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Jenna looked between Bones, Jim and Pike. Her hands started to shake slightly at this. 'This is it, no going back,' she told herself firmly. Taking a deep breath, she looked at Jim and Bones. "How much do you know of what happened in England sixteen years ago?" she asked. Jenna knows that she defeated Voldemort fourteen years ago, but she asked sixteen because Voldemort was nearly at the height of his power by then. "Not much," Bones admitted. "Didn't really care about news that was happening on the other side of the world at the time. I was more interested in playing outside with the horses."

Jim just frowned. He was just a child at the time and he never heard anything related to England. Then again, Frank was an ass and didn't really care what was happening outside of the bottle most of the time. It was just a blip on the map to him and it held no real meaning, other then the Kelvin Memorial Archive that he's never been to is there. Jim and Bones both looked at Pike. "I know what happened and I'm letting Jenna explain about it." He said firmly. Jenna already knew that he wants her to explain everything, but she still started fiddling with her hands slightly. She decided to just go blunt and get it done with.

"Do you believe in magic?" She asked finally, just blurting it out and wanting the uncomfortable silence to go away. Jim had a puzzled look on his face until the pieces started to finally click in his head at that. The strange book she left on her bed, some of the contents of the letter and how her appearance changes were possible and all the little things were starting to make more sense. But…Jim had to admit that even though it sounded far fetch, the Vulcan's were touch telepaths (one of the only things that they freely admitted), and Betazoid's were empaths…so maybe there were quirks in humans too. "Can you prove it?" Jim asked finally. Jenna's lips twitched. "I thought you might figure it out."

"Figure what out?" Bones asked. He didn't really notice any of the strange things as he was one who didn't invade other people's rooms all the time. Unless it was Jim's and there was normally a very good reason because Jim usually needed to be patched up after one thing or another. But there has been something strange going on, especially after getting a glimpse of that book Jim had or the pictures that moved on Jenna's dresser.

"This." Jenna took out her wand and pointed it at a PADD and muttered softly, "wingardiam leviosa." The other three watched as the small PADD started to float on its own. Jenna then directed it slowly towards Bones, who looked on in amazement as it floated right in front of him. Jim was in mild shock at this. There wasn't an explanation for this. At all. He knew that his eyes weren't playing tricks on him since he's been blinking and the PADD was still floating. Any calculation he did in his head couldn't make any sense of this. He tried to remember if he'd ever seen something like this before, maybe in a different country, or another planet…nothing really came to mind, except for Marla…Jim shook his head at that, not wanting to focus on those memories, even if they would help him understand all this and locked those thoughts back to where they came from. Although…he remembers one kid from school (when he actually went) who once talked about witches and wizards and how they were real. Of course, when Jim went to ask him about it the next day, the kid didn't even know what the hell Jim was talking about and thought Jim had lost his mind. Maybe there was a reason for all this madness.

Bones could only sputter. "H-how?" Jenna merely shrugged. "I have no idea about the mechanics behind this, other offer up genetics being partially the cause of this and energy manipulation." No one said anything, making the air feel very uncomfortable. "Can we sit?" Jenna asked desperately. "This might take a while." Everyone sat on the two couches with Jenna springing back up within seconds and started pacing the room. "How should I start?" She asked Pike, who merely shrugged.

"I would start with the basics along with the blood statuses." Jenna nodded and stopped pacing so quickly.

"Alright then…so, you all know about the myths about King Arthur and Merlin, the Stonehenge and everything related to magic on this planet?" With the nods, Jenna continued. "They're not myths, they're real." She held up her hands, just in case there was any protest. "What I'm telling you, you cannot tell anyone else. There's something called the Stature of Secrecy which is basically the guideline on what non-magical people can know, which is nothing." She said flatly.

"And what happens when you break that?" Bones asked.

"You get your memory wipe," she said with no emotion as she remembered seeing Lockhart with no memory of basically anything. Jim recoiled at that. You can have your memory wiped? With a couple of words, not remember anything…Jim shivered at that.

"But you're telling us now," Pike said, trying to steer everything back to the topic at hand. Jenna nodded.

"The only reason why I'm getting away with this is a) Jim is my family, who is the only exception and b) I have Chris here." Pike just nodded. "Let's just say a few people owe me some favours." Jim nodded, slightly weary of what Pike could've done in the past that could've warranted that some of these people owe him favours. "Although, I'm curious on if it only applies to this planet or not…anyway, blood statuses. What you need to understand about the wizarding world is that they are still stuck in medieval times, even though it's the twenty-third century. There are essentially four types of blood statuses. The first is the smallest, but have the most political power, which are the purebloods. These people can boast that they only ever had witches and wizards in their direct family line. They also make up for most of the government there, which is part of the reason why they are in so much shit. The next is a muggleborns. Muggleborns are born to non-magical parents so it's pretty much self explanatory."

"But if it could be possibly a gene, then would it be a spontaneous gene mutation or would they already have to have a recessive gene that's triggered?" Bones asked. Jenna froze and looked thoughtful.

"I have no idea actually."

"Who came up with the name muggleborns?" Jim asked. Jenna shrugged.

"No idea. Always has, always been. It derives from the fact that wizards call non magical folk muggles, in which I hate that name, except for a couple of people who deserve that title." And there was no doubt in anyone's mind on who she was talking about. "The third is a halfblood and the reason why I said that there four essential statuses. A half blood can be a child from a pureblood and muggleborns parents, a pureblood or a non magical, halfblood and a pureblood, halfblood and a muggleborns, halfblood and a non magical or two half bloods." Jenna stopped to catch her breath. She quickly counted how many combinations there were and was slightly shocked that purebloods aren't completely gone yet. Of course, incest is always an option…but they already do that. Majority anyway. "Then there's a squib who is the opposite of a muggleborns, again, with the possibility of the genetic recessive mutation. So," she clapped her hands. "That's the basics and I'm turning this over to Chris because I'm still finding things out about the First Rising myself." Everyone looked at Pike expectantly. He sighed, knowing that Jenna would probably do this to him. It must be a Campbell thing since Jim likes doing it too whenever he could.

"It's a good thing that Jenna just explained that because it's the very fact that the purebloods are a small group that their world has been having troubles. This is something referred to as the Blood Wars while others call it an attempt at a mass genocide." Chris started to explain. Jim flinched slightly at that as his mind unhelpfully supplied, "The revolution is successful. But survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death…" Jim couldn't help but shudder at this as it ran through his mind against his will. "During the last few centuries there has been wars fought over the fact that there has been an increasing number of muggleborns and the shrinking number of purebloods."

"I like to think it's due to the fact that the ones in Britain have never heard of incest or the fact that since the families are getting smaller and with only the same gene pool for the past few centuries, you would wonder why the pureblood's are dying out." Jenna piped up sarcastically. She hates majority of purebloods, mostly because of their 'holier than thou' attitude.

"One of the bloodiest wars was the last one, lead by one man going by the name of Lord Voldemort." Chris continued. Jim couldn't help but do something between a snicker and a snort at the name. "Lord Flight of Death. That's intimidating." Jenna merely grinned and snorted at the name.

"That…is not intimidating."

"I can think of worse," Jim muttered. Jenna gave him a weird look at that, but took over talking. "He murdered anyone who apposed him, no matter their blood status. He killed off some pureblood lines that dated back centuries as well although, I can't help but wonder why these purebloods are serving him if he's wiping out purebloods." Jenna thought for a second then shook her head, forgetting about the so called 'blood traitors.' Idiots. "He went after my parents a year and a half after they found me and were murdered. Then he came after me." 'Not Jenna, please! Not my Jenna!' Jenna shivered slightly as Lily's voice haunted her. Jim narrowed his eyes at that. No one touches his sister.

"Is he dead?" He asked lowly. Jenna shook her head in regret. "The spell backfired on him, leaving him a spirit for thirteen years. I got sent to the Dursley's. What wonderful people they are," she said sarcastically. The men already knew about them and were working on building a case against them with some of Starfleet's lawyers and are making an air tight case so these people never see the light of day again. "My godfather was thrown in jail because the wizards thought that he was guilty of selling out my parents with no trial and I was shipped off to ten years of hell. Then Hogwarts came. When a witch or wizard turns eleven, a letter comes, inviting them to a school to learn magic. I went, found out I was famous because I survived Voldemort's attack and was either loved or hated." She said. It doesn't bother her anymore about their opinions. She doesn't need them. "Voldemort tried to come back during my first and second year and my godfather broke out of prison during my third. I met one of my 'uncles' who was one of the new professors at the school." Jenna said with a small smile on her face. Then it dropped. "Voldemort came back last year." She shivered at the thought of the monster coming back to life and her hand in helping with it. Jim had a small feeling that she was there for it, but didn't voice it, knowing how stubborn the Campbell's can get, if he remembered his mother correctly. "This year, I've been slandered by the papers, orchestrated at school, my friends turned on me so I just left, not being able to handle it anymore. You know what happens afterwards." No one really said anything else, other then Jim wanting to have some details about her schooling. How bad was it there? "I should start on supper," Jenna said quietly and swiftly left the room, leaving the men in silence.


Jim turned to Pike and was still in slight shock. "How long have you known?" He demanded.

"I've known about the magical world for years and have heard of Jenna, the Girl-Who-Lived as she was called. If you ask for details then be prepared for an unhappy story." Jim and Bones looked at each other. "There's something else that she forgot to mention and I'll remind her to but it concerns you." He gave a pointed look at Jim. Pike then looked at Bones and went into the kitchen. Jim and Bones couldn't help but look at each other at this revolution.

"Would you believe this?"

"If I didn't see it with my own eyes then no." Jim looked into the kitchen where Jenna had her back turned and making supper. Everyone was quiet as Jenna worked on the meal, not knowing what to say to her. When Jenna finished a while later, there was an awkward silence as everyone ate.

"So Jenna, what happened at Hogwarts?" Bones asked, trying to break the ice that seemed to have come over everyone. "What do you want to know?" Jenna asked in a tense voice.

"What was it like?" Jenna's lips twitched slightly at the broadness of the question.

"It's a boarding school in a castle. We get sorted into one of four houses. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I was in Gryffindor like my parents. There are the core classes that we have to take like transfiguration, charms, potions, astronomy and history. Made a couple friends and was on my house team for quidditch, I'll explain later, and got into a lot of trouble that year." Jim was now extremely curious about her school life. Jim noticed what his sister's eyes looked like and decided not to press her for details at this time for now. But…

"What's quidditch?" Jenna looked up at him then smirked. Bones knew that smirk anywhere and nothing good usually came from it.

"It's a sport." She said simply. When Jim started to almost vibrate from bouncing and with the need to know, Jenna took pity on her brother. "It has seven players," may as well draw this out for her own amusement. "A keeper who is the goalie, three chasers that take a ball to score it in one of three hoops that the keeper defends, two beaters to keep charmed rock hard balls from cracking our skulls and a seeker to find a snitch the size of a walnut to win the game."

"Seems alright," McCoy said cautiously.

"Did I mention it's played 50 feet in the air on broomsticks?" Jenna asked innocently. She could hear Chris snort at that comment as McCoy looked at her in horror. He turned to Jim who had a look between boyish excitement and wanting to play it himself and horror that his sister would be playing this. Jenna was trying not to laugh at them. "Does that answer your question?" Jim nodded with a slightly glazed over look.

Jenna finished making supper and the four of them ate in silence. Jim was thinking of questions and how to kill Voldemort with his bare hands while McCoy was mentally reviewing all the facts that he had for now and which ones he wanted to know about. Chris was there for moral support for the most part while Jenna was lost in her own little world. When they all finished and dishes were done, Jenna, Jim and Bones were all sitting on the couch with Jena between the two men and Chris sitting in a chair facing the three of them.

Jenna was staring at the floor, thinking about how much of her painful past she wanted to reveal. Deciding on just the bare minimum, she proceeded to tell them about her first four years at Hogwarts, skimming over majority of the years and only telling them the most important facts. The only thing that she willingly elaborated on was Remus and Sirius. Those two she could talk about. Fourth year, she told them about the cup, the tasks and the fact Voldemort was back. Nothing more. Her eyes had a haunted look when she gave them a brief summary on what happened last year. She was still trying to deal with the guilt that's been wracking at her for months. Not noticing her eyes drooping, Jenna struggled to stay awake, leaning on Jim while falling asleep.

"I think we'll call it a night," Bones said while looking at Jenna who was now snoozing on Jim's shoulder. The three men said their goodbyes while Jim and Bones helped Jenna to her room. She weakly pushed them off and gave them a glare.

"I can dress myself." Jim was out of there pretty fast with McCoy looking back to make sure that she really was fine. Satisfied, he shut the door, leaving Jenna to herself. Getting her pajama's on, Jenna crawled into bed and snugged under the covers completely exhausted but started to remember the happy times with her best friends. When Hermione nagged her to do homework, trouncing Ron at exploding snaps, laughing over private jokes that only the three of them shared…she couldn't help it when the tears started running down her face and sniffed at the pain that accompanied them. But the happy memories didn't stop the nightmares that took a grip in her mind. She started to shake and twitched as her memories came back after slightly opening the floodgates from earlier. Even though she only covered the basics, she completely forgot to make sure her shields were in place and that there were no cracks like Sirius showed her and to make sure that they were at full strength and strengthen them. She trembled as she went into an uneasy sleep.