Briefing: AU. New Orleans, US. This one gets more into the Shonen Ai and a bit more cursing. You've been warned.

|||Dead on Arrival|||

Chapter 2 - Identities Revealed

"Oh really?"

I jumped back and fell to the floor. I scooted myself across he floor and knocked into another body cart. A hand fell down and brushed against my face. I screamed. I screamed like a little girl. Foolish of me. Who ever this guy was probably will kill me now.

In an instant, he was at me with his hand over my mouth. He hushed me and moved his hand so only his index finger was on my lips. Then he drew back. With a look of calmness on his face mixed with touch of pure gentleness.

"Wha-What are you?" I asked stunned.

"Me? A nobody. A mere immortal that walks the night searching. But I do not know what I search for. All of us do this."

"Us?" I questioned further.

"Vampires," He hisses the 'S' long and hard.

"But they aren't..." I tried to defend.

"Real?" He finished, "Fools only have forgotten of me and my kind. But you... you woke me out of my drunken stupor. Too much tainted blood is bad for the health you know," he let out a soft chuckle then hardened, "You cannot live, because you have saw me and you know of me."

"But I... oh never mind. If you are going to kill me, nothing I do will stop you, will it?"

I sighed and raised my neck to him. He put his cold hand on my face and gave another small laugh. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was just smiling, lifting up my chin. His eyes stared deep into mine with an amused yet frightened look.

"Willingness? Have you really nothing to live for? Nothing at all?"

I saw something flash in his eyes. Remorse, self-pity, maybe a little hope. There was defiantly something conflicting deep inside him that he just wanted to let out. It was tearing him apart, killing the immortal. Maybe I could get him to open up to me. I've always have been a good listener. I will be his friend.

'Ha! Why would a man as powerful as he need a friend as lowly as I? Someone as utterly grotesque as me. No one does or ever will,' I thought to myself. He just stood there, looming over me. Staring with those deep, cold eyes. It was starting to make me uncomfortable. He was searching my soul, my mind for something, I could feel it. What is he looking for? It clicked in my head. He wished for my name.

"It's Motomiya. Motomiya Daisuke."

"I see," he hesitated, I must have surprised him, "My name is Ichijouji Ken. Pleasure to meet you," he paused again, "Come with me!"

He held out his hand to me. Cautiously, I accepted and took it. He helped me off the ground and lead me out of the door and down the hallway. I could feel the great strength just in the small touch of his hand. He was a man to be feared, yet I bravely, or is it stupidly, followed him.

*****Miyako's POV*****

"Where is that thick-headed loser?"

"He should've been back my now," Hikari chimed in with me.

Motomiya had always been annoying. I don't know why I don't like him; I just know that I don't. The thing is, I don't hate him. Not an inch of me does. It's just, I don't want to risk loosing my other friends. Selfish and stupid, ne?

Why did Takeru hate him? Most likely because he was protective of his little pet, Hikari and Daisuke posed a threat to him. Daisuke is more than he seems, but not cruel. Hikari? It's because her boyfriend didn't like him. She wasn't a very independent woman like me. But the main reason, because she is afraid to admit that she loves Daisuke. I can see it in her eyes. Iori dislikes Daisuke because he looked up to TK like an older brother and because he thinks that I dislike him and looks up to me like an older sister.

Ah, behold the power of influence. (You thought I was gonna say cheese didn't you?) Even I, Inoue Miyako, have become a victim of it. That is what I hate most about myself. I hate every aspect of me though. Pathetic, ne? Then, when I go home, I start feeling better. Michan is waiting there for me after her long day as a wealthy man's maid. Mmm. Maid uniforms are nice. After a long day the tea my love makes always makes me feel better. I'm gonna need an extra strong brew tonight.

The alarm went off, alerting us of our needed assistance again. We all moved around frantically. Yagami got up the map on the computer and Takaishi and I strapped in. I tapped my foot, I was becoming antsy.

"Motomiya..." I sighed aloud, annoyed.

"If that bastard isn't here, we'll have to leave without him. And it looks like he isn't coming anytime soon," Takaishi answered.

"Damn it," I muttered.

"Sorry Motomiya, we're leaving without you," Yagami sighed from the front. We sped away from the hospital, leaving Motomiya behind. I stared out the window. I was confused, what was going on that stalled him.

I noted to myself how the names were no longer Daisuke, Takeru, Iori, or Hikari when the alarm went off. They were now Motomiya, Takaishi, Hida, and Yagami. I focused back on our current situation.

*****Ken's POV*****

Holding Dai-chan's hand, I made my way to the door. He seemed to so confused and frightened. His hand was trembling in mine. I turned to him and looked directly into his passionate brown eyes. I could have melted then and there but forced my knees to steady themselves and hoped he had not noticed.

"I would not dare harm you," I whipsered to him.

He nodded, but he still did not trust me. He was beautiful. His untamable reddish hair, deep chocolate eyes. Those eyes showed hurt, loneliness, pain. What was troubling my little angel? That bothered me to the bone. I griped his hand tighter to reassure him and we continues on down the hospital hallway.

I couldn't stop wondering, did he really think I was beautiful? Could he..? No, no one could ever befriend a monster like me, much less love one. Why am I still trying to fool myself? Out of the silence came his voice.

"Ichijouji-san? Where are we going?"

"Ken," I retorted sharply. "Okay. Ken-san, may I ask where we are going? I would like to know please."

"No 'san' either. Just Ken, please," I pause, "We, Motomiya-san..." he cut me off.

"Daisuke," he said with a laugh and smile, play-mocking me.

I laughed slightly, "Daisuke, we are going to my house. You might find it quite enjoyable. That is, before I kill you," he tensed up and I regretted that teasing statement, "I was joking!!"

"Oh," he replied and hung his head. I followed in suit.

"Come one Daisuke. I will not harm you," I moved swiftly to his ear, "Unless you want me to."

I felt him stiff up again. I hung my head and continued dragging him behind me. I sunk into deep thought about him. How could he be comfortable around me? It seemed impossible. But, then again, it was also impossible for me to love. Yet here I am, loving him. Why? I don't know. I just know that I do, and that I have since I first saw him.


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