The First Namikaze

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The Fourth Shinobi World War has been raging for about 2 months already, but the only side losing any people were the Allied Shinobi Forces (Shinobi Rengōgun). Even though the war has been going on for 2 months the Shinobi Forces had already lost half of there 80,000 man force. The war was taking it's toll on everybody, as this was not like the other World Wars; here it was just pure battle after battle, there was no infiltration, espionage, sabotage, there were no moment's of peace.

Everybody believed that this war was for protecting the last two Jinchūriki from the Akatsuki, but those that knew the truth was that while they are protecting both Jinchūriki; they are also trying to stop a madman from enacting his plan to subjugate the ninja world.

The last two Jinchūriki were being hidden from the world, nobody knew of their location except a select few. Everybody believed it was for the best to hide them away; all except one person: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

He was finally going by his full name; of course there were a few scuffles here and there, but everyone knew that it no longer really mattered what his last name was. If they didn't win this war, then there would no longer be anything to scuffle about.

Naruto believed that with his mastering of Kurama's chakra, he could make a difference in the war. At first the Kage's were weary of sending him into battle, because it was him and Killer B they were after. After much deliberation and a small battle with the Raikage, Naruto made his way onto the battlefield.

As soon as he entered the battlefield, you could see the immediate effect he had. He was dominating the field, the white Zetsu army didn't stand a chance, but that was only until Tobi and Kabuto entered the fray.

He began his battle with both of these men, but it seemed that Kabuto was up to something else, as he was leaving the field; leaving Naruto along with Gai and Kakashi to face Tobi. Naruto knew that whatever Kabuto was up to was not going to be good, and he was proven correct when some coffins rose up behind Tobi, signifying that Kabuto used the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei(Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation). From what he saw, it seemed that Tobi was making a retreat while his enhanced hearing picked up, "It's not time yet for the big reveal" he heard the man mutter.

Just as Naruto was about to pursue, he was blocked by the group that came out of the coffins, and to say he was surprised would be an understatement. In front of him were some of the most feared shinobi to ever walk the earth; they were the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist(Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū). He was going to try and communicate with Zabuza but was instead met with a cold mist seeping into the area.

"Shit I can't let the mist get any closer to us or we are dead."Naruto thought as he was going through some hand-seals.

"Fūton: Daitoppa(Wind release: Great Breakthrough)" he said as he channeled wind chakra into his throat, clasped both of his hands together over his mouth and blew out a large blast of wind that managed to clear away the mist.

Contrary to popular belief, he did have Ninjutsu training; and he actually happened to have two other affinities but he didn't know any Jutsu for either of his two new affinities. It wasn't his fault nobody wanted to teach him, and finally when they did; a war breaks out. He went to engage his opponents along with the two Jounin behind him. At first he was demolishing them, but every-time he destroyed one of them, they just got up and re-grow what they lost.

For all of his new found speed, strength, endurance, and power; it wasn't doing him any good. He didn't have any tact to his attacks, they were just all blunt force. That might normally work on normal enemies, but these were anything but normal. He had no footwork or fluidity to his punches and kicks, he didn't know any Kenjutsu nor any Fūinjutsu. All he had was his small repertoire of Wind Jutsu's along with his Kyūbi Chakura Mōdo.

Just as he was about to re-engage the enemy, more shinobi from the Allied Forces arrived to back them up, or so he thought.

" need to retreat. Let us handle the enemy from now on. Your going to be needed elsewhere."said Kakashi

"WHAT! Why are you telling me that. Now that we have back-up we can take down the enemy and continue to track Tobi."said an indignant Naruto

"Listen, I know you want to fight, but you need to learn when to pick the right battles. This here is just a small battle compared to what that man Tobi might do. That's where you need to focus all of your attention. Do you understand?"

"Tch...fine, I'll follow your order, but I don't have to like it."he muttered out that last part as he was starting to back out from the area and started heading to a different area.

Scene Change

Naruto had just made his way back to headquarters where the Kage are at, but just as he was about to enter he overheard the Kage's talking, and then he heard someone barge in yelling.


"WHAT! Well lets hear it."yelled the Raikage, so the kunoichi began explaining how Inoichi gathered the information and were the Uchiha was currently at.

"You'd think that a bunch of Kage's in the middle of war would put up a silencing barrier."thought the blonde before he focused his attention to the aforementioned name.

"Uchiha Madara...where have I heard that name before."thought the blonde eavesdropper

"Oh yeah...wasn't he one of the founders of Konoha. How the hell can he still be alive then? He's probably super ancient now. No way that that can be him, but then again stranger shit has happened in the ninja world."he thought before heading out to the location he heard from the kunoichi.

Scene Change

Naruto was making his way over to the area, but as he was getting closer, he started hearing sounds of a battle going on. He finally arrived to the area, and he wished he hadn't, for there were bodies strewn about everywhere, some had missing limbs; while others were just too mangled to recognize.

He needed to help anyway he could; he wouldn't let these people die for his sake. He knew they were fighting this war to protect him and Killer B; he wasn't as naive as he used to be.

"Kuchiyose No Jutsu(Summoning Technique)"he said as two large toads suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Huh...where are we? Hmm..oh Naruto, I didn't see you up there."said Gamakichi

"Hi you have any snacks."said Gamatatsu

"Hey guys...I'll give you some snacks later tatsu. For right now though, I need help with taking care of these guys over here."said Naruto pointing to the Zetsu army. They both nodded, although one nodded a little reluctantly.

They all started to make hand-seals or what passes as hand-seals for toads, and molded the chakra and called out.

"Fūton: Gamayudan(Wind Release: Toad Oil Bullet)/Katon: Endan(Fire Release: Flame Bullet)" as Naruto enhanced Gamatatsu's Oil bullet with wind and Gamakichi added the fire to create a three-way combination attack called.

"Fūton: Gamayu Endan(Wind Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet)" and they began to burn all of the white Zetsu's along with any of the Reincarnated shinobi.

Clapping could be heard throughout the area that Naruto had just torched with his summons. The clapping was traced back to Tobi.

"Very impressive display of power there Naruto-kun."said Tobi somewhat sarcastically

"Don't patronize me Tobi or should I say Uchiha Madara. If that is even really you?"

"Well, well, well, it seems that I've been found out."he said before he continued.

"I'll let you in on something Naruto-kun...your right I'm not the real Madara, but I am an Uchiha. So what do you say, do you still want to fight me now that I've revealed to you who I'm not or are you going to let me kill all of these people behind you."

"I want let you harm these shinobi behind me. I will be your opponent."said Naruto with confidence laced in his voice.

Naruto rushed the man with a Rasengan in his hand, but just as he was about to strike he phased right through him over to the other-side and was kicked in the back. Turning back around to get his bearings he saw Tobi go through some hand-seals and he blew out a giant fireball towards Naruto.

Naruto was able to get out of the way, and was going to try some hand to hand combat but thought better of it. He activated his Kyūbi Chakura Mōdo and rushed him again hoping this time he would catch him off-guard with a difference in speed.

It did catch the man off-guard and Naruto actually managed to land a hit on him. It was devastating enough that he made the man bleed, but then when all seemed well he was thrown back with a bone crushing force, enough so that it sent both toads back to their realm.

Naruto regained his bearings and stood back up, only too see something he didn't think he would ever see again on another person. This man had the Rinnegan(Saṃsāra Eye) or at-least he has it in one eye, while the other eye has a Sharingan. Naruto knew he was in trouble now; while he did manage to defeat Pain who had both eyes, this one was much more dangerous, now he had to deal with a Sharingan, and who knew what Jutsu that eye could do.

Before he knew what happened, he felt the presence of someone behind him. Turning around he was looking into the Rinnegan and he suddenly felt the energy leaving his body. He managed to get away only to be attacked almost immediately again.

"Shinra Tensei(Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God)" and he was blown back again only this time it felt much harder because he had just had almost half of his energy sucked out. He couldn't get up, his whole body ached and he lost consciousness.

Scene Change

Naruto awoke to a ceiling that he did not recognize, and that put him on high alert. Just as he was about to make his move, until someone he recognized entered his room; Shizune Kato.

"You know, you really shouldn't try to move in your condition."spoke Shizune

"Hehehe...yeah I know I shouldn't, but I've never really liked hospitals too much."he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah, I figured as much, which is why I was here so you wouldn't try an escape."

"You know me all too well. Say can I ask you something."he asked and she nodded.

"How did I get here? The last thing I remember was fighting Tobi and then losing consciousness?"he questioned.

"Well from what I read in the reports it was actually a combined effort from a number of people. Kakashi showed up and tried to kill Tobi with his Raikiri but seemed to phase through him, but then Killer B showed up and kept him distracted, while Shiranui Genma, Raidō Namiashi, and Iwashi Tatami from the Hokage guard platoon showed up as well."

"Huh..why did those last three show up for?"he asked

"They are actually the quick transport team. You see when they worked under the Yondaime Hokage, they were taught how to use the Hiraishin No Jutsu, but they can only use it as a group. So naturally when we got word that you were on the same battlefield as Tobi, they were sent out to bring you back, and bring you back they did."she finished

"I see. What happened to everyone else who was there?"he asked

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but the only ones who came back were the ones that I mentioned. Two of you were high priority targets along with Kakashi."she said and saw the grimace on his face.

"You couldn't have saved them all Naruto-kun. I'm sorry to have to say that, but a-lot more lives would have been lost had we lost you."she said hoping to alleviate whatever it was he was feeling.

"It still doesn't make me feel any better about what happened, but a part of me knows that your right. I just don't want to believe that part."

Just as he was about to ask another question he was suddenly pulled into his mind-scape.

"What do you want Kurama?"he said as he sighed for what felt like the hundredth time.

"Not much Kit, I just wanted to inform you of a solution that might be able to change this war."

"Really!? Well what is it?"he asked

"I'll tell you about it later. Right now I need you to go to that busty Hokage of yours and tell her that your going to need a week to train."

"Even if I did ask her, why would she let me go? There has to be a reason?"

"Look just tell her that your going to train like never before in-order to stop that Tobi guy. Once were gone then will I tell you about my solution. Sound fair?

"All right, I'll give it a shot."

Back in the real world, Naruto proceeded to ask Shizune where Tsunade's location was. She complied and told him where to go.

A few minutes later he finds himself in front of the Kage headquarters tent. He enters and looks around for Tsunade, until he spots her and walks over to him.

"Tsunade-Baachan, can I talk to you for a minute?"he asked the busty blonde with his most serious voice.

"Oh Naruto, it's good to see you awake and about. Follow me over to the next room, I can tell that this is supposed to be a private conversation."

So he then began to ask her for a leave of absence from the battlefield for about a week. She questioned him on why he needed to leave, and he told her the reason that Kurama told him to tell her and she agreed. She asked him where he would go and he told her back to Konoha as there were some things he needed from there.

She agreed but asked him how they would communicate with each-other and he said he would send a summons to tell her where he was and have the summons bring anything back she felt was worth his attention. She agreed reluctantly, and he went off to pack his gear.

Scene Change


He managed to get a ride over to the village via the Hiraishin thanks to the Hokage guard platoon. He went off to find a deserted training ground that nobody would disturb him at and finally found one.

Now that he was settled he got in a meditative position and entered his mind-scape to question Kurama about this Jutsu.

"All right Kurama, here I am away from everyone else. Now explain to me what you have in mind."

"Okay listen up Kit...the solution I was talking about is actually a technique. All I'm going to tell you about it is that it's a Kinjutsu(Forbidden Technique), it's a technique that's going to allow you to travel back in time."said Kurama.


"SHUT THE FUCK UP, SIT DOWN AND LISTEN." roared the Fox. "The ONLY reason I didn't mention it earlier was because this Jutsu is a last resort. Being sealed inside of you for so long made me aware of the dumb-shit you do when desperate or trying to save someone."


"You also obviously didn't hear when I said it was a Kinjutsu, all you heard was Time-travel. Now since this is a Forbidden Technique; even to us Bijuu; there might be some after effects on the one performing said Technique."

(Sighing). "All right then, tell me what the consequences are not if, when I preform this Technique."

"That's just the thing Kit, I don't really know. It could range from a number of different things, for one you could get turned into a little kid, another you could go back but not remember anything from your time. Hell for all I know the technique might not even work and you could end up dead or the top half of your body could stay here while your ass travels through time." said Kurama barking out a laugh as he finished his explanation.

"The point I'm trying to make here is, when you do use this Jutsu and you finish the hand-seals, if the technique works then don't think for a second that nothing is going to happen for using this Jutsu. Believe me when I say that something will happen, you can't just travel back in time to change it and expect nothing to happen; life, the universe or whatever you want to think doesn't work like that."

"Jeez...okay, okay. I didn't think you were a pessimistic bastard, and as long as where talking somewhat civilly; just where did you come across such a Jutsu, and why do you believe so strongly that something will happen once I finish the hand-seals?"he asked

"Boy, I'm a being made of pure Chakra. I've been alive for thousands of years and I have knowledge on many things. Thistechnique is just one of many I've come across my life; thisone just has the most potential to really fuck things up for everyone, not just for you or me."

"Kit I'm a force of nature, I just am and will continue to be, and when I say nature I don't mean the tree's, plants, animals. I'm talking about the forces that just are; like: death, time, life, things that were, are, and will continue to just be. You don't fuck around with shit like that and expect yourself to come out on top without so much as a scratch."he was about to continue before Naruto held his hand up.

"Okay,'ve driven you point across for this Jutsu being very dangerous; no need to repeat yourself over and over again. So how does the technique work?" he asks.

"Simple, I'll give you the hand-seals and then you just pour all of your and my chakra into it and viola, you are back in the past. Another thing you should know is, is that you will have to be absolutely still when you do this. Just the slightest discrepancy can disrupt the entire technique, and who knows what would happen or where you would be sent."

Naruto couldn't help but wonder if Kurama was withholding some information from him, but he didn't question him about it...right now.

The following Day(1st day)

Finally getting the information he needed on the how many hand-signs he was going to be preforming, he decided to bring out one of his favorite Jutsu in order to speed along the process.

"Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu(Multiple Shadow Clone Technique)." said Naruto as 1000 clones manifested in front of him, waiting for orders.

"Okay guys here is what were gonna be doing. I want 500 of you to practice the hand-signs for the Jutsu we got from the fox."

"HAI!" said his clones.

"Okay now that they are going off to do that, I want five groups of 100 clones each." he said as he was waiting for them to group up.

"All right, I want the first group to master these Fūton Techniques, 10 clones to each Jutsu. I want these mastered by the end of today. Do I make myself clear?"


"Good, group two; I've recently started to develop a Water affinity and a Fire affinity, but what I want you guys to do is master both of these affinities and these Jutsu along with them. I know I'm asking for a lot here, but I need it to get done. Am I understood?"


"Moving on. I want the third group to work on these basic Kenjutsu kata's and these Fūinjutsu scrolls. Split up into two groups of 50 each."


"Okay. Now the last two groups, you guys are going to be doing nothing but Chakra control. It doesn't matter to me what exercise you do, as long as it's beneficial. Is everything clear to you guys?"

"HAI!" they said, but before he could go and do his own things; a single clone asked a question.

"Boss, why are we doing all of this? If my memory serves correct didn't the fox say that one of the possibilities of you performing said Jutsu would be complete memory loss?"asked a random clone.

"While there is a possibility I might not have memories from doing any of these things; hey you never know, I'm always doing things people said couldn't be done, why not add one more. Also even if I can't recall these things; that doesn't mean that my body won't remember. If my clones can master the tasks I've placed upon them with my affinities, along with the Fūinjutsu/Kenjutsu, I'm positive that my body would remember thanks to muscle memory."

All of the clones just stared at him before shrugging and saying to each other "if that's what the boss wants then so be it", and they began to work on their assignments.

The Next Morning(2nd day)

After training all day yesterday and into the night, group 1 of the clones had managed to master all of the Fūton Jutsu that the original had left them. Group 2 had managed to master both the Suiton and Katon affinities, but were unable to master all of the techniques. Group 3 had mastered the basic Kenjutsu kata's on the scroll, while somehow completing all of the Fūinjutsu as well. The last two groups he didn't really need to check on so he just left them to their own devices.

Scene Change

"All right let's try out some of these Jutsu."said Naruto as he was staring at an empty field.

He did the necessary hand-seals, inhaled a deep breath and called out, "Fūton: Shinkūgyoku(Wind release: Vacuum Sphere)", and exhaled several small balls of wind into the surrounding area. The balls of wind tore through anything and everything.

"Whoa...that sure is one destructive Jutsu there." he thought

"Let's try another one." he said as he did the hand-seals, molded the chakra; took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Katon: Karyū Endan(Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)" he said as the fire started to take the shape of a dragon. It was a powerful Jutsu as it was melting the rocks that it passed by from just sheer heat alone.

"Whoops...hehehe...looks like I might have over done it a bit. Let's put out those fires."

"Suiton: Teppōdama(Water Release: Gunshot)"said the blonde as he shot out condensed balls of water to put out the fire he caused.

"Hmm...not bad, not bad at all." he said to himself

He was about to start the hand-seals for another Jutsu when he was interrupted.

"Naruto...why are you wasting your time on this, when you your self should train in that Kinjutsu I showed you yesterday?" questioned Kurama.

"I'm not wasting time here Kurama. I need to get stronger, that Jutsu is a last resort and I don't want to use it unless absolutely necessary. Come on now, you should now this."

"I don't know; the situation we are in seems pretty necessary to me. You know now that I think about it, you have been acting weird; well weirder; than usual and it definitely started when you met your father inside the seal. It was after you met your mother though that shit with you has been; how can I put this; oh yeah, emotional."

He continued, "Not emotional like a woman per se, but emotional in reacting to almost every fucking little thing. It really gets annoying when I hear you yell and bitch about something."


" you don't know why either huh. Let me check on something, give me a few minutes gaki."

"Yeah, sure whatever you say fuzz-ball. Might as well return to my training."

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu" he called out and two clones popped into existence.

"Okay guys, I want each of you too fire off a Jutsu at me. Got it?"he asked.

"HAI!"they said as they started going through hand-seals.

"Katon/Fūton: Gōkakyū no Jutsu(Fire release: Great Fireball Technique)/Daitoppa(Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)"they said as the traveling fireball was growing in size due to the wind that was propelling it forward.

"Oh Shit!"thought Naruto before completing his hand-seals, "Suiton: Suijinheki(Water Release: Water Encampment Wall)" he said as he erected a large wall of water. He knew that it wouldn't be enough to block out the combo that was heading his way, so he added more chakra to the wall, making it much thicker.

The fireball finally reached Naruto and collided with the water wall, causing steam to go in all directions; including straight for Naruto.

"Kawarimi no Jutsu(Body Replacement Technique)"he thought as he replaced himself with a log.

He appeared behind both clones and was about to engage them, but as soon as he clenched his hands did he notice that they were blistered and bleeding; due to the steam.

"Damn...I thought I escaped in time."he muttered, but just as he was about to strike he was interrupted.

"Alright I think I know – WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR HANDS!"he shouted as Naruto started explaining what happened.

(Sighing) "I can't even leave you alone for 5 minutes can I? Why do you have to be such a reckless dumbass? Anyways what I found out might tie into why your acting more brash than usual. So sit down and shut up."

"Okay from looking at your body and chakra network it seems that your parents chakra didn't just fade from your sub-conscious, but instead fused with your own. I also found something very surprising. A fragment of your fathers soul was what was holding that chakra together. That would explain why you were so calm and collected when you confronted Nagato after he destroyed the village and killed a fuck-ton of people."

You were integrating your fathers chakra and soul fragment, and I know from experience how calm, collected, and smart your father was. Wha-" he was saying before he got cut off.

"WHAT! But how is that possible?"Naruto asked.

"Listen gaki, don't interrupt when I'm trying to explain all of this shit to you, okay?"all he got was a nod.

"You have to remember Kit, your father was a Fūinjutsu master. If he was able to seal the Great and Powerful Me inside of you; then I have no doubts that he would have been able to seal a piece of his soul inside of you either. Don't bother trying to ask me how he did it or how he was able to seal a tiny fragment of his soul, as that is dealing with the metaphysical side of things."

Continuing, "It also seems plausible that your Uzumaki gene's were at play here. It's no secret that Uzumaki's have a strong life force, vitality, and longevity, so it's possible that your body was just adding the extra chakra sub-consciously; along with his soul fragment. So it's conceivable that you would inherit all of his traits, but they just might not manifest immediately."

"Okay...that would actually explain why I was acting calm and talking to him; even if he was Ero-Sennin's other student. So does that mean I'm going to be a super cool ninja like my pops then."

"Possibly, but if it's true then you actually won't start to see the changes until a few years."

"What changes should I be expecting then to know that it's finally taking place."

"Let's see, you shouldn't change much physically; maybe longer hair like your fathers, possibly a change in eye color, but other than that probably not much else. Mentally; now there we may see a drastic change. Your IQ should jump up after everything is assimilated, you should be able to control yourself better as well."

"Okay...sorry for interrupting again, but if I should have better control of myself then why am I acting with my emotions on display for everyone to see?"he questioned.

"Well I did say it would take a few years, but the reason your acting like this right now is because of your mother's chakra and her soul fragment."


"Yeah it's possible, but don't get your hopes up on that. Moving on, like I was saying; just like with your father, you might not see a physical change in a while. Now mentally, your mother wasn't as smart as your father but she was pretty damn close, but where she really excelled was using her emotions on the battlefield. She could wipe out enemy forces with a smile on her face, but make her angry and she becomes a living Shinigami."

"So her chakra/soul is the reason why I'm having outbursts here and there."

"Yes, it is very likely."

"I see. Listen Kurama, I'll start working on that Kinjutsu tomorrow; so can I just have the rest of today to digest this information."

"Yeah that's fine Kit, but just remember that the war is still raging on at this very moment and people are still dying out there while your in here trying to-"

Finally seeming to have enough of the fox reminding him people were dying, Naruto snapped, "I KNOW PEOPLE ARE OUT THERE DYING DAMMIT! BUT I'M SCARED OKAY. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR. I'M FUCKING SCARED OKAY."

"What are you scared of Naruto?"

"I'm scared that if I don't do this correctly like you said then I let everyone I cared for, everyone that believed in me down. What if this Jutsu doesn't work, what if I don't get sent to the right time-line? Everyone would have just sacrificed themselves for nothing. That's what I'm scared of Kurama. It absolutely frightens me."

"Okay Kit, I'm pretty sure that your mothers chakra is coming into play here and is taking control of your emotions. I need you to calm down and listen to me okay. Look I know I don't have as much depending on me, but you and I are in the same boat. My brothers and sisters are gone and they are depending on me, and even though I might not like them they are still family. So your not the only one, besides I'm going to be there with you when you do the hand-seals as I'm providing most of the chakra for the Jutsu."

After Naruto heard this he seemed to settle down, knowing that what Kurama said was the truth. He started to reign in his emotions.

"Thanks Kurama, I really needed to hear that."

"No problem Kit. Just be ready tomorrow."

"You got it."he replied and left his mind-scape to go and attend to any unfinished business.

The Ensuing Day(3rd day)

"Alright Kit, I know you used your Kage Bunshin 2 days ago to work on that Kinjutsu. I want you to do the same thing you did that day, today. The only difference is, your going to be apart of the training session as well."said the giant fox.

"Alright..., "Tajū Kage Bunshin No Jutsu" he said as 500 copies of himself appeared.

"Okay guys, you know the drill; lets get started."he said.

"HAI!"they chorused.

Following Days

He used the remaining few days left to master his other two affinities, along with continuing practice of the Kinjutsu. He didn't put much into continuing to advance his Kenjutsu; it would be useless against the enemy he was going to be facing; maybe once the war was over he would continue. He made a bit more progress on his Fūinjutsu, but not enough to be a viable threat to anyone.

He also mastered his Kyūbi Chakura Mōdo, along with something else that will surely surprise his fellow shinobi. It was considerably difficult to master this as he did not want to give away his location to anyone with him blasting out pure chakra. He ended up training in his mind-scape which was good, but then he needed to practice it physically which was a different story all together, but it was accomplished.

Naruto believed he worked on what he felt would help him better fight against Tobi, so now all he could do was implement it. Today would be the last somewhat peaceful day in the life of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

The Next Day

"Looks like it's time to get back on the battlefield. You ready for this Kurama?"asked Naruto.

"Yeah Kit. Let's get this over with." replied Kurama.

Scene Change

"HOLD THE LINE! HOLD THE LINE!"shouted an Iwa shinobi.

"IT'S NO USE. THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM!"shouted a Kumo shinobi

They two are a part of a small group that is currently being overwhelmed by a small army of White Zetsu's. They were going to be annihilated if they didn't receive a miracle; and receive a miracle they did.

"Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku(Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation)"they heard someone call out before a wall of intense flames appeared before them and started to destroy the mini army.

They had to shield themselves from the intense heat that the wall of flames was giving off. They all looked to their savior. Once they laid eyes upon him however, they instantly recognized who it was that saved them.

"Hey, what are you guys doing so far away from the main body of the army?"he asked

"We got ambushed here by those things, Namikaze-sama."replied a ninja from Konoha

"Please...none of that sama crap, if I don't use them to address the Hokage; then you don't need them when addressing me."he said and got a nod.

"Now" he continued, "Do any of you know whats been going on over the past week?"

"I'm afraid not. We were out on a scouting mission that didn't yield any results, and on our way back we got ambushed."

"I see. Well let's make our way over to the main army, and then I'll talk with the Hokage and see whats been going down."he said as they began to leave.

Scene Change

He arrived at central command, but only to find it empty. He was wondering where all of the Kage's were at. He went looking for anyone to see if they had the information he was seeking. He was lucky as he soon ran into Shikamaru's father; Shikaku Nara.

"Hello there, Shikaku-san. If I may be so bold to ask, where are all of the Kage's?"Naruto asked

"Just Shikaku is fine Naruto, and to answer your question, they all went into the field when the real Uchiha Madara was Reincarnated from the Edo Tensei."he said to the blonde

"So then Tobi wasn't the real then who the hell is Tobi then? And why would he pretend to be?"he thought

As if reading his mind, Shikaku answered, "After the Kage's went to confront the Reincarnated Uchiha, was it revealed who was under the mask: Obito Uchiha. The reason he did it was quite ingenious really, what better way to strike fear into your opponents than with a name that still held fear unto this day."he said before he continued.

"But the real aim to him revealing himself now was for discordance among our ranks. If you really think about it, it's all Konoha's fault that this is going on. First with the real Madara leaving the village, now with Obito coming out; two of our former shinobi are the cause of the war, so troublesome"

"He also did it for a morale killer, how would you feel if you found out your once friend who you thought was dead came back and is now your enemy. And even if you weren't friends the fact that he was part of our village is sure to cause different reactions to different people."he finished.

"Well I never really thought about it that way. I guess your right about the morale killer it could be. Do you know what happened to the Kage's after they left" said the blonde

"We don't know what happened to the Kage's after they left and I should also tell you that the Edo Tensei has been stopped. We don't know who did or how, but it's no longer in effect."

"I see. Then can you point me in the direction of where the biggest battle is going on, as I feel that is where the two Uchiha's are at?" he asked and Shikaku went and retrieved the information he needed. He thanked the man and took off.

"Good luck out there kid. Your going to need it."he said and left to get back to directing things.

Scene Change

He was making his way over to the battlefield and he knew he was getting closer as the fighting could be heard from his location. After a few more minutes he finally arrived, and he did not like the scene he just walked into. Death was everywhere he looked; shinobi from every village had been killed.

"Well, well, well, look who finally decided to grace us with his presence." said the now named Obito

"So that's the Kyūbi Jinchūriki."said the man who Naruto presumed to be Madara

Instead of answering either of them, Naruto decided to attack. He was blasted back again by that damn Shinra Tensei of those damn eye's. Everyone watching took the initiative and started firing off Ninjutsu at the two Uchiha's, but to no avail as it seemed that everything was being absorbed into the palms of both men.

"Lets see how they handle this."thought Naruto as he started to glow signifying that he was entering Kyūbi Chakura Mōdo, but this time it seemed that the energy was under much better control.

"How do you like my new form?"he asked

"It see no difference other than the fact that you are now wearing a Haori(Full length Cloak) and you appear to have two horns on your head. It will still not make a difference when compared to my power."said Madara

"Well lets test out that theory, shall we?"he said

And he took off faster than what the Sharingan could track and appeared right in front of Madara who had a look of indifference on his face. Naruto began to throw punches and kicks at the man, but everything was being parried by the man. Naruto saw him raise his hands up in the air and he knew what was going to happen so he bolted from the location.

If he had been a second slower he would have taken a Shinra Tensei at point blank range. Deciding enough was enough he started to gather energy around himself creating a Bijūdama(Tailed Beast Ball), and he then shot it towards the Uchiha's.

"Mokuton: Hōbi no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Expulsion Jutsu)"said Madara as a wooden dome-like structure with the face of a dragon rose up to block the Bijūdama, effectively protecting both Uchiha's.

Those that were present couldn't believe what they were seeing, how was this man using the Mokuton and too such a degree. It just didn't seem fair to them, it seemed that the Uchiha were blessed by some higher being, granting them all of this power.

No one was as stupefied as Naruto, who couldn't believe that his strongest attack was blocked.

"I grow tired of these games. Even though I would like the last two Jinchūriki, it matters not. We have some of their chakra residue left."he said as Obito began to summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path(Gedō Mazō).

With the statue in sight both Naruto and Killer B who was fighting on the other side of the field, began to gather energy to launch a dual Bijūdama's at the statue hoping to destroy it. Both attacks hit, and it seemed that they had foiled the plans of the enemy, but that was short lived as chakra so foul suddenly started to permeate the surrounding area.

And there it stood, in all of it's utterly disgusting glory. The Jūbi(Ten-Tails) had been revived and both of the Jinchūriki could instantly feel that their tenants were both shocked and even if Kurama would never admit it; a bit scared.

"Guess now is as good a time to reveal my trump card."said Naruto as he was glowing brighter and started growing in size.

Everyone was staring at him, not believing what they were seeing. He transformed fully into the Kyūbi No Kitsune, Killer B seeing him do this decided to follow his fellow Jinchūriki's idea.

Now on the battlefield were three massive titans, who knew how much damage the ensuing battle was going to cause the world.

Both Naruto and Killer B, decided to take the initiative and attack the beast while it was still looking confused. They launched a multitude of Bijūdama's at the Jūbi, only for them to be pushed aside from the Jūbi's own Bijūdama. It seemed that nothing was going to stop the Bijūdama from reaching them and annihilating them.

"Kuchiyose: Gojū Rashōmon(Summoning: Quintuple Rashōmon)"said a voice and five Rashōmon gates rose up to block and change the trajectory of the Bijūdama.

"Well it appears that we arrived just in time."said the mystery man with a chuckle

"So it seems brother."said another man

At first Naruto couldn't place either of the men, but it was once he saw the third and fourth members of this group did he know. They were all of the previous Hokage, but how were they here when the Edo Tensei was stopped. That's when he saw his former teammate; Sasuke Uchiha.

He wanted to go up and hug his father and his Jiji, and ask them all sorts of questions, but he knew that he had to hold himself back; for now. So instead he turned to the other Uchiha.

"So what are you doing here, Sasuke-teme?"asked Naruto

"What do you think dobe? Were here to help with the war."replied Sasuke


"It's simple really, once I help to finish this war, I'm going back to Konoha to become the next Hokage."

As soon as Sasuke finished that sentence a wave of different emotions hit Naruto. His first emotion was that he was going to have his friend back, but his logical side took over that emotion. If you coudn't tell what Naruto was thinking, then just by looking at his face gave you all you needed to know; disbelief.

"What the hell type of medication is this idiot on; he wants to become Hokage. All of the years I've known him he was a power hungry prick. He leaves the village to go to a traitor, shoves a Chidori in my chest, and fucking leaves me. He then manages to kill his brother, and then after he kills his brother does he say he loved him. Then he want's to destroy Konoha, only to now tell me that he want's to become Hokage."thought our hero

While he was thinking all of this all of the Hokage's started trying to battle the Jūbi, but it proved to be a far more dangerous opponent, as it kept changing forms; only getting stronger and stronger. Sasuke wasn't doing much damage either, even with the combined forces of their army, it was all futile.

The first to go were those at the Alliance headquarters, then many shinobi started to fall to Jūbi's miniature monsters. Soon began the toughest couple of minutes in Naruto's life as he was watching his friends be cut down one by one. He was trying his hardest to take out as many as he could, but for every 10 he brought down, another 20 would take it's place. He looked to see if anyone of them was still alive, but his hope was shattered when not one of them were standing back up. Grief hit him like a chakra enhanced punch.

The only ones still standing were the Reincarnated Hokage's, Naruto, Killer B, and maybe 35% of their forces.

"Naruto...I think now is the time to use the Jutsu. This war is over already, and we lost."stated Kurama.

Naruto was numb. No it couldn't be over, they could still continue to fight; but was cut off from his ramblings.

"NO, you stupid shit. This war is done, if you continue to try and fight; then you will die. Remember, that Kinjutsu will give you another chance to right these wrongs."said the fox hoping to talk some sense into his container.

He nodded in consent, but before he went through with it he went over to his father. His father turned around and saw his son, they stared at each other for what seemed like ages and then gave each other a bone crushing hug. Before Minato could pull away Naruto whispered into his ear and Minato smiled and gave a nod; indicating he understood what his son was going to do.

"Just remember son; me and your mother will always be proud of you, no matter what decisions you make in life. We love you."he said before he disappeared in a yellow flash to go and distract the Jūbi.

Naruto was shedding tears, but quickly wiped them away and steeled himself, as he was going to begin.

"Remember, Naruto, you have to be absolutely still. Are you prepared?"he asked and got a nod, "Very well then, let's do this."

Naruto got into Kyūbi Chakura Mōdo, and began to pump every ounce of chakra he had in his body. He stood absolutely still and began the hand-seals. He hoped his luck would hold out and the Jūbi wouldn't sense them, but it seemed that his luck had run out as that is exactly what happened.

For the first time it seemed that the Jūbi showed something that resembled recognition as it was staring straight at the chakra surge off in the distance. What it saw made it thrash around much more violently than before as it stared straight at Naruto. It was Naruto's appearance that got it violent, as to the creature he was a spiting image of the one who sealed it into the moon; the Rikudō Sennin(Sage of the Six Paths). It roared and was preparing to fire off a Bijūdama beam.

Naruto heard the roar, but was undeterred and continued to do the hand-seals.

"Alright Kit, were at the maximum of my and your chakra. Do it."he said and Naruto mentally nodded.

"Kinjutsu: Gyakuten No Hitotoki(Forbidden technique: Reversal of Time)" he said, but missed the last seal when he heard, "LOOK OUT!" he heard Kurama say and look he did as the Bijūdama beam was upon them as the Jutsu was taking effect, and suddenly the area lit up with a bright light, and Naruto Namikaze was no longer there.

Scene Change

Void of Time

Naruto was floating unconsciously in the void of time when his tenant woke him up.


"WHAT! Kurama what happened? Where are we?"he frantically asked

"It seems we are in the void of time, and are going backwards."he said

"Okay so then it seems that it worked out and were heading back to fix this mess."


"Kurama? Why are you being so quiet?"he asked

"I really hate to spring this on you now kit, but I'm not going to be able to go back with you. Or at-least not with me being sealed inside of you."

"What do you mean? What's going to happen?"

"I'm probably going to fuse with the other Kyubi of the time and we will be one and the same, or something like that."

"What about me Kyūbi?"



"What did you just call me?"


"It seems that your starting to forget things already Kit. So I might as well tell you this since you won't remember. The time that we are traveling to isn't the same as the one we just left, but an alternate one. Add to the fact that you also ended up missing a hand-seal and absorbed the Jūbi's chakra; who knows how far back we are going."

"WHAT! But you said we would go back to fix everything!"he yelled

"Well in a sense we are, but just not in our time-line."

"I can't believe I trusted you; I thought we were finally friends."

"We are, your the first friend I've had since my father. And for what it's worth, I am sorry Kit."

"Whatever fur-ball. I guess what's done is done and were here now. So we know whats going to happen to you, but what about me?"

"Well from what I've seen your probably going to lose most if not all of your memories from your time. Remember what I said about consequences, but there might be an upside here. The technique was only originally designed for time-travel but with your blunder, it seems that you've absorbed all of my chakra along with that of the Jubi's Bijūdama beam."

He continued, "So in essence your going to be a have the biggest reserves in your time. But here's the kicker, I don't know what all of that demonic chakra is going to do to your body, for all that I know you could be a Hanyou, Immortal, or just stop aging at a certain point. It's all just speculation, but you never know."

"Well that really is a-lot of information to take in. So what do you really think it will do to me?"

"Honestly?"he got a nod

"It could be a combination, but I don't see why you should even be worrying about this; since you probably won't even remember."

"Yeah, I guess you got a point there."said Naruto as he was beginning to fade out of existence right in front of Kurama.

"Hey can I ask you one more thing?"

"Sure thing."

"How long is it going to take for me to reach my destination?"

"That I'm afraid I don't know."he said before he put he slipped something around Naruto's neck.

"What is this?"

"Just something that will help you wherever your going."

"It says, Naruto Namikaze. Why didn't you include Uzumaki?"

"Since I don't know what time were going to end up at, it's more of a precaution. You don't know what some people would do if they found out your from the Uzumaki Clan."

"Oh okay, well that sucks I guess. So I guess this is goodbye my friend."he said as he faded out

"See you later, Naruto Namikaze."

Scene Change

In a dense forest far away from civilization we find a house with two people currently debating something.

"What should we change our last names to, Kumiko?" the man asked

"I don't know Yuusuke."said Kumiko

"Well we should come up with one quick if we don't want to fight anymore."replied Yuusuke

"I know, but do you really think it'll be enough just to change our last name? Wouldn't our hair color give us away just as easily?"she asked

"Damn, your right on that part. Then well just have to dye it then, anything to help us to stop fighting. I'm tired of fighting with the Uchiha just because were distantly related to the Senju."he said just before he started to cough up some blood.

"Damn, this disease will probably kill me before any Clan does."

"How have you been feeling lately sweetheart?"she asked

"Like shit, but I'm holding on." he said as he got up and hugged her, and then both went off to bed. Maybe with a good nights sleep they could come up with a better name.

Time Skip: 9 months later

It seemed that when Naruto faded out of existence that day he had been undergoing a transformation or a regression. As he was now an infant and did the only things infants can do; he started crying.

However it seemed that someone had heard his wails and went to investigate.

Yuusuke had seen a lot of things in his life, but he had never seen a baby just out in a forest with no-one in plain sight. So he did the responsible thing and picked up the infant and brought it back to his home.

Scene Change

Kumiko was in the kitchen preparing lunch when she heard crying. Which is quite unusual as there shouldn't be any children near this part of the forest nor this deep. But imagine her surprise when her husband has the source of the crying in his arms.

She looked from her husband to the child and she picked him up, and she was starting to fall in love with him. You see she was made infertile because of something that happened when one of the Clans attacked her and her party. She's always wanted to be a mother, and after that day she never thought she would, but here in her arms is her opportunity.

As she was holding the child, the necklace around him fell off and landed near Yuusuke. He picked it up and opened it. What he found he was not expecting, he was expecting maybe a portrait of someone, but definitely not a name.

"Naruto Namikaze."he said slowly trying out the name

"Maelstrom huh."said Kumiko

"Yes it's a strong name."he replied

"Yuusuke...I want to raise this child."

"Woah...that's a big responsibility. Do we even have the materials to take care of a child?"

"We can make do. You know we've always wanted a family. This has to be a sign of some kind."she asked hopeful while giving him 'the look'.



"All right, all right, jeez. Don't give me that look. Hey who knows maybe when he's older we can both train him."

"Yeah, but first he has to call me Mom, and you Dad."she said with the biggest smile on her face

"Yep, being called dad would be great. And hey, he's already helping us out. I've got our new last name."

"Oh...and do tell, what is it called."

"Namikaze. All we have to do is dye our hair like our new son's is."

"Namikaze huh, that's actually not to far from our original name huh."she asked

"Yeah it's not, the only words that don't fit this new name are the U's in our name. His has the N, an extra A, and an E. They even almost sound similar don't they; Uzumaki and Namikaze."

"We are no longer, Yuusuke Uzumaki nor Kumiko Uzumaki. We are now Yuusuke Namikaze and Kumiko Namikaze."he said to no one in particular

"But we still really aren't, we don't have his blood."

"Yeah I know that, but nobody else needs to know that. Except our son, when he get's older we will tell him the truth."he said

"Yeah when he gets older we will tell him what he is actually the first of: The First Namikaze."

End of Chapter 1