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"So, how're things with you and Cora?" Stiles hear Scott ask as their attention is surely drawn to the television screen where they are both engaging in their video game.

"They're fine. We text like every day, but I haven't seen much of her since the whole Darach thing." Stiles answers as he rapidly presses buttons on his control pad and sighing in frustration.

"Oh yeah? Why's that?" Scott asks, glancing towards Stiles briefly before turning his head away once more.

"I dunno... think she feels bad leaving Derek to wallow in his self pity of no longer being an alpha or something... DAMMIT!" He throws the control pad down as Scott lets out a laugh.

"I win again dude." He says as Stiles picks up his phone that is lighting up saying it has a message from one Lydia Martin. He looks at the screen a little while before placing his phone back down to the floor without reading it, not noticing that Scott was watching him.

"Whats the matter?" Scott asks with his brows furrowing towards his friend.

"Nothing, why?"

"Because... you've never once ignored a text that was from Lydia, so why now?" Scott pressed

"Maybe because I don't want to be the pathetic little puppy that beckons to her every call anymore Scott." Stiles answered in a stern voice, "And besides, she probably only wants to speak to me because she's not off sucking face with her maniac werewolf boyfriend of hers." Stiles looked down to the floor wondering why he was suddenly feeling this deep sense of rage within him.

Scott placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, "Hey, are you alright?" He asked and Stiles could detect the concern in his friend's question. He didn't know what to answer back because honestly, he didn't have an answer, he didn't know if he was okay, and he didn't know why. Since the whole near death experience he hadn't slept, not a wink of sleep, and he was finding it almost impossible to see the bright side of any situation he saw himself in. He was in this situation with Cora which, he didn't know exactly what it was but he knew she had feelings for him, and Stiles knew that if he was in this situation a week ago, he'd jump at the chance of being with someone like her. Now however, he felt differently, he knew Cora was a great girl but it's almost like his body won't allow him to fully open up to her, or to have feelings for her, like the darkness that Deaton had told them about had literally consumed his heart and any source of light was not allowed in.

Stiles sighed deeply as his thoughts went back to his friend who was still staring at him. He was staring blankly at the floor as he softly spoke, "Have you slept at all Scott?"

"Yeah... why?" Scott answered him almost instantaneously and his answer only left Stiles more concerned, he brought his upper lip in between his teeth before letting out another sigh and putting on his most convincing smile before turning to his friend,

"Just wondering." He said as he patted Scott on the back before quickly rising up off his seat and finally checking his text from Lydia which read, 'I think I picked your textbook up by mistake after our talk. I'll drop it off later?' He looked back up at Scott.

"Lydia-uh took my textbook by mistake so she's gonna come by an give it back later so I guess I better head home."

Scott looked up towards him, a look of concern still clearly etched across his face, "Okay... are you sure you're okay man?"

Stiles grabbed his bag and tossed it over his shoulder before smiling slightly towards Scott once more, "Hey, I'm Stiles, when am I not okay? I'll see you tomorrow." He said as he nodded towards his friend and slowly made his way out the house and into his jeep, letting out a long sigh of relief before starting the engine, and heading home.

It was around 9pm when Lydia was eventually able to pry Aiden's hands off her and allow her to leave so she could drop Stiles' book back off too him. She had knocked on his door twice, impatiently waiting for him to answer the door while she wrapped her coat tighter around her to stop the cold air from hitting her. Her eyebrows were raised once she saw him open the door and looking at her blankly.

"Oh don't mind me, freezing my ass off just to bring you your book back." Lydia said half jokingly, "So are you gonna let me in?"

Stiles continued to give her an expressionless look before sighing, "I can't sorry, I'm uh, busy." He said as he took the book out of her hands and gave her a weak smile.

Lydia cocked one of her eyebrows as she noticed a sense of annoyance in Stiles' tone. "Right, well okay then... your welcome by the way." She said angrily as she turned around and started heading towards her car, she honestly had no clue why Stiles was being so cold to her when it should be the other way round given what she had just recently found out.

"Oh yeah... thanks for leaving your psychopathic boyfriends side to give me my book back." Stiles answered sarcastically as he watched her walk towards her car. He didn't know why he was being like this with her, all he knew is that he couldn't help it.

Lydia stopped dead in her tracks as she heard Stiles' words, she quickly turned back round to face him and began walking back towards his house, "What the hell is your problem?" she said in a raised voice

"What do you mean whats my problem? Just because I'm not inviting you in you assume there's a problem?"

"No. I assume there's a problem when we spoke fine not only a couple of hours ago, and now you're acting like a sulking idiot!"

"Oh I am sorry, I forgot that I'm not allowed to be like that around you Lydia, tell me, would you like me to continuously apologise while I invite you in and treat you freakin perfectly?! Do you think I'm stupid Lydia?" His voice matched hers, and she had never seen him like this with anyone before, but that didn't stop her from doing what she said she wouldn't.

"Well, I've been asking myself that question for the past couple of days actually." She said as she stared him dead in the eye. She watched as he gulped thickly before speaking once more.

"What are you talking about?"

"The dance. When Peter bit me. Did you think I'd never find out?" She said, trying to stop the water in her eyes from building. This wasn't her, Lydia Martin didn't cry over boys, and especially not Stiles Stillinski, but she couldn't get the image of him risking his own life for hers out of her head, and it made her sick every time she thought about it.

His hard stare quickly softened as he noticed her watery eyes, "Lydia I-" he spoke as he tried to place an arm onto her side but was stopped by her pulling her own arm away,

"No you don't get to do that Stiles. You don't get to tell me that I can't risk my life for somebody I cared about when you knowingly did it for me. You can't lecture me on how devastated you would be if I died, knowing that you did exactly the same for me! Did you ever think how I would have felt if you'd have actually died trying to save me?"

"Well that's the thing. You wouldn't, because let's face it you hardly knew me." Stiles spoke weakly.

Lydia scoffed as she listened to his reply before wiping away the tears that were now surely crawling down her face and trying to turn and walk back to her car, only to feel an arm back on her own and stopping her from going anywhere.

"And if you're asking me if I would do it again? Yeah. I would, and that may be selfish and hypocritical of me, but I'd rather not live in a world that Lydia Martin was no longer apart of."

And that's when she crashed her lips onto his, in a slow and deep kiss. Stiles was hesitant at first, like he was before but he quickly moved his lips with hers and placed his hands onto her waist, gripping her tightly as if he was afraid of her pulling away.

But she wasn't, she slowly moved one of her hands that were tightly holding onto the collar of his plaid shirt and laced it through his long dark hair. She wasn't quite sure what she was doing or why, all she knew was that as soon as their lips touched, all of her upset had just evaporated and no longer existed. Slowly she pulled away but their foreheads remained joined together. Lydia brought her lips into her teeth before opening her eyes and staring into his big hazel ones.

"Um, do-do you mind if I stay here tonight?" She said in an almost whisper.

Stiles swallowed thickly as he stared back into her green eyes which he so adored before answering her, "S-sure."

Lydia gave him a coy smile as she unravelled her arms from him and began to slowly walk into his house. She waited for Stiles to close the door as she began climbing the stairs and heading towards his room. Stiles followed close behind her as he cleared his throat before speaking, "I can uh, take the couch and you can stay in here." He said as he grabbed one of his old tops and smallest pair of joggers and handed them too her, "I figured you wouldn't want to sleep in your clothes so uh-yeah." He said letting out an awkward half laugh.

She looked up at him and smiled, "You don't have to, you can stay... if you want."

His eyes raised slightly as he noticed the vulnerability in her voice, which honestly was a new thing for him with her. All the anger and frustration he had felt a few minutes ago where now long gone, and for the first time in 3 days, Stiles felt lighter again, like all the weight he was carrying had been lifted away.

"O-okay. I'll just go get changed." Stiles said as he walked into his bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

A couple of minutes had past, and now Stiles and Lydia found themselves lying very much awake in Stiles' bed. Lydia had turned on her side, away from Stiles and was recounting the events that had just unfolded. What did this mean for the two of them? Did she have feelings for him? What about Aiden? Her stomach was irking.

Stiles was staring blankly at the ceiling, anticipating another sleepless night for the 4th time. He tapped his fingers against his hands that were resting on his chest as he blew out a loud sigh.

"Stiles..." He heard Lydia quietly speak

"Yeah?" he said, turning his head towards her, admiring the long strawberry blonde locks that were cascading down her back.

"Can you come over here a little bit? Its freezing?" She said honestly

"Uh, yeah sure." He said as he turned his body completely towards her back and brought himself close so her back was resting against his chest. "Is this okay?" He spoke timidly

He felt her hand moved backwards and gripped onto one of his own as she slowly brought it round so it was now draped over her, his hand laced into her own.

"Mhm." Now happy that she was finally warmer. She could feel his heart beating against her back which almost made her feel at ease as her eyelids began to droop lower and lower before eventually they were closed shut and Lydia let out a content sigh.

Stiles smiled instantaneously as his hand remained entwined with Lydia's as he placed his head back down onto the pillow. He felt much calmer now and Deaton's words couldn't help but place themselves at the forefront of his mind. Was Lydia really his emotional tether? All Stiles knew at that moment that this was the most content he had felt in days, and the first time he would actually sleep some in days too.

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