Hey everyone this is your writer, Owl Lady. This story is going to be about Mycroft Holmes' love life. It is an interesting one, and hopefully I can transfer the awesome idea I have in my head to an awesome story. I would really appreciate you following this story, leaving reviews, and looking at my other stuff if you like what I've got here. Lets forget all of that for a moment and just simply, ENJOY.

It all started one day, like all things do. Nothing really starts at night does it. Mycroft Holmes was sitting in an everyday chair, reading an everyday newspaper, drinking an everyday cup of tea when the unthinkable happened.
"Excuse me, are you Mycroft Holmes" asked a woman. Mycroft paused and lowered his newspaper. There he saw a woman standing a few feet from him. He studied her. Dark brown hair, simply put up in a bun so as not to get in the way. Small half an inch heels, classy enough for work, but sensible enough not to be ridiculous. Her eyes, a caramel shade of brown which was suggestive of nothing...they where just pretty. It was strange looking at her, she was almost...attractive. Mycroft had never been attracted to a woman before.
"Excuse me sir, are you Mycroft Holmes" she asked again. Mycroft snapped back into reality.
"Yes Madame" he said. She smiled and stood up as straight as possible.
"May I interest you in a date this evening" she asked. Mycroft almost laughed...almost. He didn't know what to say, then again.
"Aren't you being a bit forward, I don't even know you" he said as she gave him a sly smile.
"My name is Adelaide Livia Zebulon, and your Mycroft Octavius Holmes, we know each others middle names I would say we are well aquatinted" she said. Mycroft didn't budge.
"Why are you doing this" he asked.
"Because I was across the room, and I'm very forward" she replied.
"I didn't ask you where you where and how you did it I asked you why" he retorted.
"Because I saw a handsome gentleman sitting by himself and I wanted to say hi" she answered.
"Hi and may I interest you in a date are two very different things my lady" he replied.
"Yet you haven't told me no" she said.
"No, then" he said
"You don't mean that" he pointed out.
"Oh yes I do" he said. Mycroft got up from his seat, put his newspaper under his arm, and started to walked away.
"You think just because your older, a little bit more pudgy than the rest of the world this that no one can find you interesting or appealing, but your wrong" she said. Mycroft stopped and turned around.
"I don't think Madame, I know" he said.
"Really, if you think that you have me all figured out then go ahead an except my invitation. It won't hurt you to go out, and your good at reading people you'll be able to figure me out by the end of the night" she said. Mycroft though for a moment, then he moved in closer to the woman.
"Fine then Adeliade, I accept, but it shouldn't take me less than 30 seconds to find your purpose" he said, then he walked away.
"I'll see you in your office at 8 then" she said, but he didn't reply. Where was out of her sight Mycroft picked up his phone.
"I need a full background check. Name: Adelaide Zebulon, and check to see if she was entered into any asylum recently"


"So you stayed" said a sultry voice as it walked its way into Mycroft's office. He looked up from his desk and saw Adelaide. She had on the same business suit from before, but she had obviously redone her hair even if it was the same.
"Why wouldn't I, it's my office, your just in here past hours" he said. Adelaide pulled up a chair and sat up straight in her chair. She had been taught manners at a very young age and they had used rough techniques to make her comply, sad. She had to be reminded of that everyday. Mycroft had done extensive research and he knew all about her.
"So Mr. Holmes, what has your team dug up on me" she asked. Well that was unexpected.
"Everything" he simply replied.
"Oh really, everything" she asked.
"Yes, your mother and father are Luther and Mariann Zebulon of the York Zebulon's, a higher class family with deep roots in English culture. They surround their lives in tradition from their morning ritual to eating to raising their young. You where supposed to be a housewife to a Mr. Chester Granville, but you vanished. You reappeared six weeks later in London as a government worker. You've worked your way up into the higher ranks and now you have a job working alongside her majesty. Your parents have yet to discover that you are here, but they have narrowed it down to the London area. Also your 29 years old and your favorite color is green" he rattled off. He expected a look of surprise and astonishment on her face, but there was nothing.
"Your Mycroft Holmes. Your mother and father are Thaddeus and Agatha Holmes of the London Holmes', a very high class family that go further back than records can go. Your mother liked detective stories and married into a all male bearing family so she could produce a detective. She failed at her first attempt, but luckily she had a second child, Sherlock I believe is his name. Your brother takes after your mother, but your more like your father, the lawyer who ran the world. You and your brother got into a big fight after your father died and you haven't kept close ties with him since, but you still keep an eye on him with cameras and whatnot. Also you don't drink, you just put apple juice in a glass and pretend. God forbid you actually got drunk, who knows what would come out of your mouth." she said. Mycroft stood there astonished, how in the world did she know all of that. She couldn't look some of that stuff up on records, how would she know about the cameras, the fight, the ginger ale. Eventually he got some words out
"So you have people, we all have people in this line of work" he said.
"I have people, but I didn't need them for you. I read an article last year, it was in a magazine about high class living and your mother had an article in which she talked about wanting to be a detective, so I assumed she wanted her sons to be one. Also your mother used to have black, curly hair so of course your brother takes after her and you don't. The cameras are easy enough to figure out and the fight I just guessed on. Also when you left I didn't want your fine beverage to go to waste so I was going to finish it off, then I discovered it was apple juice. Your a grown man Mycroft, drink a grown mans drink" she said.
"If you've come her wanting to spout off deductions you've come to the wrong Holmes" he said.
"I can't deduce people, if I could I wouldn't be working for the government. Your just an open book that only I can read" she said. Mycroft started to feel very uncomfortable.
"Why are you here, you can't possible find me interesting" he said. Adelaide smiled and laughed.
"I'm here for you Mycroft" she said.
"Impossible, Sherlock must have sent you" he said, but she just laughed some more.
"Someone sent me but it wasn't Sherlock" she said, as Mycroft's heart sunk.
"Did Mr. Moriarty send you" he asked.
"Who's that"
"Never mind"
"If you must know Mycroft, the queen sent me" Adelaide said.
"What's does Elisabeth want" he asked as Adelaide rolled her eyes.
"In her words. ' to make sure Mykie has good people, only the best for Mykie' I'm here to make sure you have the best" Adelaide said. Mycroft smiled to himself, he knew she was fake.
"Isn't that nice of her" he said.
"I disobeyed her, you know" she said.
"That's not good" he said.
"She told me to give you a false name, so you didn't dig to my life. I was supposed to be Heather Kroll, a simple girl from Ireland, I practice my accent for weeks. But as soon as I got up to you all of that changed, I gave you may real name and let you dive into my life" she said.
"Why would you do something so foolish" he asked.
"Because when I walked over to you I expected a pompous, silly man who had everything in the world and didn't appreciate any of it. When I laid eyes in you, you where just a sad man who has nothing but his country to live for. Heck he doesn't even have his own brother on his side. I felt something that I never felt before" she said.
"Why would you feel that"
"Because I can stop it, but you won't let me because you think it's impossible" she said, the she got up and walked away. She left Mycroft to sit in his office, alone.