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"But it's not just someone to hold you under; it needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone that has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether."

Deaton's words had been playing on Lydia's mind none stop since Stiles, Allison and Scott had gone under. The fact that he insisted on her to be the one to go with Stiles caused her mind to stir; did they have a strong connection? Something that was stronger than herself and Allison's? She didn't understand it, she had only just started to fully be aware of him this past year which she realised was entirely her own fault because in all honesty, Stiles was a great guy and had since become a really good friend to Lydia.

She sat on the floor of the vets playing with the hem of her dress, hoping that the three would soon awake. She looked over and saw Deaton checking his watch whilst standing over the bathtub where Scott lay, he'd been stood there for over two hours and not once moved. This is when she decided that her curiosity would no longer do her any favours, she had to know why he insisted on her being the one to bring Stiles back.

"So, Dr Deaton?" Lydia said as she stood from the floor and flattened out her dress.

"Yes Lydia?"

"You know earlier, when you talked about the people to bring them back having to be... specific." She stopped as she waited for him to reply but he simply raised his eyebrows, giving Lydia the sign to carry on, "What-what exactly did you mean by a strong connection, or an emotional tether?" She said, biting down on the corner of her lip not trying to look to concerned about his answer.

"Well I meant exactly that, they needed someone whom they have a strong connection with to pull them back." Deaton said

"Right... well, why wasn't I with Allison then? I-I mean she's my best friend and I love her, so why did you insist I went with Stiles?" Lydia asked whilst looking over to the middle bathtub for a split second before looking away. She couldn't look at him, lying there helplessly, she just wanted to pull him out and wake him up, wake all of them up.

"Has something happened between you and Stiles, Lydia?"

She looked up at him with wide eyes, he couldn't possibly have known about their kiss, no one else was there, it was just him and her, in the locker room, how could he have possibly known?

"N-no... why?" She said

Deaton looked down at his knuckles that were tightly holding on to the edge of Scott's bathtub, his eyes slightly squinted like he was questioning himself, "It's just, every time I've saw you and Stiles... I've almost seen this connection, it was weak, but it was present... but today when you were both standing there, it's like... like I could feel it." He said sighing to himself and then turning to her, "Are you sure nothing happened?"

Lydia bit down on her bottom lip as Deaton spoke, she knew their kiss had something to do with it and she would be lying to herself if she said that it didn't leave her doubting herself and her feelings afterwards. She wasn't in love with him or anything but when she kissed him earlier on, she felt something... something different. She pulled her lips into a thin line as he asked her the question and smiled sighing slightly, "Positive. But this connection you're talking about... what does it mean? Stiles and I have only just starting really getting to know each other. How is it possible to have had a connection to someone you hardly knew?"

"It's like a pull, like something that brings you back to reality when you feel like all is lost. All it can take is something as simple as touching them or speaking to them and you will bring them back." Deaton said

"Like an anchor." Lydia said staring into the air. She remembered Derek telling her she was something similar to Jackson after she found out everything, but why Stiles?

"Exactly." Deaton said with softened eyes looking towards her

"But I thought that only happened with werewolves and other supernatural thingies?"

Deaton let out a small laugh, "Don't us humans need someone to pull them out of the darkness too?" He said as he put a hand on one of her own and smiling before walking out of the room.

She watched him leave before looking back towards the three bathtubs; walking over to the middle one she placed both of her hands onto the tub and let out a deep sigh. Was she really Stiles' anchor? Lydia had always been very aware of his little crush on her, but the realisation that it could possibly be a lot more than that frightened her, not because it was Stiles, but because it was her. What if she messed it up? What if she couldn't help him? What if stopping the panic attack was just a onetime thing? So many questions running through her head as she looked up to the clock and seeing that it was 2am. She wanted so badly for them all to wake up, and soon.

She finally worked up the courage to look down at the boy laying in the water below her, she bent down besides the tub slowly and in a almost whisper spoke, "I need you to come back now Stiles."