A/N: I think Katy will be shocked if we still have people reading this after 'Protective Padding' but I'm sure anyone who read it loved it to pieces. And since she's been writing like a mad person, here are a handful of fics written by my glorious friend. She's got talent, I tell 'ya.

Author: Katy

Pairing: Flinx

Rating: K

Disclaimer: The characters of the Teen Titans don't belong to Katy and me, otherwise the entire show would revolve around BBRae and Flinx and no crime fighting would be done.

Warning: Fluff. Call your dentist because you're about to get a cavity.

Hide and Seek Revenge

"Kid Flash, where are you?" Jinx whispered while walking through the apartment the two of them shared together. Kid Flash decided today would be a good day to play hide and seek. Jinx was pretty sure had an unfair advantage, considering if she got too close to his hiding spot, he could dart away and find another one. But he promised to play fair, so Jinx solemnly agreed.

She'd been looking for him for about twenty minutes. She was certain that there wasn't anywhere she could hide that she hadn't already searched. She checked behind the sofa one last time before shouting, "okay, cheater, I give up." Before she could blink her big pink eyes, he was standing in front of her, grinning ear to ear. Jinx crossed her arms in front of her chest and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Aw what's the matter, slowpoke? Upset you don't have the needed skills to win a game of hide and seek with little ol' me?" He teased her before pinching her right cheek.

"Not even a little bit. I'm upset because you're a cheater. I searched the entire apartment through and through trying to find you," she glowered. She knew he must have hid somewhere trivial like under the bed before darting somewhere more trivial like the closet.

"But you didn't look in the cabinet under the sink," he reminded her. Her eyes widened.

"There's no way you could've been under there! It's not even possible that you would fit under there!" she insisted. Nobody likes to admit they're wrong, but it was Jinx's biggest pet peeve. She would rather join the HIVE again and wash her face with Mammoth's socks before confessing she was wrong.

"Are you calling me fat?" He questioned her, stepping closer to her. She didn't have a chance to answer, because he'd already picked her up and set her on the sofa before tickling her. She tried not to laugh, she hated being tickled, but she couldn't. A giggle escaped from her lips, making Kid Flash's smile go wider than ever.

"Say you love me forever and ever and I'll stop," he bargained with her. The tickling was way worse than normal, because he would move his fingers faster than any human on Earth, making every part of her sensitive tummy scream for mercy.

"That'll never happen," she said in between her laughter. "You have three seconds to get off of me before I hex you." One. Two. Three.

"Ow! I can't believe you hexed me!" Kid Flash whined while holding his wounded left shoulder. Jinx rolled her eyes at the melodramatic hero. The hex was minor, she controlled herself. She didn't actually want to hurt him;she just wanted to teach him a lesson.

"Wow, Mister Lightspeed isn't so invincible after all, huh?" She teased him. He jokingly glared back at her before entrapping her in a hug.

"You're pretty funny, Jinxie. But I'll have you know that the Titans don't let me in the tower much these days because I'm really good at revenge," he whispered in her ear. He stepped back from her and kissed her quickly on the forehead. "It'll be when you least expect it." Then he was gone.

"Lucky for me, I never let my guard down," she spoke quietly to herself. She smiled lightly and walked back over to the couch. And neither of the crime fighters knew that the other was blushing.

A/N: According to TTG! Cyborg and Starfire watch daytime television together... This is the result of that.

Author: Katy

Pairing: None

Rating: K+

Broadcast Blunder

The day had already been wet and dreary. It started raining before sunrise and it had yet to cease. Most criminals didn't want to rob banks or cause mischief during bad weather, so the Titans were being destroyed by immense boredom.

This weather stirred Raven's cup of tea, so she locked herself in her room hours ago and didn't come back out. She was most likely getting lost in another one of her captivating novels.

Beast Boy and Robin decided they wanted to see the sequel to It Came From Jones' Lake. They left only minutes before and wouldn't be back for a couple of hours. They had a ritual of going out for pizza after going to the movies.

Cyborg and Starfire opted to stay behind. Starfire didn't really enjoy scary monster movies like the other Titans. They freaked her out. And Cyborg preferred to watch war movies or super hero movies.

The two sat next to each other on the couch. Cyborg tried aimlessly to find something on the television to watch that would entertain the both of them. Their only similar interest as far as shows go were dramas, which limited most of their options to soap operas.

"Friend, that program looks interesting. Might we please watch?" Starfire asked her friend. He clicked on the program entitled Degrassi.

"Yo wait a minute, I thought the blonde chick had a thing for that guy back in Canada," Cyborg commented. They were two episodes into the show and both of them had a lot of questions. And the show didn't answer any of them.

"She did like that boy from school. Perhaps this boy from France is merely a friend,"Star suggested. Both of them knew that wasn't true though.

"So this dude got into a fight with his dad and jumped in the water? While he was still wearing his clothes? What purpose does that serve?" Cyborg questioned. No show had confused him nearly as much as this one.

"What I fail to understand is why his friends are watching him make his father angry, but not attempting to stop him." Even Tamaranian girls understood that friends were supposed to try and stop each other from doing stupid things.

They spent the next two hours watching the series, not becoming any less confused, but still frustrated.

"Dude, put down the phone and drive. Your girlfriend can wait!" Cyborg shouted at the television. He didn't understand why, but the show evoked an anger in him that he normally doesn't feel towards TV shows.

"The boy crashed! Oh Cyborg, do you believe he will be alright?" Starfire wondered.

"I don't know. And clearly, they don't plan on letting us know right now. They're already showing the girl and the French dude. No one cares! What happened to the guy in the crash?" Cyborg took one of the couch cushions and threw it at the window.

Thankfully, Cyborg put decent glass in for the windows and they weren't going to break over a cushion.

"He did not make it," Starfire said, sadly. Her head dipped towards the ground and her orange hair cascaded around her face. Although she did not know the boy, she felt a certain amount of despair at the news of his death. Most people knew how it felt to lose a loved one and Star was very sympathetic towards the other members of the show.

"That's it, this show stinks." Cyborg raged before shutting off the TV and walking out of the living room and towards the kitchen mumbling under his breath about a "stupid show".

"Perhaps we should refrain from watching that program," Starfire suggested to her friend. Cyborg lifted his head up and nodded at her, still whispering to himself about how infuriating the show was.

"Never again, Star. Anyways, do you want waffles? I know I do."

Author: Katy

Pairing: RobStar

Rating: K

Even Heroes Need Saving

Slade returned, which meant that Robin was filled with a familiar angst. The Titans came home an hour ago after a failed confrontation with Slade and his robot army.

Robin trudged to the basement as soon as they entered the tower, leaving his friends concerned for him. Slade had a bad effect on all of them, but it was the worst for their leader, who became sort of obsessed with the villain. Of course, the villain also had an obsession with his former prodigy.

Robin would never admit it to anyone, but he often had nightmares about him team being held hostage and him being forced to become Slade's apprentice once again. When he had those dreams, he would wake up and not be able to fall back asleep. They evoked a fear in him that was not easily shaken.

He tried to convince himself long ago that Slade wouldn't be able to come back. But he was wrong and their nemesis was back and stronger than ever.

The hero kneeled onto the basement floor while reading through past articles about the villain who always seemed to be three moves ahead of them. All of the reporters admitted to being baffled that the protecters of their city never caught Slade.

Robin angrily threw the newspaper back into the box and shoved it back into the cubby. Why hadn't they caught him? How often had they encountered him only to walk away empty handed?

They were even able to defeat Trigon, intergalactic demon. Of course, that probably had something to do with the fact that the monster's daughter obtained some of his power and was able to use it to their advantage.

The Titans more than once had encountered villains. Heck, that's what they were known for. Given, a plethora of them were B-list enemies, but still bad guys nonetheless.

"Robin, may I offer change in exchange for your thoughts?" Starfire spoke, interrupting Robin's tantalizing thoughts. She sat down on the cold floor next to him and looked at him, noticing the worry lines in his forehead and the displeased frown on his face.

"How have I not caught him, Star? I was his apprentice, I was with him and I still couldn't do it. I'm a lousy excuse for a hero," he growled. His voice was drenched in self loathing. Starfire's frown deepened.

"Please, do not speak like that of yourself. You are a wonderful hero, Robin, and a wonderful friend." Praising Robin was simple, but almost never effective. He only saw the sides of situations. Starfire placed his hands in Robin's before intertwining their extremities.

"Everybody expects me to catch him. I'm Robin, I'm supposed to protect Jump City," Robin whispered, more to himself than his best friend. He absentmindedly squeezed her hand tighter.

"But Robin, you save the city every day. We whooped the butt of the Control Freak once again merely a week ago," Star reminded him. He shook his head angrily before standing up and releasing her hand.

"How can you compare Control Freak to Slade? Control Freak is hardly a threat and Slade could destroy the entire city, or even the entire world if he wanted to," he shouted at her. He began to pace around the basement, trying to shake off the angst that filled his body.

"I was not trying to upset you. For that, I am sorry. But please, do not be mad at yourself." She looked up at him from her spot on the floor. She knew when it was best to comfort Robin with words versus an embrace.

"If people get hurt by him, it's my fault. I can't just not be upset," Robin responded. He paused and took a deep breathe. His face softened and he sat next to his friend once again before his hand searched for comfort in hers. "I'm just scared someone's gonna get hurt."

"We will get him. I promise that to you, Robin." He didn't believe her, but her promise still comforted him and he visibly relaxed a little.

For the next two hours, the two best friends sat downstairs hand in hand, silent. Beast Boy stood with his ear pressed against the basement door.

He grinned to himself before whispering, "They've got it so bad for each other."