Chapter 3 - Katarina x Talon

The mission had been perfectly accomplished. They managed to climb the tall building in the heart of Piltover without attracting any attention. Reaching the penthouse, Talon eliminated four bodyguards in a flurry of steel, leaving their target open for Katarina's Shunpo. A sharp splash of blood hit her leather jacked as her knife was buried inside the man's neck. When the purple smoke of her teleportation vanished into the air, his body collapsed into the floor and a crimson pool reflected the few stars of Piltover's night.

The mission had been almost perfectly accomplished...

As the assassins were about to leave, one of the guards stood up with a red gash on his neck and a silver pistol on his hand. The shot was loud and shocking. Katarina threw a knife right at his throat, finishing him, but it was too late. In the corner of her eye she saw Talon's purple figure falling back and hitting the floor. Her heart started beating frantically. She dropped her daggers instantly and went to her knees, clutching her partner's body.

He didn't move. Her emerald eyes looked desperately for any sign of life on him, but he was completely still. A hole was carved into his shoulder, penetrating the leather spauldrons and blood flowed from it. Katarina turned her face into a depressed expression and tears started falling from her eyes.

"No Talon... please don't die!" She buried her face into his clean shoulder, crying for him. "Don't leave me too, please... I... I love you. Please don't die, I love you Talon..."

She wept, curled around him as trying to hold him into the living plane. She couldn't let him go, she had already lost her father and a curse had struck her sister, Cassiopeia. She couldn't lose him too, he was the love of her life, even if he didn't know so. She just held him in his arms, pressing her face against his shoulder crying for almost a minute when suddenly, his body woke with a spasm and he inhaled deeply.

Katarina was thrown back in surprise. Talon sat up, breathing deeply and took a while to notice his wound. When he did so, he ripped some cloth off a dead bodyguard's clothes and pressed it tight against his bleeding shoulder. The Noxian looked up at his redhead partner with a worried look.

"Katarina?" He tried to stand up but failed. "What's wrong? Why are you crying." He reached his hand at her face, cupping it and wiping a tear with his thumb. The assassins had shared some moments of friendship during their live in the Du Couteau mansion, but no moment was ever so intimate.

Katarina felt her face blushing and stood up nervously. "I was... We gotta get out of here. Come." The redhead pulled his arm around her shoulders for support and helped him up. The assassins had to go down using the elevator, but managed to leave the building through the backdoor without being noticed. In a dark alley, Talon felt a bolt of pain and reached for his wound, falling to his knees.

Katarina quickly went to his aid, "Talon, we've got to get you to a hospital!" Nervousness was plain in her face.

"Hospital? Are you insane?" Her partner looked up at her. "We have to stay low. Let's get back to the inn, clean this mess and hide there for a couple of days while I get better."

"No, no Talon! You can't die, we can't risk..." Katarina started but Talon placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey Kat..." he was smiling, "Have you ever seen me dying?"

She chuckled, still a little nervous. "Fine then. Just don't leave... don't die."

They got to the inn after a couple of minutes walking through Piltover's hextech styled streets, and had to check-in again.

"Two rooms please." Talon said to the old woman attending them, trying his best to hide the blood and pain.

Katarina objected, "I need to take care of your wound, you can't be left alone." Turning to the old lady she said, "One room with two beds please."

The attendant, who seemed oblivious to the bleeding situation replied, "I'm sorry young lady, but since you two checked out some people came in and there is no such room. I could place you in a room with one bed, if you wish."

Katarina blushed, "Fine. How much?"

They paid and went upstairs. Talon's rag was soaked red but he seemed to be recovering. The room was tiny, one couple bed, some simple furniture and a door to an even tinier bathroom. The window led to metal escape stairs and the view was just a brick wall. The Blades' s Shadow rested on the bed while Katarina prepared a jar of hot water and got some clean rags to tend to him. The bullet was slowed by his leather armor but it still penetrated his flesh. With a few tools, Katarina managed to remove it and close the bleeding with some fabric strips. Talon flinched but didn't scream or complain, he was as tough as a Du Couteau. After all was done, she washed her hands and went out to buy some food while Talon rested.

When she came back and entered the room, her eyes were locked on her assassin fellow for some reason. He was laid facing up, his muscular chest exposed to the faint electrical light that came from the window. She couldn't avoid noticing his ripped abs, his lean figure covered with the slightest sheen of sweat. After coming out of her daze, she placed the food on the corner table. Talon woke up with the quiet noise.

"Hey Kat..." He was a little dizzy from sleep but sounded healthy. "What's that?"

Once again, the red haired assassin was caught by his muscles, this time they were being forced by him getting up. After a few moments she managed to studder, "Oh... I'm... I mean, it's some food. Cake. Yes, cake."

He must have noticed her gazing green eyes at him and looked at her with a suspicious expression. "Is everything alright?"

Instead of answering him, she just smiled and handed him the cake. "Cute", he thought. They ate together in complete silence, only changing quick looks. She was too shy to look inside his brown eyes for too long, but oh, she wanted to. Since the accident, Katarina realized how much she wanted Talon, how much she needed him. She was no stranger to men, also not experienced but still, he was something else. All these years she treated him with despise, hiding her true feelings. When they finished the almost unflavored cake and just sat crossed legged on the bed and stared at each other awkwardly.

"I think I'll try sleeping on the floor." She broke the silence.

"Don't be silly, Kat." He chuckled. "You've been taking care of me for hours, you must be very tired."

She really was. "But Talon... you've been shot."

"I guess we could share the bed."

Katarina could feel her cheeks turning as red as her hair. "What?! I'll sleep on the floor... It's really not a big deal, I'm not even tir..." But before she could finish, the wounded man sat up and cupped her blushed face.

"Sleep with me, Kat." They paused in time, lost in each other's eyes. "Please." He concluded, laying down while gently pulling her together.

Her nose was brushing against his and her eyes were closed in anticipation. Her nose caught all her scents, her arms supported her body on top of his. Their legs entangled warmly. Her heart was beating like a drum inside her chest, rumbling her stomach. She rested a hand on Talon's safe chest and felt his heart pulsing desperately. She finally opened her eyes to find herself kissing the man she loved. The boy adopted by her father. The shadow that followed her and protected her from everything.

Her lips parted to welcome his tongue, and hers explored his mouth two. The kiss began gentle but heated up as their bodies asked for more. Talon held her hips with both hands, pushing her closer. Her chest and belly touched his body, feeling his warm muscles rubbing through her leather top. His hands then traveled down, went beneath her pants and squeezed the bare skin of her round buttocks. She thought of stopping him for going so far, but hell, she wanted him so much. Red hair fell like a curtain around their faces, Katarina's warm globes felt like heaven on Talon's grip.

A sharp gasp came from the man below her, not of pleasure but of pain. She sat up and noticed that his wound have been pressed down by her arm.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry, are you okay?" Katarina asked him, afraid that she had hurt him.

In response he stared at her body and smirked. She was sitting right on his groin, her thighs on each side of his hips,straddling him. "I'm more than okay..." His hands reached for her and she shivered when his hands went up her chest to squeeze her covered breasts. With one tug he lowered the small leather top to reveal her big breasts and pink erect nipples. He squeezed the two orbs and each time he pinched or caressed a nipple, Katarina shut her eyes and gasped in delight.

Lost in a sea of pleasure, Katarina didn't notice that she was slowly swaying her hips, making her crotch rub against Talon's concealed erection. She only saw that when he started unbuckling his belt and motioned her to raise herself. She eagerly obeyed, giving space for him to put his aching erection out. His fingers fondled with laces and from underneath the purple cloth came the biggest cock Katarina has ever seen. It must have been nine inches long, thick and uncut. Talon grabbed her hips and pulled her back down. Now his member was rubbing against the leather of her pants and he groaned as she dry-humped him.

The Blade's Shadow made a movement to sit up and suck at her nipples but when he tried, a sharp pain jolted from his shoulder and he as thrown back to bed.

"You're still wounded." Katarina said, her hands caressing the hair on his chest. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you."

With a kiss, she stood up on the bed and started undressing. At the end of her stripping, Talon was stunned by her beauty. Her beautiful red hair brushed against her perfectly smooth skin. Her breasts were perky and full, with pink nipples facing opposite directions. Only a tiny bit of red hair could be seen above her womanhood. Her thick and fit legs completed the perfect picture that Katarina was. Coming down with one knee at each side of his body, she took hold of his hands and guided one to her left breast and the other to her mouth. She sucked his middle finger slowly, teasing him. Her warm and wet mouth stirred his penis and it pushed against her dripping entry.

Tired of teasing, Katarina grabbed Talon's cock and started pumping it. She was amazed at how her hands wouldn't even close around his massive shaft. His head was thrown back by the rush of pleasure from the handjob and he moaned loudly. Her hand went all the way down to the base and went back in, giving his head a special massage.

Eventually, she was craving for his cock inside her, so she stopped stroking it and raised her hips. Holding it up, she rested her entry on the tip of his penis, feeling it touching her clit. Afraid of hurting herself with Talon's abnormal length, Katarina went down on him very slowly, engulfing inch after inch. As her walls stretched, a warmness grew in her belly and her heart beat faster. When he was halfway in she couldn't take in anymore of it so she raised again. Talon didn't seem to like it, so he grabbed her hips with both hands and pushed her down on him.

His while length was swallowed by her pussy with a wet sound and Katarina moaned in pain at the brusque invasion. Her nails dug onto his chest and her thighs clenched around him. When her walls were stretched enough to accommodate his girth, she rose again. And went down.

Slowly but at an increasing pace, the redhead began riding her partner, her ass slapping against his thighs and her tits jiggling above him. Talon arched his head back, shaken by the insane amount of pleasure her tight walls were giving him. Her moaning raised, accompanied by the slapping sound from her. She was now bouncing frantically on his huge member, screaming in pleasure and scratching his chest fiercely. Her jaw was opened, her eyes half-closed, her breath sharp and fast, her breasts going up and down on her chest.

As her nether lips wrapped around Talon's girth, Katarina felt a familiar pressure on her navel. She couldn't believe she was going to climax so soon, but she was. His size and her love for him were too much for her body and it suddenly started to convulse, leading to a rocking orgasm. She arched her back as her hips pressed against his in one final and violent thrust. With his cock buried deep inside her, the walls of her womanhood spilled a torrent of juices and pulsed in waves. Her moaning was held for a few seconds but when her orgasm ceased she let her breath out with a shaky voice.

Katarina laid her body on Talon's chest to rest. Her face buried on his neck, kissing it. His cock was still inside her, so he began slowly thrusting upwards. Katarina got the lead and started swaying her hips in a rotation movement. Her tight ass on his grips moving in a seductive way, her walls squeezing his thick shaft.

Not stopping this, she whispered into his ear, "Do you want me to take care of you?"

Talon closed his eyes, "Yes..."

"Do you want me to make you cum?"

He squeezed her ass a little harder, "Yes, please!"

With one devilish giggle she raised her body from him and descended to the foot of the bed. His member stood hard and soaked in front of her. Kneeling between his legs, the assassin grabbed Talon's cock and jerked it playfully. The lubricants that still coated his cock made the handjob even more delightful. But it was just getting better as Katarina bent over and started licking his whole length, drinking her own juices from his cock. Talon grew impatient and held her head gently, pushing her against him.

Her green eyes opened in surprised as his head poked her lips and force its way inside but she complied. Locking her eyes with his, she began sucking slowly, lapping his skin with her warm tongue. When he removed his hand from her red hair, Katarina began bobbing her head up and down, a slurping sound filling the tiny room. Talon's breath became shallow and fast, she knew he was close to the edge. At that point all she wanted was his cum. She wanted to feel her mouth being washed with his seed.

Still looking deep into his eyes, her blowjob went even deeper, his head poking at the back of her mouth every time she went down. Holding the base of his shaft, her hand started jerking it along with the sucking. The pace went gradually faster and Talon was moaning and clutching the bed sheets. She felt him expanding slightly and a cum blast was shot into her throat. She struggled to swallow the enormous amount of sperm being spilled inside her. A good bunch of it spilled through her lips into his ballsack and her hand. When she slowly extracted his half-limp member from her mouth with a squishy sound, she opened her mouth and showed Talon how much he had spilled into her. Swallowing all with a loud gulp, she sat up.

"Whoa... That was amazing Kat." Talon said while also sitting up.

She helped him up and caressed his face. "I told you I was going to take good care of you."

They kissed and laid down on the bed, their naked bodies tangling in a tired embrace.

"Talon?" Katarina's head rested on his chest.


"I..." The assassin could feel her cheeks blushing "I think I love you."

Talon chuckled and rubbed her shoulders. "Love you too, kitty Kat."

"What the fuck? Don't call me that!" She punched his chest and they laughed together before falling asleep.


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