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Chapter 1

Don't judge a book by its cover…

A simple phrase, yet it holds such a profound meaning.

More often than not, people are not all that they appear to be.

Men who boast of bravery are often sniveling cowards.

Women who profess the virtues of kindness are often quite cruel.

And sometimes the dearest of friends turn out to be the vilest of enemies.

Unfortunately these are lessons that most people must learn the hard way.


Nome, Alaska; Circa 1925

"Ooo…. Dixie, you are lookin' so… gorgeous today." A squeaky voice said aloud with a vivacious giggle. "That poor boy won't be able to keep his paws off you."

The owner of this sugary voice was, if you can believe it, a pretty young Pomeranian by the name of Dixie and the person she was speaking to was, oddly enough, herself.

Presently, this pampered pooch was down in the crawlspace beneath her owner's house, carefully primping herself in front of an old mirror she'd found in a back alley not too long ago.

"And… there! Perfect!" squeaked the perky little Pom excitedly as she finished fluffing up her pristine powder-puff like fur. She needed to look her best for today. For today she was going after the ultimate prey.

Now, Dixie had a certain reputation around town for being… well… stupid. And for the most part this was true. She was ditzy, flighty, scatterbrained, and occasionally got certain words mixed up. However, this was not all there was to her; in spite of what most of the other dogs in town thought. Deep down, beneath all that poofy fur beats the heart of predator. And this predator was just about to begin her final hunt.

Of course, she wasn't quite ready yet; she still needed to put on the finishing touches.

Using her fluffy yet functional tail, Dixie grabbed a bottle of expensive French perfume that she borrowed from her owner and pulled it close. Then, using her elegant paws, she carefully spritzed herself with the sweet-smelling liquid. Not too much of course, mustn't overpower her own natural scent; that was her secret weapon. No… just enough to enhance her already intoxicating odor; although she did make sure to give her hindquarters an extra spritz or two just in case.

Once the fragrant mist had properly melded with her soft and luxurious fur, she took a brief moment to polish heart shaped pendant on her collar. There, now she looked stunning.

"Oh… baby, I look magnesium!" she squealed with excitement as she gazed at her gorgeous reflection, while also flubbing her vocabulary… again. "Loverboy's not gonna know what hit him."

"Talking to yourself again, eh Dixie?" asked a snarky yet familiar voice from behind.

The pampered pom instantly recognized it as the voice of one of her closest friends, a lanky young Afghan by the name of Sylvie, so she didn't even bother turning around; she was far to engrossed in own reflection.

"Hey Sylvie, how's it going?" she asked cutely while she continued to admire her handiwork.

"Same old, same old." The slightly older Afghan replied dryly before quickly sniffing the air. "Well now, what's this, perfume? Smells like some lucky dog's getting lucky tonight."


"Well don't just sit there girl. Give me details. Who's your new target?"

"Guess." The pretty pom said playfully as she finally decided to turn around and face the dog she was speaking to.

Now as a rule Sylvie hated guessing games, but she was never one to resist a piece of juicy gossip, so she decided to play along.

"Okay… let's see. You're wearing perfume, so it's not some random nobody. Is it… someone one the sled team?"

The little powder-puff nodded feverishly in response.

"Alright… now we're gettin' somewhere. Is it… Nikki?"

Dixie shook her head.

"Is it Kaltag?"

Dixie shook her head again.


Yet again Dixie shook her head.

"Oh for the love of… Just spit it out already! You're killing me here!"

"Alright… I'll tell you." The pampered pom said in a tone one only uses when they are about to reveal a very naughty secret. "I'm goin' after… the lead dog!"

At this shocking revelation, the lanky Afghan's eyes went as wide as dinner plates. However, after she had a minute or two to process this new information her eyes returned to normal and her look of surprise was replaced by an amused and toothy smirk.

"That's bold Dixie… I love it!"

"Thanks." The little powder-puff replied with another playful giggle. "By the way, I need a little favor. I need ya to get rid of Jenna for a few hours while I work my magic on her little boo."

"A few hours…" Sylvie repeated in disbelieve. "It's gonna take you that long to get the job done?"

"Oh Sylvie… don't be so naïve." replied Dixie, in a true 'pot calling the kettle black' kind of moment. "You can't just jump on a dog like Balto right off the bat. You gotta woo him first."

"Woo him?"

"Yeah, you know… sweet talk him a little, ease him into the situation, make him feel all snuggly and comfortable, then when he's not expecting it I introduce him to my Magic Paws and then Boom, he's all over me."

"Sounds to me like this more than just a casual fling."

"You better believe it honey." Dixie said confidently. "By this time tonight that wolf-dog's gonna be all mine, forever!"

At this moment the lanky Afghan's toothy smirk evolved into a grin that threatened to split her muzzle in half. It had been far too long since she had seen this side of her fluffy little friend. She had been afraid that the Steele incident had permanently dulled her carnal instincts. But no, the poofy predator was back and hungrier than ever.

Still, there was one thing she had to make sure of before she agreed to anything.

"Just out of curiosity, what's with this sudden interest in the wolf-dog? As far as I know you two haven't even been properly introduced yet."

"Oh… you know me Sylvie. He's the local hero and I'm the most beautiful dog in town. We belong together. It's like a law of nature or something. Like lightning or… trees." Answered Dixie confidently, in spite of how stupid her statement was. "Plus once you get past the whole wolf thing he's really kinda cute."

Sylvie had to stifle a chuckle. Even when she was in predator mode, her little friend was still a total ditz.

"Besides, we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other after I make him my little Love Muffin."

Once again the Afghan had to stifle a laugh. The little powder-puff was already picking out pet names; cute.

"Alright Dixie, you've convinced me. I'll keep Jenna out of the way for you."

"You will? Thanks Sylvie! You're a doll, an absolute doll!"

"Yeah, yeah… don't mention it. Now hurry up. You're losing daylight." The lanky Afghan said as she hurried her friend along, only to stop her when a sudden realization dawned. "Wait! What about Jenna? I can keep her busy all day, but she's gonna find out about this eventually. You know she's not gonna take this lying down."

"Oh… I wouldn't worry about her. Jenna's too much of a Goodie-Four-Paws to do anything about it." Dixie answered sweetly as she headed for the exit. "Besides, this is kinda her fault. I mean, they've been together for like over a month and they still haven't even consternated their relationship yet. As far as I'm concerned that makes him fair game. Wish me luck."

"Go get him killer!"

And with that, the pampered pooch scampered out into the street in search of her prey; leaving Sylvie alone with her thoughts.

"Oh… this is just too perfect." The Afghan said with wicked glee as she too went out into the street to search for her target. "Once Dixie's done with Balto, he's not gonna even remember Jenna's name."

It's not that she hated the scarlet husky, heavens no, it's just that Jenna had seriously been asking for this for a long time. Ever since the serum run, that red-haired hussy had been acting all holier-than-thou whenever she was around her or Dixie. And why? Just because she fell for the real hero and they both fell for a creep. Like she's so perfect! Like she's never made bad call! Anyway, this was perfect thing to knock Ms. Perfect down a few pegs.

Besides it's not like she really knew what to do with a dog like Balto anyway. I mean… Jenna was a sweet girl, but she wouldn't know how to please a guy if someone drew her a diagram. While Dixie on the other paw… well… let's that little fluff-ball was well versed in that subject, in spite of her less than average intelligence.

In strange way, Sylvie almost felt sorry for Balto; that poor boy had no idea what he was in for. Dixie might not look it, but that little creampuff was an unstoppable Alpha Dog and a relentless nymphomaniac. She was not only going to seduce the young wolf-dog, but she was going to dominate and subjugate him as well. She was going to turn that hero into her obedient little love puppy for life. And if anyone even tried to get in her way they'd be destroyed.

You know, with that kind of drive and killer instinct, Sylvie sometimes wondered if that little powder-puff didn't have a little wolf in her as well.

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