The First Namikaze

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"Katon..." – Regular Speech

'Suiton...' – Thought/Flashback Speech

"Fūton..." – Sign Language(Will be used briefly in this chapter)

"Doton..." – Demon Speech

"Raiton..." – Jutsu Speech

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Previously –

Naruto knew that when the man had his heart and mind settled on something, nothing would or could get him to budge, this was one of those moments. All he could do was put this night behind him and continue onward, it however didn't mean he couldn't keep an eye out for Kakuzu.

Three options came to mind when the fate of the Taki ninja came to mind.

With his mission ending in failure, the village was either going to punish him but keep him in their ranks, or kill him. The third option, becoming a missing-nin, was the most likely but he didn't know what the man's personality was like so he couldn't be sure if that route would be taken.

While hoping the idiot became a missing-nin, which would allow him to track him down and kill him himself, as long as the man died he was fine. Nothing couldn't happen after the attempt on the first' family.

His wavering attention returned to the present, "What would you have us do then, Hashirama?" asked Madara, awaiting orders. Naruto as well.

"Just go about your daily routines like nothing happened." Both clan leaders could hear the controlled strain it took to say those words. Everything about the man just screamed weary, they knew he was going to have to talk to his family tonight.

Both leaders shared a look with one another and gave the other a barely noticeable nod. Neither were happy about this but what could they do.

"Very well then." both said.

They decided to leave the man alone to gather his thoughts while returning to their own families.


The hospital building was in his sights.

Not bothering to go through the front door, he appeared in the rooms of his wives, silently. Both would berate him for waking them up, lucky for him both were already up. He did however have to dodge a few shuriken and kunai but he wasn't made, in fact he was glad. Their senses were still top notch.

"Don't do that! We could have seriously hurt you." frowned Tōka, he snorted, he was too fast for that to happen.

Mito mistook his reaction for arrogance, "What?! Don't think we could beat you?" Why was she getting mad for?

'Emotions must still be on high.' He nodded his head, that must have been it.

"Not at all, you could both take me down. I just thought of something funny when I came into the room." he said, hoping his quick excuse would sate them.

They both snorted, smelling his bullshit from a mile away, though neither called him out on it.

"Naruto, what's wrong?" They asked since they saw the frown on his handsome face, "Did something occur while we were asleep?"

'Understatement of the year.'

"Hm...where do I start."

He sat down and then began to explain to the duo just what had transpired over the last few hours and how it might lead to war.

Now –

It had been a few days since the commotion of the failed assassination attempt made on their leader, Senju Hashirama. The blonde commander was spending most of his time with his family who were still in the hospital, so he would often send his clones to gather his information from his people.

If anything regarding Kakuzu was said or mentioned, he wanted to know about it. Aside from that, it had been relatively quiet in the Senju compound as of late. He knew Hashirama's stance but what of the rest of his clan or the other clan's for that matter. Most had kept quiet.

When the subject of the other clans of Konoha had arisen, he knew that some would see this as an insult and a slap to their face. Others would clearly follow the Shodai' ideals, but others would not do so willingly. Naruto knew for a fact the ever noble Hyūga clan would see this as a slap to the face while the Shimura clan would see it as an insult.

Hashirama already knew the stances of Madara and himself, and their clans would follow them without hesitation. However, just because two different parties had different opinions, it didn't mean they couldn't agree on something. But regardless of that, there were four clans who would gladly see something done about this, he wasn't sure about the others, their voices weren't as big or as influential as the clans to join first, so he wasn't sure what side they stood on since they never spoke out.

'I wonder...does nobody want blood for this?'

Naruto felt bad for thinking like this but sometimes he couldn't help it, he often wondered if his friend was mentally unstable. He's never seen the man truly angry at something before or enough so that he would spill blood. He was positive this latest fiasco, which not only threatened him but his son, would have sent him over the edge. Either the man had not a shred of hate in his body or he was just emotionally drained that day.

'Perhaps now that he's had a few days to cool down he can think with a straighter head? Plus, its not good to keep all these things bottled up.'

The man was much more liable to explode on someone undeserving or make a critical mistake when he couldn't afford one. That last statement settled it for him, he needed to have a talk with his friend so that wouldn't happen.

"Naruto?" a soft voice from behind got his attention, it was Mito.


"What are you thinking about?" She could see from his troubled face something was wrong.

He sighed deeply, "Many things, Mito-chan. I'm trying to figure out a way to help my friend."

Mito understood her husband' concerns regarding his friend' well being, he wanted to help the man with his problems but didn't want to come off as nosy. It was hard for him to see Hashirama struggling like this and being able to do nothing.

"All you can do is give him time, don't try rush in and solve things. Let him know he has someone to talk to and when he's ready he'll come to you. That's all you can really do." she explained.

"I know, I know...your so smart~" he started to smooch on her neck which got her giggling, "I just feel helpless in all this, for all my power and skills I don't have anything that can help him right now." he muttered, admitting he had nothing to help his friend.

"Naruto..." the blonde looked up to his wife, "Like I said, just give it time. Eventually he will come to rely on you and Madara, then you can help him." she stood up, giving him a bright smile which lit up not only the room but him as well.

He smiled in return, got up from his seat and gave her a kiss on the lips, "Get some rest, in a few days you and Tōka-chan are getting released."

"Then we can all be one big happy family." she said as just saying it out loud made her sigh in happiness.

He nodded, "We already are a family." he told her as he left the room to allow her to get some sleep. It wasn't quite nighttime yet but his two lovely ladies needed their rest. So did his children for that matter as he silently watched over them once more.

'It's still a bit early for me...but I think I'll catch a few winks as well.'

Before he could truly get comfortable and let the drowsiness sink in and take him, he heard a soft noise coming from one of the windows. His senses were on full blast within a matter of seconds but calmed down when he sensed it was one of his people. They were hanging by the window.

Not wanting to chance him waking his children with his voice, he signed his question with his hands.

"What's the problem, Panda?"

Panda was usually a codename given to a male Anbu member as the wearer of the mask needed to be physically strong but this time a woman wore it. She wasn't imposing, even with her mask, but that was the whole point, let the enemy see a woman but once she got a hold of you you were dead with a well placed punch or kick.

The idea had been pitched by himself to his leader so his people would have any advantage in any battle they ever found themselves in. Naruto was delving in the mind when he thought of this as he believed people had misconceptions on certain things, like the panda. It was a sub-species of bear and what most people think of when they hear or see one, it could kill a person with one swipe but many thought they could outrun one.

If enemies already go into battle with that in mind then why not try and use it against them. Nobody would suspect a woman with a bear mask to by physically strong. It had taken Naruto a few grueling hours to make Hashirama understand the concept. Apparently his explanation was to metaphorical for the man and it kept going over his head.

The agent replied in kind, "Hokage-sama wishes to speak with you immediately."

"Very well then, inform him I will be there shortly."

"Hai!" she saluted and vanished.

Breathing out through his nose, he cracked a small smile, 'It seems Mito-chan was right and all I needed to do was wait until he was ready. Now he wants to talk.'

He would need to thank Mito for her advice.

Hokage Office –

Naruto had taken a bit longer to arrive as he not only bid his wives and children goodbye for the night, but he returned home to grab some things. He didn't know if this was his friend asking to talk or his leader.

"I'm glad you made it, Naruto." Hashirama took in the appearance of his friend and was glad he had some of his gear on, knowing the rest was sealed away.

"Of course, Hashirama."

"And I'm glad you came ready, gear and all."

Naruto did not reply as he took in the words of what the man just said, it seemed him grabbing his gear was the correct call on his part. It seemed this was a mission.

"I have a mission for you, Inari."

Still the blonde did not respond and waited to hear the details regarding his task.

"It's going to be a very dangerous one and probably the only one of it's kind that I will ever order of you..."

Now he had the blonde's attention, "Solo or in a team?"

"It's your choice."

Naruto took in the appearance of his leader, he could see the stress lines, fatigue, and wariness all over the man. Whatever this mission involved, it was eating away at him.

"What's the mission, Hokage-sama?"

Hashirama swallowed the bile building in his throat and exhaled deeply, "I am going to send you to Taki...and I want you to assassinate Kakuzu."

You could hear a pin drop, that's how silent the room had gotten.


The blonde Anbu commander couldn't comprehend the words he had just heard leaving the mouth of the ever loving peaceful mouth of Hashirama. Here was a man who had never ordered a hit on someone but it seemed even he had his breaking point, this latest stunt pushed him over. He had put his mask over his face a few moments ago but his leader could tell he was stunned.

Naruto could see the agitation setting in with the ever growing silence, "But why? After you told us to ignore this."

"Because!" A fist angrily slammed onto the desk, "I don't mind threats to myself but when it concerns my family and home..." he trailed off.

"I see."

"I'm the Hokage, Naruto. I can't let my emotions run out of control in such a public place, I hold an ideal that I want my people to follow and if I suddenly start doing things like this," he motioned to themselves, "People will begin to lose faith and that will lead to all kinds of unpleasant things." By this point the man was very close to breaking down. Never had he seen the man's emotions so open for display.

The first Namikaze could understand where his leader was coming from, civilian and shinobi alike looked up to their Shodai. And if they found out what he was planning, well it wouldn't end well. They couldn't really do anything about it but it would no doubt put Hashirama and the village in a bad light. Things like what they were discussing should never see the light of day and he would rather not find out just how bad things could get should this little meeting every reach the ears of others.

"So you fooled everyone who was present at your home...just for this moment?"

"...Yes." Hashirama replied in a depressed tone. He didn't like the fact he had to trick everyone, it just wasn't in his nature to do so, especially towards his family and friends.

"I see." Naruto had to admit he was impressed with the deception his friend had used. It seemed there was more than meets the eye with Senju Hashirama, especially if the man could plan like that.

'It was a good move.' mused Naruto, who knew if there had been other prying eyes at the time. It wouldn't have surprised him, unless the person was extremely skilled then a duo would be sent on assassination missions. If the first person failed, then the second would take the shot when the target let their guard down.

'And now here we are, the fruits of your labors Hashirama.'

"Look, I'm sorry-"

"No apology needed, Hokage-sama. In fact, I applaud you for your underhandedness in this delicate matter, you are a true shinobi through and through." Naruto took a knee to show his respect.


Naruto did as instructed.

"This...mission..." the word came out distastefully, "It will not be easy as I have already stated and the risks are very high..."

"There are always risks in everything we do, it wouldn't be called life if there weren't."

Hashirama bore a small smile at that, "I understand that Inari, but please let me finish."

He nodded.

"With you going behind enemy lines and into a foreign country and village no less, if you get caught..."

Ah, now Naruto understood where the man was coming from. The man' conscious was having an internal struggle with perhaps not only sending him in but the ramifications should he or his group get caught. Would the man wash his hands clean of the mess and condemn one to four people or own up to the responsibility and possibly send his country to war with another. His turmoil was easy to read.

"How can I ask this of my people, and a friend no less! And a man who just became a father..." tears were swelling up in his eyes as he thought of not only his son but his nephew and a girl he thought of as a niece. Could he live with himself should their father not make it back.

"There has to be another option here."

"Hashirama..." the Shodai looked up, "Remember this, there is always another option, never forget that, but the question do you find it and should you come across it, will you take it?"

Hashirama was torn, could he possibly forsake his friend just so he could get some payback? His heart was telling him no but his mind was telling him something else. He dare not open his mouth to answer his friend, not trusting his own voice to give him an answer. He was afraid of what would come out.

Naruto decided to answer for him, "You are a leader, Hokage-sama. You must never falter in the choices you make, even the difficult ones. I will take this mission..."


"...And I will come back home successfully."

The blonde left the premises before his leader could have second thoughts.

Hashirama was left alone in his office and found himself relieved and disgusted. He was relieved his friend had taken the mission before he could change his mind which is were he was leaning to after their conversation. And he was utterly disgusted with himself that he couldn't even stop his friend and wanted to see this done.

This time the tears did flow freely from his face as he looked up to the night sky with a vacant look on his face.

'Good luck my brother.'


Naruto was glad he had gone home before hand to supply himself before meeting Hashirama. It saved him time and he could now use the extra he had gained to visit his family.

He was overlooking both Mito and Tōka as they slept, no doubt would give them a heart attack should they wake up right now. He dare not do that though less they try and stop him when they saw him going out for a mission. It had been agreed upon that he would step down eventually from actual mission, especially now that he had a family.

Quietly approaching their bedsides, he lifted up his mask and kissed their foreheads.

'I love the two of you.'

Vanishing from the room, he reappeared in the children's ward. He couldn't enter the actual room less he contaminate the room before his kids or the others could survive out of it. Instead he stayed on the opposite side of the glass and held up his hand longingly on the glass. He was confident he would return but he was a realist and knew there was always that possibility which is why he lingered in their room a little longer.

'I love the both of you as well, Kazuhiko...Kiyomi.'


Naruto had decided to take this mission solo, if he brought others he wasn't sure they would have been able to keep up with not only him, but the man they were chasing.

As he was moving through the thicket of the forest, he tried to recall what he could on the man he was sent to kill. Other than the man being notoriously greedy, what else was there?

The man had to have been very skilled to have entered Konoha and the Senju compound undetected at night. Setting the infiltration and stealth skills aside, what more was there? He didn't know much about Taki or the country it was located in to make an accurate guess on what his affinity he is in tune with. It was easy with six of the seven major villages to guess what affinity most people would get, but it was the smaller ones he was uncertain about.

Putting that aside for the moment, he started to pick up the pace, getting there as soon as possible. He didn't want to take the chance of missing the man just because he was going at a sedate pace. Jumping to the ground, he dashed forward towards Takigakure.

Outside Takigakure –

Finally arriving to the location his informants had given him, he took a knee and caught his breath. He had traveled here with only a few breaks in between and he needed to recover. While recovering, he needed to figure out a way to enter the village.

It wasn't a hidden village for nothing but he could sense the life-forces of the inhabitants and they were very close, in front of him in fact. From his vantage point, a large waterfall was in the middle of a huge cliff-side with many trees settled atop it.

A few clones were sent out to investigate a point of entry and immediately got a hit. No sooner had the clones gotten closer to he edges of the cliff that they were forcibly dispelled the higher they went, all but the middle.

'Looks like the waterfall is my only option.'

Recovering enough, he shot off towards the waterfall and started his ascension.

Takigakure –

If there was one word Naruto could use to describe the sight he was looking at right now through his eyes, it would be impressive. After climbing up and then holding his breath as he swam through the canal, he came into the village hidden by the waterfall. From the outside looking in, it wasn't much to look at but once inside, well that was a different matter.

The centerpiece, like that of Konoha, was very large and in the middle of the village. It was a very large tree, one he was sure Hashirama would have loved to see, a very large one in the center with a circle sized body of water surrounding it. The very earth itself was shaped around the tree along with the buildings built on the soil. It would have been a tranquil place had the denizens not been running around screaming.

His first priority had been to find the most important looking building and search for information but instead he decided to mingle a bit. Word of mouth worked well sometimes.

"Hey! You!" Naruto had to shout over the blaring alarms placed around the village. The person he called was clearly a civilian.


"I just returned home, what the hell is going on?!"

"I'm not sure sir, but it has something to do with the village elders."

That's all Naruto needed to hear before he let the teen go and disappeared into the shadows. Taking to the rooftops, he silently made his way over to where the most commotion was taking place.

A group of people were surrounding three elderly men, clearly they were dead but it was the way they died that had him scratching his head. Something powerful had penetrated their chest cavity, right where their hearts were located.

'Could Kakuzu have done this? If so, then why leave their bodies in the open...unless he was sending a message.'

The man was now an official missing-nin, even if his village had yet to place him in the bingo books, which had been created not long ago. It was to target those who had deserted their village and kill them so their secrets did not fall into enemy hands. Others, like himself, had been placed in by villages he had bested before.

'Kakuzu was obviously not very subtle with this but I could use this.'

Using the panic the attack caused, he decided it was time to leave before he was spotted. Plus, there was no doubt in his mind the man could already have been outside of the village. Creating a few clones, he sent them to monitor any and all possible exits while he himself would overlook the waterfall.

And should he spot the man, he would follow him until they were both a safe distance away from the village before he began his mission.


He had done it!

Finally did he have the secrets of the Jiongu(Earth Grudge Fear) and with it he could live for a very long time while collecting all the money he wanted! Plus, he had taken a few extra things for his trouble and they would serve him very well in the coming years.

Ever since his failure of killing Hashirama, things had actually been looking up for him. Finally had he been able to kill the old fools who believed they could control him and decide his fate, now that he was free, he could do as he pleased, following only his orders. He began to slow down as his former village was a good distance behind his back.

His instincts suddenly screamed at him, telling him to move from his current course of direction as a powerful gust of wind barreled into the trees next to him, easily knocking them over. The sudden sneak attack did not stop there.

A giant fireball came hissing through the air, intent on lighting him ablaze, he reacted immediately.

"Suiton: Suijinheki(Water Release: Water Encampment Wall)!"

Gathering water in his mouth, he released it forming a barricade to block the oncoming rush of fire. No sooner had the two elements made contact, a warm steam hit him in the face.

'I need to get to higher ground!' Kakuzu could not see anything and frantically made his way above to the trees.

Jumping up from the ground, he landed on a branch and began to search his surroundings. Whoever was attacking him was very good at what they did, enough to put him on edge. He did however have a secret weapon should he need it, but hoped it wouldn't come down to it.

For now his life was the most important thing, he would need to escape. He ran to an area he was sure would be open enough for him to counter accordingly should the need arise, as he was moving he caught small glimpses of shadow like beings moving all throughout the trees like it was second nature to them, slipping in and out of the shadows. In hindsight, he should have kept his eyes not only on the subject trying to kill him but on what was in front of him.

A shuriken zipped by his face, barely moving his head out of the way and had to continue to move since the weapon came back around.

'What the hell?!'

No time to continue pondering how this was happening, he dodged it again as it curved around another tree trunk. It was not letting him go in the direction he wanted to and he would need to change course. As they continued to dance into the night, moonlight had begun to trickle in from the clouds down onto the earth and had illuminated the darkness giving Kakuzu a better view of what he was dealing with.

He had been hoping his eyes had been playing tricks on him with the shadows but now that he could see clearly, his confidence for escaping was withering. He had been mistaken, he was not dealing with a single man but a group, each one keeping their distance from him.

'As long as they keep their distance I can plan accordingly.'

"Katon: Hōsenka Tsumabeni(Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson)!"

More shuriken had been thrown only know they came ignited, once more he had to change direction as the weapons followed him. Only this time with a little lighting, he could see how they were following him, on ninja wire.

It was obvious to him they were trying to herd him via the shuriken, but he wouldn't make it easy for them. A few terse seconds had passed as no one had attacked him as he kept moving, not until he came into an open area. Before he realized it, they surrounded him on all sides. Three of them began the assault on him while one stayed back to watch. It seemed he was dealing with professionals here.

Kakuzu was a hard man to impress but even he had to give credit when it was due, the three he was facing off against were in perfect sync with one another. When one missed their mark another was there to take their place and continue, never giving him a moment to breath. Sadly for them, he was much more experienced when fighting a group.

He grabbed one of their wrists and threw them while ducking under a strike and kicking another in the stomach. He was now facing one of them alone while the others recovered. Pulling out a ninjatō, which was bloodstained, he slashed at the one in front of him. Shock was written all over his face as his certain kill had burst into smoke. His mind took this information in and began to race a mile a minute.

'A clone?! Are they all clones?'

Not having the time to figure it out, the others were soon on him. The former Taki shinobi ducked and weaved through the kunai strikes along with rolling with the punches or kicks. He was blocking steel with steel from time to time before deciding to take it up a notch.

"Suiton: Mizu Kamikiri(Water Release: Rising Water Slicer)!"

A powerful jet of water began to rise up from underground with a very sharp and precise control, easily cutting everything in it's path, enemy shinobi included. As the missing-nin was watching this, his enemy yet again burst into smoke, he didn't react fast enough and paid the price.


The one shinobi who had watched its comrade get cut down by the water slicer had taken the opportunity to take out his enemy. The slash across the back didn't go in as deep as he would have wanted, he heard the scream but it vanished as soon as it came.

Kakuzu who had been reaching for his back in pain fell to the ground in a puddle of water. Said man had been watching from the shadows since the first clone had dispersed and replaced himself with a water clone. He decided to take care of the last one, and then looked to the leader.

"What now! All of your 'subordinates' have been taken out, or are you a clone as well? Well it doesn't matter since their fate will soon be yours."

By this time, the moon was in full view and showered their battle with it's rays. Now he could see who he was dealing with. The former Taki shinobi could see no visible signs of village affiliation but he had seen enough. Blonde hair and a fox mask with some very cold blue eyes locked in on him.

Kakuzu tensed for a moment as the fox masked individual drew a single kunai of his own and flicked his wrist. The small weapon traveled extremely fast but it missed him completely.

"Ha! You miss-!"

He cut his own voice off as he heard multiple noises at the moment, a hissing sound. His eyes traveled to where the kunai landed and he paled. It had activated what seemed like multiple exploding tags that were now surrounding him.

'Hmph! I can just escape-!?'

A jolt of electricity ran through his body as soon as he tried to cross the threshold of trees that were holding the tags. His body had come into contact with a wire, which he had not seen but clearly should have, it was what had been used to allow the shuriken to chase him.

He had dared not just replacing himself or using the Shunshin(Body Flicker) for fear of not knowing just what his opponent could do. For all he knew the man could have easily tracked him while moving at that speed and then end up killing him after he came to a halt. It was the reason he tried his earlier method.

Jumping up into the air was not an option as he would sooner get cut down, so he went with something else, he replaced himself. He now stood atop the trees and watched down below as his enemy was now in the center of the tags.

'I don't know why more people don't switch with their enemies when it can be beneficial.'

A spit second before the ensuing explosion, his eyes met with the blonde's. Not an ounce of fear was held in them.


Kakuzu cursed, the blast he was near wasn't what made him curse. It was the fact that multiple parts of the forest around him began to blow. He didn't know how big the blast radius was before it began to blow around him. A part of him was caught as everything had happened simultaneously but nothing serious other than a few minor burns and some light bleeding.

It seemed he had underestimated just how many tags had been deployed as the wire that guided the shuriken had set up the other ones. After the explosions had died down he peered over to the spot where he had expected to find a body but to his dismay found none.



Kakuzu cried out in pain as he was suddenly clutching the stump of where his missing limb used to be at. Forcibly jumping back from his current spot, he turned around to glare at the man who had hacked away a piece of him. If he didn't do something fast, there was the possibility of him bleeding out and dying like some dog.

"Guess I don't have much a choice anymore..." he trailed off as he pulled out a small bottle filled with water. By drinking this he had a better chance at survival.

Drinking quickly, he saw his opponent and bull rushed him to stop him from consuming any more. Luck was on his side as he drank a decent amount, as much as to not outright kill him. Suddenly, out of nowhere a humongous surge of chakra was coursing through his body, enough so that it expelled outside of his body, slamming into the mask wearing shinobi.

'This is incredible! I've never felt this powerful before!'

Rejuvenated wasn't even the word he wanted to use to describe the feeling but it was the only one he knew would fit his situation. He didn't even feel the pain of his lost limb, it felt like it was there but he knew better. Looking to where he knocked the fox man back, he was surprised to see the blast was enough to crack the mask, enough to see who hid behind it.

"...Namikaze Naruto."

Now that his cover had been blown, he felt the broken mask no longer served its purpose and destroyed it. He was now looking at the man before him warily, just what had he done or drank that had given off a huge spike of chakra like that?

'It doesn't matter what he did...he's still going to die.' Naruto needed to finish this fight fast, who knew who may have heard the blast.

Naruto suddenly vanished from his position and appeared above Kakuzu with his leg raised high, ready to bring it down. Said man blocked the kick with pure chakra alone, it had solidified.

Not one to be brought down, the blonde retreated a few feet back and weaved his seals.

"Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu(Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)!"

The Anbu commander gathered the remaining water from Kakuzu's previous attack while adding his own and guided his water dragon. The dragon roared, it's red eyes set upon the form of it's master' enemy.

Kakuzu saw the beast made of water rushing towards, bringing everything it was sweeping up with it's raging water towards him. He did not believe even this dragon could harm him, the Eiyu no Mizu(Hero Water), made him strong.

He began to cough violently for no reason, no attack had landed on him yet, so why? He was experiencing a severe backlash of some kind and his body was suffering, forcing him to take a knee. The dragon was upon him, hitting him at full force.

Naruto had seen everything and wondered what had happened for him to react like that, he didn't need the intervention but he would take it. He cut the chakra to his dragon and went on the search for the man and found him not far from his current location. He was sprawled out on his back.

'Let's get this over with.'

While walking over to the man, Naruto could feel something off about his chakra system, it seemed whatever he had drank caused it, it was a double edged sword. Get a quick power-up but then suffer for it, he had been releasing huge amounts of chakra for a good minute before the backlash.

Looking down at the man, he could clearly see he fear in his eyes. The man did not want to die or at least not like this. He would end this quickly, he had no sympathy nor did he wish to hear pleas, especially from him.

Unsheathing his blade, he proceeded to stab Kakuzu in the heart. The man's body tensed as he gripped the blade, blood flowing from his palms. His body began to flail around or at least Naruto perceived it to be but perhaps he was trying one last thing.

"Just what are you trying, Kakuzu? Your about to die in a matter of moments, nothing you can do will stop this." Naruto told the him coldly.

Kakuzu ignored him and tried to get this down before he began to lose feeling which was already happening. Unsealing a bloody scroll, he removed it's contents and took it into his hands.

The Anbu commander had seen some weird shit in his time as an operative, but this one was by far the weirdest. In his hands, Kakuzu was holding a heart he had removed from a jar, he didn't know what he was planning but it wouldn't work. A few seconds was all he had at best.

Already he could see the color draining from his face, getting paler and paler. It was only a matter of moments.

Naruto saw the man's lips moving and applied chakra to his ears, these were his last words after all.

"Jiongu(Earth Grudge Fear)..."

'Famous last words.'

Those were indeed the last words to escape the mouth of Kakuzu, former shinobi of Takigakure.

With his mission complete, he left the body and returned home.

Konoha –

Hashirama was currently pacing his office in worry, it had been two days since he had sent Naruto on that mission. His wives were beginning to ask questions and knowing himself he would spill the beans in a heartbeat if they pressured him enough.

'Please hurry back Naruto!'

He had faith his long time friend would succeed, he had to!

"Mission accomplished, Hokage-sama."


Naruto sweatdropped at the reaction of his leader, the man must have been stressing if him dropping down scared him that badly.

"Don't do that!" he shouted and then realized who he was shouting at, "Naruto! Your back, how did it go?" he asked with trepidation.

The blonde just raised an eyebrow, 'But I just told him..' he shrugged his shoulders.

"Mission accomplished."

"I did he go?" He didn't know why he had asked that question or what compelled him to but he needed to know.

"First tried to blow him up...then I stabbed him in the heart."

Hashirama wore a grim expression on his face, he felt sick to his stomach. He knew he hadn't been the one holding the blade that killed the man, but he may as well have, it was by his order after all.

"I see, rest up Naruto. I'll speak with you in a couple of days to get your full report."

"Understood, by your leave Hokage-sama."

Hashirama nodded and watched him leave, he sighed as he walked over to the window overlooking the entire village.

'Did I make the right decision?' He asked himself, only time would tell if he was correct in ordering the death of Kakuzu.

Two Years Later –

Two years had come and gone since that incident regarding the Shodai and the first ever meeting between the Kage's, and things couldn't have been worse.

As loathe as he was to admit, Hanzō had been correct in his declaration of there being no peace between most of their villages, aside from Konoha, Kiri, and Uzu. And that alliance only happened only because of prior meetings between people early on in life, had they never met then there wouldn't have been an alliance.

Naruto could feel it in his bones, war was on the horizon. All it would take was a single event for things to spill over. The many battles they have had with other villages and vice versa to that point were nothing but the preludes. Each one kept on escalating father beyond the last.

Everything was taking it's toll on him and he had actually been talking to the man more often, even going so far as to only talk to him sometimes. It was mostly talks about the darker aspects of their jobs and a few political things.

And while things had been gearing up outside of their walls, their leader slowly kept gearing down, and some of it had to do with his report on the Kakuzu mission. The man felt guilty about it but when he found out the man had survived it eased him a bit.

Naruto had refused to believe it at the time but when he had gotten the evidence he was pissed. It technically wasn't a failed mission but it still felt like one, the man was walking around without a care in the world. And he knew he wouldn't get sent out after him anymore, they would let someone else deal with him. It was also after that news that he had made a new rule for the Anbu black ops.

He had informed all of them that when they were out either hunting down a rogue or they ran into someone who was in the bingo book, cut off their head. Or burn their bodies, they didn't need anymore zombies like Kakuzu coming back to life.

Since that decree, all of his men and women were doing just that and since then there have been no more revivals.

"What are you going to do about this Hashirama?" he was referring to the coming war.

"About what?"

He looked up to see his wife Mito, "Who's watching Kiyomi?" he asked.

She pointed over to Tōka who was playing with the two children, they were all currently in the park. It was a nice day out and had decided to spend it outdoors and bring their two year old's here for the first time. Looking at his two children and wives all of them smiling, he smiled, he would do everything in his power to keep that look on their faces.

It was because of them he had decided to step down from active duty after so long, he was still the commander, just not taking any missions. He would control the day to day tasks, management of forces, issuing out missions etc. He had seen and done enough, it was time to enjoy himself.

"So, who's going to do what?" she reiterated.

"Nothing sweetheart, just mumbling something to myself." He offered her a smile which she returned.

"Come on, let's go play with the kids." Naruto stood up and made to walk forward when he felt something land on his shoulder. Turning to the side, he found a small summoned animal from one of his own informants, he told Mito to go on ahead and he would catch up momentarily.

Opening up the scroll and sifting through it, he kept losing color from his face the further he got down and knew this was serious. He didn't even bother to tell his family anything as he rushed over to the Hokage residence but not before Mito caught his worried face.

Hokage Office –

Naruto walking right on into the office without announcing himself, surprising those inside. Hashirama, Madara, and Tobirama were wondering just what had gotten him so spooked.

"What's wrong my friend?" asked Hashirama.

"We need to prepare the village for the worst..."

His grim response got them on alert now, "And why is that?" questioned Tobirama, eyebrow raised.

"Because I just received a scroll from one of my informants up near the land of rice paddies that something very big and powerful is headed directly for Konoha, it's the Kyūbi."

The temperature in the room dropped and they had trouble breathing when the name of the last and mightiest Bijū was mentioned. Why was it heading towards them?

"What are we going to do about it?" asked Tobirama, ready to defend his home with his life.

"You...nothing, you are staying here to watch the village and should the worse happen assume the role of Hokage. The three of us are going to go and meet this threat head-on and protect our home and families." Hashirama said in an authoritative tone that would leave no room for arguing. He sent a mild glare towards his brother which promptly shut him up from saying anything.

"Very well then." Tobirama said in a resigned tone.

"Good." Hashirama looked to his two friends, "Grab whatever gear you will need and meet me at the gate in ten minutes." With his piece said, he was gone.

The other two vanished soon after, off to grab their own things and see their family.

Hashirama –

Having arrived he sped to his equipment room and grabbed numerous large scrolls before feeling a tug at the bottom of his shirt.

"Tou-chan, will you play ninja with me?" asked Yūto.

"I can't right now, but I'll play with you when I get back home, okay?"

"Okay!" the little boy made to run off but was held back.

"Yūto, you know when I'm away your the man of the house. You gotta take care of your mom, okay? You have to be strong." he told his son as he gave him a hug.

"Okay, Tou-chan! You can count on me." his voice squeaking as he told his father this.

Hashirama nodded his head and soon his eyes found the form of his wife. She could see the worry in his eyes and knew wherever he was going it was going to be bad.

"Where are you going?"

"To fight off the greatest threat our village has faced yet." He saw no point in lying to her, these could be his last moments with her. No regrets.

"The Kyūbi."

Malice began to cry and knew he was serious, this wasn't him just over exaggerating things like he always did with a childish behavior.

She solemnly nodded her head, she knew this creature was stronger than the Sanbi, she knew what she was getting into when she married him, she looked him straight in the eyes.

"Come back to us, Hashirama. I don't care what it takes, come back to your family, this is an order from your wife and you can't disobey it, alright?"


"Good...I love you..." she kissed him fiercely and he returned those feelings in kind.

"Eww..." both parents looked to their son as he was covering his eyes.

"When you become a man, you'll understand." he gave his son a kiss atop his forehead and looking back once more, he was gone.

Madara –

Madara was never one for such trivial things such as feelings, but when it came to his wife, child, and brother, that was a different story. His wife, Akane, could read him like a book and she was on him as soon as she saw his stoic face.

"What's wrong?" worry in her voice.

Madara frowned and decided to tell her, "The Kyūbi is heading towards our village."

She gasped in horror, she had heard the stories of the tailed beasts from Mito and Tōka, "We need to leave then! If it's heading here..."

He shook his head, "No, should it get past a certain point, then you, Kagami, and Izuna will go someplace safe. I don't care where as long as the three of you are safe and together."

Dread was hitting her full force as she took in his words, "B-but what about you? Where are you in all of this?"

"Myself, Hashirama, and Naruto our on our way to confront the beast." Akane felt like throwing up then and there.

Before she could speak another spoke, "Tou-san, can you train me today. Izuna-Oji-san doesn't know anymore fire techniques." Kagami asked his father.

"Sorry, Kagami. But you'll have to make do with Izuna. When-"

"When your father comes back home from his mission, he'll teach you, right Tou-san?" Akane put him on the spot.

Madara looked at her and sighed, "Of course, but until then you'll have to be a good boy for your mother. And what's your job when I'm away?"

"I'm the man of the house!"

"That's correct, you protect your Kaa-san." he told his son as he brought him in for a hug. It was awkward for the both of them as they never showed such emotions like this.

"Don't worry, I will." Kagami replied.

"Good." Madara knelt down to the boy' eye level and softly kissed his son' forehead, "Know this Kagami, I love you and am proud of you being my son."

Kagami was left speechless at that declaration and gawped at his father.

"I love you as well, Akane. Your one of the few people I've ever let into my heart and I'm glad I did all those years ago. I love you."

"I love you as well." she was crying as she gave him a kiss.

He was gone to meet his comrades.

Naruto –

"We're going!"

"No your not!"

"Yes, we are!"

"Dammit! No your not, not this time. This time it's something that I will handle!"

Naruto had been arguing with his two wives as he told them what was coming and how he and the other two were on their way to intercept. They had given him attitude about the situation, and honestly, he wasn't surprised.

They weren't just going to let him go off and let him fight the Kyūbi by himself, or at least without them, there was no way.

"And how are you gonna stop us?" Mito asked defiantly, she was not about to let the man she loved run off to his death.

"Who's going to watch the children if the both of you go? Hm.."

They had no rebuttal for that one, they were in the heat of the moment and had forgotten, "One of us will stay with the children while the other goes with you. Problem solved." said Tōka. She had said that and while she wanted to be by his side, she knew Mito would prove to be the better choice of the two.

"Neither of you are teenagers anymore, kunoichi' yes, but your something more know. Your mothers and you can't just drop everything when you want to do something. You have responsibility to your children."

"As do you." they countered. This was getting him nowhere.

The blonde was getting a headache, something he really didn't need right now. He hadn't wanted to resort to this but they left him no choice, "This is an order, neither of you are going. You will both stay here and protect our children should the worst happen. And if it does then I expect you to make the correct choices when it comes to your survival."

Both women bristled at his order, the gall of this man, "So we are just supposed to sit by at home like good wives when the man gives an order?" Mito spat. Naruto had never seen her like this and he would have been proud of her sticking up for what she believed in but just not now.

"I'm not asking as your husband...well just a little bit...but this is an order from the Anbu commander and the village adviser. Both your superior." He felt like a jerk as he pulled rank on the two kunoichi, if he made it back from this there was going to be hell to pay.

Tōka and Mito narrowed their eyes at him and stiffly nodded to him, "I'm sorry I had to do this but I just can't afford to put either of you in harms way anymore. I love the four of you and you four are my everything." Regardless of the argument they were just having, if he didn't say this he would no doubt regret leaving on such bad terms.

Their gazes softened a bit, "We love you as well." they muttered still pissed about this but even they knew they should not leave on bad terms.

He kissed them both passionately and went over to his children.

"I want the two of you to look out for each other when you get older, and take care of your moms. I love the both of you." he lightly kissed them atop their heads. He admitted it did sound sombre but you never know.

With his piece said he vanished.

Gates of Konoha –

The three most powerful men in Konoha looked to one another and could see they had made their peace, "Are the two of you ready?" asked Hashirama, who received nods.

"Then let's be off.


Naruto had informed the other two they were to head north, towards the land of rice paddies. It was there that the beast was coming from.

"I want the two of you to know that while we are fighting to protect our families and home, we are also fighting to come back. None of us have the luxury of dying in battle anymore, not like before. We have people who rely on us and children who look up to us." said Hashirama, telling them to be careful and to not die.

The two other fathers knew what children their leader was referring to, they nodded in understanding. It would only be a few hours until they reached their destination and where they would fight the hardest battle of their lives.


They came to a halt, they could feel the malice and hatred permeating the air. The air was heavy but they pushed on, knowing that what was giving off these feelings was just in front of them.

And there it was, just beyond the horizon. The sun was getting blocked by a mammoth amount of orange fur belonging to a beast that stood taller than the Hokage mountain. It's red eyes filled with madness and looking right at them, it was the Kyūbi no Yokō. Naruto's eyes lingered on the beast a little longer than his friend', he just didn't know why.

All three of them could feel the amount of chakra rolling off the fox, it was unreal as to just how bottomless it was. They were so engrossed by the Bijū that they almost missed the three shadows standing just in front of the fox.

'Oh shit...I didn't expect there to be one more, and then along with the Bijū...we are outnumbered.'

They spotted the first person and immediately knew who she was. The Kage's description did this woman no justice although their name for her did, she was indeed lust incarnate. A succubus come to life to take men to their deaths. Had they been lesser men, they may have just fallen to her looks alone.

The woman had heterochromia, meaning she had two different colored eyes. Her left eye was a golden yellow while her right was a forest green, with blue hair sitting atop her head. But it was her body that drew most of their attention, the curves this woman had just seemed to defy logic, a thin waist accompanied by a very large but shapely backside with breasts that were if not bigger than a person's head. Topping it all off were her full lips which she kept licking as her unique eyes roamed over them.

Naruto and Madara were suddenly launched into the air as wooden tendrils carried them over to the enemies, clearly surprising them.

"Kokutō Issen(Black Blade Single Flash)!"

"Amaterasu(Heavenly Illumination)!"

Naruto gathered an enormous amount of chakra and slashed, sending out a massive wave of compressed air. Due to wind traveling faster than fire, his attack landed first and cut the side of the cliff the three were standing on with complete ease. Once the fire caught up, it just ignited everything around the area, demolishing everything.

"My~my~, you two are eager aren't you. I like that in my men."

Naruto and Madara saw the three they had just attacked standing off to the side with their cloths being ruffled, but on alert now. The first attack was meant to show that.

"It is a shame we have to kill such powerful and handsome men..." she sighed but a small smile made it's way to her face, "How about one last romp with me before we kill you lot?" she flirted as she put her hands on her breasts and fondled them.

"I believe all three of these men are taken, you whore." replied a voice that sounded very familiar to Naruto. Mito came bustling through the trees in armor reminiscent of the style Tōka wore, only a shade grayer.

Naruto glared at her, "Mito...what are you doing here?" he asked, as the other two kept watching the enemies making sure they didn't try anything while the two talked.

She brushed off the glare like it was nothing, "I'm here to help of course, and aren't you glad I came. We now have even numbers."

In truth Naruto was in fact glad she had disobeyed his order as they did in fact match up now. He already knew who Mito was going to fight if the staring match between both females was anything to go by. But he also suspected Mito came here for another reason, her eyes kept flickering over to the tailed beast.

Mito did not forget her original purpose for coming here and should it come down to it she would gladly do it, but she needed to take care of something else first. The woman in front of her was no doubt shameless but she held power, it was something she could respect, even if she was facing off against an enemy.

"Uzumaki Mito."

"...Nitara Aoī."

As if some unspoken signal had gone off both women were gone.

Only the two men were left, along with the Bijū. Madara was glaring at the man whom Naruto considered to be nicknamed 'beast'. Although in his humble opinion it was the second man whom deserved it. Sure the first man was very tall, about 6'6 give or take and had muscle atop muscle which almost appeared to be rocks, that's how bulky they were, as if they were a suit of armor to protect him. He had light red eyes with yellow pupils and light purple hair.

It was like he had said earlier, the second man looked more beast than man. The man was incredibly hairy, not just his face, arms, or legs, everywhere. It just didn't want to stay down beneath the man's clothes. His only other noteworthy features were his elongated fangs and brown hair. Neither was holding any visible weapons but they could never be to careful.

"Ishigame Sōmada." introduced the first man, the mountain.

"Yamazaru Kūgo."

'At least they are more civil than that other asshole Shūra.' thought Naruto as he eyed the two respectful enemies across from him.

The three who had been across from him were indeed much much stronger than Shūra, which meant the man had at least been honest about that.

"Uchiha Madara." He went straight for the mountain of muscle.

"Senju Hashirama." said the Shodai as he went for the second man.

All four men vanished as they went separate ways, leaving him to deal with the clearly insane Bijū.

'Bunch of...' grumbled Naruto, but oddly enough he was fine with this choice.

First things first, he needed to find a way to calm down the Kyūbi or it would be much harder to fight in it's current mindset. He deduced that a seal must have been doing this to it's mind since he could see no bloodline aside from his or his two friends that could control or contain a Bijū, so that only left fūinjutsu.

Mito –

As the two women continued to play the game of chase, Mito stepped to the side, avoiding a blue fireball. The pacing had been non-stop and Mito had been trying to catch up since the beginning but with no luck. She would need to do something to make her stop.

Tracing over a sealing tattoo she had on the top of her hand, she summoned two kunai's. The first was thrown, aimed straight at the back of the enemy' skull, it had missed it's mark as the woman had dodged but as soon as she had moved, almost simultaneously Mito had thrown the other.

Aoī had moved back to her original course and passed a tree that had the first kunai stuck to it.

"Ha! You missed-!"


The gloating by the blue haired woman had been cut short as the explosion rocked her to the side and threw her with tremendous force. Her body rebounded off of a tree and she fell to the ground. Mito smirked, finally having gotten one over her as the first kunai had an explosive tag on it.

Aoī groaned, her body was hurting, "Ow...not bad Mito, I can see why that handsome stud of a blonde is with you." Mito's eye was twitching at not only her casualness when referring to her husband but at her just shrugging off that attack. She should be out cold!

The red-head was about to tell her to shut up but instead had to dodge a wave of shuriken, it didn't stop there. Mito mentally scolded herself, she let a few petty words about her husband throw her off track and now she was paying for it.

"Katon: Shiroi Kaen no Tengoku(Fire Release: White Flames of Heaven)!"

Aoī opened her mouth to let the flames out and Mito saw nothing but a bright white flash, the flames roared to life in front of her. They were beautiful if they weren't trying to kill her. Mito had never heard of white flames before being used as an attack, she knew there were different types of fires but this was a first.

"Suiton: Suijinchū(Water Release: Water Formation Pillar)!"

Water took a defensive formation around her but it did little good. It seems she had underestimated just how hot white flames were as the water surrounding her evaporated before the fire made contact. Acting quickly she pulled out a scroll and unfurled it while performing the hand-seal with one hand.

"Fūka Hōin(Fire Sealing Method)!"

Mito had sealed the white flames away and immediately dashed forward to meet the bluenette. Using the remaining steam from the previous attack, she drove her knee into the midsection of Aoī, doubling her over then just as swiftly landed a strike against the woman' pretty face. The strike had sent the busty woman flying away.


"Ugh..." Aoī's head was spinning after she had landed, "That was a lucky shot!" she yelled.

Mito gave the woman a smug smirk, it pissed her off.

"Argh!" Aoī growled out her frustrations.

Using a speed she did not often show, she appeared before a startled Mito and gave her a backhand across the face. She was going to do it again but Mito parried the hand away by slapping it away while cocking her other back. Aoī swiftly dodged the punch but not before her eyes caught sight of some lettering on Mito's fists.

"So your using fūinjutsu to augment your strength." It wasn't a question, she knows what she had just seen, knew how it felt to.

Mito gave no reply, even if she had, it would have been drowned out.


The ground shook at the force of whatever had hit the earth, a nervous feeling was digging into her stomach but into her psyche as well, that sound came in the direction of Naruto.

She needed to get back.

Seeing her enemy still on the ground, she moved over to her and kicked her in the stomach once more for good measure and rushed back.

Hashirama –

The Shodai had been in some tough fights before in his life, and this one was nearing the top. Not in terms of power being thrown around but in how nothing but hand-to-hand had been used so far. None of his other fights had gone like this...and he was enjoying it. He felt guilty about that.

Kūgo aimed his elbow towards the solar plexus, hoping to knock the air out of Hashirama. He was met with resistance as both hands were in the middle of the Senju' chest blocking him. He reacted quickly when Hashirama tried to kick his legs out from under him while jumping in the air. He sent a mid-air-spin kick to the side of the Shodai.

Hashirama backed up a few feet and felt soreness on his side, his armor had taken the brunt of the kick and was dented because of it.

'What strength!' That could have been his ribs.

Discarding the useless piece, he took his stance once more. Dashing forward, he sent a strike above first then went low, which got the result he wanted, Kūgo in the air. Faster than his enemy had anticipated, Hashirama spun around and nailed him in the chest with a spin kick.

After both had settled down a bit Hashirama spoke, "Why...why do you lot do this for?"

"Why...why not! What's more fun than complete chaos in the world." he said in a gleeful manner.

Before the he could reply Kūgo attacked once more.

"Yōton: Shakugaryūgan no Jutsu(Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique)!"

'Wha! Yōton?!'

Hashirama thought only those of the Terumī clan had that bloodline. Seems he was wrong.

With no time to spare, the globs of lava hardened into molten rock. Flying through his own seals, he defended.

"Mokuton: Jukai Heki(Wood Release: World of Trees Wall)!"

Countless branches sprouted up from the ground, each beginning to interlock with one another forming one cohesive wooden wall. The wood user wasn't sure how well his wall would hold up against lava, it wasn't quite fire but it still burned.

The wall was standing firm but even his wood couldn't hold out for long and it didn't help that the molten rocks were being fired rapidly. He needed to go on the offensive.

"Mokuton: Hotei no Jutsu(Wood Release: Laughing Buddha Technique)!"

Four giant wooden hands emerged from the ground while the other was made from the wall. It began to swat down the rocks with ease before moving on to the user. Said user was gathering his chakra with a smile on his face.

"Yōton: Kazaryū no Jutsu(Lava Release: Lava Dragon Technique)!"

A giant behemoth of a dragon made of lava was released from Kūgo, it's yellow eyes shining in the midst of the sun. They were looking at the wooden hands with defiance and roared, it went in for the kill.

Hashirama did not like the opponent he had taken, his lava was corroding his wood. He needed another form of defeating this person, unfurling the giant scroll from his back, he summoned a Fūma shuriken and a broad sword. Creating a branch, the other weapons were planted on it and together he would use them all at the same time.

Moving up, he threw his giant demon shuriken while positioning his blade overhead, ready to bring it down. The brown haired man bent his back backwards avoiding the shuriken while bringing up his hands together, clasping the body of the blade.

He was gaping, he was positive the lava user would have moved out of the way, not catch it. Looking at him, it now made sense why he was confident in catching his sword with his hands, they were covered in lava. His entire body was in fact.

The stakes had just been raised, Hashirama needed to bring out something more powerful. He didn't want to mess up the land to badly, but stopping these people took precedence.

"Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan(Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees)!"

Trees upon trees were rising up from underground at the command of their master, completely reshaping the area around them. The black haired Senju noted his opponent didn't seem the slightest bit worried at the oncoming rush. Instead the man rushed towards the speeding trees, arm cocked back.

"Yōton: Shakugaikōken(Lava Release: Scorching Armoured Fist)!"

Thrusting his arm forward in a punching motion, Kūgo released a giant fist of lava that barreled into the dense forest that was set to impale him. The entire forest shook for a moment as lava was not only all over his own trees but splattered over other parts of the forest as well, it would no doubt cause a fire and spread.


Hashirama paused for a moment, that loud boom wasn't from his attack, it sounded further away yet it sent a tremor where even they felt it. Turning around, he knew where it had come from, it was where Naruto was dealing with the Kyūbi. No need to think on it, his friend came first, he let his trees continue their assault while he went to check on his friend.

Madara –

The lone Uchiha was getting annoyed with his opponent, the man was a literal giant in human form, yet the fool had made no movement.

"Hn, what's the matter, afraid to look your executioner in the eyes."

"I-I'm not stupid! We know all about your e-eyes." Sōmada replied timidly.

"Hn." He was still angered by that, how dare a non Uchiha know the secrets behind their eyes. He would make sure this man died today.

Patience running thin with the lack of activity, he decided to end the cease fire.

"Katon: Ryūen Hōka no Jutsu(Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique)!"

Madara kneaded his chakra and fired off three dragon heads made of fire, each speeding faster and faster towards their target. Sōmada was muttering something before bringing his hands up together.

"Suiton: Suijinchū(Water Release: Water Formation Pillar)!"

Water sprung out in a curved manner, completely cutting off the fire attacks.

"It seems you are not without skill. Let's see how you deal with this then."

Madara's eyes began to spin before taking on another form, a more sinister one, the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Both eyes leering at the man ominously.

"D-Don't look down on me!" shouted the man.

"A weakling will always be a weakling in my eyes." Madara watched on amused as the apparent man child was shaking, whether it was in anger or fear he did not know.

A mist was slowly starting to envelop the area they were fighting at and before long it had completely covered everything. Madara used his eyes and easily found the man, Gunbai and Kama out, he swung his sickle towards the man's head, knocking it clear off his shoulders.

"What a waste of my time-"

The body he perceived to be the man's evaporated into mist, how dare the brute of a beast try to mock him using illusions. The process was repeated over and over again and the lone Uchiha was angry and never noticed his footing had become a bit more unstable.

A strong whistling sound was being made as something was cutting through the air very fast and it was getting closer. His eyes caught it and he moved his head out of the way from getting cut off, having enough of this, he used his Gunbai and blew the mist away.

Looking down he came to see his unstable footing and it was due to the rise of water. It was everywhere, the level was far above some of the tree lines. He heard the noise again, something was whipping through the air.

Before he knew what had happened, he was on his back looking at the sky. Madara was livid, death would be to easy for this man, he was going to suffer. Looking around for his target, he saw what was making the noise, Sōmada was gliding on the water, it was the fastest he had ever seen someone do that on water.

Fireballs erupted from his mouth, trying to veer the man off course, it didn't work. Sōmada was ready to deliver another bone crushing blow but was held up, by a pair of ribs no less. Giant bones were surrounding the Uchiha and he was then blown away.

"Susanoo(Tempestuous God of Valour)!"

"Take this you insect!"

Madara lifted up his own arm while bones started to form in the shape of an arm, he brought it down on top of the man. He had not been expecting him to block it with his forearms, whatever the man' skin was made of, it was tough.

" actually blocked this attack with physical strength alone." Madara was baffled but by this.


Sōmada used all of his strength and threw the arm back to it's creator and sent a punch towards it's ribs. He had cracked a few using his brute strength alone.

Madara eyed the man and could see that whatever he had done to harden his body to this degree allowed him to withstand attacks that would be costly to others. A small form of respect was forming but it was too bad, he would be dead soon.

"Amaterasu(Heavenly Illumination)!"

The midnight flames emerged from his left eye in a wave of fire, ready to consume any form of life to feed itself.

"Ahhh!" Sōmada screamed to the heavens in agony, the flames were too quick and they had gotten his right arm.


Madara's attention was away from the wailing of Sōmada and drawn to the loud bang he had just heard. That was in the direction of his blonde friend, seeing as he had to cut this short, he left and would let the flames consume the man.

Naruto –

With everyone clear of him and his objective, he shot off towards the fox. His hand went for his blade as the crazed eyes of the Bijū were following his every movement. He couldn't afford for this to be a battle of attrition, he would lose that battle 90% of the time.


The black blade exploded from his sheathe and he sent a large blade of wind towards the fox, it sliced up everything it came into contact with. He couldn't afford to hold back right now, too much was riding on him accomplishing his mission.

The Kyūbi didn't seem to respond to the nature around it suddenly being cut down in front of it and suddenly jumped into the air. It came down with a violent thud as it tried to squash him under it's paws. His blade of wind eventually teetered out but not before slicing a large chunk off another cliff, this one crumbled due to the sudden activity. One of his comrades had called his attack the strongest slash in the world to which Naruto snorted at.

'Let's see here...If I was going to place a tag on a tailed-beast, where would I put it?'

Only two places came to mind, near it's swashing tails or near it's razor sharp maw that could swallow him whole. He summoned two tri-pronged kunai from a seal and threw one wide outside of the beast while the other went zipping straight upwards into the air.

Appearing up above the clouds, he looked down and took in the form of his opponent. He could see nothing near the tails nor the head. Moving from that position, he was behind the Bijū now but again came up empty. The fox was more agile than he gave it credit for and it moved to bat him around but he was to fast for that.

After using the body flicker to move away he saw a shadow above his head, it was the entire body of the fox. It had sensed where he was going to end up and was trying to body slam him into a fine paste of blood. But that's when he saw it.

'Found it!'

The tag had been placed under it's belly. Moving out of the way once more he began to think up a way to remove it without him dying in the process. The hair on the back of his neck stood on it's hackles as a chill ran through his body, turning around he could see why.

The mighty fox was gathering enormous amounts of chakra near its snout, he knew what this attack was and it wasn't pretty. The destruction this could cause was astronomical, he had escaped the last time he faced the attack but that was because he could, he didn't have that option here.

It was obvious to him this Bijū could gather it's energy much faster than the Sanbi which meant he needed to react even faster. Wasting no time, his chakra chains erupted from the ground, surrounding the tailed-beast and began to restrict its movements, hoping to deter the course of the menacing ball or perhaps even stop it from firing. It was a foolish notion.

The nine tails used it's monstrous strength to move it's body against the chains, tightening the more it moved, brought it's head down and fired at the blonde.

"Bijūdama(Tailed-Beast Ball)!"

Knowing he only had a couple of seconds at best, he summoned one more kunai and threw all three once more. He performed the four seals and slammed his hand down beneath the cliff he was standing on and watched his formula take effect.

"Jikūkan Kekkai(Time-Space Barrier)!"

Moving over to the kunai he had re-sent back into the air, he didn't like what he saw. There was a small population of people, each and everyone of them fearful of what was going on. He thought over his options and made his choice.

There was no turning back now from this, he could feel the tailed-beast ball crossing over from one area to the in-between. If he left it in there who knew what kind of damage that would do, while still in the air he looked over to the third kunai he had thrown out over the sea. It was the only place he could think of sending it where the probability of casualties was minimum at best.


His plan had worked out but know he was in a jam, below him was the opening jaw of the Kyubi ready to gnaw on him, while a tidal wave was making it's way to the shoreline. In a matter of a split second he was behind the tailed-beast and weaving his seals fast.

"Doton: Tajū Doryūheki(Earth Release: Multiple Earth-Style Wall)!"

He expelled a lot of chakra bringing up multiple walls from the earth to block the incoming wave he had caused, but in doing so left himself open. It was only thanks to his instincts that he brought his blade up to block, of which it did no good.

The tail from the fox had hit him straight on and sent him flying backwards but it was only thanks to his sword he wasn't dead. It was then he noticed something, there was some liquid on his blade and then realized who it belonged to, it was the Kyūbi'.

He didn't even know giant chakra constructs could bleed or that mortal weapons were even capable of the task, he was proven wrong. Or perhaps it was only his weapon. He was about to test that theory, he summoned over a hundred clones, each with different kinds of weapons.

"Go!" he bellowed, every clone hearing the order.

He watched silently but came to notice that the others were heading here, he cursed. He couldn't fight the Bijū and worry about them at the same time, he needed to move the fox to a more isolated place. Waiting for an opening, he found it after all the weapons had been bouncing off the foxes thick hide.

Tri-pronged kunai in hand, he flung it as hard as he could in a different direction and grabbed onto a part of the nine tails. Both were gone just as the others had seen him grabbing the Bijū and teleporting themselves away.


Their mouths were agape, thought Mito and Madara would deny it, at what they had just seen him do. After a few moments of silence, the others finally noticed their other friends.

"So, how did it go for you guys? I'm sure the both of you finished off your opponents, right?" asked Mito.

"Haha, no I didn't. I actually left him back there fighting my trees while I came here to check on Naruto. How about you, Madara?" Hashirama brushed off his own fight like it were nothing.

"Unlike you, I finished off my opponent with my Amaterasu." answered the Uchiha.

"I couldn't beat mine either, so I punched her far away and then came running here." stated Mito.

"HEY! You bitch! How dare you try to mess up my sexy face, unlike your fugly one, what would you have done if the men didn't like me anymore!" yelled Aoī who was recovered by then.

A dark look made it's way to Mito's eyes when she heard one of the comments towards her looks, 'This bitch is dead.'

"Hn, it seems you didn't punch her far enough or hard enough." idly commented Madara.

"Excuse me while I go and kill that woman."

"I-I wouldn't be one to t-talk." stuttered out a bleeding Sōmada, who was missing an arm.

Madara had a look of surprise on his face, he didn't think anyone could have survived those fires, but this man did. Looking closer to the stump, he noticed the arm wasn't missing because of his attack eating away at it, it had been torn out.

'Seems I may have been to quick to judge.' Madara praised as the man was willing to sacrifice the arm in order to survive and fight.

"Looks like you didn't finish him off at all." pointed out Hashirama.

"Hn...I can see that."

"I'm just sayin."


A loud roar brought their attention to a dragon made of lava with someone atop its head.

"What did I miss?" asked Kūgo, unaware of his cool entrance.

"Nothing, we all just arrived here as well." answered Aoī.


Everyone was startled when an ear shattering roar boomed throughout the area. All of them were wondering just what was happening with the Bijū and the blonde. Putting that aside and focusing what was in front of them, they all attacked. This time it was three on three.

Naruto –

The blonde commander had landed gracefully after the teleportation but the Bijū had a crash landing. He was not going to allow the fox time to recover nor do what it did the first time, he would restrain it here and then remove the seal.

Chains once again made their way to the fox, unrelenting in their capture. They wrapped tightly around the fox' arms, legs, neck, mouth, tails, hands, and stomach. The fox let out a roar of defiance before getting silenced.


Taking advantage, he was underneath the belly and made his way upwards. Looking at the seal, he couldn't help but whistle in amazement at the sheer brilliance it took to create such a seal.

''Fūinjutsu: Tengoku-no-yona Seibatsu no Banno Seishin(Sealing Technique: Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipotent Mind)...Even I wouldn't be able to come up with something like this, at least not in a few years. This must have come from Shintaro' mind all those years ago...but why do they think the Kyūbi is some sort of god?'

That part made him think, perhaps there were some people in the world who saw the mighty tailed-beasts as some sort of gods. They were the strongest creatures for many many years...shaking his head of these thoughts, he reached for the seal and saw no traps.

'Strange...why aren't there any fail safes? They truly didn't think anyone would get this close or for long.'

It was the only thing that made sense to him, otherwise they would have put some sort of trap for him.

Shrugging his shoulders at their lack of forethought, he tore off the seal and moved away from the fox. He would wait and see how long it would take before the effects wore off the Bijū before doing anything else.

That crazed look in the fox' eyes was slowly starting to fade as its own mind was taking over. It started to growl once it's slitted eyes landed on him. It's lips were moving slightly.

'Hm? Does the fox want to say something?'

He needed to tread carefully here, one wrong move and it was over. Loosening the chains around it's mouth, he allowed the fox to speak.

"Thank you ningen, if not for you I would have remained as a crazed beast."

Whatever the blonde clan leader had expected, a thank you from the Kyūbi was not it. Granted, he had never spoken to one, aside from the Sanbi, so he had no idea how they acted. He was sure it would have tried to kill him as soon as he loosened the chain on it's mouth.

"Now tell me who you are and what you want with me?" the tails behind the fox where swashing back in forth dangerously, it's time of thanks were gone and now stood a predator.

"Greetings, my name is Namikaze Naruto..." he started and could see something in the fox' eyes at the mention of his name, "As for what I want with you...nothing really." he admitted.

Naruto doubted he would ever see what looked like a stunned face from the mighty creature in front of him, "You lie! All humans I have met have always wanted something from my kind, what makes you so different?!" snarled the fox.

Blue eyes narrowed at the giant, "I speak nothing but the truth, you were being controlled and were heading to my home. I and my comrades confronted you to stop the needless loss of lives that may have occurred."

"Hmph! Then what will you do now that you have me at your mercy?"

The blonde was silent for a moment and the chains started to recede back whence they came. The giant fox stretched it's limbs, regaining some feeling in them. It's eyes moved over to the human.

"Now do you believe I mean you no harm, do I have your trust for letting you walk free?"

"Trust? No, you do not have my trust, this just proves you are more deceptive. You will no doubt try to get me to lower my defenses when I least suspect it."

Naruto sighed but an idea came to mind, "Then how about a proposition?"

"Hmph, for alleviating me from my madness I shall allow it, speak your piece so I may leave."

"You want no one to try and use you, correct?"

He got a nod.

"Then why not become a sort of protector for these lands?"

"So that humans may use my power, no thanks."

"No, no one will use your power against your will. You will be able to move around and do whatever you wish, no one will bother you."

"And what do you gain?"

"As I said, a protector of sorts for these lands. I will sign a blood contract with you so that I and only I may summon you, when you are needed of course to fight side by side with me. If by chance someone were to try something with you then I will handle them personally."

The Bijū just stared at the man whom he had been conversing with for the past couple of minutes and found the prospect of this 'protector of sorts' interesting. He could still move around freely and do whatever he wished and no one would bother it, the only stipulation was him being summoned by one person to fight side by side with the human. And if the chakra levels this human contained were anything to go by, it wouldn't be summoned much.

"Why? Why do you try and go so far for a being you hardly know?" asked the fox, looking at the blonde with scrutinizing eyes.

"Truly...I do not know. Something in me is telling me this is the right decision. And from our conversation you are more than what people claim you to be."

"I as well feel something familiar about you," the fox pointed to it's chest, "In here it tells me I should know you, but up here, the logical side of me tells me differently." admitted the Kyūbi.

Naruto nodded as he understood, was it their soul that was telling them this,"Are we in accordance?" asked a hopeful blonde.

"For now," the fox summoned a scroll, "I wish to see how this goes and if it goes badly then I will rescind the contract."

Naruto looked at the scroll and it was a summoning scroll for the fox. No names were present on the parchment, he bit his thumb and blood was flowing freely, he signed his name.

"The contract is finalized." announced the fox.

"Good and who knows, maybe one day we will call each other friends."

The Bijū snorted, "Unlikely."

"Such a negative attitude..." joked Naruto actually feeling the negativity from said fox, but then he became serious, "How about we try out our new contract and start with those fools who believed they could control you." offered the blonde with a viscous smirk.

The fox also smiled equally viscous, so far his blonde summoner was doing good, "Yes, let's put the fear of me into them and show them why they made such a foolish mistake."

"By the way, what's your real name? I take it Kyūbi isn't it?" asked the blonde.

"What you say is correct, Kyūbi is more of a title. If you prove yourself, then just perhaps I may grace you with my true name. After all, names do have power."

'Such a drama queen, but what he says is true.'

Naruto suddenly smirked and sped off towards his wife and two friends.


Hashirama, Madara, and Mito were trying to get the upper hand in their battle but it was proving difficult, namely because of Mito. She was not used to fighting in a group nor with two individuals who could seamlessly read the others body movements and adjust their attacks or defenses accordingly.

'Naruto! You need to hurry back!'

She was holding her own but with them having to cover for her a few times, they were getting pushed back. Their stronger techniques could potentially put her in harms way which is why neither had done it yet nor did she understand their range or power.

Despite the beating both sides were talking, nothing seemed to be working for the group from Konoha. They would use Sōmada to block attacks while the other two would work in tandem in coming in close and going out far.

"Katon: Gōka Messhitsu(Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction)!"

An intense sea of flames burst forth from the Uchiha' mouth and rose higher and higher into a tidal wave of fire. The sudden attack had disrupted the concentration of the enemies as a blonde blur placed itself in front of Mito.

" are things?" he asked, trying to lighten the mood.

Hashirama found it funny and chuckled, "We are doing fine, but our attacks don't seem to be doing much. We need to take this up a notch." he said seriously.

"I agree, why haven't we done that yet?" questioned the blonde.

"Because we don't want to destroy parts of our country." answered Madara.

"Our country can be rebuilt and regrown if need be, lives cannot. We will take them all out at once with one final strike, our strongest attacks." Naruto told them, he was serious about this, taking command.

The other three looked at him and could see he was serious, "Very well then." With that being said, Madara and Hashirama each moved away from one another to get some space for themselves. Each man began to leak their massive chakra into the world.

Naruto could see the formation of Susanoo around Madara but he wasn't sure what the black haired Senju was doing. Markings were beginning to appear all over his face, he would ask him later, for now he looked at his wife and she at him.

"You've done well but right now I think it best if you back up. I don't know how much damage we are about to unleash nor the range, you may get caught up in it." he told her.

She wanted to argue but settled for a nod, he was serious, "Fūin!"

"What did that do?" he asked.

"Just a little something I left on Aoī which will spread to her comrades.


"Ahhh! What the hell, why can't I move?" screamed the bluenette.

"Hey! I can't move either?!"

"S-Same here..."

Aoī caught a slip of paper out of the corner of her eye and knew whose fault it was, "UZUMAKI MITO!"


Both Naruto and Mito had heard the scream, "There it is, I immobilized them for you. You can thank me later for saving you the trouble of chasing them down." she said smugly.

"Hmph." Naruto snorted, a smirk on his face. He nodded to her.

Seeing that both of his friends were on the cusp of finishing, he figured it would be prudent to start his own.

"Susanoo(Tempestuous God of Valour)!"

The mighty ethereal guardian being stood tall, over looking the mountains, eying it's next three victims. Madara looked over to his two friends from atop the head. He knew Hashirama had something up his sleeve that could prove destructive, but did his blonde friend?

"Senpō: Mokuton: Shin Sūsenju(Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands)!"

Naruto and Madara gaped at the titanic proportions of the giant Buddha in front of them, it's sheer size dwarfed everything around it. Thousands upon thousands of hands were behind the statue while the front two were clasped in prayer. Neither would have ever imagined Hashirama could create such a technique, questions would be asked.

Getting over his surprise, he knew his own move would turn heads as well. Blood was drawn and he ran through his seals and slammed his hand on the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu(Summoning Technique)!"

The others had their bloodlines which gave them destructive techniques, but he believed he had something much better.


A partner to watch his back when he went into battle.

Standing in all of its glory was the Kyūbi no Yokō, tails moving back and forth creating powerful gusts of wind. Atop its head stood Naruto.

"Finally, we can kill those three bastards!" snarled the fox.

"Yes...yes we can."

A figure landed on top of the fox' head next to Naruto, "What is the problem Madara?" asked the blonde, knowing he was talking to a clone.

"I ask if you would like to make a joint attack with me and your summon?"

Naruto eyed the clone with a raised eyebrow, "I accept, but you must also ask my partner."

The Bijū had caught enough of the question to give an appropriate reply, "If this combination will kill them without a doubt then I agree, but don't presume to linger to long. Something about you just angers me. Even now I am keeping it in check."

Madara didn't know why it was angry with him, he had never met this Bijū before now. Shrugging his shoulders, he began to summon his Susanoo. Armor began spreading over the Bijū completely changing the look of the fox. You could still see its eyes and tails along with it's arms that now were holding two swords along with a protruding horn like nose. It was a very menacing sight to behold.

'One full Susanoo, a Buddha with a thousand arms, and the Kyūbi with Susanoo armor...if this can't get this done, nothing will.'

"Let's get this over with." Naruto was looking at his two friends but could see something wrong with Hashirama, he was looking pale and breathing hard, he would talk to the man once finished here. His battle senses took over from there.

"Let's finish this partner!" yelled Naruto.

"Hmph." the Kyūbi smirked and started to gather energy around it's snout. Meanwhile the Madara clone slid one of the swords into the menacing ball, and with a might heave, threw the shuriken like attack.

"Bijūdama(Tailed-Beast Ball)!"

The real Madara wasted no time as he saw Naruto already attacking and slashed his blade towards the three enemies. A giant powerful slash destroying everything in it's path erupted from the tip of the blade.

"Chōjō Kebutsu(Top Transformed Buddha)!"

Simultaneously, all thousand hands moved on their own and began to pummel the very earth and those who stood in it's way into the oblivion.




The amount of force behind each attack was staggering alone, but combined and there would be nothing left. It was so much that the sheer force blew Mito away from her current spot and right into a large tree trunk, hitting her head knocking her unconscious. She should have listened.

Naruto cursed as he had warned Mito to back off further, he hoped she was alright. He created a clone to grab her so she wouldn't go flying anymore.

'Thank you Mito.'

If it hadn't been for the seal she had placed, the three enemies would have just moved out of the way from the attacks.

Smoke was covering the entire battlefield after the attacks and they waited for it to clear.


The forest around them could no longer lay claim to such a title after the battle that had taken place there, it was more akin to a valley, a rather large one. When the smoke had cleared, nothing but a crater remained with water coming in from the ocean, creating a waterfall. In the middle of the crater laid the three bodies of their enemies.

Naruto watched as the bodies began to disappear, as if they never existed to begin with. Aoī, the woman burst into flames, Sōmada had dissolved into water while the last one, Kūgo, had turned to lava. Each of them returning to the earth.

And now that he thought about it, Shūra, when he had died he had turned completely into sand. Did the way they disappear have some sort of meaning.


He would have to ponder that later as he rushed towards Hashirama who was wobbling.

"What's wrong, Hashirama?"

"I'm not used to using that mode yet, and it's take a toll on my mind and body." said Hashirama.

Naruto was confused about what he meant but would not ask right now.

"Did whatever you do injure you?"

"No, I just need to rest." Hashirama slowly laid himself down on the ground and closed his eyes. He had fallen asleep.

The blonde sighed, "Don't just fall asleep anywhere." he muttered.

He now had two unconscious people to get home, his wife and friend. At least Madara was still awake, he walked over to the man.

"How are you feeling?" asked the blonde.

"Fine, how is Hashirama and Mito?"

"Both fine, Hashirama just fell asleep right now."

Madara snorted in humor, "That just proves the Uchiha are superior since I'm still awake." Naruto smiled, knowing the man was jesting trying to lighten the mood.

Naruto allowed himself to chuckle.



"I think it's time we enact your plan..."

"...I agree, we will get no better opportunity than now." shared the blonde clan leader, there really was no better time, "You know what you must do, correct?"

"I do." nodded the Uchiha.

"Good." Naruto gave the man a hug and all the supplies he could afford to give away.

"...Naruto." he called out once more.


"...Take care of them for me."

"I will..."

Madara nodded his head, looked at Hashirama for a bit and even went over to say a few parting words to the man and vanished.

Konoha –

The trip itself back home wasn't the difficult part nor was carrying two bodies, it was what he was going to say to the masses as soon as he arrived. It was up to him as the only conscious member of their group.

Four Anbu suddenly dropped down around their commander, bowed, and took the two people down from his shoulders. Now returning home would be much quicker. He was expecting a decent sided crowd, he was proven wrong...the whole village seemed to have turned out.

'They must have heard of what was happening from someone.'

The crowd of people was very thick, nothing could squeeze in or out, he couldn't even wedge himself in so he took to the roofs. He positioned himself in a spot where everyone could hear and see him. He cleared his throat.

"Silence!" he ordered, "Citizens and shinobi of Konoha, I bring you both good and bad news."

The murmuring had quieted down due to his commanding voice. He had their full attention.

"Myself, along with your Shodai, Uchiha Madara, and Uzumaki Mito went to confront a threat that was on it's way to our home, we have stopped it in it's tracks." Cheering rang out throughout the crowd.

His expression took on one of grimace, he had just spotted the few people he did not want to have to hear this, it was Madara's family. There stood Izuna, Akane, and Kagami along with the rest of their clan. He could also see the Senju clan along with the others.

'Dammit, why did Hashirama have to be unconscious right now.'

"However...there was a price we paid for being able to defeat our enemies and bring peace back to our lands and home. A very steep price."

It got deathly quiet after he mentioned that.

"My friend, a man who was my brother in all but blood, your village councilor and adviser to the Shodai, Uchiha Madara...did not make it through the battle and has passed on to the next life."

Nobody dared make a sound after the revealing news but that was when the weeping was heard. It was Madara's family.

Naruto looked up to the sky as it began to rain on their village and only one thought came to his mind.

'And so it begins.'

End of the 13th Chapter


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