A Moment, A Thought

Rated R for suggestion

He was a robot. An it, not a him. He wasn't supposed to feel, he wasn't supposed to have emotion, he wasn't supposed to be able to do things like this. He was supposed to be cold and unfeeling, not feel warm, sweaty and smooth on top of her.

Was it his programming that had made him do this? Was he simply told by ones and zeroes to respond as he did to her? Or was there a soul in there that drove him to touch, to taste, to feel? Despite all that had happened, or because all that had happened, these thoughts were a stream running through her head. But she didn't care. She was living for the moment, and he was that moment.

Twisting, turning, touching. Had he known what each movement meant, or what it meant now? Could he even feel her heated breath, the warmth of her chest, the sweat on her arms? Or was he doing this just for her, to please her, as he always did? He was selfless, a true angel with wired wings. But she did want to be alone in this moment. She wasn't selfish. Her heart cried out for him, threatening to ruin the moment.

At the moment, she was not disappointed. He let loose a strangled scream, hushed as if he was afraid someone might hear, and take him from her. But was this pure emotion? Did he know the joy he gave her in that moment? Tangled in each other, she held on to him, demanding to stay rooted in the physical here and now. Exhausted, she kept close to his skin of metal, smooth and unyielding, but soft at the same time.

In was then, as the moment faded and sleep loomed close, those strange metal lips brushed hers, caressing her in ways nothing else could. A whispered "I love you" echoed in her ears, and she left the moment in peace.