Today is Lucy's first day at Fairy Academy. She's excited about finally attending what is known as a 'normal' academy, but she's also really nervous. This is an all new experience for her; she doesn't know what to think or expect.

"Hmm, now that I think about it, I don't know where I'm supposed to be going and this map isn't getting me anywhere…" Lucy looked at the map, then at the school, and then back at the map. "I don't even know where my classroom is at!"

After looking around, she finally found her class, Class 2-D. However, she arrived a couple of seconds to late. This only caused her to be questioned by her homeroom Sensei. Lucy excused herself. She explained to him as politely as she could that the reason for her tardy was because she the new student and got lost. The Sensei understood. He then told Lucy to stand in front of the class, while he started the beginning of her introduction. Lucy nodded and then sighed, 'Just my luck…'

"Class we have a new student, would you please tell the class your name."

"Y-yes. Hi my name is Lucy," She waved and smiled as friendly as she could.

A bunch of comments started to erupt. Lucy could only pick up parts of what they were saying about her, comments like, "She's Hot" "How cute!" "Is she a model?" "Are you single?"

Lucy tried her best not to get embarrassed; luckily the Sensei told the class to settle down. This made her feel relieved.

"Now Lucy, your seat is that one over there. Take the chair on the left." He pointed to the desk at the very back of the classroom, near the window. The desk, to Lucy, looked so secluded from the rest of the class, which made her hesitant. The good thing she noticed was that there was another vacant seat next to hers, meaning she wouldn't be sitting in the back all by herself.

The comments began to roll in once again. And, they weren't really good ones. "Aw Sensei, isn't there any other open seats?" "I would give her my seat but…" "Good luck." "He's never here so it's okay..."

She gulped, 'What's so wrong with the person who I'm going to sitting next to!?'

"Now class, settle down," The Sensei gave her a stern look. "I'm afraid there are no other available seats."

"It's fine." She replied. 'After all, it can't be that bad… right?'

It was finally lunch time. Lucy found herself very glad; she was in a rush this morning so she didn't get to eat breakfast.

Her stomach growled. 'Now where is that cafeteria?' Lucy thought.

Before she could get up from her desk, her Sensei approached her.

"Yes Sensei?"

"I noticed you didn't state your last name to the class."

She scratched her head nervously, "Ah! About that… well you see… I guess I forgot!" She laughed nervously.

The Sensei didn't question her any further. "Very well, you may leave."

Once Lucy got out, she found a tall girl with long scarlet hair waiting outside the classroom. Her uniform was the same as hers, except she had on a red jacket. She was also very pretty.

"Hello. My name is Erza Scarlet; I'm the student council president. You must be the new student."

"My names Lucy," The blond told her.

"So how do you like it here at Fairy Academy? Everything going well? No troubles?" Erza questioned.

"So far good, yes, and no… Sorry to ask, but why all the questions?"

"That's good to hear and as student council president, it is my duty to help, as well as discipline, my fellow classmates."

"Great! Then it wouldn't be too much trouble if you showed me where the cafeteria is right?"

"It's no trouble at all. Follow me."

Much to Lucy's surprise, the cafeteria wasn't too far from where the classrooms were located at. She finally got a tray of food; however, it didn't look too appetizing. 'Maybe I should bring my own lunch from now on…'

"This is the table I often sit at," Erza told the blond.

Lucy noticed that there were no other people sitting at the table. "Do you usually sit alone?"

She looked up at her from her seat. "I hardly eat at the cafeteria because of my duties as the student council president," She smiled at Lucy, "Besides it's not like I don't have any friends, it's just sometimes I like to be alone. That's all."

"I'm really grateful that you chose to sit next to me today." Lucy blurted out.

"I'm glad too, now how about I introduce you to some friends of mine? After all, I wouldn't want you to be eating all alone tomorrow, isn't that right?"


"Yes, I have a student council meeting tomorrow during lunch."

"Well, okay."

Lucy was a little disappointed that she wouldn't see Erza tomorrow. However, at the same time, she was excited that she was going to make some new friends.

Erza brought her to a table that was on the other side of the cafeteria. It was also at a decent place. There were three girls sitting down on it talking.

A really pretty girl that looked like she could be a cover girl, with long white hair spoke. "Ah! Erza! You decided to sit with us today." She then looked at Lucy. "And who is this cute girl?"

They made room for them. Erza sat down, and Lucy followed. "This is Lucy. She's a new student."

"How wonderful!" The girl with white hair said. "My name is Mirajane, but you could call me Mira," She smiled.

A girl with long brown hair took a large gulp of her drink before saying, "I'm Cana, man I wish they hadn't confiscated my booze I'm thirsty!"

"I know you! We're in the same class! My name is Levy, nice to meet you," A petite girl with medium blue hair said.

"Eh? Really?"

Levy nodded. "I sit in the second you mind if I call you Lu-chan?"

"Sure and I'll call you Levy-chan!"

Lucy was about to ask Levy something, but was interrupted by Erza, who also had a question of her own to ask. "Do you have a dorm here?"

Here at Fairy Academy, students have the choice of living in the dorms the school provides, or living outside within the town alone or with a parent/guardian. Lucy choose to not live in the school dorm because she preferred to live outside the school, also because the dorms are quite limited and highly expensive.

She shook her head. "Do all of you live here?"

They all said yes, which got Lucy thinking that maybe she should have gotten a dorm. With that last thought, the bell rang.

"Come on Lu-chan, we don't want to be late!" Levy told her.

Lucy nodded. She turned to the other girls, "It was nice meeting you all, see you tomorrow! Bye Erza! Mira! Cana!"

They all waved at the blond and smiled.

Once class was over, Lucy said her goodbyes to Levy.

"You don't want to go hang out with the girls Lu-chan?"

"Maybe next time Levy-chan." She grabbed her bag. "I still have to finish unpacking some things."

"Okay, see you tomorrow!"

When Levy took her leave, Lucy remembered that she wanted to ask her what was wrong with the person that was going to sit next to her. Lucy shrugged, 'Oh well, I'll find out tomorrow.'

Near the exit of the school, Lucy could see people circling around something. She decided it to go see what the commotion was all about. She didn't know how, but she ended up in the very front of the crowd. Lucy's eyes widened at the sight in front of her. It was a fight between three guys all ganging up on one guy with a white scarf and pink hair.

"Come on is that all you've got?!"

"And you call yourself a delinquent!"

"Loser. C'mon guys let's not waste our time with a piece of shit like him."

The guy then kicked the pink haired guy, making him bleed. The three then took their leave, and just like that, everyone else left too, except for her. Lucy looked at the guy with the pink hair and in her mind, she couldn't help but think why nobody else stayed to help him.

She then approached him. "Are you okay?"

There was no response.

"You're bleeding!" Lucy decided to ignore the fact that he didn't respond to her. She kneeled down next to him and began to clean his wounds with a handkerchief she had inside her bag.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" He barked.

She was a bit frightened by his tone, but she didn't stop. "I'm cleaning you're wounds," Lucy replied calmly.

He looked at her like she was crazy, but it didn't matter to her.

It a few seconds she was done, now all she needed was something to tie around his arm that would stop the bleeding. 'Hmm…' She wondered.

She clapped her hands together. "Oh! I got it!" Lucy grabbed the ribbon she had around her hair, letting it flow loosely. She then tied her ribbon on the guy's arm. "There. All better?" She asked him.

He looked at her and then looked away. "Y-yea."

She was surprised he answered her that time in a normal voice. It was then when she decided to start a conversation. "Today was my first day coming here to Fairy Academy. I'm in class names Lucy what's yours?"

"Natsu," He replied bluntly.

"Well Natsu, it was nice meeting you." Lucy smiled as she got up. "Hopefully we see each other again."

She waved back at him and then took her leave.

I've had this story idea for so long! So I finally decided to write it, and I'll probably publish some of my other story ideas that I've had too, but I should probably finish my other stories first... right? Hmm.. I'll see. Well thanks for the read!