The First Namikaze

This chapter has been re-written to fix any and all mistakes when it was first posted. And some things are different from canon since I don't remember then all to clearly or how they happened.

"Katon" – Regular Speech

'Suiton' – Thought/Flashback/Mindscape Speech

'Raiton' – Demon/Summon Speech

"Doton" – Jutsu Speech

Chapter One

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"Ideals are peaceful. History is violent."



Throughout the annals of history there has never been any recorded document of people stating that war was good. There has always been loss when war broke out; resources, land, and lives. Yes, death was always lurking each and every battlefield, patiently waiting to drag another soul into it's realm.

The 4th Shinobi World War was no stranger to it. It didn't discriminate, man, woman, or child. All were impervious to the touch of death. It was like a dance to the men and women who were always fighting on the battlefield, would they lead death away from the grave or would it lead them to it. It was always a constant struggle for them especially since it's felt like they've been doing it for years, when in reality, it's only been a few months.

Everything, all the death and destruction, was because of one man and his ambition for his twisted sense of peace. Casualties are expected during war and while the Allies had lost a quarter of their forces and more everyday, they mostly lost those who were infiltrators and saboteurs.

While the man who has been trying for peace did come off as insane to those who had spoken to him, a very cunning mind lurked there as well. They say that insanity and genius are two sides of the same coin. Truer words had never been spoken.

The masked madman had deliberately allowed for those who could infiltrate or sabotage to enter his territory with relative ease. The trap he set for them would then spring and they were like mice cornered by a hungry cat. There was no form of escape for them. They had lost good people like that and with those specialists dwindling in number each day, they could no longer afford to fight behind the scenes.

The war had turned into a battle of attrition. It was fight after fight, head to head, with no rest in sight for those weary battered bodies on the battlefield, but it didn't matter how tired they were. For if they lost this war, then everything was over. Everyone was fighting to protect something; family, lovers, land, money, the future. Even if their reasons were different, they all had one in common; protect the remaining two Jinchūriki.

It was through this common goal that they stood firm and unyielding in the face of death, in the face of a man who should have long been dead; Uchiha Madara. All the lives and resources gone were to stop this man and his goal of an everlasting peace through a dream.

The two Jinchūriki were hidden away from the world at war. It was all for their own safety and from the prying eyes of the former Uchiha patriarch. Only the Gōkage with a select few others knew the exact location. They believed this the wisest course of action, well, except for one person.

Namikaze Naruto. He is the son of the Red-Hot Habanero, Uzumaki Kushina, and the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato.

Having finally taken his father's name, he would often alternate between the two when introducing himself or even go as far as combining the two at times. Unfortunately, there were those who still held animosity towards his old man from the previous war and while things did not escalate to the point of physicality, their words still remained harsh.

However, these shinobi and kunoichi were experienced and had placed their anger aside for the moment and focused on the task at hand. There would be nothing for them to be angry about should they not do something about the war.

Naruto on the other hand had no clue why they were mad at him for something he didn't do and just shrugged it off. He truly believed he could change the tides of this war with his mastering of Kurama's chakra. The Gōkage were extremely hesitant to allow him past their barriers and sending him off to the front-lines. If he were to be captured and his Bijū extracted, then the uphill battle they had already been fighting would then become an insurmountable wall.

After his scuffle with the Raikage, he had been allowed to enter the fray. The effects of his arrival were instantaneous.

Momentum had swung back in the favor of the allies. Battlefield after battlefield was being dominated by the blonde and his clones, easily being able to identify the mole' in their ranks. The while Zetsu army had become a thing of the past. Unfortunately though, this forceful surge could only last for so long. Two men had stepped into the fray.

Naruto knew one of them personally, Yakushi Kabuto, a man as slippery as his master. The other was a mystery to him, he only knew him by the name Tobi.

No sooner had the punches been thrown by the two sides did Kabuto disappear, slithering away into the shadows. The blonde knew from personal experience just how much trouble the man could cause if he was left unchecked. Only problem was, he was being blocked. This Tobi character was in front of him and would not let him pass, luckily for him, help had arrived.

Due to him being more sensitive to chakra now thanks to Kurama, he could feel two strong life forces heading straight for him along with a multitude of others. All of them were friendlies.

Landing on opposite sides of him were Hatake Kakashi and Maito Gai. The rest landed behind the two of them.

However, just as morale began to rise at the mismatched numbers between the two parties facing off, it was immediately crushed. Seven coffins rose up from underneath the ground behind Tobi.


Naruto had heard his sensei curse under his breath when he saw the coffins. He didn't know what they were but he knew for a fact that Kabuto had a hand in this.

"So he finally did it." Naruto heard Tobi mutter. "Well, I might as well make my retreat for now. It's not time for the big reveal yet." he chuckled.

Thanks to his enhanced hearing, Naruto began to pursue but was suddenly blocked. He blinked a few times to make sure he was sure he was seeing clearly...he was. There standing in front of him was a man he had seen die years ago; Momochi Zabuza. Along with six others.

Having taken his eyes off of Tobi for a second, he looked back and watched as the man began to swirl out of existence waving goodbye to him. He gritted his teeth in anger and annoyance and returned his focus to the ninja in front of him.

Before he could try and communicate with the only person he recognized among the group, a deep cool mist began to cloud the area. He knew how bad it was with just Zabuza last time, but now with six more. They wouldn't last.

It seemed that his sensei was of like mind as they both weaved their hand-seals and sucked in a large amount of air.

"Fūton: Daitoppa(Great Breakthrough)!"

Both teacher and student blew out large gusts of wind towards the encroaching mist, successfully blowing it away before it settled. Naruto was smirking at his attack. He absolutely loved his wind affinity but what he never told anyone was that he had recently discovered he had two more. Only thing was he didn't know any techniques for them.

Putting his lack of knowledge aside, he sped off towards Zabuza at blinding speeds and nailed him with a knee to his gut while simultaneously driving his elbow into the nape of the neck. He quickly spun around and delivered an uppercut, sending the mist shinobi flying.

He summoned clones and had them repeat the same process with the others but the longer he kept watching the more he frowned. No matter how many times he kept putting them down, they just kept getting back up, it was never ending. Nothing he had in his repertoire could accumulate the right amount of damage to bring them down and the techniques he did have for that would have harmed everyone else. So now he found himself in a bit of a pickle.

How do you beat somebody that's already dead?

If he didn't believe he couldn't beat this guys he would have been tearing his hair out already. A shallow sigh escaped his lips and he calmed himself down, this was not the time nor the place to get frustrated. He readied himself once more to begin the assault when he heard his name.

"Naruto." Kakashi called out. "You need to leave the field now. Let us handle this problem, your going to be needed elsewhere." The one eyed Jōnin told his student as he kept a watchful eye out. Naruto didn't like the sound of that.

"What!" He couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Why are you telling me this? With all of us here, we outnumber them. We can beat them here and now!" cried out the blonde sage.

"Listen!" hissed Kakashi. "I realize you want to continue, but you need to learn when to pick the right battles. This here..." he motioned at the Seven Swordsmen. "This is nothing but a road block. When the bigger fight starts, and it will, you need to be there and at your best." stated Kakashi.

He sincerely hoped his student understood the gravity of the situation and followed his advice. If he didn't then he was going to make him. Naruto still hadn't moved.

Kakashi sighed as his stare hardened. "This is an order!." The Sharingan holder had pulled rank on his student.

"Fine!" pouted Naruto. Displeasure evident in his voice. "I'll follow that order. Doesn't mean I have to like it though..." he grumbled to himself. "Don't die sensei."

"You got it Naruto." Kakashi eye smiled at him. Naruto vanished soon after that.

Kumogakure –

Naruto had arrived back at headquarters within the hour after he had left Kakashi to deal with the mist ninja. Having his speed increased with Kurama's chakra was definitely great, it allowed him to get to places and help people faster. Having spotted the command tent, he made his way over but stopped short of the entrance.

"Raikage-sama!" yelled a frantic Kumo-nin. "Inoichi-san from intelligence has acquired information regarding the location of Madara."

Naruto tensed at hearing this before leaning in closer.

"What!" bellowed the Raikage looking at his ninja. "Well, what are you waiting for! Let's hear it!" he said, slamming his fist on his desk.

The Kumo-nin was startled by the sudden fist coming down but soon regained composure and began their explanation.

A frown appeared on Naruto's face and it only grew the more he heard, especially when he heard the name.

'Madara?' He tried sounding out the name on his mouth. It was then he recalled hearing the name in passing by Kurama during one of his rants. 'But...he still couldn't be alive, could he?'

He shook his head, just standing here thinking about it would do him little good. Instead he would confront the man. He vanished from his position.

Unfortunately, had he stayed to listen to the full report, he would have heard of another "Madara" popping out in the desert plains. This one was attacking his friend Gaara and the Tsuchikage.

Using his superior speed like a man possessed, he was nearing the location he had overheard from the report. Perhaps he had a future as an Anbu operative once the war was over before he became Hokage. He was obviously awesome enough with his skills since none of the Kage's had found him, either they were too busy or they didn't have anyone who could sense him.

He abruptly stopped, the stench of the area hitting his nose. He had finally arrived at his location and he could only look at it with disgust in his eyes. Bodies upon bodies were strewn about the area like broken toys tossed away by a child who was done with them.

Some bodies were missing a limb or limbs, others had missing heads. Many of them though were mangled or had their body impaled. The last remaining few were just plain unidentifiable due to the amount of damage they took upon their death. All of them were just rotting hunks of flesh now.

He wasn't even going to bother checking for survivors since he could feel any life coming from any of them, or at least close to him. Just a few miles away from him, he had felt life signs but they were getting snuffed out quickly by the white Zetsu'.

Being who he was, he just couldn't let that happen. He bit his thumb, drawing blood, and called for the assistance of the Toads.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

A humongous plume of smoke erupted from his palm as two earth shaking quakes moved the ground below him. Two giant toads had appeared.

'Hmm? Where are we?' wondered one of the toads, his voice booming throughout the area. He felt something atop his head and looked up. 'Oh! Naruto, I didn't see you up there. How have you been bro?'

'Hello Naruto.' greeted the other toad. 'Do you have any snacks?' Naruto shook his head and held back a groan.

"I'm doing fine, Gamakichi." he replied to the first toad. "And I'll give you some snacks later, Gamatatsu." he told the second. He then looked at both. "I need your help." He then proceeded to explain the situation to the two of them.

Both toads listened to their friend/summoner and nodded their heads. 'Let's give them our patented special.' stated Gamakichi.

Naruto grinned and nodded his head. He pointed in the direction of the fighting and the toads bound off, only needing four leaps to reach their allies.

Their final landing had caused a bit of a quake, knocking down their enemies and allies alike. Ignoring the yells of their comrades, the two toads and summoner each went through their own hand-seals. This attack needed to be in perfect unison.

"Fūton: Gamayu Endan(Toad Oil Flame Bullet)!"

Gamakichi provided the fire, Gamatatsu the oil to extend it, and Naruto the wind to continue feeding it. This was a variation of a technique one of his late sensei had shown him. He still missed Ero-Sennin from time to time but he knew the famous toad sage of Mount Myōboku would not want him to wallow in grief.

Within moments, the white Zetsu squadron that had been ready to kill the alliance members within moments had been decimated. Before going to check to see if anyone was gravely injured he heard clapping.

"Very impressive, Naruto-kun." The blonde whirled around and came face to face with the orange spiraled mask. He kinda wished the bastard in front of him didn't wear the color orange in his mask, he was giving it a bad name.

"Don't patronize me Tobi." Naruto bit out. "Or should I say Madara. If that is even really you." He was smirking that he was able to shock the Akatsuki member.

"My, patronize, now that was a big word for you Naruto-kun. Does your head hurt?" The smirk on Naruto's face vanished as he was now scowling.

"Don't make fun of me!"

"Aw, but it's so fun to make fun of you~." teased Tobi, poking fun at the blonde.

"Grr...answer the question!" Naruto was losing his patience. Tobi sighed.

"I am an Uchiha." he revealed. "But whether I'm the real Madara or not, well, your just going to have to find out~." he sang out loud.

Having heard enough of his rabble and mocking, he gave out a war car and rushed forward with his signature attack.


Activating his Bijū cloak, he shot off in a golden blur. He had hoped to catch Tobi off-guard with his blistering speed but the man had turned into a ghost, literally. The hand that held the spiraling sphere phased right through his body like it wasn't even there. He couldn't contain his shock even as he had to dodge the incoming fireball.

"Ōdama Rasengan(Big Ball Spiraling Sphere)!"


Naruto had created another clone silently and had given it some of Kurama's chakra. It was supposed to be a one-two punch but the phasing thing had caught him off-guard, but in the end it seemed the plan had worked. He had drawn first blood in their fight.

He could see the trail of red liquid leaking from the lone eye-hole of the mask as Tobi was on his knees. The moment of elation suddenly vanished as he watched the man raise a hand up and he then felt an enormous amount of bone crushing weight on him before being knocked off his feet.

He had been sent flying and judging by the amount of speed he was going at, the impact of his fall was going to hurt. And it did, a lot. He had hit a large boulder hard with his back. His cloak had acted as a shock absorber and took most of the damage but he had still felt some of it. His cloak had sizzled out of existence.

He slid down the boulder as certain parts of his body were hurting. Once the small headache he was feeling had left, he opened his eyes. The moment he had seen Tobi once more and gotten a better look at him, he wished he hadn't. He was stuck frozen, looking at the eye of something he had never wanted to see again.

"Rinnegan..." he whispered in disbelief.

Naruto figured he was lucky he was only dealing with one eye and not both. Although, the other eye was something he was a bit more familiar with, the Sharingan. Both of the eye-holes on the mask were now in use.

'Oh crap...'

While Naruto had managed to beat Pein, whom had use of both legendary eyes, he knew this fight would be far different. It was more dangerous. He didn't know what kind of techniques the crimson eyes gave the user.

Shakily standing up to meet his foe head on, he suddenly felt himself getting weaker and weaker. It was then he knew why. His chakra was being drained to help restore Tobi'. He was lucky he had so much of it to throw his body away but not before being blasted back once more.

"Shinra Tensei(Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God)!"

The attack hurt twice as much the second time. With no cloak to reinforce his body and with his chakra having been drained only seconds ago, he was in trouble. His body was screaming at him, pleading, for him not to get back up, he ignored it. Or at least he tried to. He fell back down to the ground.

"Well...this is ahead of schedule but I should rip out that Bijū from you. Especially now that your here lying defenseless against me." said Tobi, reaching down at him.

The blonde tried his hardest to move his body but eventually his mind and body could not withstand the pain anymore. It shut down. All he saw before his vision faded was a hand coming closer to him.

Naruto awoke with a startle and immediately covered his face with his arms before lowering them as pain ran course through his muscles. He gingerly swiveled his head around and noticed he was no longer on the battlefield but another place he absolutely loathed. The hospital or makeshift hospital or whatever, it was all the same to him anyways.

His eyes snapped over to the entrance as he heard footsteps getting closer and closer, his body tensed a bit. It was then that relief flooded throughout his body as he knew exactly who it was that was coming to check up on him.

'Shizune.' He smiled when he thought about his surrogate older sister whom he had a bit of a crush on when he had first met her. It was still there but it wasn't as strong as what he felt for Sakura-chan.

He was glad the ability Kurama had given him was working so well. He carefully stood himself up and sat there waiting for her.

A short woman with short black hair and above average looks entered the room.

"You know you really shouldn't be exerting yourself so much right now." sighed Shizune, shaking her head at her patient.

He scratched the back of his head and chuckled. "Yeah, I know. But you know I've never been one to just sit around these places." he said, looking around the makeshift hospital.

Shizune giggled at his antics. "Only you."

He threw her a lopsided grin. "Plus with my own healing abilities and Kurama's. I should be a-okay in a few minutes." To prove his point, he removed the blanket and jumped out of his cot.

His grin quickly dropped as he felt a sudden breeze between his knees. He looked to Shizune who had her head turned away with a blush, he looked down to see he wasn't wearing anything.


Naruto quickly sat back down and pulled the covers over his nakedness.

"You can look now." he grumbled out, a blush on his own face.

"It's okay Naruto. It's not something I haven't seen before." She placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder as he buried his face in his hands in embarrassment.

'Great, just great. I just made a fool out of myself in front of her.' But he guessed it was some consolation that she didn't scream or anything. She even said she was experienced. He didn't find that hard to believe since she was really pretty.

"Thanks." he mumbled. "Can I go now?" He really wanted to leave, not so much to get back in the swing of things on the battlefield but because of how awkward it now was.

She smiled at his attempt. "Sorry. We figured you'd be up in a short time. Which is why I was sent here to stop you should you try and leave." she stated and grinned at his pout.

"Fine." he crossed his arms in a huff. "Can I ask you a question?" he asked, not looking at her in the eye as he asked, still embarrassed.

"Sure, go ahead."

"Just how did I end up here? The last thing I remember was fighting Tobi and then him reaching out to grab me..."

Shizune scooted a bit closer to him as he fidgeted. "From the reports I read, it was a joint effort. It was thanks to Kakashi-san arriving before this Tobi person could lay his hand on you. Killer B and Gai-san provided back up along with the Hokage guard platoon."

His courage was slowly returning as he tilted his head to the side looking at her through the side of his eyes. "Why did they show up for?" he asked in confusion.

The ravenette shook her head in amusement at the lack of knowledge the blonde held. "They are the quick transport team. They had worked directly under your father and they know the Hiraishin. Only downside is that all three of them have to use it in tandem for it to work." she explained.

"Okay..." he said, understanding so far.

"So naturally when word of you on the battlefield alone got to us with the help of the sensors and those you rescued, they went on to help and sent you back."

"Wow." He would need to thank them personally when he next saw them.

Shizune nodded her head in agreement.

"What happened to everyone else?" He wasn't a complete idiot to know that the previously mentioned five men would be all that was sent. The threat that Tobi or Madara or whatever he wanted to call himself presented was far to big for just five.

The medic-nin was now frowning and her train of thought led her to exactly what the blonde was thinking. "I'm sorry Naruto, but the only people who made it back were you and those five I mentioned. You were the high priority."

The blonde Uzumaki was feeling even worse now. Just how many people had died to protect him just so he could sit here and have this chat with Shizune. Why was he so weak?

His frustrations and anger at the whole situation had reached its boiling point and tears began to fall from his eyes as he clenched the sheets in anger. Shizune saw him breaking down in front of her and she was at his side immediately. Her slender arms wrapped around his lithe frame tightly, comforting him.

"You couldn't have saved them, Naruto-kun." she whispered softly. "And I'm sorry to say this but more lives would have been lost had you been captured."

Naruto felt safe in her embrace as he took in her scent. He wished the two of them could have just stayed like that forever. "I know." he admitted. "It doesn't make it right or make me feel a whole lot better, but I know." he replied.

He was going to speak once more but was suddenly pulled into his mindscape.

Mindscape –

A scowl marred the features of the blonde as his comforting moment with Shizune was now gone. His blue eyes narrowed at the giant fox.

"What do you want Kurama?" he asked in an irritated voice.

The mighty Bijū stared at his partner for a moment, smirking since it was pissing Naruto off even more. Truly, the blonde had come a long way from the idiotic, simpleminded, shadow clone spamming fool he had once been. Granted, the tendencies had not vanished, they were just not as consistent as before.

'I want many things, Naruto.' stated the fox answering the question. 'I just wanted to inform you of a possible solution that may or may not change the war.'

That last sentence had grabbed all of Naruto's attention. "Really! What is it?"

'I will inform you later.' The fox' grin grew wider at the look of disbelief on Naruto's face. 'I want you to go to that BIG breasted Hokage of yours and inform her that you will be going back to Konoha for some major overhaul of training.'

"Are you an idiot?" Naruto deadpanned. "Why would she let me go back to the village for training when we're at war!?"

Kurama was getting annoyed but kept his composure. 'Look, just tell her that your home would be the last place the enemy would think to look and while your there your going to train like never before. Then when the two of us are there will I tell you my plan. Sound good?'

Naruto wasn't sure about this or if it would even work. "Fine." he sighed. "I'll give it a shot." He was ejected from his mind back into the real world.

Having slowly regained his senses, he noticed a few changes from the last time. Shizune was still comforting him but her head was now resting on his shoulder while his arm was wrapped around her shoulder and his fingers only centimeters away from her breast. He turned bright red like a cherry and mentally cursed the fox. He just knew the fuzzball had something to do with this while they had been talking.

Looking at her face, he could see how serene she looked just laying there and he didn't want to disturb her. He sighed, hating himself for what he was about to do. Hopefully Ero-Sennin wasn't shaking his head at him from heaven for treating a lady as such.

"Shizune." he spoke softly into her ear, hoping to jostle her slowly. "I need to leave and go see Baa-chan."

Her eyes snapped open and she quickly removed herself from his embrace with a faint blush on her face. "Sorry." she mumbled.

"It's okay. It was very nice for me as well. Thank you." Shizune turned around to look at him and smiled at him.

"You know your going to make some girl really happy one day, Naruto." she said as she took a few steps forward and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Tsunade-sama is in her private office." she said before leaving the blonde to change.

Naruto on the other hand was gaping like a fish out of water, not quite believing what had just happened to him. A dumb smile spread across his face.

"Heh, I guess this hospital stay wasn't all bad." he said. He began to change into his clothes so he could go and talk with his Baa-chan.

Tsunade was rubbing her temples in annoyance. Everything had started with Naruto almost getting himself caught and its only gotten worse since. If she saw his face right now it would be too soon and she didn't know what she would do.

She needed to pass this job down to someone already. It was just too stressful for her, plus, she couldn't drink like she wanted to. Fortunately for her, right now was as peaceful as it got and she was going to take advantage of it. She slowly brought up her saucer filled with sake to her full lips and took a sip.

"Tsunade-Baa-chan!" She did a spit-take, spilling her good sake all over her shirt. Frowning at her dirty clothes, she looked up glaring at the entrance. In walked the bane of her biggest headache to date. She threw a stapler at his face.

"Whoa!" Her ire grew even more since her fellow blonde dodged the preemptive strike.

"I'm glad to see you've recovered." The doctor in her just wouldn't let her make any snide remarks regarding his health and hoping he had stayed in bed a bit longer. But the Kage in her thought otherwise. "Now what do you want brat? If you can't tell, I'm a bit busy here."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the sake bottle, saucer, and her wet shirt. His eyes immediately shot up to avoid staring, as a faint blush appeared on his cheeks.

'I guess I'm still a bit wound up about that kiss with Shizune.'

Tsunade was frowning at him. "Are you okay Naruto. You didn't come down with something when you were out on the field did you?" She had seen the redness on his face and wondered if he had indeed caught something.

"No, I'm fine. Just a bit tired." he responded before remembering why he had gone to see her in the first place.

She was taken aback by the serious expression on his face. Never would she have thought to ever see such a face on the normally sunny teen.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" she asked.

Naruto was a bit relieved she had brought it up since he didn't know how he was going to even start explaining all of this to her, but she had made it easy for him. So he began to explain his plan on how to get stronger while remaining out of sight for a while.

Tsunade listened to what he had to say and had to admit it held some merit. She knew the secret to the shadow clones her uncle had created and knew just how much Naruto could benefit from this. It also helped that it would get the brat out of the war for a while since she could see he still held some of the scars. Even if they weren't on his body.

She agreed to let him go and even suggested a specific spot for him to remain hidden. He gave her one last hug and went to grab his gear.

Konohagakure –

The blonde sage arrived in a yellow flash thanks to the guard platoon. He turned to face Shiranui Genma, Tatami Iwashi, and Namiashi Raidō.

"Thanks for this guys. For everything." He had already thanked them when he had met them and was doing so again. These guys were so laid back it was easy to become friends with them. Especially with Genma and Raidō, what with the senbon Genma chews on and the black blade Raidō calls Kokutō. He would need to see if he could get some so he could look just as cool as them.

"Don't worry about it kid. It's part of our job and we're pretty sure your mom would kick our asses if we didn't help you." replied Genma chewing on his senbon needle.

"Your more afraid of my mom than my dad?"

"Hell yeah we are. Your old man wouldn't kick us in the balls like your mom would. Your dad is a man and he knows that pain just like all men eventually do." All four of them shivered simultaneously as they instinctively covered themselves.

"Yeah, I guess your right." mused Naruto. He said his goodbyes to the men as they informed him they would be back at a moments notice should things take a turn for the worse in the war.

They also told him that no one would bother him in his secret training area since most of the civilians had been moved to now operating buildings and only a few shinobi and kunoichi were patrolling the village.

He nodded to them and watched as they left once more in a yellow flash. He made a mental note to try and learn that technique since he was sure his dad would have taught it to him eventually. Plus, he wanted to make him proud.

Silently looking around the area he spotted a large cave with tons of seals planted around it.

'I remember this place.' commented Kurama.

"Yeah? What is it?"

'This is the place where you were born and were I was released and taken captive.'

Naruto's eyes widened as he looked at the place in a while different light.

"So then this place...this place is where...?"

'Yeah...This is the place where it all began.'

"I see." he replied softly. It was surreal that the place in front of him was where everything up to this point and time had started.

'I have to hand it to that busty Kage of yours. She knew this place would mask my chakra should we have need of it. No one aside from those that know personally will even know were here.'

Naruto nodded. He went inside of the cave, lit a few of the candles, sat down, and entered a meditative state.

Mindscape –

He was once more in front of his giant fox friend.

"Alright Kurama, here we are. Now explain this solution of yours."

'Listen and listen closely. I don't want to repeat myself.' He saw the blonde was giving him his full attention. 'I know a Kinjutsu that once used will give you the opportunity to travel to the past.' The giant fox revealed his plan and silently studied the teen in front of him waiting for the reaction that was surely coming.

"What! Really?!" Naruto cried out. "Why didn't you tell me this earlier! You know, before everyone started to die in this war!" Kurama could hear the displeasure in his friend' voice and didn't appreciate the tone in the last remark.

'Shut. The. Fuck. Up!' roared the Bijū. He could have easily just kept his mouth shut and not given Naruto anything, letting them struggle before he had revealed it. And the only reason he would even do it then was so he could avoid being captured. 'The ONLY reason I even bothered to tell you now is because this is to be used as a last resort. Knowing you, you would have done it the moment someone like the cyclops or the big breasted one had been killed.' snarked the chakra entity.

Silence was the blonde's reply, knowing what his friend said was true. It just wasn't in his nature to allow someone to die if he could have done something about it. Especially if it was someone precious to him.

'Your selective hearing is something you share with your mother.' spat the Kyūbi.



"That's my mother your talking about."

The giant fox waved him off. 'You only pick out what you wanted to hear. This technique is forbidden for a reason Naruto. The effects of this technique won't only be towards humans but towards everything else as well. Even my kind.' stated Kurama, sharing what he knew.

Naruto heard the concern in the voice of his friend. "Alright then. What are the consequences going to be once I preform the technique?" he stated full of confidence.

'That's the thing...I don't know.' admitted Kurama. 'Nobody, not even us Bijū, should ever mess with such a fragile thing like time. The effects could range from you traveling back but with no recollection of your life, you could get de-aged, or the top half of your body gets sent somewhere else while your ass stays here. Ha!' Kurama barked out a laugh at his little joke about halves missing and stuff.

The blonde on the other hand didn't think it was very funny and was frowning at the giant furball for stating such a possibility.

'The point I'm trying to make here is this.' All laughter was gone from his voice. 'You don't mess with something like time and expect nothing to come of it. Traveling through the time-stream is precarious and rarely does it ever work out.'

"You've met a time traveler?" questioned Naruto. From the way the Bijū worded his statement it sounded like he had.

'No, I haven't.' he said. 'But with all the ample time I used to have before getting sealed, I would play out any and all scenarios I could think of, and trust me when I say there are an infinite amount.'

Naruto felt his head spinning just thinking about something like that. He may not have been the smartest person but he knew what infinite meant and from a few of the scenarios Kurama had just sent him via their link, well, let's just say he was glad he didn't think about them.

"How have you not gone crazy yet?" asked the blonde.

'Hmph.' snorted Kurama. 'Don't compare your pea sized brain or any other humans to that of my magnificent mind.' Naruto rolled his eyes. 'Unlike others, my mind and I guess yours by default can hold and process tons of information and not have our brains turn to mush, because that is exactly what thinking of time-travel will do. It'll turn your brain to mush.'

"Alright, alright, jeez." complained Naruto. "I get it. It's dangerous. Didn't think you would be so pessimistic."

'Wow, pessimistic, that was a big word for you Naruto. Are you feeling okay?'

"Shut up!"

'Let me think about- Hell no!' Kurama was laughing his ass off.

Naruto was growling and wanted to punch the stupid fox for making fun of him. He eventually saw the furball calm down and he to began to calm down.

"Bastard." muttered the blonde. "Since we're still talking then can you explain something to me."


"Where did you come across such a technique? And why do you so strongly believe something bad will happen once I finish the seals?" he questioned.

The strongest Bijū in the land replied. 'I've been alive for thousands of years and I have knowledge of many things that have long since faded to time. This technique is just one of the few things I chose to remember. It also has the most potential to make things really good, or fuck up things beyond belief.'

"Okay, that makes sense." he nodded to himself. He found the long since faded to time part interesting wondering if he could learn ancient technique from Kurama. "And the second part?"

'As for the second one. The reason I so strongly believe something bad will indeed happen is because we're basically going to challenge the forces which govern this universe, once you finish those hand seals.' he paused to let that sink in. 'Life, Death, Time, Order, Eternity, Infinity, and Chaos are the forces that were, are, and will continue to be until the end of time. You don't mess with things that are beyond your and my comprehension and expect a cheerful outcome.'

"Okay, you've driven your point across with your last statement." Kurama knew his friend was taking this seriously but not serious enough. "How does the technique work?"

'It's simple. You mix your and my chakra together to get the desired result but what this technique needs most is concentration. If you lack it while preforming this technique then you could end up sending yourself back only a month or you could end up sending yourself to far back.'

While listening to his friend, he couldn't stop a very bad feeling from entering his body. He looked at his friend and wondered if his friend was holding out even more info on this technique.

Following Day –

After a decent night's sleep, Naruto had awoken early in the morning and had begun his daily warm up exercises. Finally getting his blood flowing, he crossed his fingers and called upon his favorite technique.

"Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

A thousand clones of said creator appeared in a large puff of smoke. All of them waiting for orders from the original who didn't look winded at all. In fact, most of the clones felt he should have created another thousand to speed up the process but kept quiet about it. They knew how serious the situation was.

"Okay guys, here's what we're going to be doing. The fox explained it to me and you should all know it as well but I'm going to say it again."

All of the clones still remained quiet.

"Kurama wants me to expand my mind so I can hold more information. So here's what we're going to do. First off, I want the thousand of you to separate into groups of four. Two-hundred and fifty to each group."

He watched as the clones organized themselves into groups.

"Good, good. Two groups are going to the library in disguise and your going to read books on mathematics and puzzles/strategy games."

He held up his hand, silencing the beginnings of protest.

"This is going to help in the long run, trust me. Plus, the mathematics ties into another subject that I'm going to have group three do." he looked to his side, silently naming the group he was watching the third group. "You lot are going to be working on writing, specifically that geared to Fūinjutsu." It made sense to do it like this since seals did often incorporate math.

One of the clones raised their hand. "Um...isn't that dangerous without a seal master watching us?"

"It is, but your not going to be creating seals. Your just going to get used to writing with a brush and ink. Plus, Kurama knows a lot about seals. So in essence we do have a seal master." That calmed down the group that was going to be doing it, since they didn't want to accidentally erase Konoha off the map.

He looked to the last group.

"You guys probably have it the easiest today. I want you to do nothing but meditate. Kurama explained to me that when you clear your mind, it expands even faster so we can shove even more info into my head." The other three groups of clones glared at the fourth group.

"And what are you going to be doing?" one clone asked the original. He didn't know why his clones tended to step out of line on occasion but it didn't really bother him though.

"Chakra control." The other groups visibly shuddered at that. With all the chakra the original had, that was going to be a nightmare. They all sent him looks of pity.

'Man, it sure is weird getting looks of pity from myself.'

He slapped his face a few times, getting himself ready. "Okay, you know your roles. When you feel yourself running low on chakra I want you to dispel at short intervals." He hadn't said this to the group meditating but they played an even bigger role since the more his mind expanded because of them, the shorter the intervals for his clones could get. Plus, mediation was a form of chakra control as well.

"Hai!" All of the clones chorused as one and vanished as one.

"Guess I better get started as well." sighed Naruto. He went over to a small body of water and pulled out two kunai. Adding chakra to his feet while trying to balance the two weapons was going to be tough.

~Three Days Later~

Naruto sighed tiredly, he had yet to take a break in between all of the training. Granted, he had still only been doing nothing but chakra control up till today, it was still tiring. From water walking with kunai and senbon to cliff walking while balancing a kunai. He was just glad he himself was done with it.

The groups of clones had done nothing but do what he had assigned them on that first day and it was now here, the fourth day, that they would branch off.

"Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

It was apparent to him that his control was indeed better now. Before, he just summoned the clones and didn't know how many he would get, but now he could summon the amount he wanted. One thousand seven hundred clones looked at him, ready to begin their jobs.

"Okay guys. We're done with all of the boring stuff." said Naruto, waiting for all of the cheering to stop. "We'll be diving into more combat stuff from now on. Group one is going to focus on wind manipulation." he pointed over to the first group. That was another nice thing he noticed, he didn't need to tell the clones to gather into groups, they did it on their own. If this is what smart people dealt with when dealing with their clones then he had been missing out.

The first group remained silent and gave him a nod.

"Group two will work on fire manipulation."

"Got it." replied the apparent leader of said group.

"Group three will work on water manipulation."

"Hai." The group chorused as one.

"And group four will begin basic Fūinjutsu. It should move a bit faster for this group since the mathematics has already been covered." he said. There was a remaining hundred clones that were off to the side.

"What are we going to be doing?" asked one from the unnumbered group.

"The remaining clones are going to be helping me. We're going to start practice on the hand-seals. And I repeat Kurama's exact words: "I want you to be so fast with the hand-seals of this technique that nobody will be able to see what your casting nor can they copy it", is what he said" stated Naruto. It made sense, they didn't want this technique falling into anyone else' hands and the faster the better since there were two Uchiha going to be opposite him.

The clones in his group now understood and they lined up behind him.

"You all have your jobs, get to them." he ordered.


~Two Days Later~

It was now the sixth day of his solo training and he could state with confidence that he was getting stronger. He and the clones that were summoned to specifically help him with the hand-seals of the Kinjutsu were making great progress. Right now he had stepped away from the clones helping him since he was going to test some things out.

He'd had the other three groups that had been working on pure manipulation begin to work on actually using elemental attacks. So far with everything he had done in the past few days, the techniques were coming a bit easier to him.

The last group of clones had begun on basic sealing techniques and were going to advance a level towards intermediate today. So all in all, everything was looking good.

Standing some feet away from his working clones, he decided to try out his techniques. Weaving the smallest amount of seals, he took in a deep breath of air and blew.

"Fūton: Shinkūgyoku(Vacuum Spheres)!"

He released small blasts of concentrated wind that traveled a good distance, tearing into whatever they touched with ease.

Naruto looked at the destruction to the surrounding forest and nodded to himself, glad he could do the technique. It was time to try another.

Taking a short moment to knead the chakra he required, he ran through the hand-seals once more before taking in some oxygen.

"Katon: Karyū Endan(Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)!"

The oxygen intake fed the flames that roared from his mouth, burning everything in their path to ash. He had seen his Jiji do this technique once and he thought it was so cool how he could turn the fire into a dragon. Unfortunately, he wasn't that cool yet and could only do the fire part.

"Heh, whoops." Naruto was staring at the fire as it began to spread. "Let's put those out before I burn the village down."

"Suiton: Teppōdama(Gunshot)!"

His cheeks bulged as he had gathered water inside of his mouth and released multiple balls of condensed water to the roaring fire. He did this until the all of the flames had been quelled.

'Naruto, why are you wasting your time on this.' said Kurama. His clones could easily be doing this instead of him. 'You should be training in that technique again.'

The blonde was starting to get annoyed. "I'm not wasting time here Kurama. Your technique is a last resort remember. And in the case that I do end up doing the technique and I don't remember these things, I want my body to remember." he replied.

'Muscle memory is good and all, but I still think you should focus more on the technique. And now that I am talking to you, you have been acting weird.' Naruto frowned at him.

"Weird? What do you mean weird?"

'I mean, there are times when your calm and composed like your father. And other times when your all emotional like your mother.' replied the giant fox. 'And I don't mean like when you cry. What I mean is you seem to bitch about every little thing-'

"Hey! Fuck you Kurama! I don't know why I'm acting like this after meeting my parents. Shit happens, dattebayo!" Naruto wasn't going to let himself get attacked verbally anymore. He was going to defend himself now since he know knew how to.

Kurama ignored the outburst. 'Hmm, so you don't know why either huh. Give me a minute, I'm going to check on something.'

"Yeah, whatever." The blonde waved him off. He would have gone back to his technique training but he didn't feel like it anymore. Plus, those techniques he used were all B-rank, anything higher would alert others to his presence here. He couldn't have that happening.

'Alright, I think I know why you've been acting calm yet brash at times.'

"Let's hear it."

'After looking at your body and chakra network, it seems your parents chakra didn't fade after their meeting with you but instead began integrating with your own.' Kurama paused to let that little tidbit sink in. 'Two very small pieces of their souls were holding that chakra together inside of you. You've been absorbing them into yourself. It explains why you've been acting smarter than usual, more emotional to.'

"B-But, how is that possible?"

The giant fox thought about how to explain this to his friend. 'Naruto, your mother and father were both seal masters. If he was able to seal me, then it shouldn't surprise you he could do this either.'

"Heh, my parent's are so badass." Kurama rolled his giant eyes and continued.

'It also doesn't surprise me if your Uzumaki genes were at play here.' The Bijū saw the blondes confused glance. 'What I trying to say is, since your clan has such a strong life-force, then it doesn't surprise me that you were able to integrate this with very little trouble. Most of the time, when assimilation happens, it never goes as smoothly as yours is doing.'

Kurama told Naruto how people who could usually assimilate with their other halves if they could even split to begin with, usually went insane. The weight on their mind to bring in another half was too much for them.

Naruto shuddered and was glad he was born an Uzumaki. "What changes should I be expecting then?"

'Nothing at the moment.' stated Kurama. 'But you should inherit some physical traits from your mother and father, what they will be, I don't know. Your IQ may jump up since this is your father we're talking about, or it may in fact drop. You know, since it's your mom...' Kurama trailed off and ignored the glare from the blonde.

"Hey! Don't talk about my mom like that."

Kurama waved him off, seemingly not caring what Naruto said.

The blonde was still scowling but regained his composure. "I have a question."

The giant fox eyed him up and motioned for him to continue.

"You said that I will inherit things from my parents, does that mean I can get my mom's kick-ass Chakra Chains?" Naruto thought those things were so cool. He really hoped he got them.

'Hmm, it's a possibility.'

"FUCK YEAH!" He pumped his fist in the air in excitement.

'Hmph, you certainly are Kushina's son.' thought Kurama, watching the blonde continue to jump up and down like some little kid.

~Two Days Later~

It was finally time, he had been called back. Genma and the other two had arrived and transported him to command central. Having thanked them once more for everything, he entered only to find it empty.

'I wonder where the Baa-chan and the others are?'

Continuing to look around, he finally came into an area and spotted a few people. Some he recognized by face, others he didn't know at all. He spotted the one whom he recognized, and he was talking to a really pretty lady.

She was short compared to himself but that didn't really matter. Mocha colored skin with emerald colored eyes and light gray hair framed her face. But what drew him in the most about her was the size of her assets.

'Hmm, they're about the same size if not a bit bigger than your busty Hokage'. Or even that other Kumo girl with the blonde bob-cut.'

Naruto had a faint blush when he remembered that girl, Samui. The only reason he remembered her was because of the look in her eyes and the fact that her teammate beat the shit out of him. Plus, Kurama was right, she did have big assets as well.

He didn't know if he was channeling his fathers view of the world right now by taking in every little detail or if this was Ero-Sennin' doing. He shrugged.

His movement attracted the attention of the two and she walked over to greet him.

"Hello, Naruto-sama."



"Right, hello Mabui." he greeted awkwardly. "Do you know where everyone is at?" Mabui assumed he meant the Kage's.

"I'll take it from here." interrupted the man Naruto simply knew as Shikamaru' dad.

"Hey, your Shika' dad."

"That's right. You can call me Shikaku."

"Okay, Shikaku-Ossan. Do you know where Tsunade-Baa-chan went?" asked Naruto, as he put his hands behind his head.

The Nara clan leader rolled his eyes at the disrespect but shrugged it off. He wasn't a stickler like some of the others were about small stuff like that.

"They all went out into the field when the real Madara was brought back by the Edo Tensei."

The blonde dropped his arms and a frown formed on his face. 'So then Tobi really isn't the real then who the hell is he then? And why would he pretend to be?'

"The reason is simple." Naruto jumped at the sudden intrusion.


"I'm saying the reason is simple as to why he would pretend to be Madara of long ago. What better way to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with a name that still holds the same weight it did back then that it does today."

Naruto nodded his head since that made sense to him and then looked directly at Shikaku. "Did you read my mind?"

Shikaku almost let out an exasperated sigh. "What makes you think that?"

"Because you answered one of the questions I was thinking of."

Now he really did sigh. "No, I didn't read your mind. I read your face. By doing that it was easy for me to tell what you were thinking."

"Oh, okay. That makes sense."

"And as for your first question. The man behind the mask is Uchiha Obito." He let that information sink in for the blonde who was wearing a look of shock on his face.

"But isn't that Kakashi-sensei' friend?!"

"Hmm, it's hard for me to say, you'd have to ask Kakashi. And if he's doing all of this then he's been alive far longer than any of us thought which tells me he's held resentment towards Konoha for a long time."

"That sucks. I feel bad for Kakashi-sensei. Having to fight his friend." Shikaku just looked at the blonde with pity. It was the same for him wasn't it? But he wasn't going to bring that up right now, he needed the kid with his head in the game.

"I'm guessing you want information on where the two of them are at?"

"Heh, you got that right."

"Troublesome blonde." muttered Shikaku, as he went over to his desk. "These here are the coordinates to their location. We got this thanks to our sensor-nin."

"Right, thank them for me as well." he pocketed the coordinates.

"Oh and I also want to inform you that the Edo Tensei has been dropped. We don't know who did it or how but it's gone. Only problem is, the Edo Madara didn't go along with it."

Naruto took a moment to process the info and realized the battle just got a bit simpler with only having two bad guys to fight instead of an army of them.

"Right, thanks Shikaku-Ossan! By Mabui!" Naruto waved goodbye to the both of them. Mabui waved back a bit as she heard Shikaku mutter under his breath.

"Troublesome blonde." Shikaku watched Naruto leave for his biggest battle yet. "Good luck out there kid. Your going to need it."

"HOLD THE LINE!" shouted an Iwa-nin to his fellow allies. "HOLD THE LINE!" They were slowly getting pushed back, inch by agonizing inch.

"It's no use!" cried another. "There are too many of them!"

This group had been on their way to meet up with the larger army but as they traveled they had been caught in an ambush by White Zetsu'. They were on the verge of being annihilated.

"Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku(Great Fire Annihilation)!"

A sudden rush of intense flames the size of tree's slammed into the oncoming scourge of white. Halting them and then killing them. Many of the allies had to shield their eyes and body to avoid getting burned.

The flames suddenly died out, revealing the fate of their enemies and a lone body dropped down between them. It was their savior. Their eyes lit up in recognition once they had spotted his sun kissed blonde hair.

"Hey, what are you guys doing so far away from the main body?" asked Naruto, who was still keeping an eye out on things. He was glad he had snuck in to the Uchiha compound and copied that and a few other fire techniques before he left the village. It was probably the most ninja-y thing he'd ever done.

"We were ambushed by those things, Namikaze-sama." replied a Konoha-nin.

He frowned. "None of that sama crap." said Naruto. "I don't use them to address the Hokage, and since I don't use them, then you don't need them with me." he grinned back at the group.

He got a round of unsure nods.

"Now then. How about we join up with the rest of our friends."

Naruto knew he and the group following him were getting closer to everyone. He could feel the power just swelling in one area, plus, his first distinction they were close was the smell. Charred flesh spread it's disgusting odor as death had claimed many lives today. They finally reached the main body and he glared at the two men who were responsible for all of this.

"Well, well, well." mocked Obito. "Look who finally decided to come out of hiding."

"So that's the Kyūbi Jinchūriki." said another man whom Naruto knew was the real Madara. The amount of power the man was giving off was staggering.

The blonde continued to glare at the two of them when two clones holding Rasengan' appeared suddenly behind both Uchiha', looking to strike them in the back. It didn't work.

Both were absorbed. He didn't even want to know how the real Madara had the Rinnegan as well and just rolled with it.

'Let's see how they handle this!'

Naruto chakra began to leak out from his body in huge amounts, suffocating some of those closest to him. It then began to shrink down to a concentrated level as he became golden with many black symbols over his body. But when he opened his eyes, they were not simply slit like a fox' but they also resembled that of a toad.

Naruto was using his Tailed Beast Sage Mode.

This was something he had been experimenting with and only now decided to unveil it. Everything he could now do was enhanced beyond what he could do in Sage mode or Tailed beast mode alone. He was at his apex.

"Hn." grunted Madara. "So you have undergone a transformation. It is still not enough to stop me."

"Let's test that theory then." Naruto put his hands in front of him and began to gather positive and negative energy, shaping it into a miniature ball.

Madara raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Perhaps you can dance." he said, watching the tailed beast ball forming and then rushing towards him.

Naruto and the others did notice that he didn't seem the least bit worried. They watched as the ancient Uchiha did a few hand-seals.

"Mokuton: Hōbi no Jutsu(Wood Expulsion Technique)!"

Those that hadn't see it yet were shocked into silence. The madman in front of them could use the famous Wood Release techniques that were only known to be used by Senju Hashirama. Many of them were questioning what higher being was backing the Uchiha clan. It just didn't make sense how they could gain so much power.

A wooden dome with the face of a dragon rose up from the earth to block the Bijūdama. The dome fell back unto the earth, revealing the two Uchiha unscathed.

"Perhaps I was too quick to judge. You dance sloppily." stated Madara. "I grow tired of this. None here can challenge me like Hashirama could." he shook his head. "Obito, summon the statue. The residue chakra we have left from the Hachibi and the Kyūbi will be enough."

Obito did as instructed and summoned the Gedō Mazō and released the chakra from the Benihisago and the Kohaku no Jōhei, tools of the Rikudō Sennin, to bring the mighty Jūbi back to life.

Naruto wasn't as shocked at this outcome since Kurama had given him this information a few days ago when they had been talking. This very being was the reason why Kurama wanted Naruto to be extremely proficient in the Kinjutsu. However, being told about it was one thing, seeing and feeling it was another. It was difficult breathing, the chakra the tailed beast gave off was just enormous, even more than what he felt Kurama had.

"I guess I better go big or go home." he smirked at his own joke as he began to glow once more but this time he began to grow. Kurama managed a smirk as well.

Everyone was gaping at him. He had just finished transforming into the full size of the Kyūbi and let out a roar, charging straight at the behemoth with ten-tails. Killer B had seen the whole thing and he to began to transform, following the lead of his fellow Jinchūriki.

Now the battlefield shook each time one of the mighty titans fell on their back because of an earth shattering attack.

B shot out ink from his tentacles, hoping to blind the Jūbi for the moment. While he was doing that, Naruto was gathering energy and shot off multiple rounds of Bijūdama' towards the enemy. The two were working in tandem and it seemed to be working until the ten-tails swatted them away with great force. They landed hard and could see the Jūbi gathering it's own energy in the form of a ball. It was rapidly growing, much much faster than it's counterparts.

Everyone watching could see just how much energy was in this tailed beast bomb and they knew that had they even bothered to run, they still wouldn't have made it. All they could hope for was for either Naruto or Killer B to intervene and deflect it somehow.

The Jūbi stopped hording it's energy and launched it's attack.

'Shit!' Naruto wasn't sure if he could get there in time to deflect it but he was going to try.

"Kuchiyose: Gojū Rashōmon(Quintuple Rashōmon)!"

Everyone who had been in the path of the blast were hidden behind four giant walls. They let out a sigh of relief, it seems they had been saved.

"Well, it appears that we arrived just in time." spoke a cheery voice.

"So it appears brother." said another.

Naruto couldn't place either of the first two men but once he laid eyes on the third and fourth though, he knew exactly who they were. They were the 1st and 2nd Hokages.

'But how are they here? I thought the Edo Tensei was done?'

His question was answered when he saw who they were traveling with; Sasuke.

"What are you doing here Sasuke?" he questioned his friend. He still remembered their last conversation.

"What do you think Naruto." replied the stoic Uchiha. "We're here to help end this war."

Not that he wasn't ungrateful to be fighting alongside his friend once more, he was still a bit suspicious about this.


"Simple really. Once I help end this war, I'm going back to Konoha to become the next Hokage."

No sooner had Sasuke finished that sentence did a wave of different emotions hit the blonde. On the one hand, he was glad he was coming back. On the other, more logical side, he was in complete disbelief. There was a motive there somewhere.

'What kind of drugs is he on?' thought Naruto. 'He leaves, kills his brother, says he wants to destroy Konoha, and now he wants to become the next Hokage!'

Naruto just didn't understand what was going through his friend' mind. He ignored him for now and focused back on the Jūbi. He watched as all of the Hokage' minus the first battle the ten-tails but without the first they were struggling. Things only became worse as the Jūbi kept changing forms and it released spore like creatures from it's body.

No matter how many he or Sasuke killed, ten more always took their place. It was a never ending battle that they were losing. He felt the sudden spike of chakra and watched as another tailed beast bomb was fired off into the distance.


Horror was etched on his face. He knew what was in that direction; Alliance HQ. He could feel the emotions of his fellow comrades as they realized they were no longer getting directions. He looked around and spotted some of his very own friends, people he grew up with, laughed with, even fought with dead on the ground, their lifeless eyes staring at him.

'Nononononono!' It wasn't supposed to go like this, his friends weren't supposed to die here! They were all supposed to get old together and then pass on. He held back his tears as anger was now on his face.

The only ones still standing were the reincarnated Hokage, himself, Sasuke, Sakura, Killer B, and about 25% of the army.

Things weren't looking up for them.


He ignored the voice of his friend. He didn't want to hear it.

'...I think now is the time to use the technique. This war is over. We lost.'

No! It wasn't over as long as he still drew breath.

'Listen!' snarled Kurama. 'This war is over. If you continue to try and fight, then you will die and then we won't be able to save anyone. Remember, by going to the past...'

"...We can save the future." finished Naruto.

He calmed himself down and forced himself to look away from his friends. He was going to do this but first he wanted to speak with his father one last time.

Minato was watching the beast warily and waiting for an opportunity to try and get in when he saw his son coming straight for him. He was going to scold him for coming towards him but one look at his face made him stop.

"Naruto, what's wron-"

The younger blonde pulled his father into a bone crushing hug and whispered into his ear. Minato' eyes widened when he heard what his son was planning and knew it was a risky gambit but if it worked, then it would save everyone. He sadly smiled at his son, pulling him closer.

"Remember son, me and your mom will always be proud of you. No matter what decisions you make in your life, right or wrong; we are always there for you. We love you." he said before vanishing in a yellow flash to distract the Jūbi to give Naruto some time.

Naruto was shedding tears. He had only just met his father for the second time and already they were going to be separated. He had wanted to talk to him for a bit, learn more about him like he did with his mom.

'Remember Naruto, you have to be absolutely still.' said Kurama as he waited for Naruto to wipe away his tears. 'Are you ready?'

The blonde Uzumaki took in a deep breath and slowly released it, trying his hardest to calm his nerves down. He gave his friend the okay.

'Very well then. Let's do this.'

Naruto's chakra surged throughout his entire body as he called upon his tailed beast sage mode once more. His chakra was heavy and saturating the air but concentrating on his task at hand, he forced it back under control with minimal effort.

'I better do this quick.'

So began the long process of drawing out all of his chakra in a concentrated form while weaving his hand-seals. He only hoped the others could hold the Jūbi off for a few seconds. Unfortunately, it seemed his devilish luck had finally run out, and at the most inopportune time.

For the first time since it had been summoned, the Jūbi showed something akin to recognition in it's giant eye as it felt the surge of it's chakra. It was like a beacon to it, calling it to reclaim what was stolen from it. It spotted the area and the one who was using it's chakra. Once it's eye landed on the user, it grew even more violent, thrashing about, destroying anything around it.

It was Naruto's image and what he represented. He was the splitting image of the Rikudō Sennin, the human that had sealed it away. It would not allow that to happen again. The Jūbi powered up another Bijūdama much faster this time but instead of a circular ball, it was a laser.

'SHIT!' Minato didn't react fast enough and had never seen a Bijū use it's most destructive attack in such a way before. He didn't have any markers near his son, he wouldn't make it in time, nor would the Nidaime since he was busy.

The Yondaime could only watch in horror as his boy was in the direct path. He only hoped Naruto's hands were faster than the laser of death coming at him.

Both Naruto and Kurama were at their maximum when the blonde performed the seals. His last seal

was simultaneous with Kurama's yelling that he ended up accidentally adding one more.

"Gyakūten no Hitōtōki(Reversal of Time)!"


Naruto's eyes darted upwards less he move his head and they widened in horror. He couldn't do anything except take the attack. He only hoped he had made it. The Jūbi Bijūdama hit it's mark but it did not pass through to anything behind Naruto, instead it vanished along with Uzumaki Naruto and Kurama.

Void Of Time –

He was in pain. Unbearable pain. Never had he felt like this. It felt as if every cell in his body had been torn apart and only by some miracle stayed put. He imagined that must been what it felt like to have his Bijū extracted.


His eyes snapped open when he heard Kurama's frantic voice. He immediately lifted his head up but immediately brought it back down. He felt his head spinning when he did that. Slowly this time, he lifted his head up and looked at his friend.

"Kurama, what happened? Where are we?"

'We are in the in-between; The Void of Time.' replied Kurama. 'And we're slowly going backwards.'

"Okay, that's great then. It worked and now we're heading back to fix this mess." Naruto was glad it had worked. Now that he was going back, he could fix all of this. Make it so none of his friends died, maybe even stop Ero-Sennin from dying and secretly even possibly saving his mom and dad. But that last part was only if they went back far enough.

Kurama remained silent.

Naruto noticed this. "Why are you so quiet? You should be glad it worked."

'I really hate to spring this on you Naruto, but I'm not going to be able to go back with you.' stated the fox. 'Or at least not with me being sealed inside of you.'

"What! Why?!" Naruto didn't want to be alone anymore and the giant fox was his only friend he had right now. The bane of his existence was his life line.

'Remember our talk about consequences.' Naruto nodded. 'Well, I'm not sure what mine are going to be since I'm a Bijū. Chances are I may end up fusing with the Kurama of that time and become one and the same or something completely different.'

"What about me Kyūbi?"

'What did you just call me?'


'I see. It seems your starting to regress already. So I might as well say this now since you won't remember it later on.' Kurama sighed and looked at his friend. 'The time that we're traveling to isn't the same one we just left but an alternate one.'

"WHAT! But you said we could go back and fix this!"

'In a sense we are. Just not in our own time-line. Two similar souls can't exist on the same plane of existence Naruto. It would cause a paradox and that could potentially wipe out everyone everywhere. I'm different because I'm a mass of chakra.'

"I can't believe I trusted you." spat Naruto with a frown. "I thought we were friends."

'We are.' he admitted. 'Your the first friend I've had since my father. And for what it's worth, I am sorry about this Naruto.'

Naruto was scowling as he wasn't facing his friend. He had heard the apology and it sounded sincere to his ears. He released a sigh.

"Fine. I guess what's done is done and all I can do is help this new place out." said Naruto. "We know what's going to happen to you, but what about me?"

'Judging from what I've seen, you've already begun to lose memories. I'm not sure what else is going to happen but there is an upside.'

"What's that?"

'It seems that you made a blunder of some kind and you've not only absorbed my chakra into your system, but that of the Jūbi' Bijūdama as well.'

"Okay, so what does that mean?" Naruto asked, confused by what he was trying to get at.

'You'll by far have the largest reserves in the world and it will only keep growing but here's were it gets interesting. I don't know what all that demonic chakra is going to do to your body. It could give you certain traits of one of my kind. You could be turned into a Hanyou or even stop aging since my kind don't do that.'

Naruto's head was spinning with all of the information that he really didn't even want to think about it.

"What do you really think it will do to me though?"

'Honestly?' Naruto nodded. 'It could be a combination of things. You shouldn't worry too much about it though. Your body should adjust the demonic energy well since I've been in you since you were born.'

"Yeah, I guess you got a point there." he admitted. "Hey, can I ask you one more thing."


"How long is it going to take for us to reach our destination?"

'That, I'm afraid, I don't know.' said the giant fox as it slipped something around Naruto's neck.

"What's this?" he asked, feeling the material between his fingers.

'Just something that will help you wherever you end up.'

Naruto read what was inside, it was a crude engraving. "Namikaze Naruto." he read aloud. "Why didn't you include Uzumaki?"

'It's more of a precaution on my part. We don't know how far back we're going and some people won't hesitate to kill an Uzumaki; a known and feared clan.'

Realization dawned in Naruto's eyes as he understood. It was true they didn't know how far back they were going and the name Namikaze was unknown. It was indeed a precaution.

"Thanks." said Naruto.

'Don't worry about it.' Kurama said. He was watching Naruto and began to notice that he was starting to fade out. Naruto noticed it to.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye."

Kurama shook his head. 'Not goodbye. More like, see ya later.'

The two friends bumped fists and Naruto vanished.

'See you later, Namikaze Naruto.' said Kurama as he felt himself drifting off into slumber.

~Dense Isolated Forest~

Far away from the dangers of the world, in a lush and vibrant forest, a house sits. Inside of the house are two people; the owners. Both are currently debating something very important.

"Should we drop our surnames? Or should we change them to something less recognizable? What do you think Kumiko?" a man asked. Wanting to hear another opinion.

"I don't know Yuusūke." replied Kumiko, who was just as unsure as Yuusūke was.

Yuusūke and Kumiko were said owners of the house and happily married for three years.

"Well, we should come up with one quick if we don't want to attract the wrong people and get into a fight." said Yuusūke, worry written all over his face. If he had to fight then so be it, he would protect his wife until his last breath but he would rather things not get to that point.

"I know sweety, I know." She ran her fingers through his hair to try and comfort him. "Do you really think it'll be enough just to change our names though? Wouldn't our hair be a dead giveaway?" she asked.

Yuusūke sighed, he had forgotten about their hair. She was right, they would indeed be recognized immediately by their hair.

"Your right." he admitted. He pulled her hand down from his head and began to tenderly plant kisses on it. He would be lost man without his wife by his side, always there to help him. "Then we'll just have to dye it then, anything to help us."

Normally, a henge would have been enough but he was thinking long term here. He and his wife were tired of fighting against not only Uchiha clan because of their blood ties to the Senju clan, but their own personal enemies that had been on their borders; the Kaguya clan.

Yuusūke opened his mouth to suggest something else when he coughed violently and spit out blood.

"Dammit." he frowned as trail of blood traveled down his chin. "This damn disease will probably kill me before any clan does."

Kumiko was concerned about her husband and it showed in her eyes. "How have you been feeling lately?" she asked in worry.

"Horrible." he answered. "But I'm holding on." He had to, if just for her sake. He would not depart this world for the next unless he knew the love of his life was safe and happy.

Yuusūke fit had ceased and he got up and hugged her tightly. She leaned in closer to his touch, wanting to get closer to his warmth. The both of them went off to bed. Perhaps with a good nights rest they could solve the problem of their dilemma.

~Nine Months Later~

Yuusūke was currently out hunting for food or scavenging/foraging for anything that was edible or they could use. With them scarcely leaving the safety of their home to venture out into civilization, they had to make due with whatever was brought in. Mother nature always provided as long as they took what they needed and nothing more.

Seeing as he was at the border that he and his wife had set up, he decided to make the trek back and hopefully find something on his way back.

As he walked back, he kept his ears open for any sudden movements when his face scrunched together in confusion. He stopped walking and concentrated harder, not quite believing what he thought he originally heard.

'No way.' He shook his head in disbelief. There was no way he he heard what he thought he did. Deciding to investigate to see if what he heard was true, he took off.

Moving past the branches and the brush only to find what he didn't think he would; a baby. He had heard its wailing and didn't believe he would find this. Possibly a baby animal calling for it's mother but not a human.

He had seen some things in his life as a shinobi but never had he seen a baby abandoned out in the middle of the woods. No, he was jumping to conclusions. It was possible the child's parents had been killed when they had fled and the child had just landed near here. Well, whatever it was that had happened to his family was not his concern. His only concern was the child' safety. He picked up the infant put it in a blanket and went back towards his home.

He looked down at the child and smiled slightly. Most people would have killed him or done nothing about him, leaving him to the predators of the wilds. But he wasn't most people, he was still human despite others calling him a monster.

Kumiko was in her small kitchen humming a tune when she heard crying. It was an unusual sound to hear so far out in the forest since their were no children out here, so that begged the question. Where was it coming from.

Imagine her surprise when she see's her husband carrying a small bundle in his arms, a blanket wrapped around the small body. She was confused as to why or how her husband had come across him but looking at his eyes stopped her from asking. His eyes told her he would explain it later. She gave him a nod and looked at the bundle in his hands. She unfurled the part just above his face and once her eyes made eye contact with his, it was love at first sight.

Gently picking up the baby, she couldn't help but feel entranced by him. Hair as bright as the sun in the sky, azure blue eyes as dark as the crashing waves of the ocean and skin smooth to the touch. Kumiko thought he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.

She was gently rocking the baby back and forth near her bosom, softly humming the tune she had just been singing. Her heart melted when she saw him yawn, opening his little mouth and stretching out his tiny arms, it was adorable. She had always wanted children, always wanted to be a mother, but because of an attack on her and her team and an accident, she was made barren.

Kumiko had dropped the idea of having children soon after that since it only hurt to think about it. But now, here in front of her, was a child. Her child. This was a blessing.

As she continued to coo at her son, the necklace that was around his neck fell and landed near Yuusūke. Picking it up and opening it, he had expected to find a portrait of the child' family. Instead he found a name.

"Namikaze Naruto." He read the name aloud, trying it out on his tongue.

"My little maelstrom." Kumiko whispered softly, looking at their newly named son.

"It's a strong name." agreed Yuusūke.

"Where is he going to sleep?" asked the woman whose maternal instincts were kicking in.

Yuusūke' mouth opened to say something but abruptly closed it. His wife was giving him "the look" and he shuddered. He wasn't going to suggest leaving the child to those who could raise him but instead if they even had the proper materials to raise him.

"He can sleep in our room. Give me a few hours to create a makeshift crib for him." Is what he said instead.

"Good." she said. "Oh, I can't wait until he starts talking and calls me mom or you dad." she squealed in a girly voice.

Now that brought a smile to his face. "Heh, yeah, your right. It will feel nice when he calls me dad plus he's already helping us out." he said. "I've got our new surname."

"Oh, do tell."

"Namikaze." he replied. "All we have to do is change our hair to match Naruto's."

Kumiko hummed at the thought. "Namikaze huh. That's actually not to far off from our own."

"Yeah, it's not." agreed Yuusūke. "His has a few extra words while ours does as well. Uzumaki, Namikaze." he sounded them out. They even almost sounded similar.

"Heh, how bout that Naruto. Now we all have similar names."

"Yes, we are no longer Uzumaki Yuusūke nor Uzumaki Kumiko." he announced dramatically. "We are now Namikaze Yuusūke and Namikaze Kumiko." His chest puffed out at how smart he was for thinking of this.

"But we still really aren't. We don't have his blood flowing through our veins." Kumiko commented, stifling her giggles as she watched her husband deflate at this.

He sighed. "Yeah, we know that, but it doesn't mean others have to. Only our son will. When he get's older we will inform him of the truth." he stated.

"Do you think that's wise?" questioned Kumiko. She was afraid their son would react negatively to this and not think of them as his parents anymore. That would just break her heart.

"It's the right thing to do sweetheart. As some of the remaining decent human beings in our world it would be wrong of us to keep this from him." He knew of her concerns and put his hand under her chin. "Worry not my beloved, he is our son, we will raise him right, teach him right from wrong. He will not hate us for what reveal to him."

She was still unsure of this but couldn't really find fault in her husbands words. "Very well then." she agreed. "When he becomes of age, we will inform him he is in fact the first Namikaze."

End of Chapter One


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