notice the erection pushing against his underwear, poking at her direction. But she did notice it, it looked big and hard, even though she could not see it, just as she noticed his hard muscles as she stripped him. Sona then helped him into the shower and pulled her sleeves up.

The hot water hit Ezreal, flowing down his body and rejuvenating him. After a few moments his mind became clearer and he started to understand what was going on. "Wait... Am I in shower with... HER?" When he looked at her she was soaping his chest with her slippery hands. Without thinking, Ezreal grabbed her by the arms and pulled herself into the shower, almost making both of them crash together. The maven shrieked in surprise as the hot water soaked her clothes and stared at Ezreal in anticipation. She was afraid of what was happening but at the same time she was starting to like it.

"Ezreal?" She called his mind when his eyes were devouring her. "Why did you do that?" Then she looked down and noticed that her blue dress had turned transparent with the water and the shape of her massive tits and her nipples were exposed to him. "Oh...", she smirked as he didn't answer, "Do you like these?"

Then, to the explorer's delight, Sona stuck one hand between them and pulled one heavy breast from its confinements, leaving it hanging. After both of them were completely exposed and wet, she started rubbing them, pressing them together and clawing her fingertips onto them. She had never felt like this, but it seemed that a little alcohol and a wet semi nude man in front of her were enough to bring out the deepest desires. Almost every man in the Institute were crazy for her, after all she had the biggest pair in the League, and now she was willing to give herself up for this 18 year old explorer.

Seeing that Ezreal was too drunk and stunned with her twins, she picked up the soap and started soaping them up, turning them into two shiny, slippery orbs. That teasing was enough for Ezreal to click and he approached her eagerly, taking both tits in his hands and squeezing them. The boy's hands weren't enough to hold them and the flesh spilled away from his grip. But as one heavy breast fell down, she held it back up into his hand and pushed him closer to it, practically sticking her wet nipple into his mouth. Ezreal sucked it with a desperate hunger while Sona held the weight in her hand. Surprising her, one of Ezreal's now free hand moved down, pulled her dress up an ld traveled between her legs.

Sona shrieked again, taken by surprise as two fingers rubbed harsh against her panties. Two hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against the shower wall, taking her breath away. Ezreal grabbed her neck and engulfed her mouth with his own, using his tongue to explore her cave. Sona welcomed him and moaned in his head as his other hand came back to her womanhood, this time pulling her panties aside and rubbing her clitoris. The soapy touch was a shock to her and her whole body trembled in pleasure. With one hand, the blond boy started pulling down her soaked dress, exposing more of her body but never ceasing to give her pleasure.

When she was fully naked he used his knees to open her legs wider while both of them still stood up and penetrated her with two fingertips. Oh, she missed this feeling. Sona could barely remember she had something inside her, the sensation of a man stimulating her clitoris was amazing and she could already feel a pressure building up in her belly. It only got better when Ezreal started squeezing her tit harder, almost painfully, and fastened the pace of his fingers. The were going round on her sweet spot and the motion became frenetic as the couple breathed deep, Sona's moans filling the explorer's mind, asking for more speed.

He was in his struggle to to deliver it when her nails clawed his shoulders and Sona closed her eyes and held her breath. "Oh my god... I think it's coming! Yes, it's coming!" And then her body collapsed into his, making him use all his strengh to hold her up while continuing to rub her pussy. Against his, Sona's body convulsed aa her orgasm came down, staining her underwear with her abundant juices. Her moans were so loud in his mind that the shower's noise was baffled.

After recovering from the convulsions, Sona buried her face on his neck and descended her hand to grab his soaked underwear. His hard penis twitched when it met her soft touch beneath the wet cloth. After playing with it for a bit, the maven began sucking on his neck and slid her hand beneath the white boxers to start pumping on his shaft. His 6,5 inch cock almost blew right then, but Ezreal resisted the burst of pleasure. Her hand worked fast on the reverse handjob, assisted by the water and soap. Her slippery hand sent bolts of pleasure with each stroke, ripping groans out of his throat.

Seeing that the boy wasn't experienced on this at all, Sona decided to congratulate him for the victory in the dominant way. She pushed him against a wall and got on her knees. From there she pulled his boxers down to reveal his hard cock. She came back to stroking it, faster this time, while kissing around the base. She paused for a moment to lick his testicles, making Ezreal give sharp breathes in delight. He could barely belive the sight when he looked down: a soaked Sona stroking his cock and licking his balls. He doubted that any 18 year old boy would be able to have this.

The explorer was in the urge to release when Sona stopped. When he looked down curiously, he noticed that she was repositioning herself on her knees and holding her massive tits up. "Wait... are you going to do what I think you're going to do?" He asked her with his eyes open wide.

She looked up at him and said in his mind, "I just want to congratulate you the best I can for the match you won us. Is this good enough?" She asked, holding her breasts separated, Ezreal's member waiting in the space between them.

"Oh, please... uuugh, YES!"

The boy gasped sharply when her soapy twins closed around his length, drowning it whole in hot soft flesh. It only got better when the maven started to move them up and down, rubbing her smooth wet skin among the sensitive shaft, its head poking from between them. Everytime she went down on it she put her tongue out and licked the tip of his penis. Ezreal was holding her blue hair and fighting not to explode too soon, but the fight was in vain, for a familiar pressure started to build up on his testicles.

He had orgasmed only when he masturbated and twice when he briefly dated Lux. He used to hump on her (clothes on) when the couple got naughty, and surprised her by taking his cock out at the last moment and spilling his cum on her dark blue spandex. Before they broke up, of course. But this was different. They were completely naked and let loose, and Sona's anatomy was much more... voluptuous. A soap-soaked tit fuck was much much better than a quick dry hump.

When Sona quickened the pace, the explorer didn't hold it. Without warning, the firsts spurs of cum came shy leaking from the tip of his wet penis, followed by three shots of thick sperm that flew straight to her chin and neck. Ezreal's cock throbbed as the last globs of cum spilled all over the massive globes and Sona tried her best to lick it from it. When she released him, his limp member came down with a slick and her tits were covered in soap and sperm. Ezreal panted, eyes closed shut as he rested against the wall, resting from the rocking orgasm.

The couple finished the bath in silence and each one proceed to dry and dress by themselves. Sona went out first, grabbing a towel on her way out. When Ezreal finished his bath his mind was much less drunk and his breath came back to normal. Having finished his bath he extended a a hand to the towel rack and was surprised to find nothing. There were at least four towels there and now it was completely empty. Afraid that Sona had pranked him and stole them all he ran off naked and wet. But entering his living room, he was stunned with the still naked maven sitting in front of a lit fireplace.

"Come dry with me." She smiled at him. Before he could notice his erection was coming back and his soft cock pulsed again with excitement. Coming close to her, Sona reached for him and grabbed him by his half-erection, pulling him closer. Ezreal came to his knees in a second and now stood in front of the beauty. The light of the flames danced across her pale body, caressing her breasts that were falling sideways. Ezreal laid her back on the carpet and climbed on top of her, one knee on each side of her body.

First, he bent over to massage her huge breasts and kiss them, proceeding to suck at her nipples. This also brought Sona back to her excitement as she started to moan inside his head. When the two peaks were hard and his spit was streaming down the smooth skin, the boy climbed upwards, leveling his waist with her bust. Taking his cock with one hand, he swinged the meat down, hitting it against her tit. She gasped and clawed the carpet with her nails.

"Do you like that?" Ezreal asked, voice filled with lust.

"Yes... please." Sona traced his chest with one finger. "Slap me with your cock."

The boy obeyed and repeated the motion, slapping one of her breasts with his member, making it jiggle. he alternated between them and watched as Sona twitched between his legs, she was obviously excited but Ezreal was surprised to be shoved back into his knees while she opened her legs to him. Using her hands the maven pulled her legs back, making her knees almost touch her shoulders, opening the entry of her womanhood. Accepting the invitation, Ezreal placed the tip of his member on her clitoris, rubbing to tease her. This made her moan in his head but she almost screamed when he penetrated her, drowning his whole length inside her hot pussy.

He rested there, deep inside her feeling his cock pulse desperately as it adjusted to the new-found pleasure. His expression must have showed it, for Sona caressed his face and asked, "So the Prodigal Explorer is a virgin, huh?"

Ezreal stuttered and his face blushed. "Huh, no... I mean... Look, I'm only 18, it's not such a big deal."

Sona laughed, giving him the cutest grin, "It's ok, I'll teach you." and kissed him with a fiery passion.

Ezreal took action and extracted himself from her, only to thrust back again with a lusty strength. His crotch slapped against hers and he stopped again, feeling her tightness around him. Soon his desire overcame his senses and he was fucking the blue-haired woman with violent thrusts, filling the fire-lit living room with a wet slapping sound. Sona's milky breasts bounced everywhere and she wore an expression of happiness and ecstasy as she invaded Ezreal's mind with desperate sounds. Their bodies moved together in a rhythm as wild as the maven's bouncing orbs under the fireplace. Her juices made her pussy lubrificated and his cock slipped outside twice, but they only laughed and went back to the fast pace.

The sight of her tits going up and down made Ezreal crazy so he put his weight into his knees and attacked her mounds viciously. He dug his fingers into them, her excessive flesh spilling between his fingers. Her warm flesh pressed against his fingers and her pink nipples could be felt on his palm. Sona held her arms above them, scratching the carpet as the boy pounded her with his young 6.5 inches. Even though he fucked in a messy, unexperienced way, with irregular paces that didn't exactly hit the right spots, Sona found herself in the edge of an orgasm.

"Ezreal, I'm about to come! Fuck me faster!"

The boy obeyed, placing his hands on the floor at her sides to steady his body as he slammed hard against her. Sweat dropped from his blond hair to her bouncing tits as he went faster and faster inside her, slapping her ass with his crotch. Sona grabbed his shoulders, making her arms press her huge twins together. Pressure built inside her and she released herself as his cock reached deep inside her walls, making them twitch and spasm as she orgasmed.

As her body rocked and she arched her back, Sona grabbed the back of Ezreal's neck and screamed into his mind, "Cum inside me, my champion... DO IT!"

Her pulsing walls and her spilling hot juices gave the explorer the best feeling he ever felt and his balls started twitching. Still feeling the end of Sona's orgasm on his cock, Ezreal buried himself inside her hole, and waited there until he came, filling her hot womanhood with hot white liquid. His body shook and collapsed on top of Sona, resting his face between her breasts and he shot an impressive amount of cum inside her. When he stood up, his limp cock slipped from her pussy with a slurp sound, still covered with a mix of their juices. His cum spilled slowly from her entry and when she forced it out a thick glob cam out of her, staining the carpet.

"Wow..." she panted between words, "Where did this all come from? That's a lot of cum."

Ezreal only threw himself on the sofa and closed his eyes with a smile on his face. This must have been the best day in his entire life.


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