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"Finally this boy is here" Adelaide said as she held the newest Holmes boy. She had been throughly annoyed through out her pregnancy. Worse accident that has ever happened to her. Mycroft looked down at her and smiled slightly. Adelaide was holding their son, wow Mycroft had a biological son who would have thought.

"He is a Holmes, we take our time to get things right" Mycroft replied. He looked at his son and Mycroft wasn't exactly right. The boy had dark brown hair and blue eyes that would surely turn into caramel just like his mother, he was probably only a Holmes boy by name.
"What should we call him Mycroft" she asked.
"We could name him after your father" he said. Adelaide's face scrunched up.
"Please no, I hate my father. What about yours" Adelaide said. Mycroft's face copied his wife's.
" My father was a great man for Britan and its citizen, but his was a very poor husband and father" Mycroft replied trying not to remember how his father had reacted when he told him of his...uh...orientation.
"What about something classy like...Benedict...or...Julian" Adelaide suggested.
"Sounds lovely" Mycroft said not really paying attention.
"Benedict Julian Holmes" Adelaide repeated to herself. Suddenly a knock came at the door and it's opened. Sherlock and John strode into the room.
"Hello, I'm sorry we weren't here earlier but Sherlock wouldn't leave a crime scene" John apologized.
"It isn't my fault that it was an 8" Sherlock said as he glanced over at his nephew.
"So, a case isn't supposed to take precedence over your nephew being born" John retorted. Sherlock shrugged his shoulders.
"I agree with you Sherlock, work should always take precedence over family. You can see the child anytime, but certain cases only come along once. That's why I'm not taking a maternity leave" Adelaide said. John looked confused, why the heck would a new mother say that while holding her new son.
"Besides who wants to be around when you have to change them and they're crying all the time. I'd rather spend my time talking to intelligent beings than caring for my child" Adelaide said. Now even Sherlock and Mycroft where giving her looks. Adeliade didn't seem to notice. She gently shoved her baby into Mycroft's arms and began to get up.
"Adelaide dear don't you think you should rest" Mycroft asked her.
"Mycroft I've just had a baby not triple bypass surgery" Adelaide said as she walked out of the private birthing room.
"Something isn't right with her and that's coming from me" Sherlock announced to the group.
"Perhaps she just hasn't bonded yet" John suggested.
"Or perhaps she doesn't have a soul" Sherlock mumbled.
"She could say the same about you Sherly" Mycroft defended. Sherlock rolled his eyes at his brother.
"So who are the godparents" John asked to move away from the inevitable fight.
"Will I blush" Sherlock asked.
"No" Mycroft replied dully.
"Will...I blush" asked John.
"No...Gregor...I mean DI Lestrade and his wife Mariah are the godparents" Mycroft said. John and Sherlock's face screwed up in confusion.
"Are you sure that's the smartest choice" John asked.
"Why wouldn't it be" Mycroft inquired. Sherlock and John looked at each other.
"We'll you see Greg and Mariah, while being happily married I'm sur-"
"She's a big slut and I wouldn't give that marriage more than a few more months" Sherlock burst as John was trying to be subtle. Mycroft's face was a plain of pure unemotion, but on the inside he was screaming with delight.
"How unfortunate" he managed to say. Mycroft looked down at his son. You might have two daddies before your one, he wanted to say. Mycroft mentally slapped himself for even thinking that, or for getting excited about Gregory's impending divorce. He has a family now, a true family not just Sherlock. A beautiful, lovely, refined wife. A bright, courageous, handsome son. Hopefully one day another son who would be just as incredible. He had to stop wanting Gregory Lestrade and start wanting his family. Benedict Julian Holmes will be the thing that gets him over Gregory Lestrade. Hopefully

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