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"I'm your sister." Jenna said after the silence that rang through the apartment. Jim just put the letter down with a shaking hand and was nearly running out the apartment.

"Jim!" McCoy yelled, throwing Jenna an apologetic look as he ran after Jim. Jenna just sank down on the couch with tears rolling down her face. 'He doesn't want me. I guess the universe just doesn't want me to have a family.' She thought bitterly as she sniffed. Looking at her bag, she wondered if she should just take it and leave.

The only thought that struck her hard enough to pull her hand away from the bag was Pike. How would he react to this? She thought back to a conversation they had earlier that week.


Jenna was sitting on the floor in one of the library corners with her PADD on her knees, doing a balancing act. Chris came by the library, which seems to have become Jenna's second most frequented place. She wasn't at the computer section so he started wandering around by the shelves and nearly past her if he didn't see her feet sticking out.

Jenna was staring down at some engineering work she downloaded off of Jim's PADD just to give herself something to do. It was very interesting. She was hoping to catch up on some of her studies. Especially engineering and languages. She really didn't care for the Science Department, but Communications and Engineering sound very interesting to her.

"There are perfectly good chairs to use you know." Jenna merely looked up with her eyebrow raised.

"And I'm perfectly content on where I am now." Chris sighed. For a moment, she sounded like that Vulcan, Spock who graduated a few years back.

"Fine." He went to sit, grimacing and grumbling in his head how he was too old to sit on the floor. Jenna wiped the screen before putting it beside her and pulled her knees up.

"Anything interesting?"

"Actually yes. How much do you know about godparents?" Jenna just shrugged. Sirius never really got into it and has drawn her own conclusions…somewhat.

"Not much other then that if a child's parents are dead then they are the first ones to get custody of the child, why?" Chris reached into his pocket and took out a folded letter. Actual paper.

"I found this in a box that Winona had me keep for safety sake and decided to go through it."

"Why now?" Jenna asked. Chris shrugged.

"Never had the real need to until now. I already knew I was Jim and Sam's godfather so I didn't have the need to go through it until now. It was just the legal papers making it official and a couple letters I've sent." Jenna took the letter with a confused expression and opened it. She read the first few lines in puzzlement until her expression became one of alarm.

"Does this…" Chris nodded.

"It does."

"But then...why…" Jenna couldn't find any words to describe this.

"I know." Chris said sadly.

"If Winona had said anything, then she knew I would've been to England in a heartbeat. I guess she figured that you were safer with your father."

"But safe from what?" Jenna demanded.

"What could be so dangerous that you knowing you had another god child could be so dangerous?"

End Flashback

It took her and Chris a couple of days of endless talking to sort out their thoughts on the subject. Jenna suspected it has something to do with her mother's death. But how would he react now that he found out he had a third godchild? Would he come after her? But she already had a godfather: Sirius.

Jenna bit her lip at the thought of Sirius. She was wondering if he hated her as well, for leaving and never getting into contact with him before now. He hasn't even responded to her letter yet, at all. Jenna needed to think.

Making her decision, Jenna grabbed her wallet and jacket before shoving her pack under the bed, where she always puts her things if she's staying, and took the spare keys before leaving. Walking out of the building, she took in the fresh air and started walking.


"Goddamit, Jim! What the hell has gotten into you?!" McCoy's accent was getting thicker, which means he was starting to get frustrated. He finally found Jim in a small private area that had a good view of the Bay in the city, where he would sometimes go. Jim looked at McCoy with a furious expression.

"Into me? Into me? What about the fact that I just found out I had a sister. A sister Bones!" Jim said, with frustration bleeding through his words.

"After all this time, I could've had another sibling. A sibling that didn't blame me for everything that went wrong because I was born and my father died." McCoy was still trying to get past the fact that Jim still had a lot of unresolved problems from his childhood, let alone this.

"And my mother! She didn't even have the decency to even tell me that I had a sister, or even keep her! What kind of mother gives up her child? I was six years old and by the time I was eight, my mother was already back on Earth. I didn't see her since I was five! I thought it was purely missions she was on! But it was because she was having a damn affair with someone, even though she couldn't even look at her youngest boy! Hell, she left everything to Sam and didn't even put it in her will that she even had another child! It's like Jenna never existed to her!" Jim was yelling by the time he was done.

"Done yet?" Jim was on the ground and glared up to McCoy, who merely raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know why Jenna kept this to herself. Maybe she had her reasons, or maybe it was because she didn't know who you really were. But either way, she is not to blame for all your mother's faults, just because she looks like her."

"Not really." Jim mumbled.

"Mom's eyes were blue."

"Regardless of that," McCoy continued.

"I think that if Jenna knew long before this, then why is she coming now with people after her? Or maybe that's the reason why she came. I may be a pretty bad father, but I would never give up my child for anything. I honestly don't know why your mother gave her up, but Jenna is the last of your family, even if she's just a half sister."

"Probably a better sibling then Sam ever was." Jim muttered.

"Now get it out of your head that you won't make a good brother. Don't give me that look, I know you. You're also worried that you'll run like Sam. But unlike Sam, you've got me." McCoy said with passion. He had to get this through Jim's skull that Jim would be a good guardian for Jenna, at least legally for the year, as well as being her biological family.

"I don't know what to do," Jim admitted quietly. When it came to family, Jim was utterly lost seeing as he never really had a family to look up to. McCoy sighed and dropped beside Jim.

"You'll be fine. You have me, and Pike. He'd give you a slap upside the head if he knew about what you just did and would tell you to get your ass back to the apartment and talk to Jenna." Jim sighed and slowly got up. He knew that running was on impulse, but he really didn't know how to handle finding out that he had a sister. Hell, he was still adjusting to having McCoy sticking around even after a year and a half! Would he have to tell her about his past? Stories about their mom? Jim's thoughts were being pulled everywhere.

"Jim." Jim was pulled out of his thoughts.

"Let's go back."

"But what if she doesn't want to see me?" Jim asked, with fear written in his eyes.

"I did run out on her. What if she thinks that I don't want her? I mean, I do, but I'm just afraid that-"

"What? You're not good enough?" McCoy said interrupting.

"Jim, no ones perfect, least of all us. If she ran from England to here and after being chased through the streets of San Francisco, just to be with her brother that she's never met, then I'm sure that she thinks that you're good for her."

"But what if I'm not good enough?" Jim asked quietly. McCoy sighed at this, hating the universe for this attitude.

"You are, trust me. I wouldn't trust you with my daughter if I knew you weren't good enough and in my eyes, you are better then good enough."


Jenna sniffed and wiped her eyes as she made her way to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, just staring out into the bay. She was thinking of everything and nothing at the same time, staring out into the Bay and to the vast ocean, with the sky getting dark out and the stars coming out.

"Beautiful sunset today." Jenna whirled around and saw Captain Pike standing there, leaning slightly on the railing.

"I use to come over here whenever I felt lost or just needed to clear my mind of things." Jenna said nothing and continued to stare out to the water.

"I can guess that Jim didn't take the news so well." Jenna snorted and failed miserably as she felt her chin quiver and bit her lip to stop from crying.

"Why?" She asked with her voice cracking, turning to him.

"Was he ashamed of me? Because of what Winona did?" Pike mentally sighed as he knew that Winona's two youngest children would never feel her love from before the whole Kelvin happened.

"Jim didn't even know about you," Pike started.

"He's always wanted a family. His older brother ran away when he was a child, mother was never home and a step father that never cared for him, in the nicest of terms." Jenna slightly flinched from the thought, having gone through that herself.

"He never knew what a brother was suppose to do, as even Sam would look upon him in disgust for losing their father the way they did sometimes." Pike remembered coming over a couple times before Jim was five and could just see the resentment in Sam's eyes towards Jim, as he played with his puzzle blocks, trying to build things with them.

"Then why did he run?" Jenna asked desperately. Pike was quiet.

"I think you already know the answer to that." Jenna had to think about it. What would she have done in Jim's place? Jenna realized that she probably would've done the exact same place.

"He…didn't know how to react." She said quietly. Pike nodded.

"Even though he's always wanted family, no one has shown him how, and I suspect it's much the same to you." Jenna's head shot up to Pike's sad eyes.

"I've come to know a lot about different potential's backgrounds and knew what to look for. You came here looking for family, here's your chance to have a family, to have someone who loves you for you and not for anyone else or what you could represent."

Jenna thought back to Sirius about that last comment. She could sometimes feel that all the adults in the room were trying to make her into either her father or mother in looks, class achievements, little habits she has…Jenna realized that there was none of that with Jim.

"Jim probably finds it refreshing that you didn't know him as the Kelvin baby or George Kirk's son or something like that," Pike said. Jenna looked at him curiously.

"I see a lot of his father in him, but at the same time, I can see his own self coming out of those shadows. One day, I know he'll be a great captain." Jenna smiled at that. Pike looked up at the sky and noticed just how dark it was.

"We better get you home." Jenna nodded tiredly at that and let Pike guide her home.

"Pike?" She asked.

"Yes Jenna?"

"How did you know?" Pike nearly faltered at that, knowing exactly what she's asking.

"Let's just say I have a couple contacts in your world from a few dealings with them in the nicest terms. It also helps that the higher ups in Starfleet know about that little secret world of yours. It would be very bad if the military of the Federation didn't know what was going on their own planet." Jenna looked up at him tiredly at that and smiled.

"I made general inquiries after Jim and Lenard said they'd take you in. I found records going up until you were eleven and stopped there and about your name without it getting suspicious. It helps that there was a lot of non magical Potters so it didn't look too suspicious. Although I didn't know until you told me that Lily Evans wasn't your mother during that slip up. I guess everyone just assumed it. I usually kept an ear open about the going on there anyway and have for years. Your last name and scar helped give it away." Jenna nodded and yawned as they made their way to the turbolift and to the apartment.

Jenna could still remember how the blood magic alterations still weren't completely through her system at the time. Now, if she had a blood test done, Winona Campbell would show up as her mother. Using Jenna's key, Pike could see that Jim and McCoy weren't back yet. Jenna had her eyes shut as she stumbled her way around until she found her bed and collapsed on it.

Pike couldn't help but think of how young she looked and how much like Winona she looked, whether she liked it or not. Even though Pike isn't magical in any way, he knew about the war, the whisperings about the Potter family and how Malfoy, a well know Death Eater, was chasing a girl through San Francisco with a scar on her forehead. Pike just put the pieces together and got a nearly complete story, except for her life at her so called relatives. After looking at the incomplete records, he was almost praying that it wasn't anything like Jim's case. It didn't have as extreme circumstances, but the evidence was still there, glaring at everyone. In some ways, it was worse then Jim's but in other cases, it was slightly better. He heard the door open and looked around, seeing a tired McCoy and Kirk walk through the door. They both stopped when they saw Pike there with his arms crossed.

"Anything you'd like to say?" He asked, although it was really a demand toward Jim. Jim nodded.

"Did you know?" He asked. Well, it was more of demand then anything.

Pike sighed.

"Yes, but only for a week. She wanted to tell you herself and couldn't quite figure out how to say it. This girl is nearly as damaged as you Jim, don't screw around with this. Be honest with her. You don't need to tell her your life story, unless you want to," Jim snorted.

"But at least explain things to her. I know you're scared. Hell, both of you are, seeing as neither of you have known any proper family, but please, for the sake of everyone, don't cut her out." Jim just stared at him. Pike muttered something and straightened up.

"She's in bed but you need to talk to her soon, or else this will get real ugly." Pike just stared at the men before leaving.

"And Jim," he said turning.

"I don't want to kick some sense into you, but I will if I have to." With that, he left. Jim just stood there, dumbfounded. He turned to McCoy.

"Does this mean I was flirting with my sister?" McCoy nodded and his shoulders were shaking with laughter. He went to the small balcony and shut the door where he howled with laughter for a good five minutes. Jim just made faces at him as he came back inside.

"Of all the females…" he trailed off with a snicker.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up," Jim muttered.

McCoy just grinned while shaking his head before guiding Jim to his room and left for his own room. The two were out within twenty minutes.


When Jenna woke up, she had the strangest of feelings. Frowning, Jenna looked around and saw the letter open on the kitchen table and started trembling. She threw off her covers and saw that she was still dressed in yesterday's clothes. She grimaced at that, but shrugged it off, knowing that she's gone through worse. She basically tip toed through the apartment as she made her way to the table and crumpled the letter in her fist. Did Jim and McCoy even come back? Or are they waiting for her to leave? She didn't see anything lying around, so Jenna slightly relaxed at that, but was still pretty wound up. She jumped when she heard footsteps and was on her feet in seconds. It was McCoy. Jenna breathed a sigh of relief at that and was thankful she didn't have her wand in her hands. That would've been awkward to explain. Along with explaining the hex.

McCoy didn't even look at her, merely stared into Jim's room, where the kid had his arms crossed over and with an expression of I don't want to get off the bed. McCoy would've done something by now, but these two needed to talk. Now. When he glared, Jim just rolled his eyes and sauntered out of his room while making a small face at him. Jenna leaned against the counter as Jim came into the kitchen.

You could've cut the tension with a knife. McCoy was just glad that Jim didn't have the excuse of classes as it was Saturday and couldn't sprint away again. The two were just staring at each other now. McCoy could guess that they were trying to pick out the different features that would make them siblings.

Jenna had a more sandy blonde hair while Jim was much more blonde from being outside all the time. Their eyes had the same shape and same cheekbones. Jenna could guess that she got her violet eyes from her grandmother, who was a Black because she knew that Bellatrix also had violet eyes, so there couldn't really be a coincidence. As they stared at each other, there was an awkward silence between the two of them. McCoy still stood at the door with crossed arms so neither could escape.

"So.." Jim trailed off. Jenna couldn't help but fidget.

"How long have you known?"

"About what? Winona being my mother or you being my brother?"

"Both." Jenna took a breath.

"Well, I got a letter about a week before my birthday and I just found out about you last week." Jim cocked his head slightly.

"Really." He said. Jenna glared.

"Why would I lie? I have no reason to." Jim's mouth was set in a grim smile. Jenna just thrust her chin out at this.

"I'm not after fame, or money. I have more then enough fame as it is and more money then I know what to do with. All I ever wanted was a family. I know the Dursley's got the call from the doctor and ignored it. I ran. I ran from everyone and everything I knew, just to find my family. Family who might actually give a damn whether I die or not. Family who might actually treat me like blood and not like dirt on their shoes. Family who might actually love me." Jenna was partially surprised that she wasn't shouting or anything, knowing her temper.

"Why didn't you just ask for help?"

"I couldn't." Jenna said in a slightly surprised tone.

"I didn't know you then and didn't trust you enough, considering I have trust issues. And, it was my personal business." Plus the fact that it wouldn't be suspicious to ask about the Kirk's, which wouldn't of helped matters.

Jenna was just frustrated by always being doubted. No one ever trusted her with her own decisions. If Hermione didn't hold her back, she would've gotten Pettigrew and Sirius would've been free, she could just feel it. It took all her will not to lash out at the girl afterwards. Jim didn't say anything for a while. Jenna couldn't take it and just stormed into her room while unconsciously locking the door with her magic. Jim just stood there looking like an idiot.

"Hope you're proud Jim." McCoy said.


"You pretty much accused her of coming here to squeeze out some fame and money for being a Kirk. You made the mess, you go and clean it up." With a glare, McCoy went to his room as well.

Jim just stood there and ran the whole conversation through his head again and couldn't help but flinch at the implications he accused Jenna of. He didn't really mean to, but after having hundreds of women attach themselves to him just to milk out the fame of being with the famous Kelvin baby and trying to pass themselves off as cousins...Jim wasn't stupid. He knew that his father's entire family is dead. The only one's with Kirk blood is now Jim and Sam. He knew nothing of his mother's family. He knows that her maiden name was Campbell, but that was about it. Her records are sealed from everyone but maybe three people and Jim wasn't one of those three, which kind of pisses him off. He may not have the best relationship with his mother, but it still hurts that no one would tell him what happened.

Shaking his head before he goes into the forbidden section of his mind, he looked at Jenna's door and frowned. He wanted to know about her now. What her interests in school is, what going to happen between them…he raised his fist to knock when the door clicked open. Jim frowned at that, being pretty sure he didn't hear any footsteps across the floor. Flicking that thought to one side for now, he saw his sister on her bed, flicking through an album. Jim's curiosity got the better of him and sat beside her. If Jenna was surprised, then she didn't show it.

"These were my parents," she stated, looking at the fist picture. A man, that looked a bit like Jenna, was holding a black hair green eyed baby while a red haired woman with green eyes kissed the baby's hand.

"This was after they found me and changed my looks." Jim sat there for a minute, his mind going back to the letter. It mentioned magic…but magic didn't exist…right? If there was such thing as magic, people everywhere would know about it. It only made sense, since this is the 23rd century. But something was telling him that he was missing something, something very important.

"How did they change them?" Jim asked. Jenna shrugged.

"Dunno. I mean, I didn't even know that wasn't my real look until a few weeks ago." Jenna turned the page (and was thankful that she froze the picture for the time being), with James and Lily dancing together. Jim smiled.

"They look happy together." Jenna gave a sad smile.

"They were. Mum-I mean, Lily, sacrificed herself to save me when a madman came to the house and murdered them." Jim looked up sharply at that. Did this man still live? If he did, Jim wanted to strangle him with his bare hands. But it also didn't escape his notice that Jenna still refers to Lily as mum. If he was honest, he didn't blame her.

"I don't know why he didn't kill me, but I got a permanent reminder." She flicked her bangs up slightly and Jim could see a scar like a lightning bolt on her forehead. Her blond bangs dropped. Jim took a deep breath. If he was going to do this, he needs to do it now, or else it'll never be said.

"I'm sorry, for what I said out there. It was out of line."

"No, it wasn't." Jenna said.

"I shouldn't of reacted that way by storming off. But, I know the feeling of people sucking up to you for favours, money, a chance in the spotlight…it's partially why I have trust issues."

"But not the only reason." Jenna looked into her brother's eyes at that. They both say what they see in each other; a broken person that the world screwed over one too many times.

"It won't be easy," Jim struggled to find the right words. He was not good at this.

"But, we need to try. I don't know what it's like to be a brother."

"And I don't know what it's like to be a sister." Jenna said, with a small smile. Jim got up and left the room. Jenna sighed as she closed the book. She really didn't know how to deal with this. On one hand, she could see where Jim is coming from but on the other…it hurt that he even had to question her motives. Then there's also the fact about her magic.

Jenna growled in frustration and kicked the wall, not caring if the other two heard it. She wants to tell Jim and McCoy about her magic, but she doesn't know how the wizarding world detects that sort of thing. Maybe through some sort of deception maybe? Jenna frowned as she thought of different plans to tell them. Pretty much all of the plans went out the window with a precious few that Jenna deemed as a possibility.

She grabbed her bag from under her bed and took out her wards book. If she's going to be living here, then she needs some magical protections then from other magicals, especially Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Did her mind wipe work? Or is Voldemort bidding his time to lure her into a false sense of security? She grabbed her note book and flipped to the back and turned it upside down and made a title of wards. Not original, but it works. Jenna started listing out the different wards that she thinks that she'll need, a couple interesting ones, and some that can be used only for emergencies.

Oh, she knew that because her wards had no anchors, they will be weak, but it was better then nothing. She only wished that she had a blood ward that was suppose to be very powerful. Narrowing her eyes, she re-read the one and her eyes lit up. It only needed her blood, Jim's blood, a ritual knife (Jena frowned at that, being pretty sure that she didn't have one), and lots of spell work. It will hold until one person dies and it makes the property impossible to find by wizard standards, but it'll still be visible to muggles. Jenna can't even contemplate on why it was even needed in the first place, but she wasn't complaining. Jenna grinned at it, scribbling it down, knowing that this will be her best line of defence against Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

Now, how to explain about her magic…

Ta da! How was it?