Also the story starts out in a normal world with no walkers so if anyone was confused -Ally)

Arabella's POV
"Bella remember to get Kari to bed a 10:00 PM and make her brush her teeth & Do not forget to help her with anything" My mom said

"Mom, mom its okay i know how to take care of an 8 year old who is almost smarter than me"

"Okay im just making sure, and me and your father should be back in a week"

"A week Mommy i dont want you to go" Kari says

"I have to sweetie its for mommy & daddys work"

Kari runs to her room.

"Don't worry mom i will take care of her"

"I know Arabella me & your father havent left in a while so im just a little nervous" Mom said

"Well you should go before you miss your flight"

"Goodbye Arabella i will see you in a week" Mom says

"Ara when i get home i promise we will get to play some COD (Call Of Duty for those who didnt know)" Dad says

"Haha thanks"

"Bye" Both of my parents said as they closed the door

"What to do what to do" i said to myself

"Arabella" a small voice says

"Yeah Kari"

"I have a bad feeling something bad is gonna happen tomorrow"

"What kind of bad"

"Like dead bad"

"Oh Kari nothing bad will happen as long as we are together"


"I promise"

"I hope your right" Kari says

"Go back to sleep Kari"

"Night Ara"

"Night Kari"

(I know its crap but you cant blame me i am a horrible writer and i know it -Ally)