Chapter 4 - Elise x Lucian

Expeditions to the Shadow Isles were hard to find, in fact Lucian didn't even know if these still occurred. Buying a ship and hiring a crew was too expensive so he bought a little boat with enough space to sleep on and set sail the the infamous islands. It took him some days to get there, and for each day he traveled, the air got colder and the sky darker. But Lucian was not afraid, he had his guns and that was all he needed to put an end to Thresh, the Chain Warden. At the fifth day, with stormy clouds above him, the hull of his boat hit a sandy shore.

"Here I am..." He grunted as his boots sank into the greenish sand. "Again."

He walked into the dark forest with his fingers itching at the triggers of his guns. His eyes watched weary for a foe in a bush or a spirit coming from the ground. His ears capturing and analysing every little sound: bugs crawling on the earth, sinister birds crying, a grumbling on the woods... and a whisper. Calling him. He was aware of the tricks the Shadow Isles could play on the mortal mind, but still, these whispers were seducing him to a certain direction. He couldn't help but to follow them through the forest. They got louder and clearer as he came closer, Lucian could distinguish a feminine voice and kept walking towards it until he found a cave carved into the foot of a mountain. The voice ceased and the Purifier found himself slowly walking into the entrance.

The point of his guns emitted a blue light that showed him the walls, wich were covered with webs and small spiders that rushed to hide when he approached. Lucian soon found out that the hole he came in was a mere entrance as the way widened into a huge dome filled with webs and cocoons, holding a dark throne in the center. All around him he could hear little spider legs rushing into holes and cracks but among them a female voice startled him. He pointed his pistols at opposite directions, preparing to meet his foe.

"Show yourself, vile creature!" He threatened before feeling a liquid drop onto his right shoulder. He reacted too slowly, looking up he met a pair of red eyes and a dark smile. He shot upwards but his foe leaped down, landing with grace. He stopped for half a heartbeat to analyse her. The first thing he noticed were her long and thick legs, supported by pointy red heels. Her fit body was covered by a black hard tissue similar to leather that held her modest pale breasts. Next thing he knew, she threw a bolt of web at his right hand, knocking his pistol down as a spider lunged at his other one, leaving him unarmed against the deadly beauty.

"What do we have here?" There was a hint of seduction on her voice as she walked towards him swaying her broad hips. "You aren't just another adventurer flying into my web are you... Lucian?"

"Elise... the Spider Queen." He grunted, trying to untangle his hand from her web in vain. "What are you doing here? Were you not supposed to be at the Institute?"

She giggled as her children came out of their lairs and closed around the defenseless Purifier. "I went on vacation just after you did. My children missed me." She finished her sentence grabbing a spider from the floor and giving it a little peck. "How come you are not at the Institute?"

"I'm looking for Thresh..."

"Oh!" She interrupted him. "For revenge, you mean. You will not find him here at the Isles. He had personal matters that needed his attendance elsewhere." Then, she gave Lucian a sultry look. "But for me... it seems that my personal matters have come to my cave, what a lucky turn of events. You see, Lucian... I have been feeling a certain hunger, but the Shadow Isles are such a lonely place. And the Institute has forbidden me of bringing human sacrifice here. But you have come willingly. And now Lucian... you are tangled in my web."

Before the Purifier could even think of running, Elise trapped his legs with a cocoon and knocked him down. "Follow me if you will." She mocked as the string of web dragged him over the throne. Reaching it, the arachnid woman glued him by hands and feet to the seat. He struggled hard, trying to escape her trap but it was useless. Elise was now standing in front of him.

"Hush, my darling, you will soon be eager to satisfy my hunger." She said while bending over, exposing her cleavage to her prisoner.

"Let. Me. GO!" He roared at her, his body making an effort to leave the trap.

She faked a sad face, "It looks like you don't want a bite of these." She squeezed her breasts together with her arms. "Still bitching about your dead wife? Thresh told me he fucked her countless times in the spiritual plane inside his lantern."

"FUCK YOU! LET ME GO!" The gunslinger was roaring and sweat was beginning to form on his face.

"If you won't cooperate... Then I'll make you cooperate!" Leaning forward, Elise opened her mouth and bit the dark skin of his neck with her sharp fangs. Retreating and licking a drop of blood from her lips she smirked. "That should do it."

Lucian felt his vision blur for a moment and then his head became dizzy. "What... what the fuck have you done to me?"

"Don't worry, it's not poison... you'll see." She bent over again, this time tracing a line on his crotch and using her sharp nail to cut his breeches. "Now let's see what do we have here." Looking down, she retracted her claws into pale human fingers and stuck her right hand into the new made hole. She quickly found his manhood and Lucian gasped when he felt her soft palm wrapping around it. She giggled when she pulled the limp member out, admiring as the light brown flesh slowly expanded and hardened as she stroked it.

"I see that my substance is starting to kick in."

"Let... me go..." This time he found harder to command that. His head was burning with desire, his eyes locked on her pale cleavage and her curvy legs.

"Not so soon, Purifier. First you must see my best form." She stepped back from him and her leather-like clothes started to retract as her claws did. Soon her breasts were fully exposed to him, two perky globes almost white with light cream nipples, not too big but neither too small. Her navel was also exposed and then her crotch, showing him a shaved and tattooed entrance to her womanhood. Her thight-high "boots" didn't go away, and as she turned her back to him he couldn't help but to notice how they made her ass look even sexier.

Elise must have had the best pair of legs and buttocks of the League, perhaps losing only to Fiora, but he had no idea they would be so... perfect. Just two perfectly round and big orbs, supported by a set of thick white thighs.

All resistance flew away from his body and his member slowly hardened to its full eight inches long. When the Spider Queen noticed she came back to him in a sexy walk. "I am quite proud of my behind... they look nice,but you must wonder: how do they feel?"

Elise turned her back to him and bent over. His hard shaft fitted well between her lumps and she began to dry hump him. The way her soft giants pressed against the under side of his cock, going up and down made Lucian want to gr

ab her ass and dig his fingers in her perfect skin, but he was reminded of her webs around his wrist when he tried to do so. To compensate he began waving his hips back and forth, his skin being pushed and pulled by her buttocks, his ballsack occasionally rubbing against the entry of her anus.

Tired of teasing, Elise turned to face him once again and slowly dropped to her knees to face his erect member. Holding the base of it and massaging it gently she looked up into Lucian's eyes and said, "That's more meat than I need to satisfy my hunger, big man." She teased one last time and licked his whole length painfully slow, not turning her gaze away from his. Then, her warm lips covered its head and went forth, engulfing half of his member into her wet cave. She squeezed it vigorously before pulling out, applying just the right pressure every time she did so. Her right hand jerked him in a quick pace, helped by the spit she left around his member.

Breaking the rhythmic motion, she pulled it all out in order to play with it. Using her left hand she massaged both his balls, squeezing them gently while giving him a perfect handjob with her right one. She then tilted her head sideways and brought one of his testicles inside her mouth and sucked on it, letting drops of his cum fall down. When his ballsack was coated with her saliva, Elise licked from the base to the slit of his cock and with one shove of her head, she completely covered it with her mouth. She tried to keep it there, feeling Lucian twitching in pleasure inside her throat was amazing, but her gag reflex started working and she was forced to back away in order to cough.

The Spider Queen couldn't wait anymore, she needed his seed inside her. "Ready to satisfy my hunger, human?" Wrapping both her soft palms around Lucian's huge length she began stroking it fiercely, even making her breasts jiggle with the motion. "I need your seed." Finishing the sentence, the arachnid started to suck his head quick and sloppy, leaving streams of spit between it and her lips every time she popped his cock out. Lucian felt his soaked balls twitching and knew he was going to climax soon. His grunts and moans became more evident and Elise held her head back, her mouth open wide, eagerly waiting to taste his cum. The gunslinger looked down at her and met her deep gaze and her pleading face staring at him seductively.

That was too much for him, his orgasm came in a rumbling wave of pleasure, shooting one huge jet of cum that stained Elise's dark-red hair. He splashed her face with his seed, wetting her cheeks and her lips. A good lot of it went straight into her mouth and when he was done she closed it and swallowed the liquid. He sat back down and sighed after the wave of pleasure passed through him, that was quite exhaustive and Lucian's penis had gone to rock-hard to limp as Elise finished cleaning it with her tongue.

His vision became less blurry and his senses started to come back to his body. "What the... You! You used me!" He struggled with the webs confining him. "Let me go so I can fight you fairly, no charms!"

"Oh baby..." The Spider Queen giggled, caressing his chest with her nails. "Who said I was finished with you?" Her hands produced even more spider web and she reinforced his bindings. "But this time, I don't think I'll need to use my aphrodisiac."

When he saw her naked figure swaying her hips seductively in front of him he remembered how good her blowjob was, but still, she was a creature from the Shadow Isles and gods, he loved Senna! "You bitch!"

Elise ignored that and went on, turning her back at him, she started waving her huge tight ass around. When she sat on his lap, he couldn't avoid the stirring his member got. Her sexy ass pressed against it, making it disappear. Elise then began to give him a lap dance, making sure to rub his shaft with her enormous buttocks. Her back arched and she licked his ear while continuing with the sensual dance. It was inevitable, within a couple of seconds his cock was hard once again, desperate to breach her. It poked at the entrance of her vagina and his head penetrated her a couple of times, emitting sultry moans from her.

Closing her legs together, Elise rose from his lap, showing him her glistening lips between her buttocks. After he had his eyes delighted, she reached behind her and steadied his penis before sitting on it. She went the deepest she could, opening her mouth in ecstasy and smashing her ass against him. His head reached her cervix and pressed against it for a moment before she raised and went back down. She swayed her hips around his crotch, squeezing his lenght with her wet walls. Her buttocks' flesh flattened against him and slapped his hips when she started to bounce repeatedly. Her round shape went up and down and jiggled, waves moving under her skin.

Not removing his huge cock from her, the spider woman raised her legs and turned around. Now she could ride him while he sucked and bit on her cream-colored nipples. Her breasts bounced along her whole body. Their faces were wet with sweat and the space where their crotches connected was soaked with her lubrificants. Elise used her hands to press her breasts together around Lucian's face, almost suffocating him. The head of his cock slid in and out her womanhood, running against the ceiling of her cave. It poked her cervix every time she slammed down on him, screaming in pleasure all along. She rode him fiercely, her big white ass behind her jumping up and down on his thickness.

"Oh yeaaah! Your cock feels sooo good!OOOOH! Cum for me! Please, I need your cum!" She screamed as her ass went red from slapping his thighs. Lucian was on the verge of exploding and with a few more bounces, He felt his balls spilling his seed inside her once again. Elise didn't stop riding him when it happened, she only bent her back, supporting herself on his thighs so she could see her his seed leaking out from her pussy and falling onto his crotch. That was when her orgasm came rocking her body and a translucent liquid squirted out onto Lucian's bellybutton. She only stopped riding several moments later, when her multiple orgasms stopped giving her spasms and she could stand up. Conjuring her "clothes" back to her body, Elise showed a drop of a red venom on the tip of her claw.

"What are you doing to me now?" Lucian asked, concerned.

"Don't worry sweetie, I've already had my snack." With lighting speed she darted his neck with the poison. "You can go now."

"Fuck!" He blurted as her sharp claw pinched his skin.

His vision went blurry again, but this time he completely blacked out.

When Lucian woke up, he was laying at the beach his boat was settled, he rubbed his head and looked down to find that his pants were still ragged and his soft member was hanging from the hole. It was clean and dry, so he presumed Elise had her time to clean his cum up and satisfy her hunger.


Hello fellow geeks and nerds, I deliver you yet another chapter of my collection. This time I paired Elise with Lucian.

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