Lucy, being really early to school, walked the hallway with ease. As she turned the corner, she saw Levy waiting near the side of the classroom. "Levy-chan?"

At the sound of her voice, Levy ran up to her best friend and gave her a big hug. "Lu-chan! You're okay!"

"Why wouldn't I be?" She asked with astonishment.

"Erza told us about what happened to you…and I think she also told us not to tell you we knew…" Levy said in a regretful tone. Just thinking about what the student council president would do to her if she found out sent a shiver down her spine.

Lucy giggled. "It's okay. I won't tell."

"Thanks Lu-chan. Now you should go inside already," She said pushing her towards the entrance.

"W-wait it's still early— where are you going!?"

Levy laughed at her friend's reaction. "I'll be back later Lu-chan," She winked, "And don't worry, you're in good hands."

'Good Hands?' Lucy slowly turned around and noticed Natsu sitting at his desk with either a bored, or tired expression. She walked over to the back of the room where their seats were. "Hi Natsu…you're here early today."

He shrugged as he looked over at her. "I guess."

She clutched her bag tightly before slowly walking over to her seat. The feel of Natsu's eyes watching her made her gulp. 'W-why am I nervous? It's just Natsu!'

"Something wrong?" He asked her.

At the sound of his voice, Lucy quickly sat down on her chair. "N-no."

"You're acting weird."

"Says you!"

From outside, Levy was standing along with Mira and Cana. Seeing the two of them together made Mira smile. She had to control herself from squealing with delight. "Don't they look adorable together?"

"Should we really be watching them?" Levy asked, though in reality, she wanted to spy on her best friend as well.

Cana took a look inside and noticed that they weren't the only two inside the classroom. "There are other students in there. Why couldn't we just go inside?"

"We'd ruin the moment," Mira told her.

"Sometimes, I don't understand how your brain works…"

Levy looked up at the clock. "Ah looks like the bell is going to ring soon. We should probably go into class."

Mira pouted. "Okay."

Cana grabbed both her and Mira's bag. "See you at lunch."

"Right." Immediately after entering class, Levy remembered that she forgot her bag out in the hallway. As she was heading back out in quite a rush, she bumped into someone. Looking up, Levy saw that it was some guy she had never seen before. He had long black hair and piercings on his face. "Oh sorry I—"

"Watch where you're going. Shrimp."

She felt a little intimidated by his tone, but she also felt a bit irritated at the name he called her. "Shrimp?"

"And who the hell left this bag outside!? I almost tripped on it!" He held up a plain looking bag with a couple of small pins on the front of it.

"T-that's mine!" She shrieked as he held it up out of her reach.

"Not so fast shrimp," He said with a smirk.

Natsu stood abruptly from his seat. "What the hell are you doing here iron freak!?"

Lucy looked over to the front of the room, seeing Levy with Gajeel, she stood up. "Eh? Levy-chan?"

Gajeel shifted his attention to the back of the room. "Well if it isn't the great Salamander and the rich girl."

Natsu, getting all defensive, moved to stand in front of Lucy. "You didn't answer my question."

Still holding Levy's bag in his hand, he spoke in a lighter tone. "Chill out Salamander. I'm not here to start anything."

Lucy noticed that he was wearing the Fairy Academy uniform. "Are you transferring…?"

"It's not just me, Juvia is too."

Natsu couldn't believe it. "What!?"


Lucy noticed as Levy just turned to look at them all in confusion. She made contact with her and mouthed that she'd explain later. The blond then turned to look at Gajeel. "Um aren't you going to give her bag back?"

Gajeel looked at Levy, who in turn pouted slightly. "Gi-hi. Here's your bag shrimp."

Levy grabbed her bag and made a small 'humph' as she went to take a seat. Soon Gray, Loke, and some other remaining students walked in the class. Juvia came shortly after and stood next to Gajeel at the front of the class.

The blue head looked up at her previous Phantom Academy friend. "Sorry Gajeel-kun, Juvia forgot to set her alarm this morning."

"At least you came here on time."

Gray, noticing both of them, made his way to Natsu and Lucy. "Oi, do you guys know what they're doing here?"

"Just go to your seat before you get in trouble you perv."

Gray was about to say something back, but their Sensei came in and he reluctantly went to his seat in order to avoid being called out.

Their Sensei cleared his throat. "Due to the closing of some school's throughout Fiore, we have lost a couple of students and gained some more. Here are your two new classmates."

"My name is Juvia," Juvia said with a light smile.

"Gajeel," He said to the class.

Like Lucy's first day, some comments began to roll in about the new, or rather transfer students. Lucy only giggled as her classmates continued to talk amongst themselves. Natsu smiled a little a he saw her reaction, no longer feeling that annoyed that Gajeel would be their new classmate.

"Alright Gajeel, please take a seat next to Levy over there. Levy, please raise your hand."

Levy slowly raised her hand, sighing a little in the process. Gajeel ignored this and simply went to his seat.

"Now Juvia if you could take the empty seat next to Gray—"

"Gray-sama~!" Juvia had hearts in her eyes as she began to walk towards her seat, happily imagining of all the wonderful scenarios that could happen between her and Gray.

"Someone sits there already," Gray told the Sensei.

He checked his seating chart. "Your right, well I suppose you could take a seat next to Bisca over there—"

"W-wait." A guy with black hair who sat on the other side of Gray, named Alzack, stood up. "Uh…I'll take the seat next to Bisca and she can have my seat."

Juvia's gloomy look disappeared and her eyes began to brighten as he said this. "Really?"

Alack nervously looked at the Sensei. "Well if it's okay…"

The Sensei sighed. "Very well."

"Thank you!" They both said in unison as they went to their new seats respectively.

Juvia smiled as she looked over at Gray. "Hi Gray-sama!"

"Gray-sama, huh?" Loke said as he tried to hold in his laughter.

"S-shut up and turn around," Gray told him in response.

Time came for lunch and just like Lucy's first day, Erza stood outside of class 2-D. She saw Lucy come out with Levy, Natsu, and Gajeel following closely behind, and Gray trying to keep some distance between him and Juvia.

"Looks like all of you are together," She told them.

"Hello Erza, are you here to show the new students around?" Levy asked.

"N-no." She turned to look at Levy and Gray. "I was hoping you two would. I have other students showing around other new students that transferred today."

"Did you get any new student in your class Erza?" Lucy asked.

Erza face slightly reddened. "That's why I need to talk to you for a moment."

"Okay. About what?"

"Not here." Erza turned to Gray and Levy. "Please show these two around as best as you can."

"But—" They both began.

"No buts."

They stopped trying to protest any further. "Y-yes."

They both turned around to talk to Juvia and Gajeel and soon walked away into some other part of the school.

"Now let's talk before—"

"What about me?" Natsu asked.

Erza crossed her arms. "Just wait for Lucy somewhere, we'll be in the student council room. It won't take long, I promise."

"Fine." He then turned to look at Lucy. "Meet me at the roof when you're done."

Erza answered for her. "She'll be there."

Erza and Lucy walked towards the student council room.

"What's wrong Erza?" Lucy asked as she took a seat in front of her.

"W-well new students came to my classroom as well." She paused. "It was Jellal and Ultear."

"Eh? Was it really!?"

She nodded furiously. "Ultear gave me this note."

Erza handed it to Lucy and she read it. "I apologize for a bad first impression. Jellal and I are just friends, like we know both you and Gray are. The reason we acted like a couple is because he likes—"

"Don't read any further!" She blushed madly.

"But isn't it great? You guys both feel the same way…"

"N-no. I've been his friend for a long time, I can't just c-con-confess. I haven't really been around him since we were kids…and that time when you, Natsu, and Gray met him."

"Then what are you going to do?"

"I was hoping you would know."

"Shouldn't you talk to Mira or Cana about this? I mean, I've never had a boyfriend…" Her cheeks turned a light pink.

"You are quite the innocent girl," She told her.

"Y-yea…but if you want my advice, I think you should try to reconnect with him and take things at a light pace."

Erza took in her words. "Yes. Thank you, I think I will do that. After all, it's not like we will be spending all our time together since I am on the student council and that does take up most of my time."

"Yes, you'll be fine."

"Alright Lucy, you can go with Natsu. Knowing him, he's probably feeling very impatient at the moment."

"Okay. See you later Erza!"

Erza gave her a small wave.

Lucy closed the doors behind her. She turned around to see Natsu standing in front of her. "I thought you were going to meet me at the roof?"

"I knew you would take long, so I just waited for you instead."

"W-well we could still go to the roof if you want…"

Natsu grabbed her wrist. "Let's go then!"

They made their way to the roof and Lucy immediately went to the ledge, looking at the sky before her. "The view from up here is so pretty."

Natsu, who was sitting down, got up and went to stand next to her. "Yea…"

"I wonder what it would look like during the night. Do you think you could see the stars clearly from here?"

"You like the stars don't you?"

She smiled. "Yes. When I was little, my mom would take me to the park to look at the night sky. It was really fun!"

He grinned. "Sounds fun. Maybe we can—"


"Ah that was the bell." She picked up her bag. "What were you saying?"


"Um okay, let's go to class." She handed him his bag.

"Yea, let's go Lucy!" He said as he grabbed her wrist once more and headed out towards their classroom.

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