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When Harry finally arrived at the door to Grimmauld place, he was shaking with nerves, wondering if he would even be welcomed. He stood at the door, trying to decide if he should knock or just go in when the decision was taken out of his hands by Draco opening the door. It had been two full days since he'd left, he'd wandered the Scottish Highlands for hours on end; in the back of his mind he thought he'd been looking for his people, the Gille Dubh.
He knew that was crap though. He refused to allow the fact that he was a creature define him, he'd been letting too many outside factors make those decisions for him for his whole life. He'd left the Highlands and started his trek back to London, in small steps, just like his trip north. The closer he got to home, his real home, the more assured he felt. Until he was face to face with his mate.

"I'm sor—" Draco lifted his hand an placed his fingertips on Harry's lips, stopping him from apologizing. He dragged his fingertips back and forth across Harry's bottom lip as they stood in silence.

"I'm not ready for you to apologize yet Potter. I'm not angry, and I'm not going to keep you from our home or our bed. I just…want you to apologize when the time is right and in your own way, and it's not now." He removed his fingers from Harry's mouth and turned to go inside without another word, leaving the door open behind him. Harry knew that it would all be alright.

Harry learned so much about himself and his mate in the following days. He learned that Draco was emphatically not a morning person, but if he brought him breakfast in bed, Harry could manage to get a kiss and a smile from the blonde before 10am. Draco and Harry spent hours in their bedroom with the door locked, just talking.

Talking about their bond; how if felt to each of them, what it meant to each of them, brought Harry a lot of comfort. It wasn't something forced on him by fate; those days was when he learned to see it as a gift. He told Draco everything about his trip up north, both of them agreeing that they had to go back as soon as possible. Draco wanted to meet the family that Harry had never known and they both wanted to explore the castle.

Harry learned how best to apologize to his mate. The best apologies were in bed, with lips and tongue and fingers and cocks and sweaty skin between cool sheets. He worshiped Draco's body with everything that he had at his disposal. Draco felt so unreservedly loved from the way at Harry treated him; he had no choice but to reciprocate in kind.

When they managed to stumble from their bedroom, usually in search of food, they were able to observe the other changes in the house with clear eyes. They didn't see the small changes that happened gradually, but they saw the big, sweeping changes and he after effects. Severus smiled now; a lot. He looked younger, more handsome and far more carefree that he'd ever looked. Remus was quicker to laugh; visibly less melancholy than he'd been merely a month before. Sirius was the same as ever, but there was an extra spring in his noticeably slower step; having two lovers to please instead of one, they supposed.

Though extremely nervous about the entire situation, Harry asked that Sirius, Remus and Severus sit down and talk with him about what had happened and why. Draco refused to be present for the talk telling Harry that he had to learn to do difficult things on his own; Draco wold comfort him later. Despite the bond and it's mechanics, they both wanted some small measure of independence. They both wanted to be their own men so that they could give that to the other.

Shaking with nerves, one week to the day after he'd returned home, Harry entered the sitting room to find Sirius, Remus and Severus seated on the couch together, quietly waiting for him. He took a deep breath to calm himself (it didn't work, but he managed not to start hyper-ventilating again) and sat on the loveseat across from them. Three faces stared at him, waiting for him to speak and finally he sorted out his thoughts and pushed them out.

"I, uh, first I want to apologize. Not...not for what happened but for how I reacted. I've apologized to Draco already, despite what he wanted and I feel the need to start with that here. I know now that you weren't unwilling participants. I didn't force anything on you and that no one was...hurt by what happened. None the less, I am sorry." His proclamation was greeted with silence; he hadn't expected anything else really.

"Second, I need to tell you that, while I never actually found the Gille Dubh during my ...uh, vacation, I did learn a bit about them. I will have a full blown heat about once every seven years. Unlike other creatures, they will increase in intensity rather than decrease, which is why, during my first heat, the creature marked multiple partners for future mating. These people are referred to as 'heat mates' and, while they are not necessary during heat, they are welcome and desired. Most often these are people that the I had a strong bond with before my inheritance. Heat mates are only truly desired during heat...the rest of the time they are just..." He trailed off, knowing what he wanted to say, needed to say to these men but had a hard time forcing the words out without crying.

"Just my family." He braved a look up from the floor, where he'd been staring intensely at the carpet and was struck by the utter love showing from the three faces across from him. He gave a weak smile and was tackled by Sirius.

"Oh Pup, all of these are good things you're telling us right now. The family you choose is so much more important than the family you're born into. We're not going anywhere." Sirius kissed the top of his tousled head and gave him a noogie for good measure before Severus and Remus both came over and kissed him too. He smiled up at them from his perch on Sirius' lap.

"I've already explained this to Draco, and he's fine with it, though he's a little disappointed that he won't get to share in the fun with you. No one may touch my mate but me." All four of them laughed and Draco peeked his head into the room at the joyful sounds. He saw four happy faces and smiled at Harry, relieved that he'd been right and everything worked out.

About six weeks after the night that everything changed, Draco and Harry both fell too ill to head to Hogwarts with Severus to turn in his resignation. He frowned at them both, checked their temperatures and found nothing too worrisome. He knew that they had actually wanted to attend, and so were not faking illness, but with nothing obviously wrong, he tucked them in to bed and left with Sirius and Remus.

Both boys were laying in bed, turned on their sides facing each other and trying not to be sick. They talked softly, about things they wanted to do. Harry wanted to travel, over to the continent and even to America; he wanted to see the things he'd only ever read about. He wanted to experience, with Draco, life of a sort that he never thought he'd live long enough to enjoy.

Draco, on the other hand, had traveled extensively with his parents from a young age. He wanted to stay and build a home; not in the literal sense as Grimmauld Place felt like home to him now, but in the sense of building a routine and being a homebody. He wanted to just simply be with Harry as he never thought he'd be able to.

Both boys, unwilling to give up their fanciful dreams, but unable to compromise at that exact moment, fell asleep with sweet smiles on their faces and loving words on their lips. Severus checked on them when he arrived back home and smiled at the picture they made; curled together in the center of the large bed, limbs entwined and one dark head resting next to a light one. He stood in the doorway smiling for some time before Sirius came up behind him and slipped his arms around the taller man's waist.

"Pretty as a picture, huh?" Severus nodded silently even as he turned his head for a kiss from the other man.

"Disgustingly adorable. Griffindors have turned me into a sentimental fool." Sirius grunted as he took Severus' lips in a kiss designed to make him weak in the knees and pliable.

"Eh, you love us anyways. And we love you, sentimental or grumpy. C'mon, leave the kids to their rest, lets go get Remus and celebrate retirement." Severus smiled into the shorter man's hair and shut the door behind them.

Three days later, both boys were still sick and Severus was getting worried. Neither one could keep any food down, with the exception of saltines or dry toast, and both were vomiting far too much for his comfort. He was discussing the situation with Remus in the kitchen, debating he merits of taking them to hospital when Remus started laughing.

"So...can't keep food down, all consuming nausea all day long and slightly more cranky than usual? No, Sev dear, I don't think they need the hospital just yet. Think back, I'd say about six weeks or so, what happened then?" Remus leaned over the table, smiling in a way that made Severus want to drag him to their bedroom, but forced himself to think instead. Six weeks ago...was the night of Harry's heat.

"Oh Merlin's saggy balls..." Remus laughed out loud and drew the attention of Sirius who'd been reading in the next room.

"What's so funny? Did I hear Sev swearing a second ago?" Remus was laughing too much to answer and Severus had a spaced out look on his face as he ran through the diagnostic spells he knew.

"I think Harry and Draco are pregnant." Severus mumbled as he retrieved his wand and passed Sirius' dumbfounded form on his way upstairs to run the proper spell. He heard a solid thump as the door swung shut behind him and Remus' cackling laughter increase. He poked his head back into the kitchen to see Sirius passed out on the floor and Remus holding his sides with one hand as he pointed and laughed at Sirius with the other.

"Blasted mutt...aguamenti! I have no time for you right now, you man-child." He shot Sirius in the face with a jet of cold water from his wand and marched off to confirm his sneaking suspicions.

Thirty minutes later, Severus poured himself a stiff drink as he thought about the fact that there would be children in this house in a matter of 30 weeks or so. There was no question that Draco or Harry could handle a standard 40 week term pregnancy, and even though it was early stages, he was fairly certain that Harry was carrying multiple babies. Babies. His, Sirius and Remus' babies. He gulped down his drink and went to find his mates.

Though Harry's nausea abated quickly, Draco's lingered on long into the second trimester. Harry was a ball of sunshine, happiness and horniness exuding from every pore whereas Draco became sullen and snappish; not a wonder considering that he hadn't eaten a decent meal or gotten a full, natural night's sleep in more that two months. Harry glowed with impending parenthood, putting on healthy weight and still finding time to exercise regularly. Draco put on no weight except for the football shaped lump on his stomach and became increasingly hostile if anyone dared to ask him to do anything other than nest.

At 35 weeks, both Draco and Harry reported increasing pain in their lower backs and stomach. Severus ran several tests to determine that both boys were developing birthing canals and he winced in sympathy when he told them that the pain would only increase. Both boys were put on bed-rest; no one was willing to risk their lives or the lives of the babies in any way.

Draco went into labor first and, with a very pregnant Harry coaching, Severus delivered a healthy baby girl while Sirius and Remus paced and bit their nails. Lily Narcissa Potter-Malfoy had the best of both her parents and instantly had all five men wrapped around her tiny fingers. When she was placed into Draco's arms for the first time, he cried and began to glow, shining brighter than Harry ever had as though to make up for his lack of it during his pregnancy.

She had Harry's olive skin tones with Draco's piercing grey eyes; Harry's adorable button nose and Draco's ears. She was perfection and the instant that he saw her, Draco fell in love with her and more in love with Harry for giving him this most precious of gifts. He refused to let her go until he'd softly fallen asleep and then Harry finally got his turn to hold the precious bundle.

Severus placed her gently on Harry's huge belly and she blinked open her grey eyes to look at Harry before closing them again and resting her cheek on his stomach. Harry thought he might burst. It was one thing to know that you were about to become a parent and another thing all together to hold his baby in his arms.

Before long Harry's contractions started but, stubbornly acting like their mother, the babies wouldn't come right away. Harry was in labor for a total of 108 hours before he gave birth to Gabriel Potter-Snape, who had the dark hair of both parents but Harry's light eyes. An hour after Gabriel came Silvius Potter-Lupin, who had the lungs of both his parents and came into the world howling. He calmed down once he was placed with his brother and Harry barely had a chance to look at him before he was pushing one final time to bring James Potter-Black into the world.

Harry blacked out before he could meet James and Severus spent a tense hour trying to get him back to the world of the living. In typical Harry style, he brushed off his near-death experience and immediately asked to see his children, whom he declared 'perfection' before slipping into a natural (and safe) sleep.

Life was perfect, well as perfect as it could get in a house with four infants. Harry and Draco devoted every waking second to their perfect little bundles, until Severus, Remus and Sirius stole the babies and forced the young parents to relax. And, while they hated to be separated from their babies for any length of time, both agreed that their relationship was still so new (in the honeymoon phase) that they never could help but take advantage of their alone time.