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When Edward Cullen arrived back in St. Andrews for his second year of university, he was surprised at the hysteria around the school. Of course, he wasn't naïve. He knew that the Princess Isabella was due to start her first year here, but he was hoping to be able to avoid it all. Sure, she was hot, but he imagined her to be a pompous, stuck-up know-it-all who would more than likely be incredibly boring in bed, so as far as he was concerned, she wasn't worth his attention.

Instead of gossiping with the rest of the student body, who seemed to be eagerly awaiting her arrival, he headed over to the bistro located at his new apartment complex to pick up his room key. This year he had upgraded to the nicer David Russell Apartments and he was looking forward to have a double bed instead of the shitty single he had been given last year.

He was the first person to arrive at the flat, which he was glad about. It gave him time to look over all of the amenities his new home would hold, and unpack his belongings in silence. These were definitely nicer than the last halls of residence he had stayed in. Everything was clean and fresh with dark colours and neutral wall tones. He only hoped that his new flatmates would help keep the place looking as it was now. Although he would never admit it, Edward Cullen was a neat freak.

After he had unpacked his things, Edward fired off a quick message to all of his friends, telling them that he had arrived on campus. He wandered back to the bistro to get himself something for lunch. The lines were much longer this time, so Edward took that to mean the princess had arrived and the crowds had scattered. It took him twenty minutes to order a ham and cheese toastie and have it made up ready for him. By the time he was on his way back to the apartment, the campus had become more active and he had already been stopped by three of his previous conquests "just to say hi."

When he finally made it back to the flat he was a little surprised to find that it was no longer empty. Instead, there was a tight little ass bent over in front of him, its owner digging around in the fridge for something. He stopped by the entrance to the kitchenette, crossing his right ankle over his left leg and leaned into the door frame, admiring the view.

The ass continued to wiggle in front of him for a few seconds, before the body it belonged to finally straightened up, a small "aha," escaping her lips as she had found what she was looking for. The woman spun around and was shocked to find Edward behind her, watching closely. She let out a little squeak of surprise, her hand rising to cover her heart.

Edward's own heart sank at the sight in front of him. Before she had turned around, he had fantasied about how that ass would look, naked in front of him, his hands wrapped tightly around those curvaceous hips as he pumped his cock, hard and deep. Now that he had seen the face attached to that luscious ass he knew there was no way that fantasy would ever be happening. Not with Princess Prim-and-Proper standing before him.

"Um, hi. I didn't realise anyone else was here." Isabella placed on her very best fake smile to face the guy who had just been staring at her backside. "I'm Isabella, you are...?"

She held out her hand as she trailed off, waiting for Edward to offer his name. He shook himself a little before taking her hand and then he panicked again. His parents had joked that he should know how to properly greet the princess, in case they ever met, and now he was wishing he had Googled it. He bent his head a little, considering kissing the back of her hand, before he realised how intimate that gesture was and instead gave her hand a firm shake before quickly pulling away.

"It's nice to meet you, Your Royal Highness. I'm Edward." He dipped his head, trying to hide his awkwardness before realising what her presence in his kitchenette meant. "Are you going to be staying here?" He was absolutely horrified at the idea of sharing his living space with her.

"Yes, Edward, I'm in room 761. And it's Isabella, just Isabella. No titles and no formalities."

Damn, Princess Prim-and-Proper would be in the room next to his. Edward hoped to hell that the walls would be thick between the two of them because he didn't want the future Queen of The United Kingdom hearing his regular night-time activities.

The tension in the apartment was alleviated by the arrival of Garrett, Edward's best friend. He dropped his bags just inside of the front door and then moved towards Edward, ready to offer him the traditional man-hug they had always shared.

"Hey man, how cool is this? We get to be roomies." Garrett had yet to notice Isabella stood in the kitchen, he was more interested in catching up with Edward. "So, did you do anything or anyone interesting over the summer?" Garrett gave Edward a cheeky wink before the sound of a throat clearing drew his attention.

Edward rolled his eyes. Of course Princess Prim-and-Proper would be offended by the suggestion that he'd had sex over the summer. He couldn't imagine that her daddy would let any guy anywhere near close enough to fuck her.

When Garrett's head snapped round to face the source of the interruption, Edward laughed at the double take he did of Isabella's face. As soon as he realised whose presence he had spoken in, Garrett's face began to flame and he tried stuttering out an apology.

"I…Um…Shit…Sorry…Your Majesty, I didn't see you there. I hope I didn't offend you." He was rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment and Edward found himself feeling slightly bad for the poor guy. He probably should have warned him as soon as he walked through the door.

Isabella could see how badly Garrett was struggling and offered him a gentle smile. "It's fine, I wasn't offended. And it's Isabella. 'Your Majesty' is my father." She offered Garrett the same hand to shake that she had given Edward and he took it awkwardly, bowing over it slightly before giving it a weak shake and pulling his hand away. He had no idea how he should greet a member of the royal family, and Edward was oddly pleased that he wasn't the only one to not have Googled that shit.

"Um, I'm going to go and unpack," Garrett mumbled to the floor, before he fled in the direction of the room directly opposite Edward's.

"Fucking idiot," Edward murmured to himself.

"You weren't exactly much better," Isabella threw back at him, winking, before she closed the door to her own room.

Edward stood in stunned surprise for a few minutes before he made it to his room and closed the door behind him. Maybe Princess Prim-and-Proper wasn't as much of a cold fish as he originally thought she would be.


The first week of term passed by in a blur for Edward. He was a second year medical student and he knew that if he had any hope of following in his father's footsteps and becoming a surgeon, he needed to knuckle down and keep his partying to the weekends.

He barely saw Princess Prim-and-Proper while he was home. She was either busy with her own classes or talking to their two other roommates, Angela Webber and Kate Jones. Angela and Kate were both first years studying Management Science too, so the three girls shared lectures and a few tutorials. So far, nobody seemed to know where Isabella was staying. Edward told himself that he preferred things this way, his studies wouldn't be interrupted if any of the paparazzi found their way on campus and there wouldn't be fellow students sucking up to him to try and get an in with the future Queen of The United Kingdom. Yes, it was definitely better this way.

The following Sunday morning, Edward woke with a pounding headache and a dry throat. He and Garrett had been out Saturday night to one of the clubs in town that threw a 'Welcome Back' night for the university students. His memories of the evening were a bit of a blur but he distinctly remembered drinking his body weight in shots and getting a blowjob in the bathroom from a hot blonde freshman, although her name was part of the blur. With a groan he pulled himself out of bed, popped some paracetamol for his head and made his way into the kitchen in need of something greasy.

It was still early and Edward wasn't expecting anyone else to be awake, so he was shocked to find Isabella at the gas hob, making pancakes for herself. She was still in her pyjamas, and dancing along to the radio that she had left on low to keep her company. While Edward may not have been expecting to find Isabella in the kitchen, she was expecting him. He hadn't been as stealthy as he thought he had, leaving his room. She smiled to herself as he stood, watching her, checking her out while he thought she was unaware.

When the first pancake was finished, Isabella slipped it onto a plate, along with some fresh fruit and slid it to the end of the counter. "Are you going to stand there drooling all morning or would you like something to eat?" She turned to face Edward, eyebrow raised in mock admonishment, a slight smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth. It fell suddenly as her mouth dropped open in surprise. Since Edward assumed he'd be alone, he hadn't bothered throwing on a shirt when he left his room. Instead all he wore was a pair of loose fitting pyjama pants. This time Edward was the one fighting back a smirk. Princess Prim-and-Proper appeared to be checking him out. Or more specifically, his tattoo.

"See something you like, Your Highness?" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively and Isabella quickly schooled her features. In her short time at St. Andrews she had already found out enough about Edward Cullen to know that her roommate was a notorious playboy. And she would not become another notch on his incredibly high bedpost.

"Eat your damned pancake, idiot."

Isabella turned to the hob, to make herself some breakfast. Her eyes never once strayed back to the half-naked Edward while she worked. Sensing he had crossed a line, Edward finished his breakfast quickly, rinsed the plate off and left it to drain before making his way back to his room. Just before he opened the door, he turned to the kitchen and called out, "Thanks for breakfast," and then shut himself away for the remainder of the day. He needed some more sleep before he would head to the library to study.


Edward and Garrett were on their way to the library Thursday afternoon when they were stopped by Tanya and her group of girls. Edward had made the mistake of sleeping with Tanya before the Christmas holidays during his first year and she had been looking for a repeat performance ever since.

She slid up close to Edward, effectively placing herself between him and Garrett where she proceeded to bat her clumpy and overly made-up lashes at him. "Eddiekins, it's been so long since I last saw you, where have you been hiding?"

Edward cleared his throat, uncomfortable not only with the ridiculous nickname she insisted on using for him but also with the way her hand was creeping up his arm. He picked it up gently, holding it in between his own for a few seconds, before he eased it back to her side.

"I'm sorry Tanya, Garrett and I were just on our way to the library. Maybe we can catch up later." Edward nodded to Garrett and tried to move past the group of girls, but they had him blocked in.

"The library will be open until midnight, you have plenty of time." She waved his protests away and began leading him over to a group of benches located close by. "So, I was thinking," Tanya paused for what she thought was dramatic effect, picking up a lock of her bleached blonde hair and twirling it around her index finger. "Maybe you and I could go to the Halloween party together this year?" Edward cringed and was just about to try and talk himself out of Tanya's clutches when a sweet voice interrupted the group.

"Edward? I am so sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if you could show me where the student bookstore was? I'm so lost." Isabella was stood behind the group of girls, all alone and looking so very innocent.

Damn, she was good.

Tanya's eyes snapped up, to see who had dared interrupt her second chance with Edward, and then widened until her face resembled a goldfish. She had heard that the princess was here, but she hadn't truly believed it. After all, Tanya was not the kind of girl who read newspapers on a regular basis.

"You two know each other?" Her eyes flicked between the princess and Edward with an accusing glare. As far as she was aware, Edward didn't have female friends, he was far too busy fucking them to learn anything meaningful about their lives.

"Edward is my roommate." An indulgent smile formed on Isabella's lips. She rolled her eyes as the ditzy blonde turned to Edward. Edward and Garrett caught her look and shared a smile. So far, Prim-and-Proper was turning out to be nothing like either of them had expected.

"Where are you staying?" Edward could already see the glee forming behind Tanya's eyes. So far, none of the other students seemed to know where Isabella was living for term. Her roommates had never mentioned the building they were located in or the fact that Isabella was sharing with them and Edward wasn't about to be the one to change that. He liked his quiet apartment, he didn't want it staked out by desperate girls wanting Isabella to be their friend or desperate guys who wanted to sleep with her. So, instead of giving an answer, Edward decided to change the subject.

"What kind of books did you need, Isabella?" He stood up from the bench the girls had forced him onto and moved to the princess' side.

"I forgot one of the text books that I needed for my Organisations and Society module." As Isabella spoke, she began walking slowly, gradually moving Edward and Garrett away from Tanya and her friends who were sat staring after them. When they were far enough away that Tanya could no longer see them, Isabella offered Edward a small smile before turning to leave.

"Hey, wait, where are you going?" He thought that they would spend the afternoon together, just to keep up appearances and all that.

"Home. I don't really need any textbooks, I thought you knew that?" Isabella was puzzled. She was sure Edward knew all she was doing was trying to help him get away from the blonde bimbo.

"I know, but what if they come back? Shouldn't you hang around for a while, just in case?" Edward knew he was clutching at straws, hell, even Garrett knew. But he looked so adorably awkward that Isabella couldn't find the heart to turn him down.

"One hour, in the library, but then I have to go home. I promised my father I would call him before he left for a benefit this evening."

Edward nodded happily and steered the three of them in the direction of the campus library. He spent his hour in the library studying Isabella, instead of working on the medical ethics paper he had due Monday. She was quite the enigma.

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