SM owns all. This is my "What If" story. If you are under 18, have triggers for spanking, violence, lemons please do not read. My vamps don't sparkle, can eat rare meats, eggs, and drink whiskey and coffee, along with animal blood. The males are all Alpha's and practice Domestic Discipline within their marriages. I hope you like this story. Please no flames if you don't. Thanks for reading. Again there is spanking in this story, don't like don't read.

This Chapter contains lemons, and spanking. Also as Edward is older than Bella, to him she is his little girl. Not in the act little dress little way, just that she is so much younger. So please no flames about the Daddy name. This is not daddy kink.

Bus Stop:

Summary: Vampire Edward smells his mate at a bus stop. Follows her for two weeks, and then decides to claim her. She is a college senior, only problem she is human.

Chapter One:



Crap! Once again I let myself get involved with a book, missed my bus. Eleven at night and here I sit, waiting for the last bus of the night. Knowing I will be walking two blocks through the worst neighborhood again…

This one only makes four stops, not the six like my normal one. Pulling my coat tighter around me, wishing I would just quit dreaming all the darn time. If I had, instead of sitting here freezing, at least in my bed it was warm under the covers.

Approaching my building at last, I can't shake the feeling of being watched. Lucky for me my apartment is in the back, where it's quiet, so nobody is disturbed by my getting in so late.

As I reach the spot, where the back stairs meet my hallway, I am yanked into the stair well, a hand over my mouth. The light is out again, so it's total blackness. Being pushed slightly over the railing, a hand comes down "Smack!" right on my bottom, causing me to cry out, but with the hand over my mouth all I hear is a grunt.

"Smack" "Little girl, what were you thinking, do you know how dangerous this area is?" "Smack" By now my butt is on fire, squirming to get away, two sharp smacks land again.

"Hold still, naughty girls get their bottoms spanked" Finally "he" as I assume it's a he stops.

"You will do well to remember the correct bus next time, or this daddy, will spank his little girl's bare bottom next time" He pauses,

"In fact I think I will" yanking my jeans and panties down, he spanks me four more times. "Oweee" I cried out.

"Remember what I've told you little girl" with that and a kiss on my hair he is gone.

Making my way into my apartment, I lock the door and check the windows. Turn the heat up. Lighting only the bathroom light, I wash my tear stained face, and grab a gown to sleep in. Looking at my bare bottom in the mirror it's a deep pink and throbbing. "Who the hell was that?" I mutter stomping my foot "how dare he!" crawling into bed sleeping on my side thanks to whoever that was in the hallway, the last words he said come back to me "This daddy will spank his little girls bare bottom next time"

Well, we'll see about that. Just my luck, I get a Mad Spanker stalking me!


For two weeks, I have been watching her every night, even rode home on her bus with her, if it was crowded, and she has yet to notice me. Finding her was a huge surprise, never thought I would find my mate. Her scent is overwhelming to me, but not to drain, only to mate. I feel like a teenage boy, thinking about sex all the time I'm near her. Tonight she missed the bus, scaring me to death. I was mad as hell at her but worried sick at the same time.

I had gone ahead, to watch her safely to her apartment. Her failure to show up; nearly had me roaring in frustration. When I smelled her at last, I was in her bldg. up near her door, snuck in the stairwell, no idea why I grabbed her like that, she just made me so mad. Hearing her thoughts about being dumb, only fueled the fire.

Well she's feeling the fire now; I could feel the heat coming off her bottom. Nineteen spanks, I'm glad I did it bare- bottomed after all, knowing her, I will be doing that every time. Never knew you could love someone so much, who drove you nuts, at the same time.

Still I wouldn't trade a minute, since I came out of the woods, and smelled her sitting at the bus stop waiting reading a book. Surrounded by darkness and all alone, heaven only knew what would have become of her, if I hadn't come along to watch over her. She doesn't seem to have any family or friends at all, add to that no sense of self preservation either.

I stand on the rickety fire escape, just outside her window, seeing her easily through the worn curtains. I watch, as she closes everything up tight, takes the time to look at her pink bottom, me too I'll admit. I hear and see her stomping her foot. Cute, but that little habit will get her paddled with a hairbrush, when I can bring to her to live with me, knowing that will be very soon. Pulling out my phone, I creep out into the night. "Dad I think I found her"


Been two weeks since the Mad Spanker as I call him in my mind, attacked me. I hated it, but better than being raped or killed. Needless to say, I have not missed my bus once since then. There was something intimate about it, like we knew each other; it was only afterwards, I realized I wasn't afraid, only startled. Also it was like I knew him, and that was the oddest thing of all.

Almost finished with my classes and college, there's nothing to look forward to now, with my family gone, there was no place to go, after school was out this time.

Couldn't stay here any longer, this was a dangerous place to live. Mr. Spank Happy was right about that, I would need to move on, wish I knew where to go. Secretly, I yearned for the Mad Spanker to make a reappearance; anything to stop the horrid boredom, and fear of being alone and uncared for.

"Why would he care about me boring plain me?" I said out loud as I sat in the park near the bus stop, but near to the lights, so I could read, and not be jumped in the dark.

I swear someone just growled at me. Looking around, I see no one nearby; not even a dog. Still I move to the bus stop itself, and put away my book. Walking the hall to my apartment, I feel that feeling of being watched again. Odd, pushing on, I enter locking the door behind me. After packing up almost everything I own, leaving just clothes enough for the next three days of school and enough food as well, I head to bed.

In the darkness, my loneliness over whelms me, and wiping soon follows.

"I might as well just stand in front of a bus, why bother with working, there's nothing to go on for?" I say to the room. Before I can blink, I feel myself cradled in strong arms,

"Ssh baby, that's not true, I love you Bella, I need you" A voice from the darkness says in my ear.

"Who are you, what are you doing here?" I manage to stammer out.

"Little girl, I have come for you" Again the velvet voice.

"Me" Stunned I'm trying to sit up fully, and break away from his arms encasing me.

"Yes, darling for you, will you come with me?" Now I was getting mad

"Who did he think he was, coming in here, and manhandling me?" Low growls rent the air.

"Bella, you will not talk to your mate like that" Even in the dark I could hear he was angry.

"Had I said that aloud?" Shocked that I had, but living alone makes you do weird things.

"Yes, naughty girl you did" Blushing I looked down at my hands, fingers came up bringing my face to his. He turned on my bedside lamp. I was awed by his beauty and tried to pull away. "Stop that, do you want your bottom paddled?"

"What!" Now I was getting angry, who the hell was he?

"You heard me" He growled out.

"I don't even know your name" Darn why was I stammering again, he's the one who broke in my apartment. Why me?

"Edward, baby girl" He started to talk,

"Now here is what is going to happen, Bella" he flicked on the light to the next setting driving the shadows away. I could see him clearly now.

"I will talk to you tonight about us, and what I hope is, you will agree too, then we will move you out tonight. After you graduate in three days, we will move to my parent's home, so you may learn of our ways and family rules" He was waiting for me to answer him.

"Are you insane, why would I want to go with you?" Words can't describe how unbelievable this was.

"You are my love, my mate, my lady" at this I jumped up off his lap, and stood staring at him. "Edward what is going on? Are you the one who spanked me two weeks ago?"

Suddenly, it was clear to me, what was going on? Why that stinker, the gall of him coming here!

"Yes Bella, I am, you are so close to another one" His face was inches from mine as we stared each other down.

"Oh yeah" I glared at him, my hands on hips, and my foot stomping like it had a life of its own.

"Yes" he hissed.

Stomping my foot again, I pointed to the door "Get out! Before I call the cops, you Mad Spanker you!" I screamed the last part.

With lightening speed, I found myself over his knees, my gown pulled up, my panties torn off me, with my bottom being spanked again!

"Damn him! What is his problem?" kicking and fighting him wasn't working, because he just spanked harder.

"Oweee, Edward Stop" he didn't, many spanks later, I was sure my butt would burst into flames.

"Oweee, darn it, please stop." finally I remembered what he called himself, "Daddy stop!" He did finally. I was crying so hard now, I was hiccupping as well, still over his knees.

All the while he had been telling me If I ever stomped my foot at him again, I would get my bottom blistered. I was being naughty; he was my mate, my alpha, in our lives etc".

He sat there holding me in place, rubbing my very sore bottom lightly, still scolding me

"Did you hear me Isabella?" The beautiful voice asked me sternly.

"Yes, daddy" Seemed the safest thing to say. This seemed to please him.

(You're this close to a another spanking little girl)

Letting me up, but pulling unto his lap "Oweee Eddie" I stammered out.

"Too bad little girl" he told me. "Now young lady, are you willing to listen, or shall we move up to a hairbrush next". I jumped a foot with that question.

"Use a hair brush?" I asked gulping.

"On your bottom, yes" tears were falling again

"Why, Edward?" I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand.

"Because daddy wants to talk to you, and you are fighting me" He looked at me pleadingly.

"Okay" I'd do anything to avoid a repeat of the last ten minutes. Hey maybe he'll leave then.

"Bella I love you, I know this is strange to you, but darling here it is; I am a vampire, animal drinker not humans. Do not be afraid, sweetheart. We find our mates once, and once only, in our lives, and I found you" He sat and stared at the floor, still as a post waiting for my reaction.

"Edward look at me, kiss me once" He did fervently, and I knew, I felt it, the truth of what he said and what he was. How I had no idea but I knew as sure as I was sitting there next to him.

"Do you mean to harm me? More than my bottom I mean?" he laughed, and when he did my heart somersaulted in my chest.

"Eddie I love you, I don't know how, or why but I do" he hugged me to him sobbing on my shoulder hugging me tightly.

"Eddie what's wrong?" I took him into my arms and we held each other for a long time.

"I have been alone for so long. I never believed, I would find you. Bella, will you be my mate, my wife, my lover, my companion, for eternity?"

"Yes Edward, I will" He got up and twirled us around, kissing my face all over.

"Eddie, will you love me now?" I was almost begging him.

"Baby, I could hurt you" He was torn, I could see between fear and desire.

"No you won't, I promise to say if you are" I would get on my knees and beg if that's what it took.

"Bella have you ever?" cutting him off, I answered "No I'm a virgin" blushing like a tomato I'm sure.

"Me too Bella" I looked at him in amazement. What in the world is wrong with the girls over the years?

"Okay, we'll learn together, you've already seen my naked bottom Eddie"

"Oh true" So putting me down, I

Lead him to my bed turning off the bedroom light, putting on the nightlight, in the bathroom. Undressing each other, we lay together facing each other. He slowly touched and kissed me getting his confidence, he soon had me wet and wanting him so badly.

"It's going to hurt, my baby" he whispered to me tenderly.

"I know, just do it sweetheart" with a thrust he did, and after a few minutes as he wiped my tears away we moved as one.

"Bella you are so tight and hot" Not sure he meant to say out loud, he said with such a sense of wonder.

"Eddie please, I need more" Speeding up we were soon calling each other's names out, climaxing as one. He loved me three more times before I fell asleep in his arms.