Chapter 7
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One year later:

Tai watched as Sora and their son sat out in the meadow near the manor where she had grown up. A lot had happened in a year. But the most important was the birth of their son. Tai walked up to them and sat next to his wife. He kissed her forehead as she held their infant. The boy had his father's hair, but his mother's eyes. Tai loved those eyes. The baby smiled up at his parents. The smile was also Sora's. They just sat there peacefully.
"Hey guys!" A familiar voice called. It was Sora's friend Matt. He had returned only a few times since they had been married. Matt had led a successful rebellion against the evil king. Now the provinces had formed a new government and they had elected Matt the president. Tai had retired from fighting and he and Sora were representatives of their province.
"Matt!" Sora smiled. Tai got up and shook his hand as he came over to the couple. Matt smiled as he saw the baby.
"Oh how is the little guy?" Matt said as he sat down next to his friends. "Wow is he getting big!" Sora smiled as she let Matt hold the infant. "And I hear another is on the way." He looked at Sora. She blushed a little, as she felt the bulge in her womb. "You two have been busy." Matt joked.
Tai kissed his blushing wife. "You know us." Tai said, as he smiled.
The three friends chatted the day away. So much had changed in that year. But one thing had stayed the same, the love Tai and Sora shared. It never diminished. In fact one could say it only grew each day they spent together.

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