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Mystic Falls – Salvatore Boardinghouse

Bonnie suddenly appearing had been the last thing any of them expected to happen today. But the fact that she is here fills each person with relief. Now that she's back, she'll be able to fix whatever is wrong with Stefan.


"When did you get back?"

"Why didn't you tell us you were coming?"

Elena, Matt, and Caroline rush over to hug Bonnie who returns their hugs somewhat stiffly.

"Enough of the greetings, we have bigger things to deal with." Damon interrupts them after a few moments. "I don't know what Stefan told you Witchy, but just a few hours ago he was with Katherine."

"He's right, Bonnie." Elena chimes in. "He admitted it this morning." She ignores Stefan's snort of dissent.

"What part of 'you all are way off on this one' didn't you understand?" Bonnie snaps, annoyance dripping from her voice.

"No offense, but if I wanted to be told I was wrong it wouldn't be from someone that hasn't been around for four months. I know my brother."

"Apparently you don't because if you did, you would know that the person you interacted with this morning was actually Silas."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Damon narrows his eyes at the tiny witch, wondering why she seems so smug about this.

"Apparently Elena isn't the only person with a doppelganger." Bonnie shrugs and gives Stefan a small smile when he looks annoyed at the thought of having a double like Elena.

"Last I checked Silas was dead. You really expect us to believe all this when you haven't even been around this summer?" Damon rolls his eyes. He can't believe how much Stefan has fooled Bonnie.

"You've been around long enough to know that there are always loopholes when it comes to stuff like this. Silas managed to bypass that the moment I saved Jeremy's life." She gives him a significant look, before stiffening at the memory of her death. She only relaxes when she feels Stefan's hand at the small of her back.

"And what was the loophole?"

"My death." She says it bluntly, making no attempts to ease into it.

"She's right" Jeremy blurts out suddenly as Bonnie's blunt words manage to trigger the memory of Silas compelling him to forget Bonnie's death. "I remember now." He looks at Bonnie in shock. "You died bringing me back to life, but Silas compelled me to forget." He gives her a sad look when he realizes that he's spent the summer happy while Bonnie spent it alone on the other side.

Gasps feel the room as they take in the news, unable to do anything but stare at Bonnie.

Mystic Falls – Hotel Room

Silas walks into the hotel room he shares with Samara, not quite sure what to expect.

"Did you have fun with the doppelganger?"Samara looks up from her position on the bed where she is watching TV.

"How did you know about her?" Silas looks at her surprised.

"I like to do my research." She made a point of doing research the moment Silas left and found out quite a bit about his history. "I know she resembles your dead lover so I figured it would only be a matter of time before you pursued her."

"Is that jealously I hear in your voice." Silas asks as he sits down on the bed next to her.

"No, we made no promises to keep this exclusive." Samara shrugs and Silas can tell she is being sincere. He is unsure how to feel about her lack of reaction. "So what's with the big container?" she gestures toward the big container Silas walked in with.

"This is the actual reason, I cornered Katherine last night." He opens the container and Samara is surprised to see a large amount of blood. Before she can open her mouth, he starts explaining what went on last night.

Silas grins as he brings Katherine to another orgasm with his cock. The first few times, he pretended she was his love, but now he is focused on his actual reason for pursuing her. As she lies there, catching his breath he looks into her eyes and begins compelling her. After he's done he turns her, erases her memories of the last few months and orders her out of town. He feels it's the least he can do after how much she's unknowingly helped him.

"So you compelled her so you could harvest a bunch of her blood?" Samara asks once he's done explaining what happened. "Why?"

"She was given the cure that I've been after for months."

"The cure the can turn vampires human?" She'd heard all about the cure and has to wonder why a guy as powerful as Silas would want it and she asks him as much.

"I never planned on using it on myself. My plan had always been to give it to a vampire and use their blood to take out the merry little gang that protects this town. Without them around I could be King." Silas explains. "After the cure is ingested, it no longer turns supernatural beings human. Instead it serves as a booster for them, but it only works it's mixed with a potion. This where you come in."

"What do you need me to do?"

"I've managed to turn and compel a large group of people. Do you think you're up for some potion making?"

"Sure." Samara grins wickedly. She almost feels sorry for group of people, Silas has it out for.

Almost. The rest of her enjoys inflicting pain on unsuspecting people.

Mystic Falls – Salvatore Boardinghouse

"Is this true?" Elena is the first to get her bearings. "Were you really dead?"

"Yeah it's true." Bonnie confirms with a nod and goes on to explain what happened that day four months ago.

"That's why you were acting so weird that day." Caroline says once Bonnie is finished, suddenly remembering how emotional Bonnie had been, but assumed it had been because of the circumstances. Now she knows it was because she'd known after the veil was closed, she would no longer get to live out her life.

"No offense, but why are you alive again? You're the only witch nearby with enough power to do resurrections." Damon asks outright.

"Let's just say, while I was on the other side, I managed to increase my powers so I would be able resurrect myself."

"That's actually impressive Witchy, but it still doesn't explain Stefan's role in all this." Damon shoots a look at his younger brother.

"It's simple really." Stefan takes over the explanation. "Silas revealed that he was my evil doppelganger, locked me in a safe and threw it underwater so I could deal with torture of drowning over and over again."

"So if Bonnie was dead and you were trapped in a safe, how did the two of you run into each other?" Caroline and Matt share a small smile when they ask the exact same question.

"We ran into each other on the other side and after a month, Bonnie was able to resurrect herself and she got me out of the safe. She saved me." The last part is said softly, but there is no denying how grateful Stefan is. "We only stayed in town long enough to recover and then we left."

"You just left, just like that?" Damon raises an eyebrow in disbelief. "You don't have the decency to say goodbye?" He glares at Stefan who looks back at him unapologetically.

"Seriously, you of all people want to talk about decency?" Bonnie glares at him. "When was the last time you even talked to Stefan?" Bonnie directs the question to Damon, Caroline, and Elena.

The three look away guiltily. Caroline feels guilty because she'd known he been upset about Elena and Damon, but not once called him this summer. While Damon and Elena feel guilty for a more obvious reason.

"We thought you wanted some time to yourself because of…" She doesn't finish her sentence, knowing how he feels about her relationship with Damon.

"Oh you mean the fact that my brother is dating my ex? I'm over that." The looks he gives Damon and Elena are nearly arctic. "Believe me the last thing I was thinking about these last few months was the two of you." And he hasn't. All of attention has been focused on Bonnie. And frankly even if he didn't have Bonnie, he still doesn't think he would been thinking about them. If they could that easily throw away their relationships with him, than he can do the same.

"I can't believe you both let this go on without telling us anything. Do you have any idea how messed up that is?"

"No more messed up than you all being so wrapped up in yourselves that you never found it strange that we were missing, but then again I guess it's not all that surprising." Bonnie throws back at her.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means" Stefan begins angrily. "We've both been gone for four months and not once have any of you called to check up on us to see what was going on. So don't stand here and play the wounded role now that you're feeling guilty."

"Maybe you didn't have a choice, but Bonnie should have told us what was going that day." Elena gives Bonnie a pointed look.

For a brief second Stefan face begins to change, angry at their nerve, but he calms down the moment Bonnie makes contact with him.

"It's okay Stefan," She squeezes his hand before turning to the others. "I'll admit my part in all this because you're right I should have said something that day." Bonnie concedes. "But it doesn't change the fact that you would have only realized something was wrong once you needed my help."

"That's not true" Elena shakes her head.

"Isn't it?" Bonnie raises an eyebrow. "Don't act like it didn't cross your minds to call me for help today." She looks at them boldly, daring them to deny what they all know. She smirks smugly when they all look away guiltily.

"That's why we didn't say anything when we came back or when we decided to leave town." Stefan glares at them, angry on Bonnie's behalf. "We figured if you really wanted to talk to us, you would eventually call. No reason for us to make the effort."

"So to teach us a lesson, you two decided to run off for the summer and leave us with Silas, knowing how dangerous he's been this last year!" Damon blurts out angrily, he doesn't care about the guilt that the others feel, his focus is the fact that they let Silas roam around without letting any of them know.

"You can save the self-righteous anger." Bonnie rolls her eyes. "We've been tracking Silas for months. You think it's a coincidence that we came back to town the same time Silas did?"

Damon is stopped from saying anymore when a loud crash echoes throughout the house and they are suddenly surrounded by four dozen weapon carrying vampires. Everyone immediately jumps into action and begins taking out the intruders.

Several times, Caroline is struck by how in sync Stefan and Bonnie are when it comes to fighting despite their different approaches. Like most vampires, Stefan uses his vampire strength to take their enemy's out, while Bonnie uses her powers to incapacitate her victims. Not all that unusual, but what is different is the fact that they are quietly working together. Sometimes Bonnie gives a vampire an aneurysm and Stefan easily kills the weakened vampire. Other times Stefan is the one to do the weakening and with an extension of Bonnie's hands the vampire is blown to smithereens. Aside from wondering when the hell Bonnie got that particular power, she also wonders just how closely the two have gotten over the summer because they work together as though it's second nature.

When a vampire attempts to shoot at Matt, Bonnie throws up a shield to protect him. Angered the vampire manages to tackle Bonnie before she can use her powers on him. Seeing this, Stefan snarls kills the vampire currently in his grasp and flashes over to Bonnie. The moment he reaches her, he rips the vampire away from her and he takes great pleasure in killing the bastard that dared to put his hands on her.

Despite their efforts, with every vampire they kill, it seems ten more appear. Bonnie noticing how tired everyone is getting, manages to build up enough energy to finally end the battle. "Enough of this!" Bonnie says as she raises her hands in the air and throws out a huge blast of magic. The look in her eyes is intense; eyes that are normally a brighter green have turned teal and are filled with a confidence that they've never seen from her before.

Everyone with the exception of Stefan who already knows what's coming, look on in surprise as several windows break and the group of vampires becomes nothing more than a pile of dust. Afterwards, they begin murmuring to themselves, each coming to the conclusion that this had been a message from Silas.

"Are you okay?" Stefan asks Bonnie, not even attempting to hide his worry. He knows she can take care of herself, but he still worries about her safety and he also knows that using that much power sometimes takes a lot out of her.

"I'm okay." She reassures him with a small smile before sobering up. "You're the one who's not okay." She looks at him knowingly.

The others turn to look at Stefan in surprise, wondering what exactly Bonnie is referring to.

"Bonnie." He tries to brush it off. "I'm fine, really."

"Where are you hurt?" She folds her arms across her chest and stares him down.

They continue to stare at each other; their gazes locked until Stefan finally gives in and lifts his shirt. "Here" He sighs out as he shows her his injury.

The others are surprised to see a long gaping wound near Stefan's abdominal area. Elena had been standing the closet to him during the last part of the battle and she had no idea he was hurt. Yet Bonnie had figured it out right away despite her attention being focused on Silas' group of vampires.

"Ouch." Bonnie winces at the injury. "Let's get you patched up." She says as she grabs the sleeve of his leather jacket and pulls him toward the stairs where Stefan's bedroom is located.

As they make their way up the stairs, the others can do nothing but murmur to themselves.

"How'd she know he was hurt?" Caroline says to Matt while the others argue about what just happened.

"Maybe it's a witch thing." Matt throws out an explanation. He wouldn't be surprised if Bonnie's new enhanced powers had something to with it.

"It could be that, but I really don't think so. I'm getting the feeling something else is going on." Caroline stares at the now empty staircase, the wheels turning in her head.

In the bedroom, Bonnie has managed to take off Stefan's shirt and jacket and is now tending to his wound. Her own jacket is draped on Stefan's desk along with a tub of water and first aid kit.

"You really didn't have to do this. It would have healed eventually on its own." Stefan says half-heartedly as he looks up from his position on the stool Bonnie directed him to the minute they got to his bedroom. Truth be told, he loves it when she tends to him this way because he loves seeing the nurturing side of her and loves being taken care of by someone.

"I wasn't going to let you walk around with a gaping wound in your gut." Bonnie dips the rag into the water before she carefully begins wiping the blood from his wound.

Stefan hisses when the rag digs into his wound slightly and he feels a stinging sensation.

"Sorry." Bonnie gives him an apologetic smile before setting the rag back in the tub.

"It's okay." He returns her smile. "So is just me or did those vampire's seem a lot more powerful than normal?" He brings his attention back to their battle downstairs.

"Not just you, when we were fighting them I could sense some magic in there." These days she can take out a vamp without much effort, but today it had been slightly more difficult. The moment she took out the rest of the army, she felt a surge of energy like she normally does when she's in the presence of magic.

"Which means Silas is working with a witch." Stefan deduces as Bonnie begins patching him up. The feel of her hands on his bare torso causes his groin to get heavy, but he ignores it for the time being.

"Yeah, and I'm guessing a very powerful one since she was able to enhance a small army of vampires."

"How do you know the witch is woman?"

"Because female witches are usually more powerful." Bonnie grins only half joking. "And I really can't see Silas working side by side with male witch. Can you?"

"True" Based on the way he focused on Bonnie earlier in the year, Silas clearly has a weakness for beautiful and powerful witches. "But whoever they are, they are they will be no match for you." He covers the hand that is tending to his wound with his larger hand.

"You have that much confidence in me?"

"Of course I do." He smiles warmly at her.

The fact that Stefan seems to love the magic side of her, makes her feel even more powerful and sexy. Knowing where those thoughts will lead her, she pushes Stefan's hand away and continues to bandage his wound.

Stefan silently watches her, his arousal rising with each second that passes. By the time she's gotten to the last part of the bandage, his erection is hard against his thigh.

"Okay, we're all done now." Bonnie finishes taping the last part of the bandage and begins to move away when Stefan grabs her wrist.

"No, we're far from being done." Stefan rumbles out before he hauls her into his lap and begins kissing her frantically.

Bonnie's hands immediately wrap around his shoulders as she gets lost in the kiss. Their tongues battle each others for dominance and the sexual tension is palpable in the room. Bonnie gasps into his mouth when Stefan suddenly pulls her flush against his erection. As a result she wraps her legs around him and she begins to grind her hips against his.

Stefan growls into her mouth and quickly stands up, intending on carrying her to his bed. However, before he can get there Bonnie stiffens and pulls away from his mouth.

"What's wrong?" He asks when he realizes her lips are no longer on his.

"I love you, but no way am I getting in that bed when I know who was last in it." They both glance at rumpled bed and Stefan remembers the others mentioning Silas and Katherine's tryst.

"Yeah you're right. That would be kind of gross." He shudders before he moves one of his hands from around her waist to the nape of her neck. Once he pulls her closer he begins pressing kisses there only stopping when he makes his way to her mouth.

Bonnie indulges him and leans in to kiss him. Stefan's tongue immediately darts out to tease her bottom lip, making it clear he wants her to open up to him.

She almost gives in, but then she remembers the reason they are even in Stefan's old bedroom. With a moan of regret, she pulls away from his lips. "Later." She promises with her eyes bright with arousal. "As much I would love to be with you right now, we definitely don't have the time. We came back for a reason." She says as she caresses his cheek.

"The sooner we get rid of Silas, the sooner we can get the hell out of Mystic Falls." He stares back at her, just as aroused.

They continue to look at each other intensely –Bonnie still wrapped around his waist, their focus completely on one another. As a result neither sees the shocked looks on Matt and Caroline's faces.