Adelaide is gone. So what is Mycroft gonna do. Let's find out shall we. ENJOY

"Hey Sally did you get those papers on tha-" Lestrade started to say before he caught sight of...him. It was Mycroft. He looked like hell, but he had a smug smile that made up for his appearance.
"My" Lestrade whispered. He dropped the papers he had been holding.
"Hello Gregory" Mycroft said. Lestrade ran towards him, wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him into a bone crushing hug.
"My I've missed you so much...I'm so sorry and I...I'm just glad your back" he said as he started to cry.
"It was my fault Gregory...I believed that Adelaide was where I was supposed to be and I was wrong" he whispered into the DI's ear. Lestrade pulled away slightly to where their noses where almost touching.
"Do you mean" he asked in disbelief.
"She left 5 hours ago, and she is never coming back" Mycroft said. Greg started to cry and he closed the gap between to two with a kiss that he had been wanting for to long. Mycroft and Lestrade where desperate, they had wanted each other for so long and now they had each other finally.
"Gregory what about Mariah" Mycroft asked as Lestrade planted kisses and along his jawline.
"She has her gym teacher I don't think she'll be that broken up My" he said. Mycroft smiled for one of the first times in a long while. He found Lestrade's mouth again and started to kiss him like he'd been dreaming about. There was so much love felt between the two it was almost to much for Mycroft to bear. He could finally be with Gregory and he could finally be who he was. He didn't have to hide behind a fake wedding ring or a wife anymore. Benedict, Demetrius, Gregory, Joy, Reid, Colt, and even himself could finally be the family they had always meant to be.
((((FRICKEN FINALLY HE LEFT THAT BITCH. OH MY GOD WE CAN BE TOGETHER FINALLY. I don't have to deal with Mariah's fake cover stories anymore and I can be with the man I love to death. We can be with each other and go on dates...and maybe even get married. Mycroft's the British government he could swing that. Joy,Reid, and Colt might think it's weird to go from a mom and dad to two dads, but they'd just have to get used to it. Ohhhh crap Joy has a crush on Benedict...her new brother. Well there are other Holmes men in the sea, but she is FORBIDDEN from dating Sherlock's kids. She can date like My's second cousin or something like that. I can't wait to tell everyone about us, especially Anderson. That twit always bullied the openly gay people at Scotland Yard, wait till he finds out his boss likes man parts too. SHERLOCK, oh that would be hilarious. The look on his face will hey I need now))))
Mycroft and Lestrade pulled apart gasping for air and they rested on each others forehead like they had done 5 years ago.
"TOLD YOU BEN" they heard a voice say loudly from behind them. They quickly pulled apart and turned around to see who it was. It was Joy and Benedict, and they had been caught.
"See Ben I told you our dads where gay for each other" she said in a mocking tone.
"Thanks a lot dad you cost me 5 pounds, why couldn't you be gay for Prince Harry. I mean come on he's ginger just like Red" Benedict groaned. Mycroft and Lestrade couldn't help but smile.

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