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when nightfall came, Kate felt just a tiny bit creeped out. she had never exactly been a fan of the dark, but she tried to tell herself not to freak out. after all, Drew and the others were there, and they had just gotten a fire going at their camp. Drew was sitting by the fire, playing a song on his guitar. Kate was sitting beside him, her head lying against his shoulder. she sighed, stretching. she felt eyes on her and slowly turned to see Lewis looking at her. her eyes widened a bit and he just smirked at her. Kate felt her face heating up, glad that it was dark out and the others couldn't tell. she smiled weakly at him. his grin widened a bit and he winked at her. before she realized it, Kate giggled a little. "what's so funny, Katie?" Drew asked, quirking an eyebrow at her.

Kate froze, sitting up and looking at him. "n-nothing" she said quickly, turning to look at the fire.

Drew narrowed his eyes a little, but didn't say anything more, turning his attention back to his guitar. Bobby had a beer in each hand, walking over and offering one to Ed, who held out his glass and let Bobby fill it up. "I'm glad we came here" Ed said.

"Lewis?" Bobby said, holding out the half full beer bottle.

"Lewis does not drink" Ed said.

Bobby then looked at Kate, smirking. "I'm guessing you don't either?"

"of course she doesn't" Drew said quickly before Kate had a chance to answer.

Kate decided to mess with her brother a bit. "how do you know?" she smirked, standing and deciding to take a chance, going over and sitting down beside Lewis. "I could have had a few drinks before" she laughed.

"that's not funny" Drew said flatly.

"oh lighten up, Drew" Lewis said, smiling at Kate. she blushed again, much to her annoyance.

Drew narrowed his eyes at Lewis, going back to strumming his guitar.

"it's true, Lewis... what you said" Bobby said, sitting down near Lewis and Kate. "there's something in the woods and the water that we've... lost in the city"

"we didn't lose it" Lewis said, eating a bit of the fish he'd caught earlier. "we sold it"

Bobby sighed. "well I'll say one thing for the system. the system did produce the air mattress... or as it's better known among we camping types, the 'instant broad'"

the guys laughed a little, but Kate just rolled her eyes. "men" she grumbled, shaking her head.

"and if you fellas will excuse me..." Bobby said, standing and picking up his still deflated mattress. "... I'm gonna go be mean to my air mattress"

the guys laughed again as Bobby picked up a can of bug spray. it was obvious that he'd had a few too many drinks. "I do baptize thee, now in the name of modern technology... how sweet, oh yes" he sprayed himself with the bug spray. Kate sighed, rolling her eyes. everyone stopped what they were doing when Lewis stood suddenly, looking off into the woods. it was as though he'd heard something. he turned and started walking off into the woods.

"Lewis?" Ed asked.

the others all stood up, looking for him in the dark.

"does he think he is Tarzan, or what?" Bobby asked, irritated.

"where the heck does he think he's going?" Kate mumbled. she made a move to go off into the woods to try and find him, but Drew took hold of her arm and pulled her back a bit.

"he knows the woods though, he really does" Ed said, obviously a bit drunk.

"oh really?" Drew said. "seems to me like he wants to be 'one' with nature, but he can't hack it"

"well it's a hell of a time to be tellin' us that" Bobby mumbled sharply. he and Ed looked at each other and grinned, trying not to burst out laughing.

"would you two knock it off?" Kate grumbled, still looking out into the woods for Lewis.

Drew turned just then and walked off a few feet, trying to see out into the trees. Bobby, Ed, and Kate turned and followed. they were all standing there, as quiet as possible. they didn't hear Lewis coming out of the woods behind them. Bobby turned and practically jumped out of his skin, causing the others to all jump and whip around fast. "geeze! Lewis, you scared the shit outta me!" Bobby snapped.

"oh, uh, wh-what was it, Lewis?" Ed asked.

"yeah" Kate added. "what the heck was out there?"

"I don't know, I thought I heard somethin'" Lewis said, still looking around a bit.

"something or someone?" Bobby asked.

Lewis glanced over at him. "I don't know" he laughed a bit, going over and lying down on his matress, tossing his arrows off by his stuff.

Kate sighed, guessing that the 'excitement' was over now. she hesitated, but purposely pulled her mattress over a bit further away from Drew's. "that brother of mine really needs to chill out" she thought, sighing and flopping down onto the mattress.

"night, Lewis" Drew mumbled.

Lewis seemed a bit surprised by the remark. "goodnight, Drew" he said. he turned and looked over at Kate. "night, Kate" he smirked and winked at her again.

Kate felt another blush creeping onto her face. "night, Lewis" she said quietly.

Bobby sighed, picking his air mattress back up. "I'm goin' to sleep" he walked over to an empty spot nearby, flopping his mattress down.

Ed walked over by the fire. "night has fallen. and there's nothin' we can do 'bout it"

"I had my first wet dream in a sleeping bag" Bobby said thoughtfully.

"oh good lord" Kate groaned, shaking her head as she flopped down onto her back on the mattress.

"how was it?" Ed asked.

"great... there's no repeatin' it" Bobby said, going into his makeshift tent.

"nevermind" Ed mumbled.

Kate sighed, rolling over and lying on her side. she closed her eyes, trying to ignore a cricket that was chirping nearby.

"no matter what disaster may occur in other parts of the world..." she heard Ed say slowly. "... or what petty little problems arise in Atlanta... no one can find us up here..." he paused. "... goodnight, Lewis"

Kate sighed again, sitting up and pulling her blanket over her. she glanced up and froze when she saw Lewis looking over at her. a small smile crossed his face. "night, Kate" he said quietly.

Kate blushed a bit, smiling back. "n-night, Lewis" she laid back down, trying to ignore the way her heart was hammering in her chest. she closed her eyes, feeling the exhaustion taking over. she (nor any of the others, for that matter) had any inkling of the nightmare that was about to take place the following day.

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