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"Hey Mycroft it's been a while since I've seen ya" said a very familiar voice from across the way. Mycroft winced when he heard it. Ever since Benedict had been born he had stayed away from the DI. Changed everything to keep him out of his life so he couldn't focus on him. Yet he always seems to find a way. They would receive a card every time Benedict had a birthday, for he was his godfather after all. Maybe a Christmas present for the toddler, but that was the extent of it. Gregory hadn't separated from his wife like John and Sherlock led him to believe so that had made it somewhat easier.
"Yes, how long has it been" Lestrade asked him.
"I believe 3 years" Mycroft stated. Mycroft knew the actual date, 3 years 4 months 16 days, but he wasn't obsessing over Lestrade's absence at all.
"Wow it's been that long...then I guess you haven't heard about Joy then" Lestrade said. Mycoft nodded his head no.
"Well um Mariah and I are gonna have a baby in about a month, our first, it's a girl and whatnot" Lestrade said. Damn, a baby, Lestrade would never leave his wife with a baby...then again Mycroft wouldn't either because he loves his wife with all his heart and has no homosexual tendencies at all.
"How lovely" Mycroft responded.
"Her name's gonna be Joy Deirdre Lestrade" he bragged as he should.
"Personally I don't like the name I wanted to call her Myranda or Myra or my favorite My" Lestrade rambled. Mycroft's palms started to sweat. Calm down Mycroft, just because all of those names begin smith M-Y like yours doesn't mean anything. My is a semi popular Swedish name, not the name you've been wanting him to call you for years.
"It's quite fortunate that you aren't having a boy. Since your prefer M and Y to begin names you'd have to of named him Mycroft" He retorted.
"Well no there is Myles or Myron...but your name is much sexi- I mean it's much more sophisticated, it's a well rounded name. I mean I was gonna name the baby after you since you named yours after me"Lestrade rambled on again.
"I didn't name Benedict after you" Mycroft said quickly.
"Really, Benedict Julian Holmes...my middle name is Julian" Lestrade pointed out.
"I believe this is what normal people call a happy accident" Mycroft said with a small laugh.
"I think Joy is going to fix my marriage My" Lestrade said to his...buddy. Mycroft's heart almost stopped...He Had Called Him My Holy Crap.
"Is it wrong that its the reason I want her...is because she might fix things between me and Mariah" Lestrade asked Mycroft. Mycroft was silent as he carefully constructed his answer.
"In my life I have never wanted children at all...I've always found them to be quite crude. When Adelaide said she was with child I didn't experience happiness or even gratitude. Now when I think of my son I appreciate the fact that in some small way he has made me a better person. So while your feelings today might not be good towards your child, one day they will grow into something else, good or unpleasant" Mycroft said.
"Thanks My, I really needed to hear that"
"Your always welcome"

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