The Witch's Stone: It's A Freaky New Moon

Disclaimer:I do not own Twilight, just the plot. No money was made for this story. This is a rated M fic, 16 and up please, adult content, sexual situations, violence and adult language, please be advised! Thought in italic.

Chapter One: The Arrivals

Aro sat at his throne at the end of a hard day, pinching the bridge of his nose; thinking to himself. Why were young vampires so thick? Exposing themselves to humans because they refuse to stay in the shadows in the day was such a waste.

He was tired of the monotony, life was so boring and it seem to have lost its flavor. Anything would be welcome opposed to this, day in and day out. He turned his head to look at Caius and Marcus. His brothers were beside him as still as statues in their seats looking lifeless as ever. Suddenly, the double doors open slowly and entered the secretary, Gianna. She timidly approached the three kings. In her hand was a box and when she came to a stop in front of Aro, she bowed, lifting the small package up to him.

"Master Aro, a package just arrived for you."

She tremblingly handed Aro the box. Aro eyed the small cardboard box with interest. A mysterious box how exciting, I love a good mystery. He took the box and waved the secretary away to dismiss her. She turned looking relieved and made her way out. The sound of her heals clicked on the polished stone of the great hall as she retreated. Aro stood and tucked the box under his arm.

"Let's adjourn for today brothers." Aro announced and made his way to the double doors leading to the royal wings. His brothers joined him as he walked.

"Well, Aro what's this box that has arrived for you?" Caius asked pointing at the package.

Aro was always getting something from vampires wishing to join the coven.

Aro smiled to his intense brother by his side. "Well, I'm not really sure, he paused, perhaps it is a new jewel or a book. I'm so fascinated, dear brother."

Aro patted the parcel under his arm happily. "Are you two going to come to my office to open it with me?" Aro asked.

Marcus sighed and nodded. Caius smirking, added. "I am only curious to know if it will harm you, and unmarked boxes are very suspicious."

Aro laughed. "Oh Caius, ever the pessimist."

Caius frowned. Aro always had a way to wipe the smirk off his face. He was so irritatingly happy and Caius hoped that he was careful. He was too damn curious for his own good.

Aro push open his mahogany door leading to his study. Dodging his table full of books and scrolls, he floated over to his desk. He sat on his cozy leather chair and his brothers took the couch in front of him. Marcus turned his head towards the sound of Aro ripping into the box with anticipation. Caius glared at the box as if it contained something horribly nasty inside. Aro gasped and reached in the package. He pulled out the gift and examined it closely. Aro turned a polished large blue stone in his palm.

"Oh, it's an ancient rune stone! See its markings." Aro exclaimed, he loved artifacts.

"What's the rune mean, Aro?" Marcus pointed at Aro's open palm.

The Master vampire squinted at the symbol."It's a soul rune stone, if I remember correctly Marcus."

Marcus nods and leans back.

"Well, Aro who is it from?" Caius asked impatiently.

Aro looked in the box farther but shook his head. "No note, the box is empty."

Aro turned it admiringly. "I think I will display it in the artifact case. It's beautiful!"

Aro put it on the desk. "First, I will research ancient runes, I haven't read about them in a long time."

"Well, if you will excuse me brothers, I hear Athenadora calling me. Caius stood and flitted out after Aro gave him a wave.

"I will retire as well, good evening Aro." Marcus flitted out after Caius.

Aro was left wondering who would send such a fascinating gift.

Next day in the throne room.

"Ah, Bella is alive after all, isn't that wonderful and Alice is here too!" Aro stepped towards them in exuberance. "Felix be a dear and summon my brothers please, they don't want to miss this."

Aro smiling, glanced around at each guest intensely.

Bella looked at the beautiful creature before her. He had long black hair that reached his mid back, held back by a hair clip. His face was handsome, like a Greek god with papery white skin that seamed to have an inner glow. His eyes were strange to her, they were blood-red with a milky white film over them. Bella wondered to herself if it effected his vision. Marcus and Caius flitted in the room and stopped in front Aro.

"See brothers, Bella is alright. Ah Alice, you have been wrong after all." Aro chuckled with a twinkle of amusement in his eyes.

Marcus seemed bored and sad with brown wavy shoulder length hair. When Bella looked into his eyes she saw very soulful expression and longed to comfort him some how.

Caius seemed perpetually angry with white hair and youthful features. He looked around to glare at everyone as he joined Aro's side. Bella noticed all were deadly as they were beautiful and she gulped down as her nerves started to fray.

Alice only smiled and nodded her pixie-like head at Aro in agreement.

"I'm not infallible, in this case I'm so relieved." Aro smiled at Alice then looked to Edward.

Aro cocked his head to the side and approached him. He took his hand from Bella's to her dismay and she edged behind Edward a little more. Aro's milky red eyes seemed to glaze over as Edward's memories flooded his mind.

Bella watched him closely and thought he was going into some kind of trance. Edward turned his head to Bella and began explaining about Aro's gift. Aro was astonished.

So, he told this human everything. So unafraid was she and so naïve not to be. Aro mused.

"Singer!" Aro exclaimed.

"How can you stand to be so close to her? Her blood appeals to you so much!" Aro glanced towards Bella gazing at her up and down.

"Well, it's not without some difficulty." Edward said as he cringed in pain from his burning throat.

Aro chuckled and looked longingly at Bella. "Yes, I can see that! Umm, the thought of her blood makes me thirsty."

Aro glanced back to Edward. " You're a powerful mind reader yourself, yet you can't read Bella's thoughts, fascinating!"

Edward scoffed. "Now you know everything, so get it over with."

Youth, such rude impatientence. Aro mused annoyed.

Aro pretended not to hear him as he continued. "I would like so much to see if my gift is deterred as well. Will you allow me?"

Edward shrugged his shoulders and snatched his hand away. "Ask her."

Aro looked surprised. Oh she was a free pet! With all gentlemanly like manner he asked her with a smile.

"Will you do me the honor?"

He cocked his head to the side waiting expectantly. Bella edged closer towards Aro's awaiting hand and he gently, yet eagerly, bended over their hands concentrating on her. Aro glanced up at her after a moment shocked.

"Interesting, I see nothing." Aro released her and stepped back.

He turned away from her and it appeared as if he was going to go sit in his throne. He spun suddenly. "I wonder if she is immune to all our gifts, shall we Jane?"

He looked over the small blonde girl standing by her twin brother Alec. Jane smiled.

Edward, reading Aro's intentions, snarled. "No!" He charged at Jane full force. Bella watched as Edward stopped mid lunge. His face contorted in agony and fell to the floor.

"Stop it, please!" Bella tried to help Edward.

Alec flitted over to stop Bella from interfering. Alice was trying to help her brother by kneeling and holding him.

"Alright, I'll do anything! Just stop hurting him!" Bella yelled at Aro.

"Jane dear, continue." Aro waved his hand.

Jane smiled again as if she enjoyed the prospect of other's suffering. Bella steadied herself with bated breath.

"This will only hurt a little." Jane smiled.

Bella inwardly scoffed at her false reassurances. She waited after a few moments then she looked over at Aro.

Aro clapped his hands in glee and laughed. "Wonderful, she confounds us all!"

Jane scowled at Bella.

"So, what do we do with you now?" Aro asked Bella and the kings.

"You already know what you are going to do, Aro." Marcus spoke up in his grave voice.

"She's a liability, she knows too much." Caius sneered.

Aro considered their words. "Um, that's true."

Aro agreed reluctantly. "Felix."

The tall muscular guard stalked toward Bella with deadly intent. All hell breaks loose as Edward flips Bella behind his back and hissed violently and lunged at Felix. The opponents moved so fast it was hard to see with human eyes. Bella finally got a fix on the fight as Felix ended the fray when he smashed Edward on the stairs leading up to the thrones. Bella watched as Felix grabbed Edward's head and began twisting it off. Bella cried out begging for mercy as the sickening sound like someone grinding their boots on smashed porcelain reverberated off the great hall walls.

"Please don't kill him, kill me, not him!" Bella pleaded.

Aro held up his hands suddenly halting Felix. Aro made his way down the stairs to where Bella stood. Bella's chest was heaving as her pulse raced. She hunched her shoulders in exhaustion from the stress. He could hardly believe his ears. In all his three thousand years he had not been so bewildered. Bella, a beautiful mortal, so unafraid, so selfless and so powerful. Fate was cruel, oh yes! He glared at the boy, Edward. He was given such a precious gift and he refused to make her his.

Weak, stupid boy! Aro was feet from her now. "Amazing you would give your life for one of us, a vampire, a soulless monster."

Bella boldly stuck out her chin in defiance. Aro's eyes glinted in amusement seeing her spirit.

"You don't know a thing about his soul." Bella glared at Aro.

Aro smiled at Bella's boldness. "Umm, maybe yes, maybe no." He stalked toward her closer.

"It's truly a shame Edward does not mean to change you." Aro looked to Edward for a change of heart.

"Just get away from her!" Edward spat.

"This is a sadness." Aro turned back to Bella.

He moved so fast. She jumped at his sudden touch. He reached up to her face and ghosted his fingers along her jaw. "Isabella..." Aro whispered causing Bella to shiver.

"You are so fascinating."

To everyone else's ears he announced he wished to have a private audience with Bella. Murmuring went through the great hall.

"Silence!" Caius bellowed. "I hope you have good reason for this delay, Aro!"

Aro sighed and waved his hand at his impatient brother.

"Isabella, come with me." Aro held out his hand and he grasped hers with his cold one leading her out of the double doors toward his study.