This story will not replace my Harry Potter one, I will maintain both. Oh and some facts will definitely will be altered, like what women wear! Go read! ~C

Sapphire Blacktail turned the key for the front doors of The O'Connell Mansion. She smiled as she entered and looked at the mirror against the left wall. She remembered Evey said the Egyptian hieroglyphics on the black wood around it was a nice greeting for friends seeing as it translated to "Welcome to our home, Friends be praised and Enemies beware." It the mirror stood a 26 old women who wore a pair of black pants with a night-sky-blue blouse. On the way over she had gotten many strange looks but she was used to it. She smiled as her blue eyes seemed to change to match her happy mood and her black hair stayed up in her ponytail perfectly. It had taken her almost 20 min to put all of it up without it falling back down. The tip of it curled, reminding her that if she let it down it would become wavy.

She walked further into the house and called "Hey guys! I'm here to drop of your house keys. Guys?"

"Hey Sapphire. How were things while we were gone?" Rick said walking up to her with Evey and Alex on his tail. He gave her a quick hug, as did the others.

"Good. Nothing really interesting happened at work either." Sapphire said referring to the translation/dating part of the college that she and Evey worked at. Evey had become a scholar who would teach the students how to read and write ancient Egyptian while Sapphire would translate any new finds the archeologists managed to bring back.

"I think your brother is back. He was here last night when I came in to check on the house."

"Yes, we just found some interesting clothing articles. Rick why don't you go find him?" Evey said. Rick walked off. "So how is your Motorcycle doing?"

"It still running smooth. My dad is trying to sell the idea to the motor-industries back in America. He said I could keep the 2nd one he made here while he takes models 1 and 3 with him."

"I wish you wouldn't ride that thing, I'm always afraid you're going to crash."

"Don't worry about me so much. It is likelier that I'm going to get killed by an ancient mummy then a crash anyways. Now are you going to show me what you guys brought back or what?"

"Oh yes. It is in the other room" Evey said walking. Sapphire followed. When they reached the chest they found Alex in front of it. Before they could ask what he was doing a big black man walked in.

"What are you doing in my house" Evey said threatenly

Out of no where a Medjai appeared next to Sapphire. She said "And who the hell are you?"

"My name is Ardeth. But now is not the time to talk. We must not let them get a hold of the chest!"

"Sapphire and that's good enough for me" she as Evey tossed her a sword and kept two for herself.

"Alex get the bracelet and get out of here" Sapphire said. Alex grabbed the chest and started backing up.

Then more men in red walked in. They started fighting each other. Two of the guys pushed Sapphire back into a study. She fought them off with moves she never knew where she had learned from but that came to her in times of need. She managed to knock them to their feet before running back into the other room. Alex was near her so she grabbed his left arm and dragged him away. When he was safely away from the men she lifted his shirt and revealed the funny thing she felt was the bracelet. She said "Oh no, Evey!"

She ran back into the other room in time to see Evey being slumped over a guys shoulder while another grabbed the chest. "Evey!" she yelled as she gave chase. A knife came flying at her and Ardeth tackled her to the ground. They got up and ran outside to see the cars starting to drive away.

Sapphire ran to her motorcycle and pulled on her black helmet (also her dad's invention). She started it and pulled it up next to Rick. "I'll get Evey, protect your son!" she yelled threw the visor and sped off after the cars, keeping her headlights off.

Sapphire was sneaking around the top floor of the museum. She was just to the side of whatever was going on with the red men. She saw Evey had been tied up and placed on some type of slab. She had kept her helmet on in case they need to escape quickly. She was trying to figure out how to slide down the rope conveniently hanging from the ceiling next to her. She froze when a mummy burst from the rock the men had circled around. She couldn't hear the woman or the mummy but saw Evey struggling to get free as they carried her to the fire pit. Without another thought she grabbed the rope and swung down. She knocked the men away from the Evey. When Sapphire landed and turned around more men were trying to throw her in. Before she could do anything Rick jumped threw the flames and grabbed his wife.

Men in red started firing their guns at the intruders. Sapphire ducked behind some crates but the impact broke her visor. She pulled of the helmet and left it their. She pulled a gun out from an ankle holster and stood up firing and the men firing at Evey and Rick. She saw Ardeth doing the same. When she looked over to the woman who was barking orders she froze. The mummy was staring right at her. His eyes locked onto hers and she couldn't tear her gaze away. He called out "Little Sapphire!?" in Egyptian. The women next to him turned her head towards Sapphire and glared. "Get her!" She yelled pointing straight at her. Sapphire broke eye contact and ran out the back doors. She had parked her ride there so it wasn't seen. As she was running she swore she heard the thing call out "No! Come back! Please!" in kind of a male voice. When she reached her ride she jumped on and sped out front in time to see the rest of her friends drive off in a bus. She stepped on the gas just as more mummies jumped threw the museum windows.

"Shit" she said and she made a sharp left. One of the creatures followed her. It was gaining on her so she had to think fast. She leaned forward and pulled out her big knife from the other ankle. She saw a lamp post approaching so she stuck her right arm out. Grabbing the pole she used all her strength to spin the bike around. She was on a collision course with the creature. The creature leapt into to air in an attempt to tackle her off of the device. She tightened her hand on the knife and caught of his head in a blur. She had enough time to press her body forward to avoid being hit by the lifeless body. After making sure the thing was dead her sped off in the direction she had seen the bus go. It was easy to follow the trail of the dead undead.

She pulled up next to them on a bridge. Jumping off her ride she walked up to the doors and spotted Alex standing in them.. "Hey Alex, you guys okay?" she asked.

She never got an answer though. A cloth was shoved in her face and she entered dreamland. Once again she found herself sitting by a pond of water in a strange and beautiful garden. Her cloths were silver and felt like silk, what little there was of them. The stars shun over her and if begging her to dance. She heard rustling next to her. When she looks up to her left a young boy is standing there with his hand out to her asking "would you like to dance?" His dark eyes seemed to hypnotize her. They always did. She thought before everything went dark.

She became very aware of two things. First, there was a very annoying light shining in her eyes. Second, she was not wearing her pants anymore but what felt like a silk dress.

Hopefully you like it. I don't know how many chapters there are going to be. I'll update soon. ~C