So, a lot more people have been demanding the completion of this story than the continuation of the Harry Potter one. So I figured I'd get this story done with. THE KNIFE IS STILL LODGED IN HER SHOULDER. That is all ~C

Sapphire was seeing in shades of red. When she deciphered where the Scorpion King would be resting from some random hieroglyphics, she began sprinting in that direction. She arrived in a burial chamber, full of scorpion statues. There were two big double doors to her left and a sarcophagus to her right. As she approached the sarcophagus she noticed that is was only the size of a small child. As she leaned downed to examine it the entire temple began to shake.

She lost her balance and landed on her ass. Suddenly, the sarcophagus began moving. The entire floor was moving revealing a secret whole underneath it. She couldn't see into the blackened pit but could hear something moving around. She scrambled backwards just as what appeared to be a giant black pincher landed in front of her with a thud. Slowly, a half-man and half-bug guy began to rise. She quickly stood up and began to take long steps backwards in the direction of the doors. It hadn't noticed her.


The creature's head whipped towards her direction. She had stepped on what appeared to be a thin wooden scepter and it broke. The thing began looking her up and down. "Uhhh" was all she could say. Slowly, the thing, a man she realized, grinned at her in a perverted manner. "Not again!" she whined. As it took a step towards her she spun and bolted for the door. It chased her.

"What is with these mummies!" she screamed.

When she reached the doors she shoved with all her might. They swung with ease and she resulted in tumbling forward. When she landed, she looked up to find that Imhotep and Rick were standing in front of the others holding weapons.

"Sapphire?" the both said.

She looked behind her as she stood up. "Can't talk. Must hide." She said as she sprinted and attempted to hide behind Imhotep. He didn't understand what she was doing so he sidestepped as SK (scorpion king) entered the room. She looked at SK before saying, "correction, must RUN!" she yelled the last part as she began to sprint towards the other side off the room, barely managing to jump over the pit of dead people. SK growled at Rick and Imhotep.

"Who are you?" SK demanded. The men didn't reply. SK began to descend towards them. He snapped his pinchers at each as they backed away. When the men turned and ran he looked up.

He looked up to see Sapphire running. She was almost at the opening of a passageway. He leaped onto the ceiling before landing in front of her.

"Not cool!" she yelled as she skidded to a stop. "Why can't you go after her!" she said pointing Ank in one of the passageway entrances. SK looked at Ank and watched as the women ran into the passageway clinging onto a black book. He turned his attention back to Sapphire.

SK reached down with one claw and picked her up. Before she could scream, something hit SK in the side of his head. When they turned they saw Imhotep glaring at SK. "Put her down!" he ordered. When SK started laughing Sapphire got an idea. She wiggled until one arm was free and pulled the dagger out of her shoulder as a few tears slid down her eyes from the pain. How did I not notice it hurt that much? She thought. While SK wasn't looking she raised the dagger and brought it down into his claw.

SK roared in anger and flung sapphire against the opposite wall. She whimpered in pain as her head slammed into the wall. Her eyelids grew heavy and she saw only blackness. "No!" Imhotep yelled. He could see she wasn't moving. He picked up a couple of swords and jogged over to Rick. Rick took a defensive position until Imhotep held a sword out so he could grab it.

Rick eyed him suspiciously. Suddenly SK landed right in front of them. They began to battle it out with him, protecting each other and helping to stab at him. It was working until SK swatted Imhotep and he landed 10 feet away.

As he stood up he noticed Jonathan was holding the sacred spear. He ran over to him and snatched it out of his hands. Before Jonathan could protest Imhotep had the scepter opened up and was running towards SK. SK turned and raised his claws. As he brought his claws down, Imhotep slid under him. As he slid past Rick, who had been avoiding SK's claws the entire time, Imhotep tossed Rick the spear. When SK turned around Rick drove the spear into SK's stomach.

"Go to hell," he said "and take your friends with you!"

SK reared upward then exploded into black dust.

Sapphire sat up. She was in pain. When she opened her eyes all she could see was white light. But the light soon faded and the scene of chaos was in front of her. The place seemed to be falling apart. Suddenly, she got her hearing back. She could hear Evey yelling for Rick and Jonathan yelling "Hang on". She slowly stood up and looked around.

Then, it was as if she had been hit in the face. Her mind was clear and her limbs had new adrenaline the moment she saw Rick and Imhotep hanging over an edge. She began running around the falling debris as Evey began to pull Rick up. As she ran she heard Imhotep call out for Ank and watched as the coward turned and ran. As she was getting closer she realized Imhotep was about to let go. She dove and slid. Her arms shot down over the side and managed to grab a hand. As she scooted closer to the edge and began to pull with all her might she saw Imhotep staring at her.

"If you let go so help me I will resurrect you and kill you myself!" she yelled. He grinned and reached up with his other hand. After a minute of pulling he was finally over the edge gasping for air.

"What are you doing?" Evey said.

"How are you alive?" Sapphire said as she pulled Imhotep to his feet.

"Run first, talk later!" Rick called as he began dragging Evey to the entrance were they met Jonathan and Alex. Once again they were running. They managed to get outside and up onto the pyramid steps before the entire thing began to sink. It gave a huge shake and Alex lost his grip.

He yelled as he flared his arms out trying to catch something. As he fell though Imhotep reached out and grabbed him by his pants. He lifted him onto the next ledge where Evey showered him with hugs. "Thank you" she said. Soon they had made it to the top.

"Now what!" Jonathan said.

"What is that?" Imhotep asked Sapphire as he pointed to a UFO.

"BENNY!" Rick yelled at the thing. Suddenly, a head popped over the side.

When it came into arms reach Rick and Imhotep began hoisting people up onto it. When the boy and the women were up they pulled themselves up then Jonathan. Suddenly, another shake sent Jonathan tumbling over the edge. Sapphire reached out and grabbed him but was being pulled over by his weight. She felt Rick grabbed one leg while Imhotep grabbed the other. Evey leaned over the side and said "Hang on!"

"To what!" Jonathan replied.

"She's talking to me!" Sapphire said as she tightened her grip on his legs. He then noticed a large diamond on top of the pyramid. "Lower me down!" he yelled.

"It's not worth your life!" Rick yelled

"Yes it is!" Jonathan yelled back.

"Well it's not worth mine you idiot!" Sapphire yelled as Jonathan grabbed a hold of it.

"Pull me up! Pull me up!" he called as the pyramid began to sink faster. With a little effort, Sapphire began to swing back and forth until Rick was able to grab on Jonathan. He landed by Alex. Imhotep then pulled Sapphire up and they went tumbling backwards. They all heaved a sigh.

"You almost got me killed!" Benny yelled.

"At least you didn't get shot," Rick said. He then pulled his wife to him and kissed her. Alex made gagging sounds while Jonathan agreed.

Sapphire stood up along with Imhotep. As she took a step forward she winced. When she looked down at her leg she noticed a rather large gash on it. She turned towards Evey and called, "Hey Evey, this never happened from riding a motorcycle!" Evey shook her head and then placed it on Rick's chest. Imhotep chuckled.

Jonathan looked around an said, "All right, I'll bite. Evey is alive because Alex read from the book of the dead. Why is it still alive?" He pointed to Imhotep.

Sapphire noticed Imhotep was pretty banged up as well. She limped over to him. He stood still afraid of what she would do. Suddenly, she yanked his face down and kissed him. It lasted for just a second before she pulled back.

"That night I died outside your window. I had been coming to tell you that the King was going to give my hand to you" she spoke slowly in Egyptian. His eyes widened in surprise. "And I lied. As I was dying, I was trying to say 'I'm sorry I never said I loved you.'" She waited for his reaction.

He cupped her face in his hands. "I don't know what happened in that place, but it made me mortal. And there is nothing I'd rather do than spend the rest of this life with you." Sapphires eyes began to water as he continued. "Because I love you, Sapphire Blacktail."

He pulled her towards him and received the best kiss of his entire life. Even if they could hear Jonathan arguing over the diamond with Benny.

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