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Jenna sighed as she stared down the long Gryffindor House table at breakfast. The year hasn't been great. Dumbledore was on a short leash, thanks to Professor Umbridge, the Ministry's lackey that's been placed here at Hogwarts since September and screwed with her life. Looking down the table at her friends, Jenna couldn't help but wonder when it started happening. When they stated breaking away from her. It hurts, but Jenna figures that it's over something stupid that she did or didn't do, but maybe she'll talk to them after breakfast about this…screeches filled the Great Hall, making Jenna grinned.

Hedwig came everyday with a small parcel, which no one could really see unless they were focusing on Hedwig's legs and through Jenna's notice-me-not charm that she figured out last year, and she was very proud of herself for it. News of the Federation never comes to Hogwarts, making them literally isolated from the rest of the universe practically.

Jenna felt that it was important to keep up to date with them, that if something happens, she knows what's going to happen, especially if the Klingons were to invade Earth. There is usually something about recruitment for Starfleet, which Jenna was very interested in, but will probably never see as Hogwarts doesn't teach them the sciences and languages that they need to know, which really upsets her. But whenever Jenna could, she would go to the mechanics and tinker around with their cars and bikes. She's been learning the differences between the old fuel electric cars and the newer and sleeker cars that had special crystals being used to power them, and electricity.

Getting her head back into the present, Jenna had a bewildered look on her face, seeing Hedwig with a letter attached to her leg. Who would send it? Sirius and her have been communicating through the mirrors for more privacy ever since she got them before getting on the train for school back in September.

"Hey girl," she cooed, as she took the letter off Hedwig and hid the small PADD in her hand while slipping it up her sleeve where there was an extra pocket for her precious news. Jenna only had an hour before it dies so she quickly ripped the letter open and scanned it, before dropping it like it burned her hand. She brushed her black hair off her face with a shaking hand as she got up. Jenna looked around quickly and saw Dumbledore's gaze on her letter with a look that she couldn't identify.

"Jenna?" Jenna looked at Hermione, who was looking at her for the expected answer.

"Nothing Hermione. Just…some unexpected news, that's all."

"From who?" She all but demanded. Jenna frowned. Hermione's been getting ridiculously pushy lately…

"Come on Ana, why don't you tell us," Ron said in a casual manner. Jenna flinched at the name Ana. How the red head came up with that, she'll never know.

"No one, just…something unexpected."

"We can help," Hermione said, eyeing the letter with hungry eyes.

"No, I need to deal with this myself," Jenna told her firmly. Not to mention that the battery on the PADD was quickly running out. How that thing still works in Hogwarts, Jenna figures she'll never know as the castle is notorious for short circuiting any electronic devices. Nearly running from the Hall, Jenna re-read the letter while nearly shaking. And to think that there was one more day, and tomorrow, she'll get to see her godfather for the first time in four months.

Getting out of the alcove, Jenna raced back to her dorm and read what was going on in the Federation right now. She quickly adapted a very bored look on her face as there wasn't anything really new…

Jenna perked up at this. This was interesting. The U.S.S. Enterprise will be ready for its maiden voyage in about a year. She grinned widely at that. Another star ship to keep her head in the clouds with. Giving the PADD a sad look when it fizzled out, Jenna packed up her books, with her mind mostly on the letter she got.


Ok, Jenna wasn't normally a violent person, but she was getting very close to telling Hermione to shut up, or she'll do it for her. Hermione has been nagging her all day about that letter, with Ron backing her up. It was annoying her to no end. What right do those two have into her personal life?

She snorts in her head. 'What personal life?' Her life has always been a public spectacle ever since her re-emergence to the wizarding world when she was eleven. 'Twelve,' she chastised herself remembering her letter. She's going to have a long talk with Sirius and Remus about this. Gritting her teeth, she went down to the dungeons for potions class.

Her eyes were starting to get really sore and everything was becoming fuzzier. Taking her glasses off to rub her eyes, they snapped open when she opened her mouth with no sound coming out. She could see her hand in perfect detail. Her hand shook slightly at this. Everyone has always told her that her eyes were beyond repair thanks to the Dursley's treatment and years in a dark cupboard with no light. Folding her glasses up and slipping them into her pockets, Jenna was practically skipping on her way down to the dungeons. Is this what the letter meant by changes? Jenna just shrugged, not wanting to look the gift from the horses mouth.

She was nearly smiling when she reached the classrooms doors with the Slytherins already there. Damn it! And she was the only Gryffindor. Jenna was nearly fuming at this.

"Well, well, look who we have. Princess Potter without her servant and bootlicker." Some of the Slytherins snickered with Malfoy while the rest merely looked bored.

"Done yet?" Jenna asked in a bored voice. She can finally have a little fun with the verbal banter without Ron spewing out childish insults every five seconds.

"No, just wondering how you even managed to get here without your pet Mudblood." Jenna gave a wicked smile.

"I'm just full of surprises aren't I Draco," she purred out his name, making Malfoy squirm uncomfortably.

"And," she dropped her voice. "I like to, how do I say it…keep my opportunities close at hand?" Some of the Slytherin's were staring at her in shock. They always associated Jenna with being blunt, rude, a half-blood with no respect for tradition…and nearly put Draco Malfoy in his place in under five minutes.

Jenna could hear foot steps coming from the other end of the hall, meaning that the Gryffindors were here. Nearly groaning at this for loosing her play time, Jenna just walked inside the classroom, right behind the Slytherins. She walked passed Malfoy and whispered in his ear, "keep your friends close, and your enemies, closer."


Jenna was getting really pissed off at Hermione Granger. She really had no concept of privacy! Every five God damn minutes, she's been hounding for that stupid letter. Jenna finally snapped when she was eating her supper.

"Shut up Hermione! Honestly, do you ever stop nagging!" Jenna stormed out of the great Hall, ignoring Hermione's sputtering. Jenna marched up to the Tower, dumped her bag in her trunk, and got her pajama's on, too pissed off and emotionally exhausted to do anything else.

She locked her trunk and put the key around her neck and added her password to it. It helps that Voldemort won't come in as he is the only one who could get into her trunk with a parcel password, even then, he would be hard pressed to figure out what it was. She was asleep long before everyone came up.


Hermione looked around at all the other girls in the dorm and saw that they were all asleep. Jenna is long dead to the world, but was tossing and turning slightly. Thinking this would be the best time to get the letter, Hermione went over to Jenna's trunk to open it.

Jenna never locks the thing, so the trunk would be unlock, it was only logical in her mind. When Hermione went to open the lid, it wouldn't budge. Frowning, Hermione tugged at it slightly, almost willing it to open. Taking her wand, she pointed it at the lock.

"Alohomora." The trunk's lock clicked. Hermione smirked at this and went to open the lid and found that it wouldn't budge. Hermione nearly shrieked in frustration. Jenna wasn't suppose to do this. Hermione was grumbling under her breath when she fell onto her bed. Not two minutes later, Jenna started screaming and shrieking, making Hermione fall off her bed with a thud.


Jenna couldn't stop seeing the blood. Blood as everywhere. She could hear shouting over her screams as her stomach tried to rebel. Fighting down the urge, Jenna swallowed thickly as she could see Pavarti trying to calm her down and Lavender was no where in sight. Hermione bed covers were over the edge of the bed and Jenna could barely make out the mass of bushy hair that was there. She tried not to laugh at the look that Hermione was giving off. She could faintly hear Pavarti in the background telling her to breathe in and out deeply and that Professor McGonagall was coming.

McGonagall. Order. Arthur! Jenna bolted up as she saw Lavender come in behind Professor McGonagall. The words just started pouring from Jenna's mouth.

"Professor, Mr. Weasley's hurt! This…snake thing attacked him. Please, we have to help!" McGonagall gave her a disapproving look like Jenna was just crying for attention.

"Please! You have to believe me! We need to go see Dumbledore right now!" McGonagall was probably more concern for her mental state then anything now, and that was probably the only reason why she found herself outside of Dumbledore's office.

"Come in." Jenna nearly bowled McGonagall over to get through the door.

"Ah," Dumbledore leaned back slightly in his chair as Jenna nearly ran up to his desk.

"Professor! Mr. Weasley was just attacked in the Department of Mysteries!" Dumbledore's gaze hardened at that as he strode across the room towards the wall that was full of portraits that Jenna didn't even notice. She looked up and saw that some were pretending to be asleep while others threw the pretense out the window and watched the action as it happened. She explained her nightmare (or vision thing), to the professor and was nearly shocked when he didn't look surprised. It's almost like he was expecting it! Jenna was nearly fuming at the end of her tale when she saw this.

"Minerva, please go and get the other Weasley children. What we need, is a warning." Fawkes trilled and disappeared in a burst of flames while McGonagall left slightly flustered. He strode over to a couple of the portraits. Jenna couldn't hear what Dumbledore said to the first one with the blood pounding in her ears so loud. She did hear him talk to Phineas though, who apparently didn't want to follow the orders. Jenna just rolled her eyes at him. How he was related to Sirius, she'll never figure it out.

Her musings were cut off from the small earthquake outside Dumbledore's office. Four redheads nearly fell over each other trying to get in the room with McGonagall standing behind then, looking like she wanted to cross her arms and glare at them. Jenna saw them all scramble up with Fred and George getting off Ron and Ginny.

"Professor McGonagall said you saw dad get hurt," Fred said. Jenna nodded slowly at that. Before Ron could say anything, the portrait that Dumbledore was talking to earlier came back.

"It was bad Albus, but they got to him in time. Lost a lot of blood, poor man, still bleeding out when they rushed him past my portrait." Dumbledore nodded at that when a feather burst into the air and floated down towards the desk.

"Fawkes' warning. Umbridge is on her way." Jenna was slightly shocked. How did the toad know they were out of bed? Surely there was no reason for her to come unless…Jena shook the thought from her head. She didn't dare believe it as she was clinging to the hope that not everyone in the wizarding world is corrupt. Dumbledore took a quill and muttered, "portus." The quill glowed blue for a second and Jenna nearly flinched at it, bringing back memories she's been working on suppressing for a while.

"This will take you all straight to Grimmauld Place. Sirius is expecting you." Taking a deep breath, she touched the quill and looked up at Dumbledore. That was a mistake. Before leaving, she had the urge to attack him. If she had a mirror, she would've seen that her eyes flashed red for less then a second. In a whirlwind, the four Weasley's and Jenna disappeared from Dumbledore's office.


Jenna landed in a heap on the floor and had about five seconds of peace before Mrs. Black started screaming insults at them. Jenna groaned as she tried to tune it out, but she was too loud and she was barely holding onto her sanity right now for her normal method to work.

"Oh SHUT UP!" Sirius roared as he put the curtain back up to cover his mother's portrait.

"And you! Get out!" He yelled, pointing at Kreacher.

"Filthy mudblood and blood traitors," Kreacher mumbled under his breath, confusing Jenna. Hermione wasn't here, so why…was he calling her the Mudblood? She was very confused now. Jenna looked around and saw that everyone was already standing and was staring at her. Jenna suddenly felt very self conscious.

"What?" She asked.

"Where are your glasses?" Sirius asked. Jenna touched her face and then remembered that she didn't need them.

"Must've forgotten them," She suggested weakly. Fred and George made a noise that said they didn't believe her. Typical. When Sirius helped her up, the Weasley siblings all started marching towards the door.

"And where do you think you're going?" Sirius asked.

"To see dad." Ron said as if it was the most obvious thing. Sirius shook his head.

"You're staying here until your mother gives a message."

"We can't just sit here!" George yelled.

"And you sure as hell can't go out there!" Sirius shouted back.

"Think about it! You are suppose to be at Hogwarts right now in Scotland and it'll be suspicious if you four march up there to see Arthur as they only just got him and would be just informing your mother." Sirius breathed loudly through his nose.

"And how do you explain knowing this?"

"Say that Jenna saw this!" Fred yelled.

"And get her locked up in St. Mungo's? The Department of Mysteries? Have the prophet spread more lies about her?"

"At least we'll be doing something instead of being in this house doing nothing like you!" George shouted. Sirius went deathly white. Jenna had enough.

"Guys! Enough! Fred, George, if you ever tell anyone about these vision things, I will end you. Got it? And it's not Sirius' fault that he can't leave. If you want someone to blame, blame-"

"How did you know about this?" Ginny asked with narrow eyes. Jenna wanted to scream in frustration.

"I saw it! I saw the whole damn thing through the snakes eyes, ok!" Jenna screamed as she ran out of the room. Maybe the Dursley's are right and she is a freak. Jenna ran up the stairs and collapsed in the first decent room and cried, ignoring the R.A.B sign.

She didn't care if the Weasley's were unsatisfied with her answer, but she didn't care, not really. She thought back to the letter from this morning and how it turned her world upside down. Jenna went into an uneasy sleep, dreaming of snakes, blood and red eyes.


Jenna winced as she got up. Groaning, she didn't notice the way she went to sleep would give her kinks in her neck.

"Today is gonna suck," she muttered. Flexing her hand, Jenna frowned when she took a proper look around the room.

Unlike Sirius' room that was made to piss off his mother, this room was the Slytherin den. Green and silver covered most of the room with blacks, different shades of tan and other neutral colours in some places. Looking on the desk, there were newspaper cuttings covering the desk with some pictures. Jenna's curiousity get the better of her and was more interested in the pictures than the newspapers.

Picking one up, Jenna saw that it was a formal quidditch picture, where the seeker always sits in the middle of the group, were she always sits. The most obvious difference was that instead of red and gold robes. These players wore green and silver. Flipping the picture over, Jenna saw seven names wrote out neatly. The one name that caught her eye was the one in the middle-Black. Regulus Black.

Flipping back to the actual picture Jenna could easily pick out by some of the features he shared with Sirius. Same nose, eyes and hair colour. Putting the picture down, Jenna moved onto the newspaper clippings. They were all from 25 years ago, until a year before she was born (or, the alleged year), from what Jenna could see. Curiously, Jenna saw that they were all tracking Death Eater movements, the Order and anything else that was useful information. She decided to bundle them all up and stuffed them in her pocket before looking at her attire and grimanced.

Looks like she'll have to make a public appearance. Joy. Jenna still stuffed the papers in her pocket and opened the door, looking around. Finding no one, Jenna tip toed down the hall to the top of the stairs before stopping She couldn't decide whether or not she was in a sociable mood right now.

On one hand, being sociable means answering more questions and having it be awkward. Or, stay upstairs and let everyone think she's moping around. But…maybe the luggage has arrived by now. Jenna quickly weighed the pros and cons before continuing downstairs and braced herself for questioning assault that will follow.

Jenna made her way to the kitchen where everyone was either half dead to the world or nursing a cup of coffee. It looks like they've been up all night. Jenna found it hard not to snicker a the scene before her with all the zombies so slipping in was easy enough. Ginny was the first one to notice her after lifting her head off her arms.

"Jenna! Where were you?" Jenna braced herself for that.

"Sleeping." Was the flat answer she gave. Sirius shot up, realizing what Jenna said.

"Where?" he demanded.

"In a room." Jenna snarked.

"Jenna," Sirius said with a warning in his voice.

"Any news yet?" she asked, cutting off anything that has to do with her sleeping arrangement.

"Arthur is at St. Mungo's and is expected to recover from what Mrs. Weasley said this morning." Jenna gave a quirk of a smile, relived that Mr. Weasley was alright, but frowned about Mrs. Weasley.

"Before, I forget, your trunk is over there in the corner with the others. They came a couple hours ago." Sirius gestured to the pile of trunks that were in a corner in the kitchen. Jenna immediately raced over to her trunk and grabbed it, dragging it out of the kitchen and ran upstairs to the small sanctuary that was Sirius' brother's room. Jenna ignored everyone calling her back as she went upstairs.

As she went up, her cheeks started to feel uncomfortable. Thinking it was a toothache, she ignored. Settling down, she placed her trunk at the side of her bed, Jenna rubbed her cheek as she knelt down to open her trunk. Taking the key from around her neck, Jenna whispered the parceltongue password out of habit and the trunk sprang open. Jenna frowned at that, knowing that she locked it last night. Deciding not to dwell on it right now, she sucked in air, making her hiss in pain when it hit her cheeks in a flash of hot pain. She could've swore that that her cheekbones were shifting.

Jenna groaned, wishing that the pain would just hit all at once. Jenna calculated that her birthday (even though the letter told her), was on December 29th. Everyone was on the train to go home for the holidays today and Christmas Eve was tomorrow. Jenna sighed.

She wanted to tell someone about this, but something was telling her not to, making her head ache. She shook her head to stop thinking about it. Looking at her watch, Jenna moaned at the time. It was now lunchtime.

Jenna's stomach turned slightly at that. She's never told anyone about her allergies to some foods and medicine's. Jenna blamed it on the Dursley's diet regime and her own genetic makeup. She was just thankful that was the full extent of it (as far as she knew), knowing that it could be much worse then that. Deciding to skip the meal, Jenna sat down with her trunk and stared at the letter that turned er life upside down. Taking it out, Jenna smoothed the parchment over and began to read it again.

Dear Ms. Potter,

We at Gringotts would believe that it will benefit you if you were to come on December 29th to fill out your emancipation papers or your 17th birthday and to discuss some things of a delicate nature. Your father, the Late Lord Potter, gave us instructions to carry out one week before your birthday. For that week, the blood glamour covering you will start to break, revealing your true self and parentage. Again, it would be wise for you to come at 1:00 on the 29th to discuss this issue over.


Manager of Potter accounts

No matter how many times Jenna has read this, it always threw her for a loop. Somehow she's actually older then she is and if the goblin's implication was what she thinks it is, then Jenna's father James was her biological father, but Lily wasn't Jenna's biological mother. Or, at least that was Jenna's best guess. But why the blood glamour? Were James and Lily ashamed of her? Jenna didn't know what to think and was scared. She didn't know what to do.

How was it?