Arabella's POV
My mom and dad were out of town for a few days so i am watching my little sister Kari. She's actually really smart for her age (8) So i hardly have to help her with anything.

My name is Arabella Marie Mason and i am 14 years old. I live in Atlanta, Georgia in a huge Apartment complex.

Anyway thats what is was like before the outbreak Now its all trash and dead things gross but if you want to live you must get over it.

I also have a puppy named Lucy

Kari's POV
My name is and i am 8 years old .

My sister is Arabella and My mom is Anne Mason and John Mason

I have a Puppy her name is Luna she is trained to hunt (and kill anything that attacks us) so that means she can kill zombies Arabella trained her with her friend Mara she is awesome.

Anyway thats all about me and Arabella bye.

(Sorry if that sucks i didnt exactly know what to write :/ anyway i will try to make it better next time -Ally )