A/N: Hey guys! So, I've been very into the Teen Titans lately, especially everything and anything BBRae. So has my friend, Katy, and we've both been writing some Flinx/BBRae drabbles and one shots lately, and I'm posting them because... why not. So. We'll be switching back and forth, and I'll let you know who wrote what. Thanks for reading!

Author: OhGoodnessMarie

Pairing: BBRae

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Teen Titans belongs to really cool, creative people that I don't know. But I would totally hang out with.

Fly on the Wall

Flies weren't usually green.

Usually, they were unwanted, floating black dots and people swatted at them without a second thought. Sometimes the green teen felt like he was a fly, even when he wasn't transformed into one. He was an annoyance that kept coming back. He buzzed continuously to the point that people 'swatted' at him to get him to go away.

No, he didn't feel this way all the time. The Titans were his family and friends, and while he bothered them at times, they would never attempt to murder him with a rolled up newspaper because he landed on their sandwich. Well, not on purpose, anyway. Not unless he was disguised as a fly, but even the most absent-minded Titan would think twice about hitting an insect that was entirely green.

Now, it was common knowledge that Raven liked to keep her room dark. It wasn't that she didn't believe in modern technology; she liked large shadows covering her walls, and dark colors generally made her feel more at ease. She couldn't rest easily in a brightly lit room, where it felt like she was stripped down, left exposed for everyone to see the true darkness inside her. Less light meant her secrets and flaws were much harder to notice.

Blacks, blues, purples… they were optimal for shielding the world of everything that needed to be hidden.

That included Beast Boy. In fly form, of course. The dark shades of the empath's room could only conceal so much, so the changeling at his normal size would stick out like a piece of broccoli in a blueberry patch.

So… no, flies weren't usually green, yet it didn't matter when said fly could blend in with the shadows of the room and become practically invisible.

And… no, Beast Boy didn't usually sit on Raven's wall in the form of a pesky insect, but this was a special case. He knew that normally, if he were caught sneaking into his teammate's sanctuary like this, she wouldn't hesitate to smack him into another dimension, but she was far too preoccupied with her guest to notice anything else occurring around her.

His name was Malchior. Malchior, which sounded like the name of a video game character. Malchior, who definitely wasn't normal… the grass stain could be dense at times but even he could tell that something was off about the stranger's papery body and the sinister tone of voice. Yet Raven looked at him like he was the best thing since tofu bacon.

The typically impassive girl suddenly had a gleam in her eyes when she was with the mysterious new man. She didn't speak to him sarcastically or answer him with dry remarks… she gave him honest replies without hesitation, and it was something Beast Boy had never seen before. He had never witnessed Raven, the Raven show as much emotion as she did when around this Malchior fellow.

As he watched silently from his spot on the wall, the changeling saw a transformation in his friend. He watched her practice new spells and read new information, her newfound friend right by her side. She busted her butt to build her skills and impress the object of her affection. Malchior pushed her to new levels, and made her see the potential she truly had.

And as her cloak and heart grew steadily lighter, Raven became an open book.

Beast Boy could hardly believe his hundreds of fly eyes. While he constantly fought to make her laugh or even crack a smile, a complete stranger could get her to beam like the rising sun with a few charming words? The thought settled like a raw t-bone steak in the green male's stomach- not well.

Of course he released his findings to the other Titans. He told them everything he knew about Malchior, which admittedly wasn't much, as quickly as the words could leave his mouth. They were probably worried sick that their empath friend had been holed up in her room for so long, right? Exactly. Beast Boy told them all about the paper man and his creepy eyelashes, but the team listened halfheartedly.

Well, at least it sounded like she was happy, even if they hadn't seen her for a handful of days. At least she found a friend. At least Malchior seemed like a good, wholesome guy.

They obviously didn't understand. Beast Boy knew there was something off… Raven wasn't even Raven anymore. Since when did she giggle? Or smile? Or hum?

The green machine's mind started working overtime. He wasn't one who spent endless hours just thinking, but he couldn't help it. The less he saw the navy-eyed girl, the more he thought about her. And all too soon, the conspiracy theories swamped him. This was Beast Boy. When he couldn't figure something out, making up elaborate scenarios was his next best bet.

Maybe Malchior was advancing Raven's powers so he could eventually steal them for himself and then force everybody in JumpCity to have the same grossly inverted eyelashes that he had.

Maybe the newly white-cloaked sorceress was a clone, made courtesy of Malchior, and the real Raven was imprisoned on a secluded island somewhere near the equator. And it was all up to the changeling to save her, since his teammate despised extreme heat like that and the rest of the team would have to battle hundreds of Raven clones.

Or… the papery man's scheme was to lure in an unsuspecting teen girl, who in this case just happened to be Raven, and the second he got close to her and got her to completely knock down her walls- slice! He would give her a long, horrendous paper cut and drink the fresh blood as it escaped her skin. And in turn, that would give him strength. Like a vampire. Whoa… maybe Malchior was a vampire.

…Okay, so he wasn't a vampire… but a dragon wasn't that far off. Beast Boy would have pat himself on the back for his close guess on any other occasion, but in this situation, he felt terrible. He felt a vast amount of sympathy and empathy for his friend. As Malchior betrayed her, attacked her, one could almost hear the faint shatter of Raven's heart. Immediately, steel walls encased her, cut her off from others, and her ability to trust laid dead on the ground.

In a flash as quick as lighting, a resilient female crumbled. Suddenly, she was made of glass, and a crack of betrayal marred the smooth, fragile substance. She had finally found a way to allow her emotions to break through. She let them grow and mature, like a toddler learning how to walk. And just as her emotions were taking their first wobbly steps in the world, a violent push knocked them down.

Malchior held her in the palm of his hand, and that hand had just clenched into a fist, demolishing every bit of hope she ever had for allowing herself to feel.

She retreated to her personal cave of grays and violets. The presence of her betrayer still hung heavy in the air, but where else was she going to go? She didn't want to face her team or see the pity unconcealed in their eyes. She didn't want to show herself to the world anymore, she preferred to stay hidden in the depths of her own gloom.

The next time Beast Boy went to Raven's room, he wasn't a fly. He didn't expect much. He didn't expect her to open her door, or even answer him when spoke. But he hoped she would at least listen.

He wasn't Malchior, he wasn't somebody she would ever open up to, and he had finally come to terms with that fact. But he still wanted her to know that he would always be there for her, even if she never needed him. He wasn't going to stab her in the back or cause her any pain. She wasn't alone; she had four friends that were eager to spend time with her everyday, whether she needed them or not.

Beast Boy had been in her room before. He knew that if she could, she would spend the rest of eternity shielded inside. But no, he wouldn't stand for it. He wanted to let her know that she had friends that were going to be there for her, that he was there for her, and he knew how badly she was hurting, but that someday it would get better.

Again, he didn't expect her to open the door, let him in, and pour her heart out to him. He was content with letting her know that she was never going to be left behind, and wished with all his heart that she believed him.

He really wasn't expecting it, but when she threw her arms around him in a tight hug, Beast Boy realized that Raven wasn't going to keep herself guarded forever, and one day, even if it killed him, he was going to make her face light up with laughter.

Because if anyone deserved to feel without an ounce of worry, he knew it was Raven.