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Reluctant Devotion

by: JessAndTAT

Chapter One

Edward and I have been together for two years. I've never been one to be in a relationship, but I had no choice with this one. I knew too much about Edward and he didn't trust me, so I was stuck with him. I was in a very wrong spot, at the wrong time.

I was on break smoking, when I heard yelling. Instead of doing the smart thing and going back inside, I went looking for the voices. As I rounded the corner, I watched as a man broke another man's neck. I gasped and grabbed my cell as I took off running back to the back door.

Just as I had 911 dialed, two big arms wrapped around me and dragged me to a waiting car. He had his hand clamped over my mouth and I knew he was struggling to keep me quiet with the fight I was putting up. I was shoved into the back of the car and the man kept me close to him. I tried in vain to get away from him, but it was no use.

My eyes were too filled with tears to even look at the man who had taken me. He didn't speak to me and I made sure not to look at him. The car came to a stop and he pulled on me to get out. I knew fighting him was pointless.

He brought me to what I assumed was his apartment and locked me in a bedroom. He didn't say one word to me and I tried to find a way out. As I cried, my hands couldn't work the weird locks that were on his windows. I paced the room as I calmed myself down, it took me over an hour to calm down, but I was able to. I went back to the window and tried to play with the lock. I tried to pinch them together and pull, but I just couldn't figure them out. I worked at the locks for another hour.

Just when I was going to give up, the lock gave way. I tried to push the window up and just as I made the smallest crack, the bedroom door flew open and there was a warning alarm going off. It was ear piercing and I cover my ears. The man grabbed me by the shirt and he shut the window. His cell went off and he answered it saying there was no emergency. He didn't talk to me that night, and when he did talk to me, he only told me what to do. That was how I lived for two weeks.

I found out his name was Edward, but I didn't like to talk to him directly. I did tell him I was in college and I was allowed to attend classes, but I had one of his goons with me at all times. In those first two weeks with him, I saw more illegal shit than I ever would in my lifetime. I saw drugs being sold, abuse, rape, another person being killed, and I watched as women and men were prostituted.

At the end of the two weeks, I was a sobbing mess. I begged him to let me go back to my life and that I would never say anything. He told me that I had no choice. I had seen too much and I was now with him for life. If I wasn't in class, I was with him. One night when we arrived home, he handed me a folder full of pictures of my family. He told me in details how he would kill them if I ever crossed him and I knew he would keep to his word. After that night I did as he said without thinking. I dressed as he told me to, and when he told me to keep my mouth shut I did.

After six months, I found myself seeing my new life as normal and I found myself in a relationship with him. We were having sex and sharing kisses. He liked to show people who I belonged to. I even got my first tattoo which consisted of his initials and a flower low enough on my torso to where my panties would hide it. He even got my initials the top of his shoulder. He said it showed our commitment to one another.

Edward watched my cell phone to see who I was talking to and if I called a number he didn't know, he would flip on me. He would scream and yell in face and he would push me around. He never hit it me, but I wasn't stupid enough to know that it couldn't happen. I asked to go home to visit my family and he laughed in my face. I didn't ask again for another six months and he told me no again. I was making up every excuse I could to tell my family why I wasn't coming home. I cried every time he told me no, I just wanted to see my family. I missed them so much. Since he wasn't letting me go home, I had been taking extra classes and I was looking at graduating early, which was a good thing.

I had even become a part of his family life and they were surprisingly normal. I loved his mother, Esme. She reminded me of my own. That only made me miss her more. Edward's life quickly became my life and after a year of gaining his trust, I was able to have a little bit of freedom. Aro was my lackey of choice, he followed me all over, but I didn't care for the fact that I was getting to do more and he was kind of my friend. He would sit with me when I would eat at school and he would hang with me on my down time. There was no sense for either of us to be uncomfortable. I quickly became Cullen's girl to everyone that knew us. I was pretty sure no one even knew my name.

After two years, I didn't even know who I was anymore. I was talking to my mom as much as I could, so I was keeping myself grounded in a way. I had missed so many birthdays and holidays, but yet I was there for everything when it came to Edward. I felt that after two years I had earned some stripes and deserved to see my family that he threatened to kill every time he felt I needed to be put back in my place or in case he thought I was forgetting his terrible words.

I told my mom I was coming for two weeks and she cried. She was so happy and I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited too. It was going to happen no matter what Edward said. I was getting my way no matter what ... I hoped.

Class was over for spring break and I was nervous at tell Edward I was going home. I had booked my plane ticket and I was shocked Edward hadn't found out yet. I headed to his office like I did every day after class. I walked into his office and I went and sat on the end of his desk like I did every day. He placed a soft kiss to my knee in greeting and I picked up my book and started reading. People were in and out all day ... the same as every day. I placed my book down and went to the mini fridge to get us each a drink. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and rested his headed against my stomach.

"Hey kids," Esme said walking into the office carrying the suit case I asked to borrow.

"Hey, Mom, going somewhere," Edward asked as she set the case down.

"No, I told Bella she could borrow it," she said taking a drink of his drink.

"Are you going somewhere, Love?" he asked looking at to me.

"I'm going home for two weeks," I said chewing on my lip.

"Is that so," he said glaring at me. "This actually works out, I need a vacation anyway."

"What a wonderful idea!" Esme said happily. "I had a feeling this would happen and your father already agreed to take care of things while you were gone."

"You people and your feelings," I said with a laugh. All the Cullens had feelings and most of the time they were right.

"This is for you," Edward said handing me a velvet box. He was always giving me some sort of jewelry.

"Edward Anthony, do it right," Esme said as Edward sucked his teeth.

"I don't do the mushy-gushy bullshit," he said as I opened the box. My eye grew huge as they landed on a huge diamond ring. There was a huge round diamond with good sized diamonds all the way around the band. I looked up to see Edward staring down his mother.

"Edward?" I asked as he looked at me. I always said I was never getting married, but I knew I would marry Edward if that was what he wanted to happen. "You want to get married?"

"Yeah," he said as Esme huffed.

"Do it right," Esme said again.

"Fine," Edward said snatching the ring out of my hand and getting down on one knee. "Will you marry me?"

"Are you serious?!" I asked almost yelling. Two years of pent up anger was coming to a head.

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