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Monday 3rd September 2012

Article written by Royal Correspondent William Miller

The country was celebrating last night as Buckingham Palace released a statement confirming the engagement of Her Royal Highness, The Princess Isabella of Scotland to her long term boyfriend Dr. Edward Anthony Cullen, only moments before the couple sat down for an exclusive interview with the BBC.

The couple have been dating since Princess Isabella's first year at the prestigious St Andrews University in Fife. The young princess, who is currently first in line to the throne, was studying for a degree in management science when she met Edward Cullen.

Dr Cullen, who will become the first person to marry into the royal family without aristocratic or royal heritage, had already spent a year at St. Andrews studying medicine before he met Isabella. It was widely thought that before the young royal caught his attention, Edward Cullen had been a renowned playboy at the university. Many of his fellow female students had sold stories to the tabloids about their time with him when he was first pictured with Isabella. He has since changed his ways after falling for the next Queen of The United Kingdom and Commonwealth Realms, even managing to win over the approval of Isabella's father.

After a long courtship, the couple revealed in an exclusive interview to the BBC, that Edward had followed tradition in pulling aside King Charles III, Isabella's father, to ask for his blessing to marry the young princess on one of their annual hunting trips at the beginning of the season. Edward said that "Charles was more than happy to give me his blessings" and that on multiple occasions he had pulled Edward aside to ask why he hadn't "put a ring on it?" yet.

Isabella went on to detail how she and Edward had been on holiday in Canada last month when he finally worked up the courage to pop the question. In their exclusive interview, the young princess couldn't keep the smile off her face as she detailed the effort her fiancé had put into making the evening special, before asking if she would make him the "happiest man on Earth by agreeing to marry him."

Edward and Princess Isabella's relationship has gathered a huge fan base all around the world since it was officially confirmed in 2008. The couple are often seen as more down-to-earth than the royal family have traditionally come across. More people feel like they can identify to the pair as Edward has come from a traditional midle class background. His father is a surgeon for a small hospital in Norfolk and his mother is a stay-at-home housewife.

While none of the Cullen family have royal heritage, King Charles himself has often spoken of how he considers the family to be an extension of his own, even going so far as to give Edward his late-wife's engagement ring to offer to his daughter.

No official date has as yet been set for the wedding but it is rumoured to be taking place at the end of March, on what would have been the late Queen Consort's birthday. Isabella broke down during the interview when she spoke about how she wants to make her mother a part of her big day, even if she cannot be there for the wedding. July will mark the eight year anniversary of Queen Renee's passing due to ovarian cancer.

The exclusive interview will be broadcast this evening on BBC1 at 8pm.

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