Aria and Ezra Fitz:

James Fitz (17)- James is nearly identical to his father looks wise and personality wise. He has a massive crush on Serena Rivers, but is to shy to talk to her.

Riley Fitz (15)- Riley looks a lot like Aria, but has Ezra's blue eyes. She loves art, and is an outcast in Rosewood.

Mackenzie Fitz (12)- Mackenzie looks like a female version of Ezra. She is very bubbly, girly, and outgoing.

Hanna and Caleb Rivers:

Serena Rivers (17)- Looks nearly identical to Hanna, and is the "it girl" of Rosewood. She has a wild side, but is very sweet once you get to know her.

Haley Rivers (15)- Has dirty blond hair and Caleb's dark eyes. Haley can come across as snobby, but is misunderstood by many people. She strives to be like Serena, and is slightly jealous of her.

Cooper Rivers (13)- Looks nearly identical to Caleb. He is very smart, but doesn't apply himself in school. Cooper can be rowdy and immature at times.

Spencer and Toby Cavanaugh:

Taylor Cavanaugh (15)- Taylor looks just like Spencer. She is smart and loves to play field hockey. Taylor is her twin brother's protector.

Keenan Cavanaugh (15)- Taylor's twin brother with Down's syndrome. He is very sweet and is loved by everyone.

Paige and Emily Fields:

Meggie Fields (15)- Emily birthed Meggie, but she is also very close to Paige. Meggie is very shy and loveable.