Briefing: AU. New Orleans, US. Whatever...

|||Dead on Arrival|||

Chapter 1 - Lucky Number 18

This had to be the busiest night of my life. Mardi Gras is always full of injured or dead people. And it's my job to go around picking them all up. I'm not an angel if that is what your thinking. Far, far from it, although some refer to me as just that.

I am Motomiya Daisuke, the EMS worker. I save lives and I lose people. But, when the day is done, it is all the same. I go home to my dark apartment and still feel worthless, empty.

As I walk up to my apartment after an extra heavy shift I reach for my keys. Then, my pager goes off. It reads that I need to come back in. OTW, Overtime Work. I guess someone didn't show up. I suppose there is no harm; I have to plans, no life. How pathetic.

I walk back down the stairs of my building, walk out the door and to the parking lot. I get into my junky, beat-up car and drive back to the station. I change back into my uniform and immediately head out in the back of my assigned ambulance.

"Back for more, Motomiya," My co-worker asked with a sneer.

Takaishi Takeru, blonde hair and blue eyes, it's what all the girls want. He almost seems perfect. I scowl at him.

"Well when you're like me, what else do you do for fun," I shrugged coldly. He never liked me; I'll never like him. It's a mutual agreement. Accusing me of trying to steal his girlfriend, bah! I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole. I just tried to make friends. Ha! He'd hate me even more if he knew my dirty little secret.

I looked out the window. Girls were standing on balconies getting beads thrown at them to expose themselves. Sickening, some people now a days have absolutely no morals. Oh, and now you think I am staring at those girls chests? Thought wrong...

The van lurches to a halt and three of us rush out. Our driver, Yagami Hikari, also known as Takaishi's girlfriend, stays behind. I pull out the stretcher and mutter to myself.

"Work, save lives, pick up dead bodies. It's always: Motomiya do this, Motomiya do that. Always taking orders. Just like the empty, frightened child you are, Daisuke," I mumble to mylsef as I stride over to the heaped up corpse.

"Did you say something of importance, Motomiya?"

That was Inoue Miyako, the brains of our little group. She and Hida Iori are defiantly eligible for the job titles of 'Brain Surgeon' and 'Rocked Scientist.' Iori isn't here and because of that I am. Also, he is only a trainee. Damn him.

I shake my head and kneel down to the body. After putting on my latex gloves, I check for a pulse, none. Then examine it for some cause of death. I glance over it carefully before letting the words flow off my tongue to Miyako.

"Obviously we got another corpse over here. What's that? 18th one tonight, right? Looks female, probably raped and left for dead, but I'll leave that for the medical examiners to decide in the autopsy. There seems to be blood coming from the mouth," I further examined it, "Cancel that, Inoue. It's a male."

While I spoke, Miyako wrote it all down in the log. She sighed, annoyed at my mistake. Well the longish, silky hair did make it seem quite female. I already knew that this was going to be a long night.

Pulling into the hospital parking lot, I opened the doors and brought out the stretcher-ridden body into the hospital. The nurse at the counter pointed me toward the morgue. As if I didn't already know where it was. I wheeled it down past room after room. There was laughter from family and friends visiting and comforting the patients from the occupied rooms.

I passed one. It was dark, but I saw the sign that told me the room was occupied by a young woman. She must have felt so much like how I feel. I have no friends. My family is too busy to do any sort of social gathering at any holiday. I know they care but unlike me they have their lives. I noted to myself to go in and visit the girl later. No one should ever feel the pain I do.

I used the stretcher to push open the morgue doors. The sheet had then slipped off revealing the body to all who saw, which was no one. I kept wheeling it in. I set the body in it's assigned spot and laid the sheet back on him. Almost like tucking it in. I moved his dazzling blue hair out of his face.

"Such a shame, that a beauty such as he had to perish so soon. And before I even knew him too," I whispered.

In a sudden flash, the young man was sitting straight up. He slowly opened his eyes wide, they shown like violet jewels. Then, he narrowed them. Burning them into my soul. I stood frozen, probably resembling a school girl who just saw Malice Mizer on the street. Taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth to say something and leaned forward towards me.

He said ever so huskily, "Oh really?"


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