The First Namikaze

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Chapter 8

It was quiet at the moment, no living soul had dared to make a sound. It reigned supreme as the two warring clans who had been tearing the land asunder had all but been sequestered away.

Those who had managed to survive the initial onslaught of the fighting had offered no form of resistance to their captors. Whether it was by logic or instinct, self-preservation was the overriding feeling amongst them. They did not wish to earn the ire of the predators that now lurked the field.

What had driven them off the field were not the numerous amounts of enemy shinobi; but six individuals. Six individuals whose chakra alone dwarfed that of their fellow peers by a substantial margin. Their minds were able to comprehend the power three of these individuals were able to wield, as it did not seem unfathomable or unattainable to them.

However, it was the remaining three that had them questioning the laws of nature the most. How could mere mortal men wield such an unfathomable, destructive amount of power. These so called men could reshape the landscape if they fancied or demolish it on so much as a whim. It was just mind-boggling.


The eerie calm that had once dominated the area was gone as the fighting had resumed with an earth shattering attack. None of those who had survived were exactly positive which group had caused it nor did they wish to find out.




Those were the only words he had heard uttered; it was also his only warning. He watched the jet black flames emerge from one of Madara's eyes and while he was by no means near the man, even he could feel the heat from his position. He had only ever encountered these particular flames once, and that was the man's younger sibling.

'Mokuton: Hōbi no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Expulsion Technique)!'

His ears twitched a bit as he heard what had been called out, and momentarily shifted his gaze to the right; to his other friend. He watched in silent fascination as wooden tendrils rose up from the ground to form a protective dome, or more precisely a dome with the face of a dragon.

"A wooden dome of protection huh. These flames must be quite dangerous if Hashirama opted to defend rather than attack." Naruto was now of a like mind, and believed avoiding the flames should be his top priority.

The blonde lowered his knee's a fraction while simultaneously gripping his saya; his right hand took hold of the hilt. He vanished from his current spot just as the flames had engulfed the area; turning everything to ash.

He appeared a few yards away from where he once stood and slowly let out a breath. He relaxed his posture and released his grip on his weapon. It had been a force of habit that had been drilled into him by Sōjirō-shisho.

"Even when moving at high speeds, never let go of your weapon. Never release your grip unless you are absolutely certain no enemies are within striking range." lectured Sōjirō.

The man had drilled that particular lesson into him until he did it subconsciously. He breathed in some air and began to plan his next move. He could only do this thanks to being directly behind the wooden dome as his friend was inadvertently protecting him as well.

He had noticed this earlier, but the Senju's design had a rather huge gap in the center of the face that went all the way to the back where he currently stood. He peered inside and noticed Hashirama just standing there looking at the oncoming flames.

"Ahh..."realization dawned on him, "Now I see the reason for the gap. It's so he can see outside and counter anything he see's from his enemies." he deduced as he had to give his friend credit on the creativity and all around usefulness of this technique.

However with all good came the bad. The technique itself also had a rather obvious weakness that anybody with a sufficient amount of skill and speed could exploit. The technique was a double-edged sword to Hashirama.

"He must have strongly felt that nobody...possibly aside from Madara...would have ever gotten this close to him. That, or he somehow believed he never would have run into an extremely fast shinobi." thought Naruto shaking his head, now scrutinizing the same technique he had just praised.

"Oh well." he continued, "His lack of forethought is my gain." he finished and stepped inside of the dome.



The dark haired Senju was standing vigilant, making sure nothing else was aimed at him from a different position. He was planning his next move but there was this feeling coursing throughout his very being at the moment, as he watched the black flames of Amaterasu draw closer to his location.


"It's just like old times." he thought smiling, reminiscing about all of the three-way fights he had as a child between Naruto, Madara, and himself. He hasn't been this excited for a fight in a long time.

He shook off the fond memories and returned to reality so he could focus on the matter at hand. He personally knew just how devastating these flames could be, and held no doubt that they would eat away his defense, albeit slowly.

Too little to late did his instinct's kick in; he was not alone. He was by no means a sensor, however nor was he inept at the concept of sensing chakra. So for someone to get behind him without him noticing is a feat worthy of praise.

Ignoring the black flames of death for the moment, he quickly turned himself around to see just who the intruder was while simultaneously preparing himself for an attack. His eyebrows rose in surprise when he caught sight of blonde hair.

"Hmm...clearly the rumors of this man do him no justice. He's obviously very fast, but how does he handle himself when fighting up close?" wondered Hashirama giving the man in front of him an appraising eye.

He immediately braced himself as he saw the man's hand linger around the hilt of his blade. Quicker than anything he had ever seen, he suddenly found himself in pain. The blade had shot upward and made contact with his right hip and it began to travel vertically across his stomach, chest, and finally through his left shoulder.

Unfortunately...and much to Hashirama's horror...the attack was not yet finished. The blonde rotated his wrist while shifting the arm that held the weapon. He now held the blade in a semi overhead position, and proceeded to bring it down again; from the opposite side this time.

Senju Hashirama was now sporting a very large X across his torso.



He was in.

He quickly and quietly scanned around making sure there was nothing that would try to impede his forward progress. You could never be too careful with a man who could control the very wood that now surrounded him.

He kept his guard up while silently dropping down into his Iai-goshi(Crouching Position), and steadily kept his pace. Small amounts of Fūton chakra began to surround his blade, and he was now only a few feet away.



He exhaled a very quiet breath, but had he been playing closer attention to his target then he would have realized that the man had changed his posture.

"Shit! He's already knows I'm here!" he realized as his body tensed, ready to attack.


He drew his blade from the saya and in one motion slashed upwards from the waist to the shoulder, and he would not relent in his attack.

"Kokutō Saku(Black Blade First Day)!"

With his weapon in an overhead position, he rotated his wrist while shifting his arm and brought the black blade down once more; this time on the opposite side. Granted he didn't apply much force or power behind the attack...he would probably have a light still sent a message saying he wasn't to be underestimated in this fight.

He let out a sigh and was making his walk to check on the man when something he hadn't anticipated occurred. Senju Hashirama...his friend...was beginning to crack and split. His previous assault and the encroaching flames were the farthest things from his mind at the moment. He had just attacked a clone fashioned out of wood.

He couldn't believe he fell for such a simple...yet effective...counter, and thus begun to laugh at himself.

"Hahahaha." he began to laugh at himself. "I can't believe I fell for that! I guess in a sense that solves the weakness I believed I could exploit." thought Naruto still laughing at himself for believing he had figured out Hashirama's technique.

Unfortunately though, that still left one burning question; just where was the Senju leader?

He re-sheathed his blade while closing his eyes trying to get Hashirama's exact location. The flames were already devouring the wood and it would only be a matter of time before it reached him. He suddenly opened his eyes.

"Found him!" he thought, and replaced himself before he had suffocated or was burned alive.

He took a sharp inhale of fresh air and had wished to continue this until it was cut short. He bent his knee's while hastily dropping his head so as to not lose it from his shoulders. He couldn't move his neck upwards to get a better view of his assailant because he had been blasted away by a huge gust of wind.

He applied chakra to his feet allowing him to steady himself, and looked up to see it was his other friend; Madara. He lowered his gaze to see just exactly what the man had in his possession, it was a Kama(Sickle) attached on a chain that was hooked to a Gunbai(Army Arrangement).

The fan itself was wide with the same markings as the Sharingan eye. It had a long handle with bandages wrapped around it's base.

"Hmph...what fun could you have with a fan? Where's the thrill at?" thought Naruto as he was criticizing the Uchiha's choice of weapon.

He was brought out of his musing when he felt a surge in chakra around the Uchiha leader. It seemed he was going to launch a large attack in conjunction with his weapon. Unfortunately for the him, before he could attack he was forced to move as a hail of shuriken had descended upon him.

Naruto was watching the whole thing from a distance while keeping his guard up. His hand traveled to his hilt when Madara landed adjacent to him. Neither of them had moved as they were awaiting Hashirama's arrival.

"He's here."

Senju Hashirama emerged from one of the tree tops and dropped down in-between the both of them. He never took his eyes off of either person nor would he be the one to make the first move; especially in a three-way fight. A soft breeze moved throughout the canopy and rocked the leaves back and forth.

Both Naruto and Madara had moved immediately when the tree's around them sprouted spikes trying to impale them or vines trying to constrict them.

Each man had sensed the chakra spike and knew the Senju was attacking first. He was the only one who really could in that situation as neither the Namikaze or Uchiha clan leaders had many wide area techniques that could impale or bind an enemy.

The two of them had reacted to the attack and had taken off in different directions.



In his honest opinion both shinobi were incredible, whether it be in the amounts of power or skill. He already knew these things about Madara as he has fought the man on numerous occasions. It was his other opponent that had gained his interest.

From what he has seen with his own eyes, the man had ungodly reaction time along with reflexes. He was easily superior to not only himself but to the Uchiha leader as well; and let's not forget his blistering speed. He was reminded again just why he was called the Kiroi Senkō.

"This really is more fun that when it was just two of us fighting." thought Hashirama smiling as his body was trembling with excitement getting ready to follow one of them.



The Uchiha leader had been reserving his judgment on the blonde enigma that had interrupted his fight earlier. While he had heard of the man's reputation as being fast, it was another thing to actually see it. He wouldn't have believed it if his own eyes had not shown him.

The man who had been across from him only moments ago was not his equal in speed, the man was his superior. He himself had applied chakra to his legs seconds before the Senju's surprise attack and had seen the blonde use pure leg strength to move far faster than him.

"He does indeed live up to his name." stated Madara, forming a small amount of respect for the man. Which is saying something as he has only ever truly respected one person till then.

Aside from his speed, he clearly possessed an enormous amount of skill along with a keen mind. He was able to think on his feet, he had seen that when he had launched Amaterasu. His eyes had clearly shown him that, but what they also showed him was the amount of chakra the man had at his disposal, and he couldn't help but grin at fighting him all out.

"It seems that another has entered the realm of the powerful along with Hashirama, and myself." concluded the Uchiha, as in his mind only the truly worthy made it there.

Feeling around the area, he could feel the fluctuations of their chakra telling him they had engaged one another. This was a good opportunity to get the both of them in one shot. Glancing around, he found the tallest tree and shot upwards.

As he continued to travel upwards, he finally saw the light telling him he was close to seeing the blue sky. He applied chakra to to the rest of his legs and shot forward faster than before, noticing he was near the end he jumped into the open space that was the sky.

He looked down and noticed three things.

The first thing he noticed was the rather large group of shinobi and kunoichi who had been captured like livestock. He moved his gaze along and saw his brother along with the younger Senju, and the unknown that had came with the blonde. Finally he saw his last and primary objective.

He swept his gaze over the area once more feeling the thrill of being a god and striking down those beneath him. He calmed himself and re-focused.

He locked in on his two targets, took a deep breath while kneading his chakra and did his hand-seals.


"Katon: Gōenkyū(Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball)!"


...Naruto & Hashirama...

Hashirama was going to give chase and fight whoever he encountered first. He halted his pursuit and put up his guard.

"Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu(Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique)!"

The black haired Senju did not lose his composure and calmly stared at the small fireballs as they went wide.

"Whoever fired them must want me to lower my guard, and missed those shots on purpose." figured Hashirama.

The next volley came as expected only these came at him with pinpoint accuracy. He coated his forearms with chakra and knocked away the first two shots effortlessly while completely avoiding the remaining few. He sped off diagonally avoiding the next round while inching closer to his target.

Hashirama had finally gotten close enough that he could see who he would be fighting, and frankly he was almost expecting the Uchiha, but instead found the blonde. He shook off his surprise and charged straight ahead ready to begin his assault.

Naruto had stopped the flow of his chakra and watched as the Senju approached his position. He craned his neck just a tad to the left avoiding a straight while grabbing his arm at the elbow and wrist. He then headbutted him and gave a knee to the Senju's stomach.

Hashirama momentarily closed his eyes while grunting in pain. He then felt it in his stomach and actually staggered back a bit. He opened his eyes and immediately jumped up avoiding a low kick, but it was for naught as the man in front of him moved insanely quick and had delivered a high spin kick.

He tried putting up a guard to block the kick, but with the amount of force behind the kick it would have been in vain. With the force and the angle the kick had been at, it sent him on a rotation careening towards a large tree.

Impact was imminent.




He let a groan escape his mouth as his back was killing him. He was very thankful he had been born with such a rather sturdy body. He hefted himself back up from the ground, placed his hands on his hips and just leaned his body back hoping to stretch out any kinks in his back.

"It seems I may have underestimated his prowess in unarmed combat." he thought still stretching his back.

He had payed the price and was just glad it hadn't cost him too much, but now he had to pay the blonde back in full for the wonderful skill he just showed him. He relaxed his muscles, took a deep breath and released.

He went back to re-engage.



The Namikaze watched his friend lean his body backwards and saw him making a straight line right for him. He got in a defensive stance while dodging yet another straight from the man while avoiding a fierce elbow strike.

"Whoa!" a surprised Naruto thought as he dodged the elbow that was aimed for his skull.

Naruto had both of his hands full holding each arm of his opponent that he did not react fast enough in time to avoid a kick to his side. While he prided himself on not showing his emotions, his mask faltered for a bit and his face contorted in pain.

He pushed through the pain and swept his leg to try and take out both of Hashirama's legs our from under him. He was a bit surprised when the Senju had suddenly released himself from their entanglement, completely avoiding his kick.

Everything happened simultaneously as his momentum had already carried his leg to try and kick him. He could not stop and was rewarded with a hard kick that had landed directly on his chest. He flew across the field towards a tree.

"Damn!...He kicks hard." Naruto winced in pain as he lightly touched his sternum. He took notice that he was traveling towards a tree and flipped his body in mid-flight so his feet would land first, even though his body screamed in pain. Even breathing was becoming a task.

"Ugh.." he grunted. "It seems he wanted me to experience the same thing." he finished his thought.

It seemed he had hit the nail on the head if the scowl on Hashirama's face was anything to go by. He was so going to tease him for not being very original and using someone else's idea. He landed softly on the bark of the tree and was about to speak up about originality but stopped when he felt something else.

He noticed Hashirama had also felt it somewhat as well. They both shared a quick glance with one another and began to search for it while keeping an eye on the other.

Neither could see anything wrong with the surrounding area, but there is one place they have not bothered to look. They both looked up and know knew what it was. An enormous fireball...clearly the biggest either had ever seen...was heading straight toward them.

Both narrowed their eyes as they knew just who had fired off such a devastating technique.

"Madara." was the name that came to their mind.




It coursed throughout his entire being. He was content with what he had just done and wanted to see how both men would handle an attack of this size. He gazed upon the group of shinobi and kunoichi and was thoroughly enjoying the looks of awe and reverence on their faces.

Turning his eyes to his two targets, he wasn't surprised at what he saw. Both of them were looking at the blazing fireball with a look of indifference, as if it was not worth their time and could stop it at their leisure.

This did not anger the Uchiha though, he almost expected it.

"Just as it should be." Madara said, expecting this.


...Naruto & Hashirama...

Neither shinobi seemed too distressed or fearful of the oncoming ball of fiery destruction. Each had different ways of defending themselves or just outright countering such an attack of this magnitude, but with so many eyes focused on them, they did not want to reveal all of their techniques.

"Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu(Earth Release: Hiding like a Mole Technique)!"

So with that, Senju Hashirama was now underneath the very earth itself awaiting the ensuing destruction that was sure to come.

"Hmph...anybody can just go and hide." said Naruto, not agreeing with his friends method of dealing with the situation, but agreeing it was an effective tactic.

Naruto returned his gaze to the large fireball that kept increasing in size the closer it came to its final destination. He knew his regular water techniques would clearly not be enough for something of this size. However he did not want to use any of his more powerful water techniques this early on and decided then and there what he would do.

He estimated the attack would land in about ten to fifteen seconds which would be just enough time for him to finish what he had to do.

He applied chakra to a seal he had on his right arm and out came a brush along with a blank scroll. The Namikaze was going to apply what he had learned all those years ago with the Uzumaki clan to good use.

Naruto was concentrating but applying the formula as quickly and as steadily as he could. He finished the first part and left the sealing space blank and continued to finish the other half of the scroll.

The fireball was a mere seconds away from crashing down upon his being when he had finally finished with his Fūinjutsu.

He went through a few hand-seals and a vapor began to spread from around the sealing space.

"Fūka Hōin(Fire Sealing Method)!"

And with that the fireball began to get sucked into the sealing space at a very fast rate, and when it was complete the word seal appeared on the once blank space.


To those fortunate enough to watch the spectacle, many just couldn't fathom how strong the people across from them were. Their speed, strength, stamina, and chakra were off the charts and they were throwing around such destructive techniques like they were nothing.

All of them had seen the giant fireball coming from the sky...almost like a god going to smite them for their sins...and then it just vanished. Everyone was confused at what had just happened, but once they got a clear look at what was on the floor, many were surprised, shocked, and downright fearful of the man and each had the same thought.

"He knows Fūinjutsu!" many thought, knowing this man just got even more dangerous.



Naruto was glad he had chosen to seal it instead of using a high level water techniques as steam would have no doubt been the end result, and that would have just sucked.

He took a few steps and bent down to pick up his scroll from the ground when he felt something. He was rather surprised he couldn't sense them until they were practically behind him.

Turning around he was sure he would have encountered the Senju, but instead he was looking directly into the eyes of the Uchiha.

A big mistake on his part.

"Tsukuyomi(Moon Reader)!"



He finally decided it was time to resurface from his little hidey hole in the ground and took a whiff of the fresh air. Sweeping his gaze around the area, he was honestly expecting it to be much more burnt but he saw none of that. The area was left unharmed.

Whatever the blonde had done must have stopped the scorching heat from completely turning the lush area into a barren wasteland. This however did not mean the fighting had stopped, so nobody was out of danger just yet.

He pushed that line of thinking aside for the moment and began to search for the other two. He finally found them and in a very awkward position.

They were just staring at each-other.


Still staring at each-other.

"Just what in the world are those two doing?" he thought confused.

Carefully, he made his way over to their location and shook a hand in each of their faces, but neither seemed to respond. He noticed the blonde had a glazed look in his eyes and so did Madara. This stirred a memory of his from a very long time ago with his father having the same look in his eyes.


Hashirama had just come back from leading his clan in yet another altercation with their rivals; the Uchiha clan. They were rather fortunate this time around as they had not lost many of their kin in this fight. He had dispersed the group that was following him and ordered them to get as much rest as they could.

After the group had left, he...along with his brother Tobirama...made their way back home whom they shared with their aging father and youngest sibling; Tōka. Hashirama had entered the home first shortly followed by Tobirama before he split off and went to wash up. Hashirama watched his brother go, and wished he could stop all of the fighting so as to protect his siblings.

He was going to go and drop by to say hello to his baby sister, but a quick glance at his father had changed those plans. There was something wrong with his father.

While he had disputes with his father in the past, he did not hate the man. In fact, he still held love for his father...unconditional or not...but he no longer had any form of respect or trust for him. The man had deluded himself for thinking training their child to go off and fight to the death was a form of love. That dumb ideology had cost their family two of their own.

As he moved a bit closer to his father, he could see a faraway look on the man's face and wondered why. He chalked it up to the man reminiscing about memories long forgotten. Just as he was about to walk away and repeat the same process his brother was currently doing, he heard his father mutter something.

"She's gone...She's gone...She's gone." was all the man was muttering under his breath.

"She's gone? Who's gone?" thought Hashirama confused barely catching the words.

His brain was moving a mile a minute trying to figure out whom he was speaking off. Then it hit him like a punch to the gut; there was only one female that this group of men would gladly give their life for, Tōka. He dashed to her room to see that while most of her things had been untouched, a few things were indeed missing.

Panic was starting to seep into his soul.

He ran back out and looked his father straight in the eyes, "How long has she been missing for?!" he asked frantically.


"HOW LONG HAS SHE BEEN MISSING FOR!?" yelled Hashirama finally losing his patience.

"T-three days." stuttered out Senju Butsuma.

As soon as the words had left the man's mouth, Hashirama burst out of the house and into the forest in front of him. It was the only place he could think of his sister going to as she did not know anyone outside of their clan nor would she dare to travel alone. If he couldn't locate her, there would by mass panic; as the princess of the Senju clan had gone missing.

Further and further he kept venturing into the forest and saw something that absolutely frightened him to his core. The black flames of Amaterasu. That meant a fight had taken place in that very spot recently and it was entirely possible his sister was the one fighting.

He found some solace knowing it was not Madara who had been in the woods as he had fought the man not a few days ago. So that left only one other option; Izuna. While not as skilled or as powerful as his elder brother, he was still very dangerous. Especially with what their eyes could do.

Continuing to look around for any shape or form of a body, a part of him was hoping he didn't find one. Meaning she could still be alive or she had been burned to ashes. He didn't know what was worse; knowing that your sibling is dead or not knowing if they are alive.

As he inspected the area closer, he finally came upon something. Another set of footprints, he could tell they were male as they were larger compared to those of his sister's. He wondered if the man was protecting his sister.

He had a small form of hope that he was not going to let go of. There was still a possibility that both of them were still in the forest. A larger party was needed.

"Mokuton: Moku Bunshin no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Clone Technique)!"

A wooden clone had slowly made it's way from out of his back.

"I want you to go and round up the best trackers we have and have them scour the entire forest for two people. One is a male and the other is a female. They are not to be harmed." ordered Hashirama stressing the last part.

The clone nodded in compliance and sped off towards the Senju clan. The original Hashirama did not bother to wait for the rest of his clan and continued his search, hoping to find something, anything.

...Flashback End...


The search had not yielded anything, even with the trackers or his brother. Either both the man and his sister had perished or they were avoiding people completely.

Regardless of the outcome of that search, Hashirama still believed his baby sister was alive and they would one day meet.

He squashed the rest of those thoughts as he did not want to think about them right now. He had more pressing matters at hand. With both the blonde and the Uchiha the way they were in front of him, he needed to take advantage of this.

However he would not remove the blonde's mask as he would rather remove it after the man's been defeated by his own hands. Regardless of the times, he still held onto some form of honor.

So for now the blonde would not feel his wrath and focused his attention on the other occupant. His smile kept getting bigger and bigger as he was preparing himself with a few practice shots. This was just something he could not pass up on.


...Tsukuyomi World...

Naruto slowly started to open his eyes while lifting his head to check on his surroundings. He found he could not recognize the area and decided to check on his body instead. His body was in good shape so he once again looked around the area to see the same things.


As far as his eyes could see, and with a blood red moon towering in the sky showering the area in it's illumination. He knew that such a place could not exist and decided to try something.



Either he was really weak right now or this illusion was incredibly powerful. Finally taking notice of the fact that he was strapped to a cross with chains did not alarm him, he could not allow his emotions to get the better of him, not now.

"Ah...I see you've finally decided to awaken." spoke a calm but amused voice.

And out of the shadows came forth Uchiha Madara.

"Yes...I'm finally awake after the oh so nice sleep I just had." replied Naruto sarcastically.

Madara either didn't catch his tone or simply ignored it pacing back and forth. Finally the man had stopped as it seemed he was done thinking.

"Why did you kill all of those Uchiha while sparing the Senju?" he asked getting straight to the point.

Naruto had no problems discussing the actual fighting but would not disclose any information regarding his employer.

"Because they were idiots who interfered with my mission by killing the man I was to meet." answered Naruto, "Had they just left after completing their goal, I wouldn't have killed them. Instead they chose to make sport of chasing and killing a man, which inadvertently brought them to me which allowed me to finish my mission as they had what I needed." he added.

"I see. And the Senju?"

"Wrong place at the wrong time."

"I see." said Madara sighing as he could not fault the man entirely. He knew there were those in his own clan who would rather lord their power over others than complete the mission. He would have done the same had he been there when the Senju arrived and thought nothing of the man before him.


"Why are you really here for?" asked Madara as this was a question that had been plaguing him.

Naruto gave no response and chose to stay silent.

"Answer the question." he asked in the calmest voice he could muster.

"Why don't you make me." he responded defiantly. "Since it appears I'm at your mercy."

"Look." sighed Madara, "I don't usually rely on illusions to fight, as I like breaking a man using other methods to receive my answers. However, this ability still has it's uses; like this for instance." said Madara as a blade materialized in his hand.



Naruto gritted his teeth while tensing his body. He would not allow anything to escape his mouth.

Madara once again sighed as the man would not elicit any form of sound indicating he was in any form of pain.

"It seems we'll have to do this the hard way." thought Madara, his respect for the man rising once again.

"I control time and space here, so for the next 120 hours, I will continue to poke, prod, stab, and do any other manner of things with any, and all manner of weapons I have at my disposal." stated Madara.

Naruto took a quick look around himself and noticed a very large assortment of weapons just strewn about as if they were playthings. He didn't like the look of things, but he would not fall here.

"I will not yield!" Naruto shouted internally, "This pain will be nothing compared to what I felt all those years ago." he thought as he readied himself for what was to come.

And so begins the torture session.



Hashirama was having a hard time keeping himself from giggling like a child who was about to learn their first jutsu. This was just to good an opportunity for him to pass up, and knew he would never get another.

He knew they were both in an illusion, so he had to take advantage of this and quick.

He could almost guarantee that the man would feel this even after the deed had been carried out. While watching to make sure his friend was still in the illusion, he began to stretch his legs as a smile appeared on his face and just wouldn't leave.

This was going to hurt.


...Tsukuyomi World...

For the first time in his life Madara Uchiha was surprised. The man before him had held out the longest out of anybody he had ever trapped. He did not scream, plead, or offer any information; he just took it all.

Granted there was still some 72 hours left, but he would need to cancel the technique before the backlash to his eyes went further.

"His mental fortitude is astounding." he praised as the blonde had taken an equivalent of two days worth of non-stop torture.

Naruto on the other hand was not doing so well. He was using every ounce of his willpower to keep himself together.

"C-can't...give...up...never...give...up." thought Naruto barely able to make coherent sentences.

The Uchiha saw the defiance and fire burning in the man's eyes, even if the rest of his body did not convey the same message. He inwardly nodded to himself as a man who was on his and Hashirama's level would never succumb to something like this.

He was about to end the technique, but before he could do it himself, it began to unravel. The world around began to fall in pieces.

Naruto felt the shift as he had suddenly free-fell straight towards the ground face first. He managed to find some strength in his arms and hefted himself on his hands and knee's.

"I wonder what's going on?" he wondered as he noticed that Madara had all but vanished and he then saw a white light.


...Real World...

The Namikaze awoke in the same position he had just been in; on his hands and knee's. He again ran a check on his body and breathed a sigh of relief as nothing had been done to his body while he was under. Looking around, he found both of his friends.

It was a strange scene to watch for sure as Hashirama was laughing while standing over Madara, who was holding his crotch.

"Ah..." he realized. "I see what happened."

Naruto saw the Uchiha willing the tears...that were threatening to drop...not to fall from his face. It seemed he had the Senju leader to thank for his rescue. Picking his head up, he made sure to catch what was sure to be an interesting conversation.

" did that one feel old friend. Perhaps I even managed to fix that problem of yours downstairs, GYAHAHAHA."


The explosion had created a mild shockwave with smoke that reached around the area. Naruto and Hashirama had to cover their faces to avoid the small pieces of falling debris. Both had different reactions once the smoke cleared.

It was one thing to feel chakra, but an entirely different thing to actually seeing it visible. Naruto didn't have to be close to feel it. It felt dark and vile to him.

"Hashirama." spoke the eerily calm Uchiha leader.


"I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" yelled Madara as his eyes were spinning fast.

"Huh?...Why?...It was just a joke; a simple prank between friends." was all the Senju leader said in his defense as he became depressed since his friend stated he wanted to kill him.


"That did it. That pushed him over the edge." believed Naruto as the nonchalant response and attitude had drove the Uchiha past his breaking point.

Either Hashirama was oblivious or just didn't care that one of his longtime friends was glaring bloody murder at him. Said Uchiha's chakra kept on skyrocketing higher and higher until something out of this world appeared.

Slowly but surely, something began to form around the lone Uchiha. It looked to be bones of some kind.

"Susanoo(Tempestuous God of Valor)!"

"Just how overpowered are these eyes?!" questioned Naruto as the still forming humanoid being had two faces.

The ethereal giant was staring at the Senju while the other was focused on him. Both seemed to be conjoined at the spine. One had canine teeth in it's lower jaw while two tusks were growing from said jaw. The other had similar canine teeth, but in it's upper jaw bracket there was a horn protruding atop it's head. It didn't seem complete to Naruto but that still didn't mean it was any less dangerous.

" seems your getting rather serious." said Hashirama whose focus was completely on the giant.

"Mokuton: Hotei no Jutsu(Wood Release: Laughing Buddha Technique)!"

Up from the earth rose a number of gigantic wooden hands ready to crush any who stood in their path to victory. They soon began to move seamlessly through the soil beneath them with a practiced ease as they encircled Madara and his Susanoo. Naruto just assumed since neither man was too surprised with each-others show of force, then this must be a daily occurrence.

"I really need to get the both of them away from here before we really start going all out and decimate the land or before we kill any clan members. But just how the hell am I supposed to accomplish that?" thought Naruto trying to think of something, and fast.

An idea came to mind, but it was the implementation. He couldn't just say, "Oh hey Madara, can you please stop this since I saved your brother twice so you kind of owe me one." or "Hey Hashirama, I slept with that girl over there who just so happens to be your baby sister; guess what that means."

"He'd probably smile at seeing his sister." he continued. "And then beat the shit out of me. Damn, sometimes I just hate being the friend who's in the middle of the two who are always bickering. Oh well, I really didn't want to reveal this now, but I don't have much of a choice. At least now Hashirama fit's the description. "finished Naruto as he finally came to his decision.

"Hey!" hollered Naruto trying to catch their attention, "You damn Girly boy and Squinty eyed bastard."

The effect was instantaneous as both men snapped their heads over to his location giving him their full attention.

"How does he know those names?" was the only thought running through Madara's – who was squinting – and Hashirama's head.

He could see it in their faces; confusion. They wanted to know how he knew those names.

"If you would like to know just exactly how I know either of those names, then follow me to a different location." stated Naruto as he then vanished.

They were both confused with the situation as they were about to start fighting and then this happens. However, they were very curious to see just what he had to say.

"I'll see you later Tōka-chan." thought Naruto, soon pushing those thoughts away and focusing on the task ahead of him.


...Tōka, Izuna, & Tobirama...

This fight has been raging on for a long time if not a bit longer than the other one, but the only difference between the two groups were two things; amount of chakra and destruction. This battle was more reserved as each participant was trying to get a feel for the other.

All three subtly took notice – while keeping an eye out for a sneak attack – of the three receding figures in the distance. Confusion was clearly written on their faces as they all silently wished to know just why they were leaving such a crucial battle.

Tōka had yet to really utilize her genjutsu repertoire due to one rather big obstacle; her brother. Unlike Naruto who was mainly focused on his training and did not bother to learn of the things going on in the world, she did. She knew her brother was a highly skilled sensor who would no doubt feel the molding of chakra and would suspect either her or Izuna setting off the start of the battle.

Even though she could use her eyes, she did not want to use them unless it was absolutely necessary. However, it still didn't mean she couldn't use some subtle illusions, like the one she placed over her own face before she had engaged in combat. The illusion changed not only her face, but her physical appearance as well.

Regardless of the sheer skill her brother wielded, he would not be actively looking for something miniscule; especially with an Uchiha he's been trying to kill for a long time now. The same could also be said of the Uchiha, as he would be busy trying to kill her and Tobirama.

Izuna was becoming more and more impatient as the lack of movement went on and decided to start. Tōka noticed Izuna going through some hand-seals, but what also surprised her was her brother; he was also preparing to attack. She would wait and see just what they were going to do before countering.

"Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu(Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique)!"

Izuna exhaled a giant fireball that slowly began to take the shape of a dragon's head. He was using focusing all of his concentration on maneuvering the attack towards the both of them. Tōka was about to respond when someone else had beaten her to it.

"Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu(Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)!"

With his own great mastery over the element of water, Tobirama made a dragon of liquid spring forth, completely dowsing the fire dragon. Izuna was trying his hardest to avoid the attack or minimize the damage he was about to take, but he had ended up taking the attack head on; sending him sprawling across the field.

She watched silently as the Uchiha was thrown around like a rag doll, and moved her eyes to the on-coming dragon. She ran through her own set of hand-seals.

"Doton: Doryūheki(Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall)!"

She spat out earth chakra and watched it rise into a thick wall of rock armor ready to defend her. The wall didn't even budge at the amount of force behind the water. She needed to take advantage of her cover.

She vanished from her previous spot and reappeared behind both men. She had a view of the both of them in her sights and was just biding her time.

Izuna had managed to get himself back up and felt his entire body screaming at him in pain with any movement he made. He saw Tobirama cease his attack on the wall and noticed him hobbling.

"Ah shit." were the two words Izuna used to describe his situation.

Tobirama had dashed towards his location and would end him now if possible, but stopped as he felt the fluctuation in chakra behind him. Tobirama turned his head around while Izuna followed his gaze. She was there getting ready for her attack, this was the moment she had been waiting for.


"Magen: Jubaku Satsu(Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death)!"

"Got them!" she exclaimed.

She had ensnared both of them in her illusion, but knew it would not last long. One had the Sharingan while the other was a sensor. She soon felt the output of chakra and knew one of them had already gotten out.


The Uchiha had already gotten out thanks to his eyes. Glancing over to her sibling, she breathed a sigh of relief as he was still inside.

"Oh no you don't Izuna." she growled as the Uchiha was making his way over to Tobirama now.

She produced a wakizashi in her right hand along with a tantō in her other, and was thankful she had bothered to learn some kenjutsu while doing her own training. Izuna saw this and took out his own weapon; a katana. They both engaged the other.



He was feeling rather annoyed right now, as he was trapped rather easily in the woman's illusion. It did solidify some things for him though.

"This kunoichi is extremely strong and versed in the art of battle." he stated as his first point. "She is also a master of the illusionary arts and is much more skilled than I would ever be." he concluded.

This, not a kunoichi...a warrior. This warrior has gained his respect, but now he needed to do something to get out. Unfortunately for him, before he could disrupt the illusion the kunoichi had appeared in the tree that was currently binding him.

She was holding a kunai and was ready to plunge it into his flesh.



...Real World...

Tōka briefly took her eyes off of Izuna and looked towards her brother. She could see some muscle spasm and then noticed the life come back into his eyes. This fight needed to end, as the longer it continued, the more likely it was someone would not make it out alive.

Tobirama saw the flashes of metal hitting metal and produced his own; a chokutō. He rushed towards them with his blade held high. He decided to aim for the kunoichi first and noticed how she quickly moved away from Izuna, ready to fight him.

"She distanced herself so as to not get pincered." deduced Tobirama.

Tōka held steadfast as she watched the approach of her brother while keeping an eye on Izuna. He had arrived at her location and she decided to act first. Slashing diagonally with her wakizashi while stabbing with her tantō put her brother on the defense.

The white haired Senju had avoided the slash easily enough as he sidestepped it and spun to avoid the smaller blade while simultaneously attacking her. With the force of the spin from his previous evasion, any blow from his weapon would be critical.

Not having any choice—as she liked having her head where it was at—Tōka bent her back backwards and by proxy her head; using her arm to support herself. Unfortunately, with her current position she left herself open to attack.

She gasped and her eyes widened in horror for a brief second as the chokutō began to make it's descent upon her midsection, looking to split her in half. However, just before she was about to try an escape, the blade had been blocked by a katana.

"Don't think I did it to save you woman." spat Izuna while holding off Tobirama's blade.

Her senses had come back to her in that brief lapse, she lurched forward but only to receive a powerful kick to her stomach, sending her a few yards away.

"Looks like it's just you and me, Izuna." spoke Tobirama.


And so they began the second round of their fight.



Pain racked her body as she had been sent into a rather large boulder. So not only was she hurting from the kick, but now her back was hurting as well.

"Damn...he kicked me hard." she grimaced. "Thank kami for chakra." she added as she had coated her entire body in it to lessen the impact.

Her eyes caught sight of both men engaged in a deadly duel with their respective blades. She was not biased whatsoever, but she knew that while Izuna had more power due to his eyes, her brother was much more skilled. It would only be a matter of time before something bad happened to either of them.

"I need to end this fight now." she said as she remembered the information Naruto had whispered to her before he left.


Tōka watched in awe at the sheer power Naruto had. She knew he was different from her or the rest of those around them, as she firmly believed he belonged in a class his own; along with her eldest brother and the Uchiha leader.

Looking around the area, and taking note that all eye's were on them after that little demonstration of power. She saw her blonde boyfriend make his way over to her location after he was done messing with Tobirama and Izuna.

"Make sure neither of these idiots kill's one another, will you dear?" he whispered to her.

She hid her small blush and nodded.

"If Madara." he continued. "See's his last remaining sibling die then he may very well snap, and proceed to go down a path neither I nor Hashirama will be able to bring him back from. I'm not sure how your brother would react if it was Tobirama or how you would react, but I'm not willing to take that chance. Protect yourself and them, see you soon." he finished as he explained his worries about what might happen.

...Flashback End...



She needed to do something and that's when it hit her. They can't attack each-other if they can't see one another. Well at least one of them wouldn't be able to see as Tobirama would just sense where they were at. It wouldn't matter either way if he could sense them as she had a plan for that to.

Getting up, she quickly checked herself and dashed to their location while gathering her chakra. They were in her sights and she made the tiger seal.

"Kokuangyo no Jutsu(Bringer of Darkness Technique)!"

Both Senju and Uchiha brothers had taken a quick moment to notice that a darkness was heading directly towards them and was going to take the light from their eyes. Neither would allow that to happen before they could unleash one last strike against each-other.

Tōka hoped it would immobilize them before they could attack, but her hopes plummeted when she heard them.

"TAKE THIS!" shouted both Tobirama and Izuna as they slashed at each-other before the darkness took them.

Tōka grimaced as she knew without a doubt that one of them had indeed landed a hit, but was unsure of who or just how bad the injury was. Light sounds were being made within the darkness as it sounded like somebody moving from one spot to another with a purpose.

"That has to be Tobirama." she thought as only he could navigate this and his steps were in stride; meaning he knew where he was going.

Before things could get any worse, she took out Naruto's kunai and flung it to the ground. Naruto would be able to subdue Tobirama and somewhat patch up Izuna.


...Naruto, Madara, & Hashirama...

Naruto had stopped a few miles away and watched both of his friends coming to a stop before him with an awkward silence taking place. Nobody had uttered a word or made any form of noise, but it did not mean that two of them were not unaware of the situation taking place behind them.

With both Naruto and Madara being sensor's, they could both tell what was going on. The battle between the younger siblings would soon be coming to an end with a winner, and a loser.

"I need to finish my business here quick!" thought Naruto and Madara urgently.

"Sooo..."dawdled Hashirama, snapping them out of their thoughts. "Mind explaining how you know those two particular names?" he asked while atop one of his wooden hands.

"I also would like an answer." spoke Madara for the first time.

"Should I tell them straight out? Hmm...I think a few hints should do." decided Naruto.

He quickly looked around on the ground and spotted what he needed for his first demonstration.

"Hehe...I wonder how they'll react." he chuckled.

Naruto tossed a few rocks in his hand and inwardly smiled at what he was about to do. He clutched the first one and threw it with some moderate speed towards Hashirama's head; to which the man aptly dodged.

"Hey!" shouted Hashirama. "What was that for?"

Naruto ignored the man child's outburst, and proceeded to throw the next one a bit faster knowing the man would track it with ease.

He was proven correct as the Uchiha leader moved his head slightly to the side, avoiding the rock.

"Hn." was his only reply.

"Still don't know who I am?" asked Naruto.

They both shook their head in the negative.

"You both disappoint me." sighed Naruto shaking his head. "Come on, don't tell me you haven't recognized me yet?" he questioned. "It's me your nii-san, you know, blond hair, and a pair of dashingly beautiful blue eyes. Ringing any bells yet?" he asked as he pretty much painted a picture for them.

"!" both men wore surprised yet suspicious looks on their faces.

"I suppose you would need more than just the words that come out of my mouth." concluded Naruto and began to reach for the mask on his face very slowly.

He finally reached his mask and held it there for a few seconds, eying each man in front of him.

"Hurry and pull it down!" were the exasperated thoughts of Uchiha and Senju.

He pulled it down, and was smiling when he heard the gasps coming out of each of their mouths. He was glad he could elicit such a reaction from both battle hardened clan leaders.

"See guys it's me, Naruto-nii. Do you believe me now." he spoke holding out his arms in a grand fashion.

Both leaders were so stunned at seeing their last friend before them that they could not form any coherent sentences, while dropping their guards and techniques. They just couldn't fathom how mature looking their friend looked after the years.

"He must have battled some strong enemies to make him look like this." was what both leaders thought.

"How have you been Naruto?" asked Hashirama, finally snapping out of his stupor.

Madara also wished to know as well, as this was one of the only real friends he actually had. So he was curious to hear what the man had to say.

"Mostly good, there were some rough times here and there, but I managed to get through most of them." he explained giving them a vague answer. "How are the two of you?" he asked in return.

Madara decided to go first. "Nothing much, we have just been training and going to battle with the Senju most of the time." he finished, but added one more thing.

"I took leadership of the clan from my father a few years ago." he said, as both Naruto and Hashirama were playing close attention.

"Oh? Was he not going to give up his role as clan head to you at a later date?" asked Naruto.

Madara sighed. "He was, but with the way we kept losing our clansmen, it was time for a change. I was not about to let by brother suffer the same fate under an incompetent leader." stated the older Uchiha, and it appeared that was all that had happened to the Uchiha since he had left.

Naruto turned to his other friend as the man began his own story. He was paying close attention, soaking in all of the information he could until something really grabbed his focus. Hashirama finally said something that grabbed his attention.

"We've been scouring every known land to us in search of my baby sister who just up and vanished five years prior." explained Hashirama sadly as tears were rolling down his face.

"Really now?! A sister you say?" replied Naruto feigning surprise.

"Yes, I just want to know if she is alive? Is she safe? Does she have a new family?" were the general question running through the Senju leaders head. "Not knowing some of these things is a rather horrible feeling of being helpless." he concluded.

Naruto actually grimaced, not really wanting to know the feeling. He didn't know what he would do if he lost Tōka now or if she left; especially at this point in his life.

Hashirama saw the face Naruto was making and continued his story, oblivious to the sensitivity of this information.

"I noticed something was wrong with my father when he had this look on his face, and that's when I heard him mutter something under his breath. After I clearly heard what was said, I ran out of the house and began my search."

He continued. "The search proved fruitless. I even used my Mokuton to help grab others who would help, but in the end it didn't matter. I have not given up hope, and know that I will see her one day before I die." exclaimed Hashirama finishing his story.

"She means a lot to you huh?" asked Naruto already knowing the answer.

"The world." answered the Senju leader without hesitation. "I only have Tobi – don't tell him I called him that by the way – and her left in this world, and as the oldest, it is my job to make sure they live and prosper in this world."

"Should I tell him?" Naruto questioned himself. "No...I'll let Tōka reveal herself to them."

"Keep your hopes up." spoke Naruto trying to cheer the man up. "I'm positive you'll get rewarded for your hope and conviction." he stated cryptically.

Hashirama arched an eyebrow but before he could ask what the Namikaze meant by that was when they all felt the surge of chakra. All of them noticed the darkness that was now covering the area they had just left. Each one of them marveled at the display of such a powerful technique.

Naruto already knew what the technique was and what it did, as he had the scroll with the technique on it. However, this was his first time actually seeing it from the outside, and that's when he felt something tugging at his chakra; telling him he needed to go back immediately.

"Sorry to cut this reunion so short guys, but I'm needed elsewhere right now. Be back in a flash." said Naruto as he was gone in a yellow flash.

The other two had watched him leave silently and knew he was heading towards the darkness. Both of them had an uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomach, and they decided to join him and made a dash back to their siblings.



He soon arrived and found that he to couldn't see anything in this illusion. He closed his eyes and focused his mind; feeling for anything. He found Tōka and released the anxious breath he had been holding.

His senses then picked up Tobirama, and the man was advancing to the injured Izuna; ready to finish what he started. It seemed the younger Senju would be disappointed as he would not allow any harm to befall the boy on the ground and quickly made his way to their location.

Naruto swiftly maneuvered himself out of harms way from Tobirama's blade as he must have sensed him coming. He got behind the white haired Senju who had over extended on his reach and delivered a kick to the man's back, sending him forward and away.

He knelt down and felt how Izuna was doing. He had a rather large gash on his torso and if left unchecked would cause his death.

"Tōka! Drop the illusion!" shouted Naruto as sensing a person could only do so much. He needed to physically see just what he would have to do to the man.

Tōka complied and dropped the illusion. The darkness began to recede from whence it came.

Finally having the light returned to his eyes—he briefly closed them to allow them to adjust to the sudden flash—he quickly began to check on the wound and anything else. His eyes never left the boy's body and didn't care that the younger Senju was glaring at him.

"WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO INTERFERE!?" yelled Tobirama finally snapping and losing his composure.




Tobirama growled as he did not like being ignored; like some child. "Suiton: Teppōdama(Water Release: Gunshot)!"

He gathered his chakra and shot out three condensed balls of water infused chakra aimed straight at the blonde, who had still not bothered to register his presence.

"Doton: Doryūheki(Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall)!"

A solid rock wall once again rose up, but this time it was defending a different person. The counter attack did not stop there.

"Doton: Yomi Numa(Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld)!"

The initial look on Tobirama's face had vanished and was replaced by shock as he had not only blocked but was now sinking due to the counter-offensive. The shock of his situation was replaced by anger and annoyance but before he could do anything, two enormous forces had once again descended upon them.

"IZUNA!" shouted Madara in horror as he took in the form of his younger brother.

Having heard and felt the man coming, Naruto moved out of the way as he had already done what he could for the boy. He had used a technique he found in one of his scrolls and hoped it would help. He noticed the boy's breathing was a bit better as he was hefted up on his elder brother's shoulder.

They were both about to leave, but not before Hashirama could try and play peacemaker.

"Madara, we should put an end to all of this..." he spoke and motioned to the land and bodies around them.

He continued. "If three of the mightiest clans...Uchiha, Senju, and Namikaze were to join hands...then every neighboring country would..." he stopped, choosing his next words carefully. "See just how futile it is to challenge us...eventually the fighting would cease...think about it..." pleaded Hashirama.


Madara was staring intently at Hashirama and at Naruto, while seriously considering the man's proposal. He didn't want Izuna having to always risk his life fighting or to conceal his name in fear of retaliation. They should not have to hide their names; their names were a source of pride for their clan.

"Brother...don't...don't let his petty words deceive you." wheezed out Izuna.


"Don't be so quick to judge, Izuna." spoke Naruto. "If it wasn't for me not hating you or your clan, then you wouldn't be alive right now, and would be dead. With you dead, then you would have left your brother alone in this world. Is that what you want? To keep fighting, then die and leave your sibling alone?" questioned Naruto coldly.


Izuna had nothing to say to that as he knew it was true. He didn't think what his death would have done to his brother. He began to think on the man's words.

Madara took in everything his friend has said as well, and he was right. He would have lost his last living sibling and he honestly didn't know what that would have done to him. He slowly reached into one of his pouches, pulled out a small ball and threw it on the ground. They were completely covered by smoke and by the time it cleared the two siblings were gone.

Nobody dared make a move or a sound as the emotions rolling off of Hashirama were almost palpable if the man's face was anything to go by. Naruto just couldn't understand the Uchiha brothers state of mind as he believed this to be a very easy decision.

"Well, let's just wait and see what happens." spoke Hashirama whose attitude flipped around quickly. He was now looking directly at Naruto and his companion.

"You need something?" asked Naruto.

"I'm just curious as to who your companion is Naruto? She is a very capable kunoichi if she is able to hold off both Tobi and Izuna." praised Hashirama.

"Don't call me that brother!" yelled Tobirama while still glaring at both Naruto and his companion.

"Hehe...whoops." chuckled Hashirama awkwardly.

Naruto ignored the scene the brothers were causing and gave Tōka the go ahead if she wished to reveal who she was. He would follow whatever path she decided to take.

She sighed at the two's antics and breathed in and out. "Well...we were going to reveal things eventually, huh Naruto-kun." spoke Tōka.

"That's right...we were just waiting for the right opportunity for our comeback." he responded, agreeing with her.

"Right...well for starters, both you," she pointed to Hashirama. "And you, "this time Tobirama, "Know who I actually am." she stated.


Seeing their befuddled expressions, she held up her hand and released the genjutsu that had been masking her appearance.

"I can't believe Hashirama-nii couldn't see through it. He mind must be plagued with thoughts of getting Madara to agree with him." she thought as to that being the reason he hadn't dispelled the illusion on her yet.


With that, the illusion had begun to fade revealing a completely different person. The person before them was different from what they remembered, but one look into her eyes and they knew just who this person was.

"Tōka-chan...Tōka-chan, is that you?" asked Hashirama trembling as he slowly made his way over to her. He was in utter disbelief that this was his long lost sister. He reached her and gave her a hug as the tears were flowing freely.

She felt the embrace of her first brother and it just felt right to her. It had been a longtime since she had just hugged her family. Another pair of arms wrapped around her and it was her other brother Tobirama who had gotten unstuck, and who had forgotten his previous anger.

No words were said as words alone could not convey what they were all feeling at the moment. For the first time in a long time, they were all together as a family.

"You sure have gotten big." stated Tobirama, breaking the silence and taking in her appearance without her illusion.

"Yes...I have, and now I'm just as strong as you now Tobi-nii." stated Tōka.

"Well, I wouldn't go that far." spoke Tobirama laughing a bit at her proclamation.

Naruto just stood off to the side to allow the family to catch up with each-other. He felt somewhat jealous of them, but squashed those feelings as soon as they surfaced. He really wished his family was still alive, he longed for his own again.

"Don't go there Naruto." he warned himself and pushed the rest of his thoughts away.

He felt someone place a hand on his shoulder, and turned to see Hashirama's face. "Naruto, my friend, why don't we go back to our camp. There, you and Tōka-chan can tell us all about your exploits together." he finished.

"Not all of our exploits I hope." grimaced Naruto thinking how difficult that conversation would be.

"Sure thing Hashirama."


...A few days later...

Naruto and Tōka spent the majority of their time in the company of the Senju brothers, each telling them of their time spent together and the events after they had split up. When both brothers had found out that their baby sister had nearly died, well they weren't happy about that, and wanted to go and teach the man a lesson.

"Tobirama would not stand a chance against Hanzō. Hashirama might, but Hattori's speed alone would probably be the difference between who lived and who died." concluded Naruto thinking about the Senju brothers chances against Hattori.

Naruto calmed them down and explained that they were second in line, as he was going to go first. Naruto nor Tōka had really taken it upon themselves to explain their special situation of their extra curricular activities with either of the brothers. The Namikaze knew he would eventually have to, but it could wait.

His friendship with Hashirama's was still going strong after so many years apart from each-other. Tobirama was something different though, it began strained as he not only bested the man once, but twice in battle. He completely embarrassed him, but imagine his surprise when the man had walked up to him and expressed his thanks to him.

"Truly a weird conversation." thought Naruto thinking back to that event.



"Hm?" Naruto turned around to see it was Tobirama. "Oh! Tobirama-san, what can I do for you?"

"I just wished to express my thanks to you personally."

"Thank me?" he responded confused. "What for?"

"For taking care of my little sister." stated Tobirama and walked away.

...Flashback End...


That had been an interesting day to say the least, but he was glad the man didn't hate him for doing what had to be done.

All four of them were currently enjoying their time not having to battle anyone when both Naruto and Tobirama felt two massive chakra signatures heading in their direction. Seeing the alarmed faces got the two remaining Senju in the tent on alert.

"What's wrong?" questioned the clan leader.

"Two huge chakra signatures are coming this way." answered Tobirama.

"Let's head outside and see what we're dealing with." said Naruto and they all left.



Standing outside were two people that both Naruto and Hashirama had been expecting for some time now. However, what they were not expecting was the significant boost in chakra nor a change in either of their eyes.

Madara and Izuna Uchiha were standing before the three Senju, and one Namikaze.

"If I can recall, Hashirama called it the Mangekyo. Now it looks like something is overlapping the original pattern. I wonder what they did to their own eyes?" wondered Naruto as he kept staring at them.

Izuna had taken notice of the man who had saved his life yet again, and he was staring at his brother's eyes. He decided to enlighten the man.

"These are the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and with these neither my brother nor myself will ever go blind." spoke Izuna.

"Blind? Eternal? Just what the hell is he talking about? Do they have an eye fetish or something?" Naruto thought in confusion.

"Izuna." spoke Madara coldly.

"Yes brother?" he replied surprised by his tone.

"Do not speak of matters that do involve those of our clan." spoke the elder Uchiha, reprimanding his brother.

Izuna shut his mouth and turned his head away in embarrassment for being scolded like a child.

Hashirama kept quiet and stored that piece of information for later, but chose this time to speak his piece.

"So...have you looked over the truce offer I sent you, Madara?" asked Hashirama.

"I have, but I need to make sure of something before I agree to any of this talk of peace between our clans." stated Madara.

"And that is?" asked Hashirama awaiting the man's response.

"You need to prove to me, that with you, me, Naruto, and this idea of a village that it will not only help me protect my brother, but my clan as well." spoke Madara expressing his concern's.

"I'm sorry Naruto. "he continued while apologizing. "But this has to be between myself and Hashirama. There are only things that can be conveyed when on the field of battle."

Naruto did not like being left out, but understood where the man was coming from. There was more bad blood between Senju and Uchiha than there was between Uchiha and Namikaze. He reluctantly stepped aside but he would step in should things begin to spiral out of control.

"Very well then." sighed Naruto as he turned his head and gave a sidelong look to Izuna.

Izuna noticed this." I am going to stay out of this. Whatever my brother wishes to do, I will follow him. I am also withholding my judgment on this idea of a village...for now." stated Izuna.

Naruto was glad the man across from him could see the logic behind this idea, even if he didn't quite believe in it right now. He nodded his head to him and got ready to watch the fight.


...One Month Later...

A single month had passed since the fight between rivals had occurred, and the blonde Namikaze had been bored ever since then. He stood off to the side as his two friends were bickering with each-other again about something trivial. They were currently holding a small celebration as they had finally achieved a truce.

It was located in the Namikaze ground, as the two other clans agreed this would be neutral territory for them. It had first been agreed upon during those weeks when the truce was being planned out.


"...I'm so bored..." sighed Naruto.

He was standing off to the side and was silently watching as Hashirama and Madara were bickering like children while the special mediator merely watched.

He still couldn't quite believe just how much these clan's distrusted each-other, but then again, his own didn't have any qualms with them nor they with his. It was because of this particular reason that the talks were being held on his clan territory.

Neither clan felt safe being in 'enemy' territory as they so put it, and he offered his own. Even still with all that, they still couldn't agree to much.

"Hence the mediator." he thought.

It was agreed upon by all both parties to bring in someone who would provide balance between them. However, it needed to be a clan that was just as respected and feared...if a tier lower...than the Senju and Uchiha.

He had offered up the Uzumaki clan as he personally knew their leader. They had both agreed.

"And so here we are." he stated to himself. "But then again, for them to even be around each-other this much without killing each-other is a personal best for them." he finished.

"Personal best for whom?"

"Hm?" he turned around and found a familiar face. "Oh! How have you been Mito."

"Yo, Naruto." she greeted. "It's been pretty good, so I can't complain. A bit boring though ever since both you and Tōka-chan left though." she answered.

"Really? It's been the exact opposite for the two of us." he responded.

"Really?!" she said intrigued. "Do you have any stories to tell?" she asked.

So he began to describe some of the things they had done while steering clear of the one that almost cost Tōka her life. They hadn't realized it, but the talks of a truce were beginning to dwindle down and an agreement had been met.

"This is a rather historic moment, don't you think?" asked Naruto as he watched his two longest friends shake hands, signifying the union between them.

"It is, and we were a part of it." replied Mito.

With the talks of alliance now over and done with, the Uzumaki clan no longer needed to be present among these clans. They gathered themselves up and left in a matter of minutes back to their home.

"Well, guess I'll see you when I see you Naruto. Tell Tōka I said hi, bye bye." she bid him farewell.

Naruto waved farewell to one of the few friends he had and watched as they disappeared off into the distance, until he felt something.

"Psst...Naruto...psst...Naruto." whispered Hashirama tugging on Naruto's pants.

"Oi the pants buddy."spoke Naruto. "Unless you were hoping to see something." he teased.

"Wha-?" sputtered Hashirama. "No!" he denied quickly, "I just wanted to know who you were talking to?"

"Oh...that was my friend, Uzumaki Mito. What about her?" questioned Naruto.

"So that's her name..." he trailed off.

"Yeah...what about her?" Naruto repeated.

"Do you know if she's..." he hesitated. "Seeing anyone?" inquired Hashirama, finally getting the words out.

Naruto's jaw was now hanging slightly agape as he heard this, but schooled his features and responded.

"Not that I know of, why? You interested in her?" inquired Naruto.

"...Yeah, I am." he muttered in response.

"Then why don't you try talking to her?" Naruto asked.

"I-I can't...I'd get to nervous and probably end up saying something dumb."

"I could try talking to her for you." offered Naruto.

"No...I would like to do this for myself." stated Hashirama.

"Good luck with that then."


"So..."started Naruto trying to change the subject. "How went the talk of the alliance."

"Very good, Shintaro-sama put anyone who acted out in their place. When all was said and done, I even offered their clan the option of joining our village."

Now that grabbed Naruto's attention. "Oh? And how did that go?"

"He politely declined the offer, and said they were going to build their own village." he explained. "However, he did say he would ally himself with us when both of our villages are completed."

"Really? That's nice of him."

"Indeed, but it's not to much of a stretch."

"What do you mean?" a confused Naruto asked.

"Because we of the Senju clan are distantly related to the Uzumaki clan." Hashirama explained.

"Really?! Now that I didn't know, and hey, we have the solution to your crush as well."

"And that is..." trailed Hashirama.

"You can just marry Mito and boom, we have the...and our...first solid alliance between two villages." explained the Namikaze.

"Hey...that's actually not a bad idea." said Hashirama giving the idea some serious thought.

...Flashback End...


"That was certainly an interesting conversation." Naruto thought. "And to only took place one month ago."

He wandered out of his musing's and briefly moved his gaze to some Senju and Uchiha. He could see it as clear as day, there was this feeling that emanated from most members; relief. They were relieved that there would be no more fighting between their clans while their children could finally have a chance to flourish in this world.

He returned his attention back to his two bickering friends and shook his head with a smile. They would never change, and he wouldn't want them to. He began to make his move over to them when a sudden thought struck him.

"Just how are we going to go about constructing a village?" he questioned himself. "Plus, how are the other clans going to respond to this." he added.


...Four Months Later...

Naruto sat atop the same mountain that he and his two friends had first declared they would build a village one day. He was silently watching the vista the location provided, and it was just beautiful. He still couldn't quite believe just how fast everything had been created, but that was thanks in a large part to Hashirama.


The three founders stood shoulder to shoulder as they looked over the area that would soon house the very first shinobi village.

"So just how exactly are we going to go about doing this, Hashirama, Madara?" asked Naruto, wondering how they were going to get started.

"Well for one thing, there aren't enough tree's" stated Hashirama.

"What do you mean?" asked Madara arching an eyebrow.

"We need to be hidden as we are going to be a village full of ninja's. I can take care of that problem, but we need to clear the dead or dying tree's." explained Hashirama.

"Can't you just control them with your bloodline?" asked a confused Naruto.

" tree's are life given form, but sadly those tree's over have either already died or are already beginning to lose their vitality." explained Hashirama sadly.

"Very well then, Naruto and myself will clear out the tree's and you will replace them with stronger ones." stated Madara as he and Naruto were already forming their seals.

"Katon: Gōka Messhitsu(Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction)!"

Both men expelled massive streams of intense flames that engulfed the area setting ablaze a majority of the dying tree's. They both kept this up for a few seconds before Hashirama told them to stop.

They both cut off the flow of chakra, but now the flames needed to be quelled; lest they burn the entirety of the forest. Naruto made a single hand-seal.

"Suiton: Mizurappa(Water Release: Water Trumpet)!"

Naruto held one hand to his mouth and shot out a jet of water giving him the appearance he was playing an instrument. He quickly drowned the flames before they did more damage, and so with his job now done, he left the rest up to the Senju leader.

"Hmm..." started Hashirama before trailing off. "This is fine, good job guys. I'll handle the rest."


"Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan(Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees)!"

With those words leaving his mouth, a plethora of tree's sprouted before their very eyes. The spots that had once held smoldering scorches of earth were now replaced with much stronger, and larger looking tree's. A rather large space had been left open.

"It's really happening." thought Naruto, as they were finally constructing their own village with the permission of the daimyo of fire country. It had not been hard to convince the man, as they would protect his country so long as he did his part and helped to finance the village. It was a give and take relationship.

"Why is there a large open space?" asked Naruto.

"Okay...I've given us the foundation, and the reason why there is a large open space is because that is where we are building the village." answered Hashirama, earning surprised looks from both Namikaze and Uchiha.

Naruto let out a low whistle. "Okay, that is impressive. The width of the area down there is about or possibly wider than the mountain behind it. But what about walls? I don't think regular earth walls will suffice or stop certain attacks." questioned Naruto.

"I agree with Naruto." stated Madara. "Earth walls would not last against an army of Raiton users." he added.

"Don't worry about that either, I've got it covered." said Hashirama reassuringly, before going through hand-seals again, "Mokuton: Jukai Heki(Wood Release: World of Trees Wall)!"

Around the oval space that had been daft, rose many branches that were intertwining with each-other until they finally formed a cohesive wooden wall. After finally stopping in their growth, the walls smoothed out and stood firmly at what seemed to be about 30-35ft in length.

"Okay, that's done. All we need to do is actually begin building homes or anything our people are going to need." spoke Hashirama. "Oh, and before I forget, I have some news you both might be interested in."

"And that would be?" asked Madara.

"Other clans wish to join us, as soon as they heard about our village!" exclaimed Hashirama, full of excitement.

"Oh?" now that had gotten the other two leaders attention. "Like who?"

"Well for starters, the Shimura and Sarutobi clans wish to join us!" said Hashirama in glee.

The reactions were varied. Madara had one of disbelief while Naruto was frowning. Naruto was not fond of what had happened a few years ago with Sarutobi Sasuke, but he guessed it was time to let that go.

"Those are just among the first that wish to join our village. I'm positive that in the coming years, more clans will be joining." spoke Hashirama.

"That's good. A village with our three clans should stand as the strongest, and we should only let the strong clans join." said Madara.

"Weeellll..."started Hashirama. "We can cross that bridge when we come up to it."

"Well, if were trying to get the strongest clans for our village, then I may have one in mind." this time it was Naruto who spoke.

Both Senju and Uchiha remained quiet, and so he continued. "Tōka told me of a clan from this tiny settlement where they mainly focus on genjutsu."

"Hmph...what do we want with those who only use illusions." criticized Madara.

Naruto spoke up before the man could say anymore. "You didn't let me finish. Apparently, some of them are born with such prodigious talent in the art, that they can bring their illusions to life and kill people with them." finished Naruto, now grabbing their full attention.

"Really now. Well, you have my curiosity piqued, if they can really do that, then we must try and bring them here. As I've never heard of something like that." said Madara now wishing to see this for himself.

"Nor have I. What's the name of this clan?" asked Hashirama, also just as interested.

"She told me they were called the Kurama clan."

...Flashback End...


The rest of the construction had gone somewhat smoothly. It was not resources nor was it manpower that had caused the ripple, but space. It was agreed upon that each clan would reside in different parts of the village.

The Namikaze was closest to the front of the village as they were going to be the first line of defense. With their speed, metal, and eye techniques, they would prove a difficult match-up. The Senju were located near the Namikaze but far enough they were considered to be in the middle of the village; they were the mid-range fighters.

The Uchiha were the farthest from the other two and were somewhere near the back, as they were the long-range fighters but would also watch out for any attacks from behind them. These three clans were the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lines of defense, and would integrate any new clans into their defensive system when they came.

Things had once again settled down, and the flow of work had resumed once again. Most of the buildings had been built using the wood provided by Hashirama while other buildings were made of sterner stuff. The Kōton users from the Namikaze clan had provided the metal to some of the more important buildings.

The village was now coming along nicely thanks to a full team effort from all members of the three clans. Now once again, the three were standing atop the mountain watching their people scurry about their lives.

"Do you both remember what we talked kids?" asked Hashirama continuing to watch over the village.

"Yeah." answered Madara.

"Of course." responded Naruto, as he was semi paying attention and was looking over at his compound from a distance.

His clan was actually the smallest of the three, but no less dangerous. In terms of land, his clan was given the smallest of the three, but it would still be much larger than what the new clan's who decided to join would receive. Expansion was still possible, by many miles. The biggest pieces of land went to the Uchiha and the Senju clans, as they had many more members at the moment.

Each clan had decided to erect walls around their compounds for privacy, but he had taken it a step further. Instead of regular walls, he had the walls made of steel and placed a few distortion seals around the walls to make them appear as regular walls, so any dumb enough to attack them would be in for a surprise.

The actual area inside the compound was incredibly beautiful. There were many lush tree's with a few ponds here and there, along with a lake of their own; so that should say how much space they had. Many of the tree's had to be uprooted due to more buildings being needed for homes or roads.

His own home had been a gift from the Senju leader who had used his Mokuton. The house itself was two stories, ten rooms, and five restrooms. He didn't know why the man had given him so many rooms, but he accepted the gift nonetheless.

He even had his owl library and a weapons room which added an extra two rooms. Most of his weapons along with his scrolls had already been stored besides a few that were always on his person.

"Naruto...NARUTO!" shouted Hashirama.

"Huh?" was his response.

"Did you hear anything we just said.

", not really."

"Well, we were just saying that from this point forward...we'll turn our dreams that we had back then, into reality." spoke Hashirama.

"Agreed. We have already accomplished the first part, now we just have to move onto the next." agreed Naruto.

Hashirama couldn't help but agree with his blonde friend's last statement. "What do you guys think of this? The leader of a group of people that protects the country of fire from the shadows...the 'Hokage'." said Hashirama in a gleeful manner.

"What's that supposed to be?" were the thoughts of both the other leaders.

Seeing the confused expressions on their faces, the Senju leader decided to elaborate. "We need someone to represent our village to the country of well as make decisions on behalf of everyone." he explained.

"And." he continued. "I can't think of anyone more appropriate than you to become our Hokage." he finished while looking at Madara.


"You only have one brother in this world, so I want you to think of everyone in the village as your siblings and protect them." explained Hashirama.

"...While I appreciate the offer, I am going to have to turn it down. We have both lost most of our younger siblings, so we are both in the same boat. Besides, you created most of the village, so it should only be right that you are the first in line to protect it. Naruto or myself will gladly take over when you decide to step down." answered Madara.

"...Are you sure of this?" Hashirama asked slowly.


The dark haired leader then turned to his other friend. "Do you agree with this Naruto?"

"I do, you deserve the title of ShodaiHokage, I'll take Nidaime when you step down." joked Naruto.

"Hehe...very well then." chuckled the Senju.

Naruto decided to change the subject to something he wanted to talk about. "What should we name the village?" he asked aloud as he already had a name in mind.

As if reading his mind, Madara answered. "No...we are not going with that stupid name of yours Naruto."

"You didn't even know what I was going to say!" replied Naruto indignantly as he flailed his arms in an exasperated fashion.

Madara shook his head while sighing. "We already had this conversation all those years ago in this exact location. And need I remind you that anything I had a hand in creating will not have such a stupid sounding name."

"Any ideas then?" this time it was Hashirama, as he would have totally agreed to Naruto's suggestion.

"Hmm..." hummed Madara in thought as he picked up a leaf with a hole in the center while simultaneously looking through it at the village. "Konoha...the village hidden in the's that?"

Hashirama merely sighed at his friend. "So...simple..." he repeated as his friend did not have any imagination.


"Well whatever, that's a fine name for a village." said Hashirama completely changing moods.

Naruto had just stayed quiet during the whole married couple feud his two friends seemed to frequently have. He was thinking of the future of not only his clan or with Tōka, but of the village itself. He heard some footsteps in the distance, and turned his head to see it was Tobirama here to take his brother away for a meeting with the fire daimyo.

"Well, I'll be back later. You two just go and do whatever it is you usually do." and with that the Senju leader disappeared along with his brother.

"Konohagakure no Sato huh? I look forward to seeing how your creation will effect the rest of the shinobi world." thought Naruto as he left following Madara's absence.

And so with that, Konoha was born.

Chapter 8 End

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